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What Is The Best Pool Cover For Above Ground Pool

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Best Mesh: Robelle Mesh Winter Pool Cover

Top 5 Above Ground Pool Covers for Swimming Pool in 2020 | Buy from Amazon

This Robelle pool cover is ideal for winter months, but you can use it year-round, too. It’s a good option for those who live in areas prone to stormy weather, as the mesh material allows water to pass through the cover. This way, a heavy rainstorm won’t weigh down the middle of the fabric, and high winds won’t blow the cover away. It also helps catch debris and won’t let bugs and leaves fall into the water when you take the cover off. “It made my life so much easier,” an .

Best Solar Pool Cover: Sun 2 Solar Round 1600

Although this cover does cost quite a bit, it will save the pool over who has to heat their pool money over time. Because it helps to retain pool heat, the pools heater doesnt have to work as hard. And for pools that arent equipped with a heater, this cover can mean the difference between a bone-chilling swim and a comfortable summer swim. It also needs to mention that this cover also prevents up to 95% of the pools water from evaporating. With less evaporation, the pool owner doesnt have to keep adding water to it to keep it at the proper level. Thats why we feel every above ground round pool owner can benefit from using this solar cover.

  • This product costs a lot.

Pool Mate 572040r Sandstone Winter Pool Cover For In

The Pool Mate Sandstone Winter Pool Cover will protect your pool from winter elements. This is a solid winter pool cover that will not allow water to pass through its material. The Pool Mate Sandstone Winter Pool Covers is constructed of extra heavy-duty polyethylene. All seams are heat sealed for better performance. The sandstone topside of this pool cover is coated to prevent UV damage. Please order by your pool size, as the overlap goes beyond the pool size listed. This cover includes a five-foot overlap. Please order a larger size cover if you have steps protruding from your pool. Water tube loops are placed around the perimeter of the pool cover. Water tubes sold separately. Only water tubes should be used to install this pool cover. No other method of installation is recommended. This cover should be able to comfortably float on the pool water without excessive stress. This cover is not meant to be used as a debris cover during the swimming season. This winter pool cover is intended to be used during the off-season..


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Save Money On Chemicals

We use chlorine in our pools to destroy algae, bacteria and germs. Chlorine is expensive. The sun is an excellent heat source, but also produces UV radiation. UV radiation breaks down chlorine to an unusable state.

In a pool, chlorine is combined with other chemicals to give it some protection from UV rays, but its not a perfect system. Even with chemical protection, chlorine remains somewhat vulnerable. Solar pool covers provide another layer of protection against the loss of chlorine, meaning youll have to replace it less often.

What Is The Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Covers In 2022


The best above ground pool covers offer plenty of benefits. You should know that the water on your pool is an ideal breeding ground for bugs, birds, and other pests. Even if you filter or run a vacuum to remove dirt and other harmful bacteria will accumulate.

You definitely dont want to swim into dead bugs, dried leaves, and all sorts of bacteria and dirt! If you let these organisms accumulate, youre going to have to drain the entire water and refill again, which isnt only costly but time-consuming as well. Its for these reasons why using pool covers is a must.

The above ground pool cover will serve as a protection or barrier to your pool, preventing all those unwanted contaminants from getting into the pool water.


  • 3.5 Final Word
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    How To Properly Store Your Solar Cover

    At the end of pool season, itll be time to break out the safety cover, and store the solar blanket. But before you do that, you must make sure the solar blanket is clean and completely dry so you dont get a nasty, moldy surprise when you open it up next season.

    To clean your solar blanket, remove it from the pool, and lay it on a soft surface like grass. Concrete can damage the bubbles, making the blanket less able to float and do its job.

    Once you have it spread out flat, use a soft push broom or soft scrub brush and clean water to scrub away dirt, algae or buildup, then rinse. Dry the blanket well by hand, using a leaf blower, or hanging it up to dry.

    Tip: Dont ever leave your solar cover out to dry on your lawn. It can burn your grass.

    After you wash and dry your solar blanket, reel it up. Some pool cover reels come with a weather- and UV-resistant storage cover so you can store it outside if you dont have any indoor space for it. If your reel didnt come with a cover, you can always pick one up.

    If youre folding your blanket up, place it in a container with a sturdy lid to keep pests out. Then store the container somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight to prevent the cover from shrinking, and the plastic container from deteriorating.

    In The Swim Pool Value Winter Cover

    Are you looking for a safe investment? This pool cover is the best to buy because it comes with a one-year full guarantee. So, in case of issues with its quality, you can get a replacement or refund from the manufacturers.

