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Saltwater Hot Tub For Sale

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Say Hello To Freshwaterour Best Salt Water System For Home Spas

Should I Buy A Saltwater Hot Tub?

The breakthrough technology of the FreshWater® Salt System, available on Highlife®Collection and Limelight® Collection hot tubs from Hot Spring® spas*, helps keep your spa water clean and clear for up to one full year with normal use. New spa owners will want to take advantage of its benefits!

With just a little salt in your spa water, the FreshWater titanium cartridge-based system generated chlorine automatically so youll spend less time measuring and adding chemicals. Unlike any other salt system on the market, the cartridge can be replaced in just a few seconds by the spa owner right from the bar top. Its innovative design eliminates the need for tools or a service technician. The FreshWater® Salt System is the simple way to keep your water clean, clear, soft, and ready. Plus, the water can last up to twelve months with normal spa use before draining and refilling, offering the water conservation benefits that we know are important to you and Mother Earth.

What Is A Salt Water Hot Tub And How Does It Work

They are a type of spa that uses salt water for its heating and filtering system. This type of hot tub is more expensive than traditional hot tubs, but it has many benefits.

The benefits of using them are numerous.

  • The saltwater is heated by the sun during the day and this means you dont have to use electricity or gas to heat it.
  • It is filtered naturally through evaporation which means it doesnt need any chemicals or chlorine to keep it clean.
  • Because there are no chemicals in the spa, people with sensitive skin can enjoy soaking in it without getting irritated.
  • People with respiratory issues can enjoy soaking without worrying about breathing them in.
  • Saltwater hot tubs are a great option for those with chronic pain conditions.
  • Simple water care means more time to enjoy your spa.
  • Do you want an easier installation process?
  • A longer warranty period?
  • Benefits Of Owning A Salt Water Hot Tub

    They have many benefits over traditional hot tubs.

    Less Maintenance = Better User Experience

    A general rule of thumb is that hot tub water needs to be drained and replaced every 3-4 months with regular use. With our salt bromine generator, spa water only needs to be drained once a year! The sodium bromide salt in your spa only needs to be added during the filling process , and there is no needs for regular shocking. An added benefit of the pure bromine is reduced hard water lines and foam on the surface of the water!

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    Salt Water Filtered Hot Tubs Promote Relaxation & Helps To Sleep Better

    Did you know that bath salts can help promote relaxation and help you sleep better?

    Bath salts are made of Epsom salt, baking soda, and essential oils. These bath salts are used to create a relaxing environment in the tub. When they dissolve in water, they release magnesium, sulfur, and other minerals that will help you detoxify your body and promote relaxation.

    Moreover, these bath products also come with lavender oil which has been shown to be a natural sleep aid. It is able to calm your nerves and relieve stress which will lead to better sleep quality.

    In the future, we may see more bath products on the market that will offer both relaxation and sleep-aid benefits in one product. if you read about SALT WATER VS CHLORINE go with this link

    How does it Work?

    They actually contain very little salt it is more of a gimmick than anything else. The generator produces chlorine from salt, which it then pumps straight through your existing system. This way, you can turn any tub into a saltwater one.

    They work in much the same way as traditional spas, only salt water is used instead of chlorine to keep your pool clean. A generator pumps through a special filtration system that uses natural minerals to cleanse it before returning it to the tub. You can also simply add table salt when refilling your tub as the saltwater will naturally separate from any impurities as it is circulated.

    Rent a Hot Tub

    $4000 And Up Starting Range

    Saltwater Hot Tubs For Sale

    While spas in this price range offer a very basic set of features, their affordability makes it very easy for first-time hot tubbers to start enjoying hot water massage.

    Typically, spas in this price range are rotationally-molded meaning the spa interior and exterior are formed out of a durable plastic. They look different than spas with shiny acrylic shells offered at higher price points. One benefit of a rotationally-molded spa is that they are lightweight and easy to move. When shopping in this price range, expect to hear the term plug and play, which means that the hot tub only requires a 110 V electrical connection. So, getting started is easy and you will likely save on installation costs without the need for an electrician. Fill the spa with a garden hose, plug it in and enjoy.

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    Is A Hot Tub Right For You

    Hot tubs are great additions to any lifestyle. Whether you like to entertain, relax, or play sports, a hot tub can make your day-to-day life exciting. Learn more about all the benefits that a spa has to offer:

    Health and Fitness

    Theres no better way to finish off a day of exercise than by soaking in a hot tub. Hydrotherapy is proven to heal the body because it promotes:

    • Circulation
    • Anti-inflammation
    • Muscle restoration

    Hot tubs are also known to heal existing injuries, such as joint pain, muscle pain, and inflammation.


    With a hot tub, your backyard will become the go-to destination for all your friends and family. And with luxury features like speakers, LED lights, and Bluetooth connectivity, your spa is sure to give you a good time.


    Relaxation is what hot tubs are made for. With hydrotherapy jets, hot water, and starlight, theres no better way to wind down from a long day than by soaking in your spa.

    Bathing in hot water is known to relax your mind and body by balancing the nervous system. This helps you effectively manage stress, giving you a happy and healthy lifestyle.

