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Who Makes Harris Pool Pumps

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Why Is The Harris Proforce Inground Pool Pump Not Priming

How-To Completely Replace Pool Equipment; Harris Pump/Hayward Filter

There are unfortunately quite a few possibilities, hence we are only going to briefly mention it.

The pumpâs strainer housing is empty and not filling up with water. The most obvious thing to do is to fill it with water and then make sure the O-ring is sealing tightly when the strainer cover is closed.

There might also be connection problems on the suction side which need to be checked. If there are suction air leaks, then the pool pump will not prime. Look at the water returning into the pool: are there bubbles?

Debris might be blocking either the pool pumpâs strainer basket or the swimming poolâs skimmer basket. Clean them and make sure the covers are tightened down securely.

Hayward W3sp2607x10 Super Pump 1 Hp

Power is what this pool pump banners. As compared to other pool pumps, this product is so powerful that your pool will have effective water circulation. This pump is considered by many pool owners as the best inground pool pump around in the market today, for it has set the industry standard for its efficiency and reliability.

This is reliable and can give utmost satisfaction to pool owners and users. It is also part of the worlds best selling medium-head pump. This brand also brags its unique no-service design that has 4-bolt access to all internal components. It is specifically designed for in-ground pools but can also be used for spas of all types and sizes.

This is highly useful, efficient, and worth keeping. The best thing about this pump is that it can withstand wear and tear effectively despite heavy-use. Pool owners will enjoy its long and efficient service for their pools.


Harris H1572730 Proforce 15 Hp

Being one of the most affordable options, the Harris H1572730 ProForce is also one of the most powerful high-performing models on the market.;

Developed with a stainless-steel motor, its reinforced thermoplastic body is engineered for long life and more durability. The body is specifically designed to be heavy-duty and corrosion-free.;

To quickly check the strainer, the twist-and-lock lid is see-through. The strainer on the model is a large, easy to clean filtration basket.;

One feature pool owners will be interested to note is the 3-foot long cord. This ensures less hassle to install and maintain, giving you a longer range to work with than most above-ground pumps.;

Whether a novice or expert pool pump installer, the model is a quick and simple install that can be maintained regularly without the need for complicated tools and cleaning equipment.

Meeting all CSA and ETL industry standards, this is Harriss most effective pump for its price and quality.;

Features & Specifications

Similar to the H1572730 ProForce, the Harris H1572729 ProForce has a stainless-steel motor with a thermoplastic body for longevity and durability.;

While its not as powerful as the H1572729, the above-ground pool pump is designed to be waterproof, rust-free, and provide swimming pools with fast and efficient cleaning.

With the features, Harris H1572729 deserves; the excellent Harris pool pump choice, and it also meets all CSA and ETL requirements.

Features & Specifications

Features & Specifications

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Harris H1572747 Proforce 1 Hp Inground Pool Pump 115/230v

  • Stainless-steel 1 hp motor shaft is constructed with a bolstered thermoplastic physique for longer life and sturdiness, with carborundum and graphite mechanical seals and elements
  • Meets or exceeds all csa and etl necessities
  • **this merchandise shouldnt be accessible on the market within the state of california! **
  • Superior engineering supplies excessive effectivity and minimal noise
  • 115 volts, have 2 inch union connections for each suction and discharge ports, have a handy drain plug

Is It Worth Investing In A Variable Speed Pool Pump

Harris Pool Pump Reviews: Top 6 Models in 2021

It depends. The key draw of these units is the freedom you get to manipulate the speed to suit pool occupancy and your requirements. The object is to save money by running the pump at lower speeds when theres nobody using it. Given the fact these pumps are much more expensive to buy, you are unlikely to make significant savings when you factor in the extra upfront cost.

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Harris H1572747 Proforce Inground Pool Pump 115/230v 1 Hp

  • Superior quality and outstanding value.
  • 2″ union connections. 115/230V convertible hardwire connection.
  • Extra large strainer basket.
  • Clear pump lid with easy ring lock and large handles.
  • Easily replaces any existing pump.
  • This item is not eligible to ship to California.

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Harris H1572730 Proforce 15 Hp Above Ground Pool Pump

The Harris H1572730 ProForce is an above ground pool pump that delivers an efficient and reliable performance. The unit comes with a powerful 1.5 HP motor that is capable of forcefully driving volumes of water within a few hours, ensuring that your pool stays clean while cutting down on operational costs. Like any other Harris pool pump, this unit is extremely easy to install. Amazingly, you do not need any special installation skills as it comes with a detailed DIY manual that you can use to set up the pump within minutes.Interestingly, the Harris H1572730 pump is much quieter compared to other units within its class yet it still manages to deliver an outstanding performance beyond expectations. It features a stainless steel motor shaft and a reinforced thermoplastic body engineered to withstand corrosion while keeping noise at a minimum.Moreover, it comes with a double-sized seal that prevents water from getting into the pump further extending the life of the motor. In terms of maintenance, this pump by Harris has an easy-to-clean filter basket with a see-through lid that allows you to see when the strainer requires cleaning. Moreover, the large strainer is capable of holding a huge amount of debris at any given time, meaning that you will only need to clean the basket a few times every month. The pump also has a drain plug that comes in handy for easy winter maintenance.


