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What To Clean Hot Tub With When Empty

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Can I Use Liquid Chlorine In My Spa

How to Purge, Drain, Clean, and Refill a Hot Tub.

Damage to shell Liquid chlorine can easily damage the acrylic or vinyl shell of your hot tub. Liquid chlorine readily reacts with this layer and also the chemicals in the shell. Damage to shells appearance If you use liquid chlorine, you may notice a white ring around your shell at the waterline.

Swirl Away Jet & Pipe Cleaner

This is one of the best filtration cleaners you can use on your hot tub. It removes all dirt, oils, and other debris or build up in your pipes and jets.

How to use cleaner:

This is done before draining your water.

  • Turn off your air valves and remove your filter cartridge from the filter holder.
  • Pour half of the bottle into the water.
  • Run all of your jets on full speed for 1 hour.
  • Notice the dirt and debris in the water that came out of your pipes. This is how you know it worked.
  • Drain the water and clean your hot tub as you normally do.
  • It Prevents Biofilm And Scum In Your Plumbing Line

    As you use the hot tub, the residue from your body like sweat is released into the water along with several other contaminants. These contaminants accumulate over time and can block the lines in your hot tub.

    Vinegar prevents this by breaking down these contaminants before they solidify enough to clog your hot tubs plumbing lines. You should note that vinegar can only prevent these contaminants from accumulating to form a nasty case of biofilm.

    If you suspect that there is already biofilm in the plumbing lines of your hot tub, you should use a stronger solvent like a line flush or diluted bleach to clear out the biofilm.

    This is because vinegar is not strong enough to clean the biofilm in the plumbing lines. Vinegar is more of a preventive option.

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    A Cleaner Hot Tub For Less

    It might mean a little more elbow grease for you, but these household products can save you money while still keeping your hot tub clean. But once you know how to clean a hot tub naturally, theres no need for a special trip to the pool store to get cleaning supplies, especially if you have a well-stocked pantry or cleaning cabinet.

    Not only that, but youll feel better knowing youre not adding even more harsh chemicals to your hot tub to keep it clean. Thatll put your mind at ease before your next relaxing soak.

    Happy Soaking!

    Can You Drain Hot Tub Water On Grass


    Hot tub water is very unlikely to damage your lawn but if you are concerned or have a newly set or delicate lawn then it is good practice to not add chlorine for a period and allow the chlorine to level to drop to near 0 before draining the water onto your grass. You can also test a small amount of water on an area of your lawn to see if it does cause damage before draining fully. If you are letting your chlorine level drop below 3ppm, do not use the hot tub and ensure you shock the water with chlorine when it is refilled.

    To ensure no damage occurs it is best to drain your hot tub straight to a drain.

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    Maintaining A Hot Tub Water Level

    Too much or too little water can damage your hot tub. If there isnt enough water in your spa, air can get sucked into the pump and destroy it. So hot tub care includes adding water whenever the level seems low. Depending on your spa, you may also need to be careful not to overfill it either. This isnt a problem with most spas, but the components of some can experience water damage.

    How To Winterize Your Hot Tub


    Those who are living in chilly climates and want to stop using your hot tub during winter months, it is best to drain out all water and let it rest for those winter months too. In this way, you can protect your spa during winters and it will remain in excellent working condition.

    Here is a little guide to winterizing your hot tub.

    • Gather hot tub cleaning products like a garden hose, vacuum, cover cleaner, propylene glycol.
    • Sanitize the spa water.
    • Turn off the hot tub.
    • Drain it completely.
    • Remove filters.
    • Add antifreeze.

    There are three most important places in a hot tub that need to be protected during winterizing: pump hose, filter hose and the main pipe that distributes all the water. It needs to be completely vacuumed with a dry vac. When you see that all the moisture is out, take out the jet and put a funnel with a hose finally, add a half gallon of antifreeze.

    Summing it all up

    Cleaning and draining your Jacuzzi hot tub is not a big challenge. There are many things you should familiarize yourself to be sure that you are getting the best possible cleaning results. You should also be aware of the different parts of the hot tub for detailed cleaning.

    Neglecting your hot tub can lead to costly problems. If you want to avoid such problems, check your hot tub at least once in a month. 5 minutes are all you need to test your water and keep it in an optimal state.

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    Add The Hot Tub Line Flush

    The next thing to do is to add the hot tub line flush. Add the right amount of the line flush to clear the biofilm from your hot tubs plumbing system. After adding the line flush, turn on the jets and let them run for about 30 minutes too. The line flush will be circulated through the plumbing lines and through the hot tub too.

    The hot tub line flush will break down any grime, slime, or dirt that has solidified over time inside the lines of the hot tub. After the line flush has broken down these particles, would be flushed out of the plumbing lines and trapped by the filters.

