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Clorox Chlorinating Tablets For Pool

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Chlorine Pool Tablets Vs Liquid Chlorine

Top 5 Best Pool Chlorine Tablets 2021 â Top Picks & Reviews

Why pool chlorine tablets? Well, here’s why.

Stress-Free Application

These tablet swimming pool additives are easier to apply than their liquid counterparts. All you need is a tablet floater dispenser, and you never have to worry about carrying gallons of liquid chlorine around.

Efficient and Economical

Tablet packaged pool chlorine will also save you much money in the long run. When these stabilizers get released and exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet ray’s chlorine wastage is eliminated, ensuring that every bit of chlorine is efficiently utilized and no part of the water has more chlorine concentration than the other.

Chlorine tablets, without a doubt, last longer than liquid chlorine as only the needed amount of chlorine is released per day, hence saving you much money.

Longer Storage Time

These tabs have a longer shelf life in comparison to liquid chlorine. Liquid chlorine can only boast of shelf life of 6months while tablets have a shelf life of 3-5years,

Stress-Free Measurement

Another reason why tablets are the go-to for most pool owners and maintenance personnel is that tablets are already premeasured the manufacturer has done the bulk of the work all you need to do is to apply the right amount of tablet to your pool depending on your pool size.

The Composition Of The Tablet

Depending on the manufacturer, chlorine tablets might contain different chemicals. Before purchasing something, though, you should be 100 percent sure that the tablet contains roughly 90 percent chlorine. The disinfecting properties of chlorine are highly acknowledged.

This will make the tablet highly efficient at killing viruses, bacteria, fungus, algae, yeast and other naughty elements that might be present inside your pool water.

Hth Pool Sanitizer Chlorinating Tables 4

This is another option that is well worthy of your attention. One tablet is meant to sanitize 10,000 gallons of water for a week. In order to prolong the function of the chlorine, this rejects the effect of the UV rays.

If you own different types of pools, then these tablets might be a good choice. Thats because they can also be used in salt pools, feeder floaters and skimmers. Since it is important for the tablets to dissolve relatively slowly, these ones also do the job in just the right amount of time.

This is how they manage to keep your pool sanitized for a weeks time. The formula of the tablets incorporates ingredients that protect against algae buildup, ensuring that the water is clean and sanitized.

Bear in mind that you shouldnt simply throw the tablets directly into the pool. In this case, pool surface damage is prone to occur. You should always place the tablet inside a feeder, skimmer or floater that is specifically designed for this product.

Regarding the efficacy level of these tablets, it is quite impressive. As pointed out by former customers, these tablets are some of the few that are highly efficient in fighting against stubborn algae buildup.


  • They keep the water clear


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How To Clear Cloudy Pool Water

Without a doubt, you have watched plenty of movies that feature stunning pools that look amazing theyre just right to take a swim in them. What if we told you that you could achieve this by purchasing chlorine tablets?

You should know that cloudy pool water can occur due to a number of aspects, namely the improper balance of chemicals and chlorine, very high Calcium Hardness levels, imbalanced alkalinity and pH, faulty filter, ammonia, early stages of algae, and the buildup of debris.

Taking this into account, the following steps should help you clear cloudy pool water. Its best to address each aspect, to determine whether it applies in your case or not.

  • Balance the levels of chlorine
  • Get rid of ammonia
  • Track and balance pH and TA levels
  • Correct the levels of calcium hardness
  • Replace the filtering agent or backwash the filter
  • Eliminate foreign particles and have the pool adequately scrubbed and vacuumed

Clorox Pool& spa Xtrablue Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets

Clorox Pool& Spa 3

Clorox is a reputable brand when it comes to efficient household cleaning supplies. And these chlorinating tablets offer a good price to quality ratio if you want to maintain your pool clean and sanitized. They are versatile, in the sense that they are compatible with in-ground and above-ground pools.

Similar to our first recommendation, these are also individually wrapped. This means that their original properties are maintained until you use them. They do an excellent job at killing bacteria, deterring the growth of algae.

