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Are Pools Open In Vegas In March

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Is It Pool Weather

Las Vegas clubs, pools prepare to reopen amid loosening COVID-19 safety precautions

While some hotels in Las Vegas have a pool open year-round, March is the time when most pools finally open up for the season. In other words: the pool season officially starts. Depending on the forecast, some hotels open their pools in early March, some in late March, and a few in early April.

Warm enough for swimming? The weather in March in Las Vegas can be warm enough for swimming in the pools. However, its still too cold in some years, and it also depends on what you are used to. On some days, its pool weather on others, its still too chilly.

When Do Pools Open In Las Vegas

Vegas is known to be super-hot . In a place like that, a dip in a luxury resort pool is the solution for cooling off. During the not-hot days, the hotels heat their pools, offer umbrellas to protect travelers from rain, and hot tubs to use whenever one feels cold. There is a pool season in Vegas, which is usually between March to October, and typically operates from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. However, the opening times vary from one pool to another. Some pools close down in Winter, including those in Mirage, Bellagio, and Paris Vegas.

Las Vegas Spring Weather

Spring in 2020 lasts from March 19 until June 20, and lucky for you, April and May are much cooler than the Summer months. The average temperatures you can expect this Spring in Las Vegas are:

  • High of 80° / Low of 54°
  • May: High of 90° / Low of 64°
  • High of 101° / Low of 73°

As you can see, Las Vegas April weather is the most mild, with temperatures quickly creeping up in May and June. You can expect the days to be sunny and warm, but nights can cool off pretty quickly, so be sure to pack accordingly!

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When Is Pool Season In Las Vegas

If swimming in the pool is top on your list of must-dos in Las Vegas, its best to plan where and how youll do that. The best option is to come in the summer months during what is officially known as the Las Vegas pool season. If you want to come in the winter, your pool options are more limited.

Although Vegas has many year-round heated pools, the official Las Vegas pool season is generally considered to be between March and October.

Heres a great link that will give you more information about Las Vegas pools and tell you when pools open in Vegas for the season.

For the rest of the hotels both on the strip and off, youll need to either do some research online or just call the hotel and ask. Most hotels wont allow you in the pool unless youre a guest of the hotel or a guest of someone staying there, so keep that in mind as well. You cant just jump over to the hotels pool beside you, although some hotels will let you use their pool if you purchase a day pass.

Some hotels will close the pool for yearly maintenance during the winter. Make sure when you pick your dates, to verify youll have pool access during your stay. Some places, such as the Mirage, will close one or more pools for an entire month during the winter to clean and maintain the facilities.

Breathe Pool At Hard Rock Hotel

The pools and decks are crowded in Stadium Swim at the Circa on Friday ...

While the Hard Rock Hotel is known for the crazy pool parties that are Rehab Las Vegas there is one pool that is heated and open year round at the Hard Rock Hotel pool and that is the Breathe Pool. There is no swim up blackjack during the winter months at least you can get a little pool time during the off months. Breathe is located off of the HRH Tower pool entrance is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

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Las Vegas Pools That Non

This post contains affiliate links and we may earn a commission if a purchase is made.

The pool scene in Las Vegas is among the most awe-inspiring in the world, with many complexes boasting amenities like waterfalls, wave pools, lazy rivers, real sand beaches, and unmatched luxury.

Pool decks range from relaxing and low-key on one end of the spectrum, to raucous party environments on the other.

Although Las Vegas is home to numerous pools built to impress, there are others that leave guests wantingmore.

It got us thinking Are you able to use a Las Vegas pool even if you arent staying at the resort?

It depends. Typically, the answers no and a room key is needed to gain access to the pool. There are exceptions, however, both for visitors staying off property and locals.

Below, well break down which pools you are able to access even if you arent staying at the property.

NOTE: Las Vegas is fluid and can change quickly. As always, we recommend calling the pool directly to confirm their current policy before making the trip!

When Do The Vegas Pool Parties Get Busy

To answer a question that is not usually asked, but the first real weekend that the pool parties in Las Vegas start to get busy is right around Cinco de Mayo weekend of the first weekend in May. While the pool parties have been open for almost two months, most of the pools book their first big talent booking, I.E. DJs, celebrity hosts, and performers starting at the end of April.

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Backyard Pool At Green Valley Ranch

When you reserve a cabana, the eight-acre Backyard Pool at Green Valley Ranch is open to the public any day of the week. If youre aged 21+, you can spend your 24 hours lounging under the desert sun in your own personal pool area with bed-side service.

This plush pool just a 15-minute drive from the strip is one of the most relaxing pools around. Youll be surrounded by palm trees, low-level hotel rooms, and a calming vibe.

During your stay, you can chill out in the pool, pad around in the sandy beach area, or just kick back on your lavish Cabana bed.

If you get peckish, you can fill up on a yogurt parfait, an avocado lunch, or a guacamole-topped bowl of crisp nachos. For a refresh while youre getting your tan on, the fruity cocktails are a must! The peach, mango, and cherry flavors will be just what you need.