    After about 30 minutes, you should turn off the jets and the hot tub. Then cover the hot tub and leave it for a few hours. Its usually best to do this in the evening or at night so the hot tub can be left overnight.

    Clean The Hot Tub Filter

    How to Drain and Clean a Hot Tub

    A hot tub filter is one of the most important components of your spa as it helps remove unwanted particles from your hot tub water dirt, debris, and microorganisms. But if your hot tub has been sitting, the filter might be clogged and dirty.

    To clean your hot tub filter, soak it overnight with spa filter cleaner and rinse with clean water. For best results, allow the filter to dry before re-inserting.

    Master Spas hot tubs feature the EcoPur® water filtration system. If you are new to owning a Master Spas hot tub, note that the EcoPur Charge element should never be cleaned in a filter cleaner. Just rinse with water.

    Pro tip: Keep a spare set of filters on hand so that you do not have to let soaking and drying time keep you from using your hot tub.

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    Make The Cover Part Of Hot Tub Care

    Extend the life of your hot tub cover by brushing it off daily. Then clean it thoroughly a couple of times a month to prevent mold and mildew. To clean the cover:

    • Remove it from the spa and lay it out on a piece of plastic or a non-abrasive surface.
    • Clean it thoroughly with 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner or one recommended by your professional spa retailer.
    • Apply a vinyl conditioner or protectant, such as 303 Aerospace Protectant, to keep the vinyl supple and prevent cracking.

    Using Your Hot Tub Drain Valve

    The slower method of the two is to use your hot tub drain valve. These are conveniently plumbed into your hot tub and therefore are probably the easiest way to drain your hot tub.

  • Follow the Pipe Flush process prior to draining.
  • Turn the power to your hot tub off at the circuit breaker. Pumps and jets should not run while there isnt any water in the spa as this can cause damage to components.
  • Next, find your drain valve, usually situated at the bottom of the main panel on your hot tub but also sometimes on a corner. Your hot tub may have two valves, a primary and auxiliary. Use the primary to drain most of the water, and then open the secondary to drain the internal bleedlines .
  • Attach your garden hose to the drain valve if necessary. Run the hose downhill or on level ground out to your drain. Its best to transport the water to an existing drain, to avoid damage to your lawn or patio.
  • Open the ball valve on your spigot so the water can drain.
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    Clean Or Replace The Hot Tub Filter

    While the water is draining from your spa, you have plenty of time to clean your filter. A hot tub filter cleaning spray is suitable for this job.

    If your filters are really dirty, you can soak them in the cleaning spray solution for a deep clean. Grab a 5-gallon bucket, and fill it nearly to the brim with water. Add the dose of hot tub filter cleaner indicated in the product instructions, give the water a swish to dilute the cleaner, and submerge the filter. Leave it to soak for 24 hours.

    If you remove the filter, and its so dirty no amount of cleaner is going to make a difference, first, replace it. Second, clean your filter more often!

    Important: Anytime you clean your filter with a cleaning product, be sure to rinse the filter thoroughly with clean water before placing it back in your hot tub. Any residual cleaner might cause foaming when you restart your spa, and then youll have to start this entire process over again.

    Turn Off The Power And Drain Your Hot Tub

    How to Empty A Hot Tub?

    Before you do anything else, cut the power off to your hot tub. Failing to cut off the power may result in damaging both the filtering mechanism and the pump if it tries running without enough water. Dont just flip your hot tub to off when cutting the power.

    Consider unplugging it and turning off the circuit breaker. This will prevent you from accidentally flipping the power back on while you are cleaning. Draining your hot tub will vary, but always follow the manufacturers instructions.

    Some hot tubs require the use of a built-in sump pump, while others require the removal of a drain plug. Pay attention if your manufacturers instructions include leaving water in the footwell, as some strongly recommend it.

    If flushing results in cloudy water discharge, drain all the water from the tub, as well as rinse it out to remove all chemical residue. If necessary, refill the footwell with clean water and proceed as instructed.

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    Can You Clean Hot Tub Plumbing With Bleach

    No, you shouldnt use bleach to clean hot tub plumbing lines. If theres chlorine in your plumbing line then bleach wont be able to disinfect the plumbing lines or the water. Moreover, bleach shouldnt be mixed with anything else than water.

    If you do use bleach in your hot tub plumbing lines, then you wont be able to get the entire bleach out of the plumbing, and the next time you fill the hot tub, you will also have bleach in your water.

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    Is It Safe To Clean A Hot Tub With Vinegar

    Yes, but theres a catch. While cleaning with white distilled vinegar is a safe and effective way to cut down on bacteria and fungi, its important to note that you still need to test your water and make a point of keeping your hot tub sanitized using shocks, clarifiers, and balancers.