    This solid pool cover features an 8x 8 scrim plus cable and turnbuckle to keep it in place. Once you install the cover, you will not need to adjust it every minute, as it will be intact. It features a laminated polyethylene cover with high-density stitching that makes it durable. This assures you of longevity and which means you will use the cover for many seasons. The Swim is suitable for pools measuring 24 inches wide and provides overlap that prevents it from overstretching or ripping.


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    Why Should I Buy A

    You can tell if you need or want a pool covers above ground by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you cant get go of the old one, you could sell it and use the proceeds to buy the new one.This is a fun and easy approach to finish your task.

    Final Thoughts

    Lets face it, we all want to feel good about our purchases. But there are so many! How can you know which is best? You need not be concerned because Aids Quilt has your back. Our trained staff is here to help you find what works for you. Before making a final decision, you can take advantage of our free consultations. Let us show you how easy shopping for home audio equipment can be when you have an expert on your side!

    Blue Wave Gold Round Above Ground Winter Cover

    Top 5 Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Covers in 2022

    The next product for review is another winter cover. The Blue Wave Gold Round Cover is designed to protect your pool from the debris and low temperatures. It comes with a 15-year warranty, out of which 3 years full warranty. This cover is available in various sizes for round pools.

    It is a woven rugged UV stabilized polyethylene material that is durable to withstand sun, ice, and wind. It comes with a heavy-duty vinyl coated cable and tightener. These are used to anchor the cover to the pool by winding the wire through the rip proof metal grommets.

    Featuring a royal blue color on the top and black underside to prevent algae growth, the cover protects the pool during the winter months. The material has a 14 x 14 scrim count, which ensures longevity, but that makes it slightly more challenging to install.


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    Best Winter Pool Covers For Above Ground Pools Of 2022

    You can depend on our experts to share their product searching experiences with you.

    To assist you select the winter pool covers for above ground pools brand, we examined all the features and came up with a list of ten possible purchases.

    We looked at durability, materials, designs, expert reviews, and customer ratings to find the best-performing winter pool covers for above ground pools.

    The review includes detailed performance information and recommendations for your goals and budget. Find out which is best for you.

    Types Of Above Ground Pools

    Obviously, there is quite a variety of options available. The critical thing to look for is a corrosive resistant steel frame and durable sidewalls for durability. From there, you can further personalize the pool depending on your yard size, use, and shape.

    Swimming Pools come in several shapes, including round, oval, square, and rectangle. Sizes range from very small and shallow suitable for families with small children, to large enough to host a pool party. It depends entirely on your needs and how you plan on using the pool.

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    How To Remove A Solar Cover From Your Inground Or Above Ground Pool

    If you have a large pool, or if you swim often, removing the solar blanket every time you want to use your pool can be quite a chore. One solution is to cut the solar blanket into smaller panels so you can remove the pieces one at a time. If youd rather not cut the blanket up, a convenient alternative is a solar cover reel.

    Good for both inground, above ground, and Intex pools, the solar reel is placed at one end of the pool. Youll attach one end of the solar blanket to the reel, and then turn the handle or wheel. The blanket will be spooled onto the solar reel, saving you a lot of hard work.

    Some solar blanket reels are available with wheels, so you can roll up your cover and then move the solar reel aside. Others come with mounting hardware to install permanently in one location. Which version works best for you will depend mostly on how much space you have around your pool.

    If you dont have a solar reel, you can pull the cover off and accordion fold it. Pull about four feet out, then fold that section in half. Continue pulling two-foot sections, folding each one back and forth like an accordion. This method also lets you rinse off each small section before folding, if needed.

    Tip: If you remove the solar blanket temporarily, be sure to keep it covered or in the shade to prolong its life.

    Sun2solar Clear Rectangle Solar Cover Best For Everyday Year

    10 Best Above Ground Pool Cover

    Are you planning to keep using the pool during winter? If so, then youll love this pool cover from Sun2Solar, which also happens to be one of our best solar pool covers that we reviewed.

    Unlike most of the other covers, this one is either clear or colored in semi-transparent blue. This way, it can let the sun rays pass onto the water to heat it efficiently. And I must say, the blue version looks super stunning. It highly resembles water from a distance.

    Over the bottom face, Sun2Solar placed dozens of air bubbles. When placed over water, these bubbles will stay afloat without the need for the annoying cable and winch. Furthermore, these bubbles concentrate the suns heat in a way similar to a magnifying lens.

    Lucky for us, Sun2Solar was incredibly generous with the sizing of their pool cover. You can receive one as small as 16 by 30 ft or as big as 30 by 50 ft.