Still, this doesnt mean that you should no longer monitor the quality of the water: as its better to be safe than sorry.

A rather inconvenient characteristic is the unpleasant, dangerous chlorine dust youll find inside the packages. But this comes with the territory. You must be extra careful when handling the tablets: its best to wear adequate gloves. As an extra measure of precaution, you might also wear a mask over your mouth and nose.

A noteworthy disadvantage would be that the texture of the tablets is a tad crumbly. This is why, in comparison with other top picks, these tablets might produce more dust, which is inconvenient.


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Dohenys Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

Furthermore, these chlorine tablets are individually wrapped, and they arrive in a bucket that is easy to open. The tablets feature powerful stabilized chlorine, which will keep your pool sanitized and clean.

In addition to that, the ingredients have an active function in order to deter the growth of bacteria and algae. Another important function of the tablets is that they dont let the detrimental UV rays of the sun to lead to swimming pool chlorine burn-off.

That is to say, the chlorine remains locked in the water of the pool. Therefore, you dont have to use so many chemicals. Since each tablet is individually wrapped, this allows you to easily handle them before adding them in the water. They also dissolve at a slow pace.

Something we have appreciated is that the texture of these tablets is not overly crumbly. This means no excess of dust! You should still wear gloves, regardless of the texture of the tablet.

The price is also competitive, which can be an attractive point if youre shopping on a budget.


Chlor Fr Pool: Langanhaltende Wasserpflege & Desinfektion

Die richtige Dosierung von Chlor für den Pool sorgt für eine effektive Beseitigung von Fremdinhalten wie Bakterien, Viren und Pilzen im Wasser. Besonders heiße Temperaturen im Sommer begünstigen die Vermehrung von Mikroorganismen, die es mit dem passenden Chlorprodukt für den Pool zu verhindern gilt. Der Einsatz von Chlor im Pool wirkt sich darüber hinaus positiv auf Wassertrübungen aus. Zusätzlich ist Poolchlor unschädlich für die Haut, sodass auch Kinder eine unbeschwerte Planschzeit im kühlen Nass genießen.

Die Behandlung des Schwimmbadwassers erfolgt auf die gleiche Weise wie bei einem Pool zu Hause. Um Badegästen im öffentlichen Schwimmbad oder im eignen Pool einen sicheren Aufenthalt zu gewährleisten, darf Poolchlor keinesfalls fehlen. Wie Sie es genau anwenden und welche Reinigungsmaßnahmen zu treffen sind, erfahren Sie im Folgenden.

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Chlorinating Tablets Vs Liquid

What is the difference between chlorinating tablets and chlorinating liquid?

Chlorine is the most common chemical used to sanitize swimming pool water and kill bacteria that can be harmful to swimmers. Pool chlorine commonly comes in two formssolid and liquid. While chlorinating tablets and chlorinating liquid both sanitize pool water, there are some key differences to consider when choosing which product is right for you.

How Do Chlorine Tablets For Pools Work

How to Use Chlorine Tablets, Brought to You by HTH

When these tablets are added to the water, a chemical reaction follows leaving us with hydrochloric and hypochlorous acids. The amount of acid produced depends upon various factors such as temperature and pH level of water. Both of these chemicals are responsible for sanitizing job in the water.

The chlorine molecules attack and kill the microorganism by targeting their cell walls first and then breakdown the enzymes and proteins. This action neutralizes the harmful effects of the pollutants purify the water of their existence.

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Malibu Multifunktionstabs 20 G

  • uperfiltration durch Flockung verhindert Trübung des Wassers
  • Effizienter Algenschutz


Die Versandkosten finden Sie direkt an jedem einzelnen Produkt.

Enthält Ihre Bestellung mehrere Produkte, zahlen Sie nur die Versandkosten des Produktes mit dem höchsten Satz.


Die Lieferung erfolgt ausschließlich innerhalb Österreichs.


Die Paketlieferung erfolgt bis zu Ihrer Haustür.

Sollten Sie bei Zustellung nicht zu Hause sein, erhalten Sie vom Versanddienstleister entsprechende Informationen bezüglich der weiteren Zustell- oder Abholmöglichkeiten.