    Even so, vinegar remains one of the safest ways to clean a hot tub, and its fairly effective too. If you are worried about having small children get into your cleaning products or are concerned about pets getting sick, vinegar is a great choice.

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    Why Do You Have To Clean Your Hot Tub Or Spa

    Well, imagine your spa water sitting in that hot tub for weeks and months at a time contaminated with germs and bacteria. However hard you try to keep it hygienic and well maintained, ultimately, you need to empty, wash and refill your hot tub with fresh water. Draining the spa water is much preferred to intensive shock treatment, which, as time passes, can cause harm to spa seals and chemicals.

    It is also important to drain your hot tub to reduce the TDS level. This level contains dissolved solids like pH balancers, chlorine, bromine, body oils, lotions, cosmetics, hair products, etc., and germs. These microorganisms dont just sit in spa water, but they also go through the filter and pumps. They can also cause Legionnaires disease, hot tub folliculitis, and E. coli. If the quality of the water decreases, it can clog your hot tub filters, and containments like Biofilm can build up on surfaces. It also reduces jet pressure and increases pressure and strain on your pump motor. With passing time, Biofilm builds a barrier around them and can even become resistant to chlorine, if they are not cleaned properly.

    Hot Tub Cleaning Jobs To Do Every Three To Four Months

    How to clean a hot tub the right way
  • Every three to four months, it’s good practice to completely drain the water from your tub. But before doing so, put in a pipe cleaning product to let it circulate and flush out the pipes and equipment. Then turn off the jets and leave the tub overnight.
  • Next morning, unplug your hot tub and let all the water drain away. Once it’s empty, check your filters to see if they need a clean .
  • Wearing rubber gloves, and using a soft damp cloth or sponge, wipe down the inside of the tub to remove any scum. Avoid using an abrasive or harsh cleaning product that could scratch the surface of your hot tub instead, invest in one that’s specifically made for the job. If you want to use a natural cleaning product, try distilled vinegar, which is purer than white vinegar. Don’t be tempted to use washing up liquid, unless you want your water extra foamy!
  • Once your tub is all sparkling clean, it’s time to fill it back up with fresh water. Turn the thermostat to cold or minimum until after the spa’s filled and the pumps and jets are working properly, then turn your thermostat back to the setting you prefer.
  • Take steps to balance the alkalinity and pH of your spa water as quickly as possible. This can take a few days. Put in appropriate start up chemicals .
  • A simple yet stunning wooden design

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    Use Silly Putty To Pick Up Debris

    A spa vacuum works best at cleaning up pieces of debris, but it is not the only thing that will work. Silly Putty, which is 100% waterproof, is an excellent tool to use when picking out debris such as leaves or sand. To apply, press the Silly Putty directly onto the waste, remove from the water and discard.

    What Can I Use To Shock My Hot Tub

    Shocking a spa means applying an ample dose of chlorine or non-chlorine shock . One purpose of this treatment is to break-down organic waste contaminants which cause odor and cloudy water. After treatment, water quality and clarity is often completely restored.

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    Faq: What Do You Clean An Empty Hot Tub With

  • Spray your hot tub shell with hot tub cleaner, diluted white vinegar, or diluted bleach.
  • Use a soft cloth or non-scratch nylon scrubber to remove residue.
  • Rinse all the surfaces well, and drain all the rinse water to prevent foaming when you refill your spa.
  • What Is Biofilm In Your Hot Tub

    Great Tips On How To Heat Up Hot Tub Fast?

    Bits of bacteria and fungi are trucking down your hot tubs pipes. They decide its nice and cozy in there, and they want to stick around for a while. So thats what they dothey stick themselves to the interior surface of the plumbing.

    But they know their mortal enemy, chlorine, will be along any minute to banish them, so they build a barrier around themselves thats impervious even to chlorine.

    More of their buddies come along and join the party, sticking themselves to the pipes, waving and laughing at chlorine as it goes by. Theyre digging in for the long haul until you do something about it.

    The longer that biofilm stays stuck to the plumbing, the more contaminants stay in the water, too. Let it build up too long, and it will start to impede water flow and affect filter efficiency as well.

    Draining and cleaning your hot tub and using a special plumbing cleaning agent is the only way to get rid of it.

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    What Are The Health Benefits Of A Hot Tub Or Spa

    The heat and massage from the moving water soothes your whole body by increasing blood circulation to areas of your body that are causing aches, pain, inflammation and restrictive moment. The heat also helps to stimulate you immune system to fight the effects of many other medical conditions.

    Hot Tubs and spas have been proven to help relieve the symptoms of:

    • inflammation
    • frozen joints & reduce joint pain
    • the pain & stiffness of arthritis
    • anxiety

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