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How To Heat An Above Ground Swimming Pool

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Use A Pool Heater To Get The Water To A Comfy Temperature

How to heat your above ground pool cheap & easy

The fastest and best way to heat up an above-ground pool is with a standalone pool heater.

Pool heaters come in a few different shapes and forms, but the task is essentially the same whichever one you choose: cycle water through a pump or collector, warm it up, and send it back to the pool.

There are three main types of pool heaters for above-ground pools: gas , heat pumps , and solar.

There are advantages and disadvantages of each, and the one you choose will ultimately come down to your climate, energy requirements, size of your pool, and how much sun you get on the daily.

Heat pumps require the least upfront effort to install. They are attached to your pools plumbing and plugged in to a power source. Thats basically it. They function best when the air is on the warmer side, so if the weather regularly drops 45-50-degrees you will want to look elsewhere.

Gas heaters tap the same energy as your barbecuepropane or natural gasto get your pool water to a comfortable temperature. Obviously, this requires a gas line, but this form of heating is fast, reliable, and depending on where you live, very affordable.

Lastly, we have Mr. Renewables, the solar-powered pool heater. They vary widely on price but they can pay for themselves within a couple of years.

The only downside is that they require a steady amount of sunshine in order to generate enough energy to warm the pool water.

Kokido Above Ground Pool Water Heater

The Kokido Keops Pool Heater with Solar Kit is a great small pool heating system. This heater comes at a very good value price and gets the job done efficiently for those who are on a budget.

The Solar Dome Water Heater is designed to heat water via natural sunlight, and it can also be set up to work in conjunction with your above-ground pools existing filtration system.

Like most inexpensive solar heaters, it doesnt have any way to store its own energy, so dont expect any instantaneous temperature changes in the pool water.

It has an adjustable mount that can help you get the most out of your sun rays during winter months or overcast summer days as well.

This Solar Dome by Kokido Keops is the ultimate in above ground pool heaters. It is cost effective, environmentally friendly and has an integrated rack to make sure you get the maximum sun exposure to keep your pool warm all year round.

Whether you have a small above ground pool or an enormous one, you can attach additional heaters for larger swimming pools to ensure maximum heating savings.

Integrated into the underside of this heater is a nylon skirt that helps achieve a powerful suction effect when fitting it to any traditional filter pump or foot pump.

As well as providing great sun exposure and getting rid of extra light which usually gets reflected on your water surface.

Above Ground Pool Heater Installation Step By Step Diy Approach

  • Step 1: Location

pick a location the location where the heater would be placed should first be marked out and note that this spot should not be on the floor directly. Instead, a leveled cement slab would do. For the solar heater, ensure it gets a sunny location, though it can be placed anywhere.

  • Step 2: Connection check

Check the water connection the connection to and fro from the heater should be marked out, and pipes mounted. Normally theres a pipe that draws water from the pool to the heater, and another that returns the eater back to the pool.

  • Step 3: Elecrical/gas/solar panel Installation

Install an electric line this is the power supply line from the heater to a breaker, it should be installed next if you can, but if not, do ensure you hire a professional for the job.

install a gas line for those using gas heaters, install a gas line connecting the heater and gas supply directly, in order to ensure there is always gas supply to the heater for continuous running. It is best you hire a professional for this due to the numerous safety hazards.

Install the solar system for solar heaters, simply mount your solar panels water heater in an area with good exposure to sunlight. The panels absorb heat and transfer it to the water.

  • Step 4: Test Running

Carry out tests on the system after installation, you can then proceed to carry out running tests in order to correct malfunctions and leakages, after which you are good to go.

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Above Ground Pool Heating Guide

This above ground pool heating guide outlines the different methods to heat above ground pools. These suggestions apply to all types of above ground pools eg wooden, plastic and metal framed pools

At HeatPumps4Pools, we offer a wide range of pool heaters, heat pumps, filters and covers for above ground pools.

Adding heat to your above ground pool makes it much more enjoyable and usable.

We supply pool heaters for all makes of above ground pools including Intex and Bestway etc

There are several options for heating above ground pools

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How To Heat An Above Ground Pool

Black Outdoor Solar Dome Inground & Above Ground Swimming Pool Water ...
  • How to Heat an Above Ground Pool
  • Heating your above ground pool can make swimming more comfortable as it extends your pool season each year. Just imagine taking a dip in the warm water at night as the fall chill settles in around you. Can you see how an above ground pool heater can increase the usability and enjoyment of your pool?

    Above ground pools are temporary structures that give you more options than inground pools. For example, if you plan to move, you can pack up and take an above ground pool with you. This could make investing in a permanently installed pool heater less attractive.

    Fortunately, there are many different ways you can heat your pool, including using a pool water heater, heat pump, solar rings, solar covers, or liquid treatments.