Die Zustellung erfolgt über unseren Versandpartner

Lieferung an eine andere Adresse

Selbstverständlich können Sie Ihre Bestellung auch an eine abweichende Lieferadresse zustellen lassen. Diese können Sie im Bestellschritt Bestelldaten” unter Abweichende Lieferadresse” hinterlegen.

Best Pool Chlorine Tablets Faqs

Q: What are Chlorine Tablets?

A: Chlorine tablets refers to chlorine in tablet form. The chlorine chemical being dried and pressed to give these dense tablets is used to disinfect pools by killing bacteria. Always ensure you wear gloves when handling these tablets, as they are still quite dangerous and corrosive if they touch the skin.

Q: Can I Throw Chlorine Tablets in My Pool?

A: Avoid throwing chlorine tablets directly into your pool as doing this can lead to bleach stain on the liner or concrete on the pool floor. Instead of throwing the chlorine tablets into the pool, place the tablets into the skimmer, floating dispenser or automatic chlorinator.

Q: How Often Should You Put Chlorine in Your Pool?

A: During the swimming season, it is advisable that you add chlorine to your pool at least two times every week. Ideally, the chlorine concentration in the pool should be within 1-3ppm if it falls below 1ppm, then it would be best to top up the amount of chlorine in the pool. The chlorine level can be manually or digitally checked with a pool test kit. In addition to this, a test kit to check the pH level is also required, and the recommended pH is within 7.2-7.8.

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Liquid Chlorine Vs Chlorine Tablets

Pool chlorine liquid absorbs faster into the pool while tablets dispense gradually over time. There is no stabilizer in the liquid.

Chlorine liquid is ideally used to shock the pool after a long winter or to clear out serious algae. Commercial pool owners may also use chlorine liquids after a pool event.

Chlorine Tablets Vs Granules

Clorox Pool& Spa XtraBlue 1"  Chlorinating Tablets for Swimming Pools ...

Chlorine tablets are is simpler and more convenient to use the chlorine granules which is why most prefer the tablets instead. The tablets dispense chlorine at a steadier rate to spread evenly across the pool than pouring a few scoops of chlorine granules into the swimming pool.

Chlorine granules are the powered or crushed version of the tablets. Once turned into granules, you sprinkle or pour in a few scoops of it directly into the pool water. The amount you put in has to be measured right which is an added work again. The granules also have a tendency to bleach your liner or damage the equipment if there is too much build-up in one area.

Overall, chlorine granules are a less effective option to the other ways of dispensing chlorine evenly into the swimming pool.

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Benefits Of Using Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets are an effective, easy, affordable, and safe method for sanitizing a pool. Due to their convenient use, they are a commonly preferred choice among the swimmers and pool owners. Here are a few of the many benefits that they offer.


The best most admired advantage is that they are very simple to use. Adding them to the water is as easy as just putting them in the pool and forgetting it. They will do the remaining job by slowly dissolving as they get smaller and smaller while releasing chlorine. It is a much faster way as you only need to put them in water.

Secondly, unlike the chlorine available in liquid or granular form, there is no need to precisely measure the amount of chlorine as they are already present in tablet form with specific mass mentioned on the packing. So, you dont have to experiment around with the amount of chlorine to add.


Lets admit to the fact that these have long been in use not just because of their sanitizing action but also due to the affordability perk that they offer. They are relatively cheap compared to other water purifying methods.

Furthermore, they are easily available and you can get them from any chemical or hardware stores at cheap prices. They are the most common pool sanitizers available in the market. For the same very reason, almost every pool nowadays use chlorine tablets instead of liquid bleaches or granular chlorine.


