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What Is The Best Pool Cleaning System

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Automatic Pool Cleaning Systems

What is an In-Floor Pool Cleaning System – Walk Through

If manual cleaning sounds too much like hard work, this is completely understandable. It makes a lot more sense to invest in an automatic pool cleaning system if your pool is large or takes too much time and effort to clean.

While the initial cost of an automatic system is higher than purchasing manual pool cleaning equipment, it is a worthwhile investment, as it will save you huge amounts of time, leaving you with more free time to spend enjoying yourself in a healthy, clean pool.

There are three main types of automatic pool cleaning systems, which all work in different ways:

Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus Automatic Pool Cleaner

** Best in Class

The Dolphin Nautilus CC is a certified killer when it comes to scrubbing down pool bottoms, sides, and stairs. And the hilarious part is that this is the entry-level model of Dolphin Nautilus CCs.


Back to what we were talking about. This thing is a monster. To call it a Dolphin is a little misleading. Because it destroys gunk and algae and your cousins smartphone that he left at the bottom of the pool. It will do just fine in pools up to 50 long, and after turning your back for just two hours will have your pool looking spiffy and clean.

A lot of automatic pool cleaners will tangle themselves, but after three decades of being in the game, Dolphin pool cleaners are able to get the job done without tying themselves into knots thanks to a tangle-free swivel cable.

Doesnt matter what your pool is surfaced with, the Nautilus CC will scrub that sucka down. The ratings on Amazon speak for how exceptional this product is. With nearly 3,000 reviews, over 2k of them are 5-star.

This pool cleaner can be scheduled to run on its own and uses twin filter cartridges to do its thing. If you are looking for an affordable pool cleaner that gets the job done without some of the fun gimmicks and frills, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus just became your new best friend.

Track Or Wheel Layout

You can find pool cleaners with all types of mobility configurations. Some have wheels, others have tracks like a tank, and still others have disc-shaped scrubbers that adhere to the pool bottom. When selecting a configuration, you should consider the size and layout of your pool, the materials in it, and the presence of stairs or other obstacles.

Vacuums that stay connected to the pool floor or wall with suction can run into problems when they hit drains or ladders, for example. In contrast, robotic pool cleaners with wheels may not be as effective at sucking up debris as machines that stick close to the floor and walls.

When it comes to wheels, I recommend looking for cleaners with rubber wheels, not plastic. The rubber will stick better to your pool surface and be able to navigate around the pool a bit easier. Also look for wide tires the wider the better, which will give you better traction.

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What Are The Drawbacks Of Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Systems

Each product on the marketplace usually comes with a bunch of pros and cons. Its up for each customer to assert them and determine whether he/she is willing to make compromises in that area or not. To that end, salt water chlorinator systems make no exception. Here are some drawbacks you should think about.

  • It requires an upfront investment

Over the course of time, it might make sense to invest in a salt water chlorinator system. Still, initially, it entails an upfront investment. This could be inconvenient for some people.

  • Salt may damage certain materials

This is another important consideration. Did you know that salt could cause erosion to specific types of fixtures, heaters, or even underwater lighting?

  • In the case of minor problems, youll need the assistance of a technician

Of course, you cannot completely rule out the likelihood of problems or malfunctioning. Still, even if the issue isnt that severe, you must call on a technician. So, keep this in mind prior to making a decision.

  • Its not all you need

In all fairness, maintaining a clean swimming pool requires additional tools and supplies. We recommend getting a top-notch pool vacuum head so that you can take care of other pollutants in your pool. Check out our guide and reviews.

Saves You Time & Money

Vantage In

There are a few reasons why using a pool cleaner saves you money.

First, you dont have to hire someone to clean your pool. And if you did the work yourself, it would cost you tons of valuable time.

You still have a little work you have to do, like adding chemicals and shocking the pool.

Also, if you use your cleaner regularly, youll cut down on the major things that can cause you headaches with a pool, such as algae and other bacteria.

This means lower cost on chemicals, too.

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Best For Inground Pools: Hayward W3rc9740wccub Sharkvac Xl Robotic Pool Vacuum

Pool Type: Inground | Cleaning Cycle Time: 3 hours | Cleaning Coverage: Floors, walls, coves, waterline | Brush Type: Not listed| Filter Type: 2 filter elements | Smart Capabilities: No

  • No smart capabilities

Release the Hayward SharkVac XL into your inground pool and let this robotic vacuum scour your pool floor, walls, and waterline for an effortless clean. This robotic pool vacuum for inground pools is self-contained and doesnt need to be connected to your pools skimmer like a suction-side pool vacuum. Instead, it operates using a separate power supply with a 50-foot cord.

For inground pools up to 20 x 40 feet in size, Hayward SharkVac XL is a great choice. This model is programmed with smart steering technology that helps the vacuum efficiently cover the floor, walls, and any coves of your pool in about 3 hours.