  • Does not have shut off switch

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Doheny’s Lowest Price Guarantee

Shop with confidence at Doheny’s.

Our volume discounts guarantee the absolute lowest prices on all of our products: swimming pool supplies, chemicals, equipment and more. To prove it, if you find a lower total delivered price by a licensed and authorized pool supply catalog or website , we will refund you the difference. We will even guarantee our Low Price for 30 days after your purchase. Simply contact our Customer Care Team at: or call us at 1-800-574-7665 to report the lower price. After verification, the difference will be promptly refunded. Doheny’s is not responsible for inadvertent price or text misprints or errors. Some restrictions apply – call for details.

Xtremepowerus Inground Pool Pump

9 Best Pool Pumps 2017

Looking for a pool pump that is of excellent value for your money. The XtremepowerUS 1.5 HP is what you need. This will keep your pool clear, clean, and safe for your family. This ETL-certified inground pool pump operates with either 110 or 220 to 240 voltage. This pump is very efficient and can pump 88 gallons per minute, which makes it one of the sought-after pool pumps. It is powered by a ½ HP motor to keep your pool clean and safe for your loved ones and friends.

This pool pump is capable of pumping the water even if the temperature rises and can function up to a high of 40 degrees centigrade. It has a durable and robust polymeric outer body that can resist corrosion. The internal moving components are made of durable materials to make sure they will fail while operational. It is self-priming to expel air and make sure that it will operate smoothly at all times.

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Pentair 011018 Intelliflo Variable Speed High Performance Pump

Extreme power with huge savings; this is what pool pump from Pentair offers. This pool pump promises the utmost water quality, better filtration, and lower operational costs, even if it is running for quite some time. It works at lower speeds so that the circulation of water can be more effective.

This pump will last longer because of its built-in diagnostics, and it is reliable to perform the utmost efficiency. This pool pump will also help lower the expenses, as it is cost and energy-efficient. Savings can be achieved from this swimming pool pump.

This pump offers efficiency even with heavy use, but it can still provide the savings in its operations. It is best to choose a pool pump that has great features but still very easy to install and operate. This way, your pool will gain all the benefits from it while you enjoy its easy usage.


Solid product great performance and much lower energy bill

Worth every penny

How Does An Inground Pool Pump Work

Well, since we have talked so much about the importance and function of a pool pump within an inground pool system, lets take a brief look at how it functions. The pool pump is essentially a centrifugal self-priming hydraulic pump which is powered by an electric motor attached to the rear side. There is a strainer basket on the front which catches incoming debris such as leaves and twigs, preventing them from getting into the working parts of the pump. You can divide a pump into two segments the wet end, and the dry end.

The wet end is where all the pump stuff happens, it is the actual hydraulic pump itself. The dry end consists of the motor and controlling circuits that regulate motor speed. The wet end is connected to the dry end via a watertight seal in order to prevent moisture from entering into the motor chamber. Single and Dual speed pumps use traditional vented induction motors with an open chassis. These motors use coil windings or electromagnets to generate the magnetic field in which the rotor spins.

Total horsepower = horsepower x service factor

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Pooline Inground Swimming Pool Pump

The Pooline 1 HP Pool Pump provides superior reliability and better performance at an affordable price. This is an efficient pump that you can depend on. One of the best features is its efficiency. This is a powerful self-priming machine, a high-quality motor with quieter air ventilation, heavy-duty, and cooler operation.

This durable pool pump has a stainless steel motor shaft and a corrosion-free polymer reinforced thermoplastic body for better strength to make it last for years. You dont have to worry about maintenance as it requires low maintenance. It has a clear acrylic twist-lock lid that enables you to see exactly which is collected in the large basket, thus reducing your pool maintenance time and boost your pool enjoyment.

This energy-efficient pool has two speeds high and low speed. The low speed is used for daily operation while the high speed is applied when you clean your pool or run the tools and other accessories. You can choose which of the two spend is right for your needs. Also, you can toggle between the two settings. Its corrosion-proof polymer structure will provide many years of reliable performance.

The equipment complies with the ETL and CSA standards. Its 115-volt pump has a six-foot three-prong power cord. The pump motor has automatic thermal overload protection, which enables the pump to shut off automatically when it senses overheating.

How Do You Prevent The Pump From Freezing

5 Best Harris Pool Pump Reviews 2020: ( Expert Guide )

You should drain the water from the pool pump and the piping system before freezing weather hits your area. Remember to turn off the power to the motor before you attempt to drain the water out of the pump. You certainly do not want to permanently winterize yourself.