    Discover the Joy of Relaxation

    What Is A Swim Spa

    If you own a pool and a hot tub or are familiar with the benefits of both, you will already have a good idea of what they are all about. The best features of each are combined into a reasonably priced, conveniently sized, easy to maintain pool that can be used year round even in colder climates in the United States and Canada.

    They are sometimes referred to as resistance pools or exercise machines because they allow you to simulate swimming and other resistance activities in a relatively small area. The jets create a current that can be adjusted to your personal preference so you can swim at just the right speed. In addition to swimming you can also perform aqua aerobics exercises, resistance movements and even rowing.

    In the other side is where the hot tub aspect is designed into the swim spa. The two or four seat spa section is heated to the temperature of a hot tub and the jets create the ultimate in relaxation. Whether it’s a therapeutic massage to unwind at the end of a work day or a hot muscle relaxation after a swim workout, you are able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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    Saltwater Hot Tubs Require Cartridge Replacement

    When you are buying a hot tub, you will likely expect to have to clean and/or replace a filter. A saltwater hot tub, though, also has a cartridge to create the chemical reaction. Depending on the manufacturer and model, a cartridge will need to be replaced every four months increasing how much it costs to own a hot tub.

    Up To One Full Year Of Clean Clear Spa Water

    Hot Tub Sale in Pennsylvania & New Jersey – Free Salt Water System

    Spas with traditional water care systems can require a complete drain and refill every three to four months, which can interrupt your daily hot tub therapy and may even require a service call. With the FreshWater®Salt System and simple owner maintenance, water life can be greatly extended, meaning you’ll only need to drain andrefill your spa up to about once a year. The benefits this provides are powerful:

    • More hours of enjoyment for you. Keeping spa water is always clean and ready to enjoy issimpler with FreshWater® Salt System, which means youll use it more often. And, when you useyour spa often, the health benefits of hydrotherapy begin to accumulate, offering the relationship, sleep, andoverall health benefits that make every day better.

    • Energy cost savings. Heating your spa water each time you refill it consumes power, which youll noticeon your energy bill. The FreshWater® Salt System can help reduce your energy consumption andadd to your savings account.

    • Reduction of water use. Water is a precious commodity, especially in the western andsouthwestern regions of the United States, so water reduction is top of mind for eco-conscious hot-tubbers.Whether you own a two-seat or seven-seat spa, the FreshWater® Salt System will allow you to bemore water-efficient and save money.

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    The Freshwater Salt System Means Cleaner Water With Less Maintenance

    With traditional spa water care systems, when you add chemicals to the water, such as chlorine granules, the addition of particulates makes it necessary to change the water frequentlyas often as every four months. With the FreshWater® Salt System, all you have to do is dip a test strip into the water and adjust the output settings every 10 days as prompted by the simple directions that appear on your control panel. Read our startup guide for more tips on the best way to get set up with our system.

    The FreshWater® Salt System manages sanitizer levels, keeping them effective but low and providing asteady but gentle amount of chlorine that keeps your spa water clean and silky smooth on the skin. Chemical odorsandbuild-up are reduced, eliminating the physical irritations that excess chlorine can cause and extending spa waterlife.The best part? All of this is all done with less effort from you due to the systems in-line features:

    Every Hot Spring Highlife Collection and Limelight Collection spa ships from the factory ready to use theFreshWater® Salt System. The optional start-up kit, purchased separately, is all thats needed forthedealer to install. The kit includes the following:

    Saltwater Inflatable Hot Tubs

    Inflatable hot tubs are a new product in the market and according to The Guardian , they have already grabbed the attention of people. The significant feature of this type of tub is that they can be set upat almost any place. An additional factor towards its popularity is its low price. The main features of these tubs involve portability, durability, and ease of maintenance.

    BestWay Hawaii HyrdoJet Pro

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    Conversion To A Saltwater Hot Tub:

    Conversion to a salt water hot tub can be done in two ways: Drop-In or In-line method. In either method, you need to add a chlorinator to the hot tub. Chlorinator is the device that gradually releases chlorine in the water.

    Drop-in chlorinators

    A drop-in chlorinator is the most convenient way to convert your hot tub into a salt water one. It does not require any permanent alterations or modifications to your spa system. It takes a few minutes to set up the whole system of salt water hot tubs. It requires a thin cord that is linked with the chlorinator cell and it hangs at the side of your hot tub.

    Drop-in is considered the easiest method and is recommended by our team. You simply need to drop the chlorinator cell in your pool and fully immerse it in water. This method can be done by anyone at home check out the two plug-n-play models below:

    In-line chlorinator

    If you are not in favor of a cord hanging beside the hot tub, then you can always go for an alternative option which is the in-line chlorinator. In-line chlorinator requires to be placed directly into the hot tub system. In other words, it becomes a permanent part of your spa system.

    This method requires plumbing into the existing system. This method demands special attention and expertise the person doing it needs to know about the proper functioning of the system to make any changes.