    Heating an above ground pool requires a heat source or another method that stops the water from evaporating from the pool. Heat sources, such as pool heaters, require energy to operate. This can include natural gas, propane, solar panels, or electricity. Solar rings and solar covers are less expensive options and do not require outside energy sources.

    Did you know?

    Dont let fears about the cost of heating your pool keep you from swimming in comfort! There are affordable ways of warming up the water that allows you to extend the swimming season of your above ground pool.

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    Use A Wood Burning Pool Heater

    Yes, thats right, a wood burning pool heater. They exist, and theyre pretty cool.

    While most wood pool heaters are DIY or custom built, there are a few manufacturers. The folks at Wood Stove Pools offer a pretty diverse selection.

    The heaters work exactly how you would think, by burning wood and transferring that heat to your pool water with the help of your pump. And based on customer reviews, they do the job well.

    Of course, its important to consider how much wood youll need to burn, and how often, to keep your pool adequately heated. And this all depends on the size of your pool and time of year.

    Bottom line: when it comes to cost-effectiveness, wood burning pool heaters are behind heat pumps and solar heaters.

    This is why most wood burning pool heaters are better suited for spas, small pools, and seasonal use.

    Pros of Wood Burning Pool Heaters

    • Rustic and aesthetically pleasing

    Cons of Wood Burning Pool Heaters

    • The cost of constantly burning wood is expensive
    • Not eco-friendly
    • Doesnt maintain water temperature like gasor heat pump pool heaters

    How To Heat Your Pool With Solar Pool Heaters

    The sun is natures FREE pool water heater. Your pool water absorbs sunlight and warmth just by sitting out in the sun.

    An average pool will heat up about 0.7° per hour under the noontime sun. But the downside to that sun? Evaporation.

    Evaporation can cause the same pool to lose 5°F for every quarter inch of water evaporated.

    Solar pool covers, aka solar blankets, are large sheets of insulating plastic that look like bubble wrap and lie on top of your pool water. They not only capture the energy of the sun, but they also keep heat in by reducing water evaporation, especially at night.

    The heat your pool gains during the day are lost at night. A solar blanket keeps some of that heat from dissipating and cuts evaporation by about 95 percent.

    When water evaporates from your pool, you also lose the chemicals in that water. A solar blanket can prevent 35 to 60 percent of your pool water chemicals from disappearing into thin air.

    Depending on where you live, a solar cover may not keep the water as warm as an electric or gas heater. However, it still can reduce water evaporation and help retain heat.

    Here are our picks for the best solar covers for any size pool.

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    Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System

    This Fafco heating system works a little like solar heating panels in that it pumps water through the solar collector to heat it up. Then, it pumps it back into the pool.

    But instead of solar panels, this one is just one solar collector that looks like a long rubber mat.

    This gives it a nice blendable appearance. And it can be installed almost anywhere on the roof, on the ground, or on its own included rack.

    Its a great alternative to big bulky solar panels that have to be installed at certain angles in specific areas. But its not quite as great at collecting rays on cloudy days.

    Can You Put A Heater In An Above Ground Pool

    Does Solar Panel Heating System really work to heat-up an Above Ground Swimming Pool?

    Different types of swimming pools make use of different types of pool heaters to warm up the water.

    Above ground pools can range in size from small that holds few hundred gallons of water to big that holds thousands and lakhs of gallons of water. Smaller ones can make use of heat pumps as they are energy efficient and are intended to prove years of pool comfort.

    In above ground pools unlike hidden water pools, you can install above ground pool heater. The installation, operation and maintenance are quite easy and reasonable for these kinds of pool heaters.

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    How Long Does It Take To Heat A Pool 10 Degrees

    How quickly you can heat your pool by 10° depends on how big your pool is and what type of heater you have. But heres a great way to calculate it from INYO Pools:

    FORMULA: Determine the time required to increase water temperature by 1 degree F

    # of gallons in pool X 8.34 = ___________ lbs. of water

    ______ pounds of water / BTU Size = The hours it takes to raise the water temperature by 1 degree F


    You have a 20,000-gallon pool and use a 125,000 BTU heater. Your water is currently 70 degrees F but you would like it to be a minimum of 80 degrees F. How long will it take before the pool water reaches 80 degrees F?

    20,000 x 8.34= 166,800 lbs

    166,800/125,000= 1.33 hrs to increase 1 degree

    80-70= 10 degree difference

    10 x 1.33= 13.34 hours of heating before the pool reaches 80 degrees F.

    Opt For A Reliable Boiler

    Boilers are a common and quicker way to heat a pool, providing an initial one-to-two-day heat-up time. ‘They are available as either a purpose-built “direct” type, where swimming pool water passes directly through the boiler, or an “indirect” type, where a conventional boiler is linked to an additional external heat exchanger,’ explains SPATA.