The pump housing has a small drain plug for draining the water. Open the drain plug and the clear strainer cover. Let the water drain out completely.

You might use a low pressure high volume blower to air purge the pump and piping. However, never use compressed air to purge the system.

If you want to store the pump inside, then you should disconnect the pool pipes, wiring and mounting pad. It is important to keep the motor dry during storage to prevent the formation of condensation that can lead to corrosion problems. Therefore, do not cover the pump and motor with plastic bags.

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Pool Pump Motor Not Working

If your pool pump starts, but then shuts off on its own moments later, its often due to overheating.

One solution? Check to see if something is inhibiting the fan in the bottom vents, like leaves or mulch. You can also switch to running the pump at night when its cooler or, alternatively, providing more shade when you run the pump during the day. Finally, the pump might also turn itself off if its receiving inadequate power, or if some of its wires are loose or broken.

All in all, a pool pump that shuts itself off is never a good sign, and if you cant solve the problem on your own, you need to reach out to a good pool pump professional as soon as possible.

Harris H1572730 Proforce Pool Pump

The;Harris H1572730 ProForce is an affordable option by Haris, but don’t underestimate its performance and power. With this model, you’ll be astonished by its outstanding and amazing results. It’s even more accessible than most pool pumps available out there. Thankfully, stainless steel used to build a motor shaft is sturdy and nearly unbreakable.;

Additionally,;rust-proof, water-resistant, and thermoplastic construction further enhances its durability. This makes it easy to withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions.

With advanced engineering technology, this product offers high-efficiency performance. On the same, it makes minimal noise when working. The pool pump meets CSA and ETL requirements; hence you’re assured of quality, convenience, and long lifespan.;

One unique feature of this pool pump is the 3-feet cord. This means that you can plug it into any nearest power source without any hassle. You’ll be delighted because it’s easy to install this unit.

In fact, you don’t need an enthusiast or a professional to aid you when mounting and installing. It’s just simple and as easy as that. I genuinely recommend its working capabilities and reliability.

VerdictDespite Harris H1572730 being cheap than most reputable pool pumps, it’s a workhorse during operation. Its substantive set of features makes it an ideal choice and will diligently filter and circulate the clean water back to the swimming pool. Its high efficiency will amuse you.;


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Top 3 Pool Pumps From Leading Brands: An Experts Insight

  • Can I just run the pool pump at night?
  • The pump is one of the most expensive components of the pool. And pool owners want to save as much as they can on their purchase. The pump has a critical function it controls the entire pool water circulation system. And if you end up with a poor quality pump, high energy consumption, or sudden failure, the initial savings may not be worth it.

    To determine which pump is best for your requirements and whether or not you can save money on the pump, we compared three popular brands:;

    ;And we are happy to share our results here.

    What If My Pool Pump Doesnt Pump Water

    Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump 115V Review

    If the pump is running but not pumping any water, its possible the pump might need to be primed. A pool pump can be primed by following these fairly simple steps:

    • Shut off all power to the pump.
    • Cut off the main drain by turning the diverter valve.
    • Turn the air relief valve on the pool filter clockwise to relieve any existing pressure .
    • Remove the pump lid.
    • Remove any debris you find in the pump basket.
    • Use a garden hose to fill the pump with water.
    • Replace the pump lid.
    • Turn the diverter valve to open the main drain.
    • Turn on the power to the pump.
    • Check whether water flow is restored to the strainer box at the top of the pump.
    • Wait until theres water flowing out of the relief valve, then close it.

    If the pump fails to catch on after several attempts to prime it, you might be dealing with an air leak in the suction, low levels of water in the pool or an obstruction in the water circulation line. These are things you really dont want to deal with on your own, because theyre typically complex problems that should be addressed by a professional pool repair technician.

    Generally, the technician will:

    • Check the pump basket, impeller, shaft seal, diffuser and diffuser gaskets.

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    Abc Can Fix And Maintain Your Pool Components

    The list of reasons why your pool might not be working properly is probably as long as the list of tasks you know you should be doing to keep your pool well-maintainedif only you had the time. If something strange seems to be going on with your pump, do yourself a favor and get in touch with the pool pros at ABC Home & Commercial Services. Our experienced pool specialists can help you with any problems you come across. Not only can we help with any repairs that need to be done, but we can also perform regular pool cleanings and give your pool a refreshed look by replastering or renovating it. No matter what your pool needs are, you can rely on ABC to get the job done right.

    How Do You Bleed Air From Your Pool Pump

    To bleed the air from your swimming pool pump & filter system, first look for a small valve at the top of the filter housing that you should be able to open to let out the pool pump air.

    With the pump running, preferably on the filter setting, slowly open the valve, this should lead to a normal hissing sound, similar to when you let air our of pretty much anything. Keep the valve open until water starts to come out, once this happens you will know the air is out of your pool pump & filter system. Gently close the valve and youre done!

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