    Pure Bromine = No Chemicals salt water hot tubs for sale

    Our generator produces a Pure Bromine from the sodium bromide salt, which is virtually odorless and free of chlorine, binders, and compounding agents found in brominating tablets, powders, and liquids. This Pure Bromine destroys water-borne bacteria and algae in your spas water. Additionally, Pure Bromine swiftly eliminates the presence of organic materials left behind by spa bathers such as oils, sweat, and skin cells.

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    Disadvantages Of Using Salt Water Hot Tubs

    • Initial cost

    Keeping other factors aside, one must not forget that the initial cost of installing a salt water hot tub is quite high. Not only is it expensive to purchase, but the replacement cost of cells can turn out to be an added economic burden. Cells last for roughly 18 months and cost somewhere between $200 to $400 for each replacement. However, you may want to bear the higher initial cost as you will end up spending less on buying chemicals later on.

    • Power costs

    Since the water temperature needs to be maintained in a salt water hot tub, electricity charges are going to increase inevitably. If the system has to maintain the chlorine levels by internal operation, then water temperature should not drop below 60 Fahrenheit.

    • Corrosion risk

    Salt water hot tubs are designed with materials that resists corrosion. However, if you have converted an ordinary hot tub into a salt water one, you need to watch out for any equipment that can corrode because of the salt water.

    Saltwater Hot Tub Disadvantages

    Saltwater hot tubs are a good alternative to traditional hot tubs but they, too, are not perfect. Things can go wrong with your saltwater system if youre not able to monitor its performance and properly maintain it. Here is the downside of saltwater hot tubs:

  • Initial cost is higher: Saltwater hot tubs are more expensive than traditional hot tubs. A saltwater system as an addition to your existing hot tub requires a substantial investment that may range from $500 to $5,000.
  • Cell replacement adds to your costs: A hot tub salt cell usually lasts 2-5 years depending on the quality of the cell, frequency of use and the level of care you give it. Salt cells are made of parallel titanium plates that may eventually chip off due to low salt levels, wear and tear or inadequate maintenance.
  • Risk of corrosion: Salt is corrosive to metal. There have been claims of saltwater systems damaging heaters, liners and underwater lighting due to excessive salt levels.
  • Water needs to remain above 60: Critics of saltwater systems dispute that saltwater chlorination may not be as effective as traditional methods of water chlorination. When water temperature falls below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, your salt system can have difficulty producing chlorine even if the cell is running. Most salt systems automatically shut down when low water temperature is sensed, potentially reducing the chlorine level and creating a breeding ground for microorganisms.
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    Salt Water Pool Systems

    Not all salt water pool systems are created equal. The proprietary Onzen salt water system by Arctic Spas combines ozone generation and salt water technology to deliver an advanced water treatment system that drastically lowers chemical cost and maintenance time. The Onzen salt water system can be installed on Arctic Spas brand hot tub and swim spas.

    Arctic Spas swim spas are 14-foot swimming pools with built in swimming exercise systems and traditional hot tub features all together in one attractive cedar enclosure. For details, pricing, and free estimates contact one of the 300+ Arctic Spas dealers or request a phone call from a specialist right now.


    Welcome To Summit Spas

    Salt Water Hot Tub Sale @ Desert Hot Tubs

    We dont raise our prices to put on a sale or over-value our spas. We only offer honest no-haggle low prices on top-of-the-line hot tubs and spas and spa service! We are able to offer prices that wont be found anywhere else. We are a local Family owned business that values each and every customer! We service all over Northern Colorado including Windsor, Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and surrounding areas. We now also carry Salt water hot tubs !!! Offering the entire Artesian spas line as well as Caldera spas!! Browse around our site or come by our NEW EXPANDED showroom to check out our Caldera Spas, Artesian Spas, swim spas, reconditioned spas, and pellet grills, or contact us to learn more. We are always available after hours for a showing as well. Just call to schedule . We are closed on Sunday to ensure family time but can schedule appointments easily should you want to check out our spas!

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    The Benefits Of Salt Water

    Saying goodbye to harsh chemicals and additives has never been easier. Advanced technology converts salt into chlorine, by way of a swimming pool or hot tub generator. The resulting salt water concentration, or salinity, is less than a human tear drop. Most pool, hot tub and spa owners do not smell or taste the salt. In turn, the swimmers and bathers reap the benefits of salt water.

    List Of Salt Water Benefits

    • Salt water is closer to the pH of your skin and eyes
    • Salt produces PURE chlorine, no additives in your water
    • No more red, irritated eyes
    • Dry, itchy skin is replaced with soft, smooth skin
    • Faded swimsuits are a thing of the past
    • Water is easily balanced and more stable
    • Salt water chlorine generators reduce waterline scum build-up
    • Reduce time spent on water chemistry, thanks to automated sensors and levelers
    • Little salt required for the ControlOMatic product line: 1.5 pounds of salt per 100 gallons of water, approximately a teaspoon per gallon.
    • Salt is more economical than chlorine or bromine

    Make your swimming pool, spa or hot tub experience healthy and natural. Compare our salt water chlorinators to other systems, and discover how ControlOMatic products are simple, effective, and economical. Read Controlomatic reviews and testimonials about our saltwater kits and service. Consider making the switch to salt. Swim happy, soak happy, feel great!

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