An onboard sensor keeps the unit from leaving the water during a cleaning cycle, such as when approaching the shallow end of the pool or scrubbing tile at the waterline. And unlike some robotic pool vacuums that require you to flip the entire unit over to access the filter media, a top door on the Hayward SharkVac XL makes it easy to access the filters and quickly rinse them clean with a hose.

Pool Type: Inground | Cleaning Cycle Time: 3 hours | Cleaning Coverage: Floor, walls, waterline | Brush Type: Dual scrubbing brushes | Filter Type: 4 types of filter media | Smart Capabilities: No

  • Light indicates when to replace filter

  • Cleans floors and walls

Best For Low Prices: Xtremepowerus 75037 Climb Wall Pool Cleaner

Often on sale for about $80, the XtremepowerUS 75037 is a highly efficient and budget-friendly pool cleaner for small and medium pools of up to 16 x 32 .

Like all suction-side pool cleaners, the XtremepowerUs uses the pool filtration system line vac or skimmer to operate. It doesnt require electricity, using instead a pool pump with at least 3/4 horsepower, and it has enough capacity to handle 1,600 gallons per hour.

The pump suction allows it to move through the bottom surface and remove small debris like dirt, dust, algae, and bugs.

The 75037 comes with a 10-hose set that you can adjust to the proper length for your pool, along with three weighted stabilizers that provide balance when it is cleaning. The units regulator valve controls the suction power.

Do note that, as with most suction-side cleaners, it may get stuck in corners or stair areas while cleaning. This means you may have to monitor it and help it get unstuck from time to time.

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Paxcess Automatic Pool Cleaner

I am a big fan of this unit, and ranked it as one of my favorite pool vacuums for above ground swimming pools. The PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaner is just as functional in other types of backyard pools.

Automatic pool cleaners are awesome because you can simply let them do their thing, and the PAXCESS Pool Cleaner, once programmed with one of its three scheduling options , unleashes itself on the walls and bottom of your pool. The sturdy PVA brushes stick to the surfaces of the pool and silently scrub things clean.

Ideal for pools no longer than 12-meters/50-ft in length, the PAXCESS has a swivel that keeps the cord from getting tangled up and stopping the machine, and an extra-large filtration bucket that collects dirt and debris.

Backed by a 2-year manufacturers warranty, this highly-rated pool cleaner delivers on providing a hassle-free pool cleaning experience.

Zodiac Baracuda Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

What Is It – Swimming Pool Infloor Cleaning System

Award: Best Quality

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Zodiac Baracuda is a powerful suction cleaner thats perfect for sucking up debris and cleaning all of the surfaces on your pool. Its efficient, convenient, and compatible with even low-speed pumps.

  • Gets stuck on stairs

The Zodiac Baracuda is a powerful pool cleaner thats perfect for getting rid of dirt and debris in your pool. It can regulate water flow with its FlowKeeper valve and move easily even along tight corners with its 36-fin disc and wheel deflector.

Compared to other vacuums in this list, the Baracuda stands out thanks to its amazing quality. Its ability to perform at max efficiency even when used with low-powered pumps is perhaps its greatest feature. It can move around and clean your pool by itself without getting stuck on drain covers or pool fittings, but you want to keep it away from stairs if you plan on leaving it unattended. And keep it away from the best outdoor swings for kids.

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Hayward Aquanaut Suction Pool Vaccum

The treading on this puppy is designed to help stick to the bottom and side of the pool. A roller shirt at the front of the old vacuum keeps it tight to the surface of the pool. It also comes in four different models two-wheel-drive models are ideal for pools that have flatter bottoms, while the four-wheel-drive editions are better suited for pools with deep ends that have steep drop-offs.

Because we all have better things to do, the Hayward Aquanaut Suction Pool Vaccum has some pre-programmed routes to run, err, vacuum to make sure that it hits all of your pools floor space and walls. While I wouldnt invite it to dinner, Hayward does make some pretty good-looking algae and hair-ball suckers.

The 200, best suited for smaller, flatter pools:

The 400, with four wheels, better suited for larger, multi-leveled pools:

Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the most advanced pool robot in the Dolphin Nautilus family, which also includes the original Dolphin Nautilus and Dolphin Nautilus CC. They are built similarly and perform many of the same functions.

The CC models clean more quickly than the original. The CC Plus has a longer reach and larger filters than the CC. Its essentially an enlarged version of the CC for a small fee.

Pool Magazine is an Amazon Affiliate. If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Automatic Pool Cleaners Features:

Whats nice about the CC Plus, and why its worth the extra money, is how well it cleans. It can clean the floor and walls of a 50-foot-long in-ground pool in 2 hours. Youll be hard pushed to find a more efficient pool robot.

Okay, not for the parts that are not so nice. There are no other means to steer the robot save the internal navigation system. There are no smartphone apps or remote controls. While it regularly navigates nicely along the wall and floor, it is not intended to clean the waterline. Also, dont expect this robot to clean the steps, but some customers have reported that it cleaned their pool steps and waterline.