  • Entry fee: Starting prices of $150 for a cabana
  • Open to the public: YES when you book a cabana
  • How to book:Reserve online in advance

Swimming Pools Open In March

Aqua Park, pools to open in Las Vegas

Hi there

I’m travelling to Las Vegas on March the 9th and I was wondering if the swimming pools in the hotels will be open then? Hopefully someone can answer my question.

Thank you

Which hotel or pool are you thnking of? The easy answer is: Probably. Most open around then.

Most Hotels keep at least one pool open for people who enjoy a dip in winter weather.

Las Vegas Weather in March sees the daily temperatures climb from a normal high in the mid 60’s in the beginning of the month. The weather is warm, but not hot, sunny and very pleasant. March is a great time to casino hop, golf, walk, or run. Bring more long pants than shorts, March Las Vegas weather can be cool at times, and there’s a significant difference between the weather earlier in the month and later in the month.

Looking at a few hotels:


Thanks for the info guys!

Check the hotel website or call the hotel. MGM recently posted info on opening pool parties for a lot of their properties. Most of those were early to mid-March . If having a pool open for your trip is important to you, I’d suggest calling just to be sure.

When I called the Flamingo they have use of the Flamingo pool since Bill’s does’nt have one and the Flamingo said March 3 or 4 weather permiting hope that helps a litte

early march is not pool weather, and with the weather being so unpredictable lately it has been quite cold for here.

Wet Republic opens March 11th.

Las Vegas

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If you are looking for something to do during the day throughout the weekend then you need to check out that they have been doing for the past two years. The Marquee Dayclub Dome is not open every weekend, so it didnt make really make this list, but the Dome is the only pool party out of the pools.

Are There Any Pools Good For Children

There are some family-friendly pools in Las Vegas. The Mirage, Mandalay Bay, The Flamingo, and MGM Grand are examples of such pools. These pools provide fun features for kids and poolside lounging for adults. Lazy rivers, wave pools, and waterfalls are some of the features children love. When you visit The Mirage and Mandalay Bay, you will find more kids there.

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An Array Of Pools & Amenities

The Beach at Mandalay Bay has four pools, including a wave pool, which is the centerpiece of the area. Weve stayed at the Mandalay Bay a bunch of times, but recently visited for the first time with kids. Spending time at the pool was a great, family friendly way to enjoy the day. It is one of the best hotel amenities if you book a room at the Mandalay Bay or the adjacent Delano.

The beach, comprised of 2,700 tons of real sand, leads up to the hotels gigantic 1.6 million gallon wave pool, which keeps guests cool and entertained with waves that get up to six feet high. There is also a stage at the end of the beach, where outdoor concerts are played throughout the summer.

One word of caution the sand gets hot in the summertime, like really hot! So wear your flip flops and be extra mindful if your kids like playing on the beach.

The Mandalay Bay wave pool is definitely one of the biggest in the world, and has awesome waves. Wave height can reach six feet high! The waves come on intermittently, and it is lots of fun to bob around in them.

Heres the one very disappointing thing about the wave pool: you are not allowed to sit on the shore.

Hotel Pools Open In March

March in Las Vegas: Weather and Event Guide

I will be visiting Las Vegas before mid-March and I am wondering whether any of the hotels have pools open at that time of the year? Any of them heated?

I’ve never visited Vegas during the winter so I am a bit clueless about the weather…

Any tips about hotels with nice heated pools open in early March would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Which hotels are you considering? By mid-March, most hotels will have at least one pool open, weather permitting. They usually aim for the week of the start of the NCAA College basketball tournament, March Madness, starting on March 19th.

The chances of pool weather are hit or miss. It may be warm, or it may be windy and cool.

pool open all year long 7am to 11pm, spa + heated pool.

We were at the Mirage the third week of March last year, they opened the main pool just before we arrived, they just finished refurbishing the pool, fresh water, wow was it cold, WAITER!!! Slush ice drink please.

Cold but still had a blast.

Edited: 3 years ago

Thanks for all the replies! It looks like I better forget about the pools… I will have just one night in Vegas and want to get it right.

“I am a bit clueless about the weather…”

Check the historical averages on one of the weather websites, e.g.

So the info I was looking for was “what March feels like in Las Vegas“. Judging by the replies here, I should forget about pools and concentrate on other things.

Las Vegas

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Mandalay Bay Pool Hours

Is the Mandalay Bay pool open year round?

Yes! Well, kind of

Mandalay Bay Beach is open year round, but not all pools are open at all times in the winter season, which is typically October through March.

Mandalay Bay pool winter season hours are:

Beach, Wave Pool, and Lazy River

  • Mon-Thu: Closed, Fri-Sun: 9 am 5 pm

East Lagoon and Delano Beach Club

  • Mon-Thu: 9 am 5 pm, Fri-Sun: Closed

Moorea Beach Club

  • Closed

During the summer season, March through October, all Mandalay Bay pools and facilities are typically open from 9 am to 6 pm.