    Unfortunately, if you have a circular pool, youll have to trim the cover yourself since there are no pre-made circular covers. Its not hard, but you have to be extremely cautious. Otherwise, you might end up ruining the whole cover.


    • They dont produce circular covers
    • If you trimmed it wrong, itll be permanently ruined

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    Why You Need An Above Ground Pool Cover

    Obviously, knowing the benefits a product will offer you provides the motivation you need to make the purchase. Pool covers provide lots of benefits, including reduced management costs and improved swimming experience. The following are some of the primary advantages of pool covers.

    To Keep Your Pool Clean Apart from the obvious reasons, the risk of getting an infection is one big reason why you must keep your swimming pool clean. Primarily, pool covers are used to ensure the pool stays clean, as covering your pool regularly will prevent debris from getting into it. For example, pools that are close to trees will especially benefit from covers as they prevent leaves from getting into them.

    No matter how much the cover costs, it will provide long-term benefits. You dont have to spend much money and time to clean your pool. In fact, your swimming pool filter will benefit from a cover as well.

    Reduce Evaporation Swimming pool covers are usually produced using non-toxic materials like PVC and polyethylene. If your swimming pool is covered properly, they can help cut down evaporation up to 95 percent. In the long run, a pool cover saves you money and time.

    Cut Down Heating Bills With the idea cover, you can avoid splashing out on a pool heater and reduce the heating bills of your pool. Pool covers can help trap heat in your pool, thereby heating the water therein. Besides, since it reduces evaporation as well, heat is conserved further in your pool.

    Blue Wave Ns1: Best Solar Pool Cover For Removal

    Reasons to avoid

    The Blue Wave NS120 is a solar pool blanket that is made up of small bubbles that insulate your swimming pool and can improve the temperature of your pool by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Since this solar pool cover is going to be directly in the sunlight, its made to be resistant to the wear and tear from UV radiation, along with the chemicals that you treat your pool water with. The Blue Wave solar pool cover is one of the pricier options in our round up, however, for what you pay, you do get a three-year warranty.

    This solar pool cover is round so obviously wont be suitable for square pools, and it has been designed for above-ground swimming pools. It does, however, claim to prevent up to 95% of pool water and chemical evaporation. This means you wont have to spend as much money or time replenishing your pool.

    The Blue Wave NS120 scores an average of 3.7 out of five stars on Amazon. Users that loved this solar pool cover state it raised the water temp over 20 degrees in a week. Others suggested it was easy to take off the pool, and it was very durable. Criticisms come in the form of stating this solar pool cover is thin and some users had issues with the bubbles popping and disintegrating.

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    How Much Does An Above Ground Pool Cover Cost

    Although they might be cheaper, any option around $50 might not be as durable so you might find yourself buying another before the year is out. If you are looking for a solar above ground pool cover then expect to part with around $100 $250.

    The reel will be another expense which can cost as much as the cover but it can reduce the cost of refilling the pool because of evaporation.

    In The Swim Round Pool Leaf Net

    How to install a pool cover on an above ground pool

    This 18-foot pool cover is ideal for smaller above ground pools. The leaf net is designed to be used on top of your winter pool cover to prevent leaf and other significant debris accumulation during the Fall. Its placed on the pool cover in the Fall and removed once the trees in the area are bare. This way decomposing leaves are not left on top of the winter cover over the winter months, possibly damaging it.

    This cover is also a great option without a winter cover, to capture large debris, so you dont put a strain on your skimmer in between swims. Featuring a durable knitted polyethylene, the black cover comes with fastening loops, wire cable, and metal winch for installation. Although it is not a fine mesh, many have found that it can catch even smaller debris such as pine needles.

    It is very lightweight and easy to install over winter cover or for short-term use between swims. Its a great inexpensive and quick solution for added pool maintenance year-round or combined winter cover protection.


    • Collects debris as small as most pine needles


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    Best Above Ground Pool Covers

    This article contains affiliate links. If you click on these and make a purchase, we may receive a small percentage of the sale. to find out more.

    Did you know that by using the best above ground pool cover for your pool can save you not only time but a lot of money as well? Spend less time cleaning your pool in between uses, and especially in the Spring when you are ready to jump in after a long winter. Plus, a quality pool cover will help reduce the amount of chemicals used and help reduce water evaporation, and thus loss of heat.

    Our above ground pool covers review is put together by experienced pool maintenance gurus. We want to share the leading products on the market and tips for choosing the best for your pool. There are numerous types of pool covers. Knowing what kind is best for your needs, and using it properly will reduce your stress levels and money waste significantly.

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