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Maintenance Tips: How To Maintain A Pool Salt Water Chlorinator Systems

It is critical to maintain your salt water chlorinator system adequately. In this way, you will significantly prolong its lifespan, making your financial investment worthwhile. Here are some key tips worth mentioning:

  • Make sure you keep the salt levels between 2700 3900 parts per million.
  • Depending on the recommendations of the manufacturer, you should clean the cells of the unit annually, at the very least. But make sure you check the instructions manual for more specific advice that applies to your unit.
  • When the weather is stormy, you should switch off the chlorinator. This will reduce the risk of a power surge that will imminently affect the unit.
  • Its also important to maintain the calcium levels inside the pool as low as possible.
  • If you want to diminish the likelihood of calcium buildup in the cell, you shouldnt invest in a standard chlorinator.
  • If you want to decrease scale buildup on the cell, you should utilize a salt chlorinator equipped with a reverse polarity feature.

Steps To A Clean Pool With An In


Build your new pool with a pool cleaning system that is guaranteed to keep your pool clean and swim ready with minimal maintenance. Paramounts automatic in-floor pool cleaning systems are efficient and eco friendly by reducing the use of chemicals dramatically and circulates warmer water from the surface to the bottom for a more comfortable swimming experience and reducing heating costs. See how it works.

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Pentair Gw9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool Cleaner

The last but one product in our review list comes from Pentair. This Great White in-ground pool cleaner has a 15-inch cleaning path, a turning mechanism, a bristle brush, and a vacuum port door fitting. The unit also comes with a pole adapter for precise cleaning of specific spots.

There are a few characteristics that stand out about this pool cleaner. It is designed to successfully deal with dish-bottom, incline-bottom, and hopper-bottom in-ground pools. Such shape will ensure that the unit goes freely up and down brushing slanted walls, irregularities, and hard-to-reach spots.

However, since pool steps are too tight, the product will not clean them effectively. If this is the case with your pool, then you can still use the adapter that comes in the package. This way, you can manually scrub the steps or around the ladder.

Although this Great White pool cleaner is programmed to avoid difficult areas, we did not like that it spends less time into scrubbing shallow ends. The product tends to stay in the deep end and is struggling to move up.


Best Overall: Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus Robotic Cleaner

Pool Type: Inground | Cleaning Cycle Time: 2 hours | Cleaning Coverage: Floor, walls | Brush Type: Standard dual scrubbing | Filter Type: Large twin cartridges | Smart Capabilities: No

  • Uses its own power supply

  • Quiet operation

  • No smart capabilities

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum goes about its business quietly, efficiently with very little user interaction required. Its a great option for anyone that wants to keep their pool sparkling without spending hours on manual vacuuming or time spent tinkering on a suction-side pool vacuum.

Rather than relying on your pools skimmer system or vacuum line, the Dolphin Nautilus uses its own power supply to motor around your pool floor and climb the walls. It can tackle pools up to 50 feet in length and has a 2-hour cleaning cycle. This robotic pool cleaner has CleverClean technology, which scans and maps your pool floor and results in a systematic, thorough cleaning pattern.

Since this robotic pool vacuum isnt connected to your pools skimmer, it wont bog down your pools filtration system. Instead, the Nautilus CC Plus has onboard filters. It includes standard duty filters that can capture general debris, like small bugs, leaves, etc., and a set of finer corrugated filters that will take in pollen, dust, and other small particles. A hatch on top of the vacuum makes it easy to access and clean the filters as needed.

The Spruce / Sarah Vanbuskirk

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What Is A Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners are our favorite type of automatic pool vacuum. They combine the best parts of suction-side and Pressure-side cleaners and they fall right in the middle when it comes to price.

They have a built-in motor with drives the cleaner around the pool. And inside, they have a mesh filter bag that collects debris via an internal water pump.

Its a completely self-contained cleaner that doesnt require running your entire filtration system to power the vacuum. And pool cleaning can take place when the filter system is off! It even improves water circulation and filters the water through the mesh bag down to 2 microns!

NOTE TO POOL OWNERS: If youre worried about putting an electric cleaner in the pool water, dont be. Theyre safe. Also, check out our best robotic pool cleaners specifically for both inground and above ground pools.

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend Pressure

How Does The In-Floor Pool Cleaning System Work?

The Legend cleans your in-ground pool with an energy-efficient booster pump at a value price. The Legend Series innovative design hallmarks are its hydrodynamic body and treaded wheels which give excellent traction and stability in any in-ground pool. Its powerful vacuum is designed to easily remove large debris, such as twigs and pebbles.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hydrodynamic chassis, treaded tires, and front-wheel-drive allow for maximum traction even on inclined surfaces promoting better pool coverage
  • Its 4-wheel design is more stable than 3-wheel cleaners, allowing for a more unattended and uninterrupted performance
  • Handles large debris efficiently with its huge intake throat plus high-capacity bag
  • Available in white or gray housings
  • 30 hose
  • Good at cleaning up debris such as palm tree seeds
  • Requires some adjustment before it performs well
  • Its backup valve is not always effective in getting out of a step or corner

Installing a Kreepy Krauly Legend Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

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