Daylight Beach is open during the summer season, Friday through Sunday, 11am to 6pm. Daylight Beach at Night is open Friday & Saturday, 9pm to close.

Are The Swimming Pools Open In March

Thinking of returning to vegas in March but not sure if the swimming pools will be open can anyone advise?

Check directly with hotel you’ll be staying at. Pool hours vary greatly that early in the season. To get you started, here’s

I have been late March and yes the pools at most hotels are open for the brave. It is not really pool weather, the wind makes it feel cool plus when your wet,brrrrrrrr. We were at the Venetian once in April and went to look at the pools, too cold and windy for anything else, yet the very determined were laying out there, reminds me of Gt Yarmouth, seeing people sitting on the beach, with their coats on,LOL Of course there are good days when it could be pool weather but not for certain.


I checked Harrah’s yesterday and it just said pools were closed for the season, with no opening dates. I suggest keep checking whichever hotel if you don’t get the answers you are looking for.

Some hotels do keep a pool open all year round. This will give you some idea but it is always best to check with a hotel since things can change.

Just because a pool is heated and open it does not mean that it is necessarily swimming weather. It can be mighty cool/cloudy and windy in March. Swimming is iffy-especially at the beginning of March

We just returned from the Flamingo. The pools were closed, , but they did say they would have a pool open in March, but I don’t know the exact date.

Las Vegas

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Tropicana Pool At Tropicana Resort

The beach-inspired Tropicana Pool is one of the best places for Vegas locals. Its completely FREE to access on Monday through to Thursday when youve got your local ID with you.

On arrival, youll find an abundance of crisp-white sun loungers, swaying palm trees, pool waterfalls, and a luscious, landscaped area.

The poolside bar welcomes you to enjoy breakfast burritos, Trop& Go meat burgers, a refreshing fruit cup, or a tasty side of tater tots.

To quench your thirst, youll find a fabulous selection of frozen Coladas, domestic beers, and other specialty drinks. If youre visiting with a group, youll love the refreshing ice-cold beer bucket deal with six bottles for just $20!

  • Entry fee: FREE for locals
  • Open to the public: YES
  • How to book: Booking is not required just turn up with your ID!

Mandalay Bay Daylight Pool Party

The Pool Marquee at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas to reopen March 5

The luxurious Daylight Pool Party at Mandalay Bay is one of the best in Vegas! The 4,400 square foot pool and ginormous 50,000 square foot rooftop area are always packed full of entertainment.

Youll find private pools, lively DJ sets, and more than enough sun loungers to sip a cocktail on. Blaring out of the speakers and up on stage, you can expect to hear everything from hip-hop artists to EDM hits as you party in the pool.

Daylight Pool Party is only open from March through to September, making it the best place to get you through the hot Vegas summer!

  • Entry fee: Starting at $20 for women and $30 for men
  • Open to the public: YES

Theres no denying that Drais Beachclub is home to one of the hottest pool parties in Vegas! Up on this rooftop poolside, you can catch some of the best live performances from global artists.

On-site, youll find huge pools with towering palm trees scattered around and an incredible outdoor stage in the center. There are two levels of crazy fun, with eight pools to splash around in and more than 40 daybeds that are perfect for sunbathing.

If you get hungry, the dining options are irresistible! Theres a gourmet kitchen on the roof serving the best poolside snacks.

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Circa Stadium Swim At Circa Resort & Casino

Opening in the Fall of 2020, were already excited about the pools at Circa Las Vegas! The multi-tiered, six-pool amphitheater with a 125-foot, high-resolution screen is perfect for the best pool parties in Vegas from entertainment to football viewing parties. Open 365 days a year, this is a perfect pool option for more than just spring break. In fact, you can book your Stadium Swim reservation now to get your pool party on when it opens in October!

This is one pool in Las Vegas where going topless is allowed. Bare Pool Lounge has a more intimate feel than the other Las Vegas pools, and offers a menu of mojitos to stay cool.

LIT Sundays, Rose All Day on Thursdays, and an overall great lineup with regular artists like Duke Dumont, Rick Ross, Kid Funk, Bass Jackers, and Morgan Page, DAYLIGHT brings the energy of Ibiza to Las Vegas.

A Las Vegas pool party with a view! Drais Beachclub overlooks the city, including the Bellagio fountains. Enjoy the sights, indulge in delicious food and drink, and dance the day away.

Encore is the place to be if youre looking for an indulgent time during Vegas pool party season. Check out their lineup with big-name DJs like the Chainsmokers, Diplo, and Kygo for the best Las Vegas spring break.

Bottle service, cabanas, and DJs make for a luxe daytime party thats sure to make a splash. This pool is inspired by the Majorelle Gardens of Morocco, which makes for the perfect oasis escape in the middle of Vegas.

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