    ‘The part of the heating equipment in contact with the pool water must be specifically designed to be compatible with the chemicals contained within swimming pool water and the required flow rates,’ they continue.

    SPATA explains how mains gas boilers have the lowest running costs in comparison to oil and liquid petroleum gas ones. If using LPG, remember you will need space for the tank however, larger tanks can be installed underground.

    They all need a flue and should be installed by a qualified professional, generally in a plant room. In some cases, it’s also possible to use your home boiler to provide heating via a swimming pool heater exchanger, SPATA adds.

    Swim University says they can cost between $500 to $1,500 to install, with running costs of around $200$400 a month.

    Looking for more sustainable garden ideas? Our guide has plenty to get you inspired.

    Boilers are great for heating a pool quickly

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    What Is The Best Way To Heat An Above Ground Pool

    As you can see from this article, theres more than one way to heat a pool and the best way depends on your specific wants and needs.

    For example, for someone with a small pool in Florida, solar rings might be the best way to heat their pool. But for someone in, say, New York, the best way might be using a gas heater.

    Overall, solar heaters are the most environmentally-friendly, while gas is probably the heftiest in terms of providing plenty of heat fast.

    What Is The Cheapest Option To Heat An Above Ground Pool

    How to Heat an Above Ground Pool

    Although solar heaters are generally viewed as the most expensive pool heater, they are great affordable options for smaller above ground pools. Solar heaters are the cheapest option if you factor in the ongoing costs.

    When it comes to larger pools, a gas heater will almost always be the cheapest to purchase initially. But keep in mind that they are pretty expensive to run.

    If youre looking for a new pool, make sure to read my recommendations for the best above ground pool too.

    Do you have any questions regarding pool heating options? Feel free to reach out I am happy to help!

    As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Participation in these programs helps us keep the lights on at and in no way impacts our research process or editorial opinions.

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    Hayward Propane Pool And Spa Heater

    The EcoSmart Electric Tankless Pool Heater is unique in that it uses the latest flow sensor technology instead of pressure switch activation. This prolongs the life of the unit because its less likely to burn the elements out.

    This heater is also compact and easy to install. Youre also able to easily control it with a digital temp panel in 1° increments.

    For added technology, use it with the Eco smart remote control.

    This product comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty.

    Sunheater Solar Pool Heater

    The SunHeater S12OU is an excellent option for heating up an aboveground pool. Its a cheaper model, so some users with larger pools couldnt handle the amount of wattage that comes from this device.

    When this was the case, many opted for the Smartpool 2XS25GPA-SP 25000 Sqft Fiberglass Pool Heater .

    The drawback to buying something like this is that it will require more work since it needs to be installed in quite a few places around your pool before you can even use it.

    This can seem very difficult if you dont have any prior experience with installing large appliances or expensive electronics.

    It seems as though SunHeater included all of the information to properly install their heater they just didnt include a wiring diagram or anything very specific about it.

    Thesebest above ground pool heaters are a fast and efficient way to provide your pool with warm water regardless of weather conditions outside.

    Liquid Heat Shield technology coats the entire panel, preventing any heat from being lost due to evaporation while locking in more of the suns rays. It works well with above ground as well as in ground pools.

    Simply follow the steps outlined in our simple how-to guide available on this page and feel free to watch our helpful instructional videos one for installing the panels, another for removing them quickly and easily.

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    Can An Above Ground Pool Be Salt Water

    Simply put, steel and aluminum above ground pools are not compatible with saltwater systems. Even when such pools have protective coatings, they remain far too vulnerable to corrosion and oxidation. The only type of above ground pools compatible with saltwater sanitation systems are those made from resin.

    Whats A Liquid Solar Pool Cover

    intex pool heaters for above ground pools

    These are made from a fatty alcohol substance that forms a thin layer on top of the water and helps prevent evaporation. You cant see it, you cant feel it, and its safe to swim in.

    If you want to see a liquid solar pool cover in action, be sure to check out our other video.

    Liquid solar covers are easier to use than a solar blanket youre just adding liquid to your pool instead of reeling in a blanket. But solar blankets are about 25 percent more effective at keeping heat and water in the pool.

    Whether you use a liquid or a blanket solar cover, they help retain heat and stop evaporation, especially at night. and how they work.

    Now lets talk about some next-level solar heating options. If you have an above ground pool, you may want to consider heating the water with a Solar Dome.

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    Heating Options For Above Ground Swimming Pool

    These pool heaters use different heating options. The first one is the gas-powered heater. The gas is combusted to generate heat which will be transferred to the water as it passes by the combustion chamber. The other option is the electric heat pump which warms the water by extracting heat from the air. The last option is the solar panel heating system that works by collecting sunlight thermal energy which will be used to heat the water.

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