Festes Oder Flssiges Chlor Frs Schwimmbad

Die Tab- oder Granulat-Produkte enthalten zwischen 56 und 90 Prozent Aktivchlor und ermöglichen daher eine schnelle Auflösung des Chlors im Poolwasser. Somit eignen sie sich perfekt für eine Stoßchlorung des Pools. Multitabs und Chlorgranulat bieten sich für die Vorbereitung des Poolwassers nach dem Winter an. Denn nach längerer Nichtbenutzung des Pools oder starken Regenfällen befinden sich viele Bakterien und Algen im Wasser. Chlortabletten helfen nicht nur gezielt bei der Zersetzung von Mikroorganismen, sondern halten gleichzeitig den pH-Wert stabil. Dank seiner einfachen Dosierung bietet sich Chlorgranulat zusätzlich für die Reinigung eines Whirlpools an. Flüssigchlor für den Pool ist im Vergleich zu fertigdosierten Tabs und Granulat kostengünstiger in der Anschaffung. Diese Form von Poolchlor verhindert, dass sich Dosierleitungen und -ventile mit Schwebstoffen zusetzen. Für Poolneulinge empfiehlt sich ein Chlor-Starterset mit allen notwendigen Utensilien für die erste erfolgreiche Wasserpflege.

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How To Add Chlorine Tablets Into The Pool Water

There are several ways in which you can add a chlorine tablet into the pool water. One of them would be sprinkling the tab directly inside the pool. However, we wouldnt say that this is an efficient method, as it means that the chlorine wont spread evenly across the water.

On the other hand, theres also the alternative of using a chemical dispenser. Depending on the necessary amount of chlorine, you should adjust the dispenser accordingly. You should leave it to float on your pool until the tabs are fully dissolved.

You might also use a skimmer. Make sure you add the tablet slowly to the skimmer this way, youll avoid spilling it inside the pool. The skimmer will do the job for you: carrying the dissolved tabs around the water.

Another method that is believed to be highly efficient is the use of an automatic chlorinator. This device enables the tabs to dissolve at just the correct pace so that the right amount of chlorine is maintained.

Remember to never use any appliances or machinery to apply chlorine. Your pool cleaning tools and accessories have a different purpose. For instance, you can go and get a high-end above ground pool vacuum cleaner but you must remember to never put any additives in it. Just read our guide about such vacuums and get educated in an instant.

Drawbacks Of Using Chlorine Tablets In Swimming Pools

How to Use Chlorinating Tablets

Known to carry several cons that need to be addressed seriously. Some of the cons are merely due to the improper way of using chlorine or using excessive amounts of them. However, others are inherited with the chemical properties of chlorine. Here are a few disadvantages of using chlorine tablets that we need to be wary of.

  • Direct contact to the skin can cause allergies, itching, and discomfort to the skin.
  • Using with the chlorinator produce chlorine fumes which is extremely hazardous and even fatal at times.
  • Using an excessive amount can damage and burn the internal pipes and lining of where used.
  • Extremely high levels added to the water can result in the release of gas that could interfere with the normal breathing.

Now that you know how harmful these can be when not used properly, it is wise to understand that harm only comes when used without following instructions or safety protocols. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks by a mountain load.

Since these are chemicals that you will be soaking around with in the pool, it is recommend you use the best pool chlorine tablets in the market and enjoy a safe and healthy swim.

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Clorox Pool& spa Small Pool Chlorinating Tablets

These chlorinating tablets are also manufactured by Clorox. You can use these if you have a pool whose capacity is of 5,000 gallons of water or less than that. However, note that you should purchase a floater separately. Thats because they arent meant to be used in a pools skimmer.

You can use them for sanitizing your pool or a spa area. This would eliminate the need to buy two separate products, which could be slightly inconvenient. In comparison with the other tablets reviewed, these arent individually wrapped.

All you have to do is take one out of the container and throw it in the floater. If youre concerned about the environment, then youll see as an advantage the fact that they arent individually wrapped. It depends on how you put it.

However, because theyre not individually wrapped, you should be doubly careful whenever you open the container. Its important to ensure that it is adequately secured. If the tablets enter direct contact with humidity, this will impact their efficacy.

In regard to the texture of the tablets, they are a tad crumbly. This is why we advise you to wear gloves and a mask when handling them.


  • You can use them in pools and spas
  • A good option for inflatable pools


In The Swim Pool Chlorine Tablets

Youll find these chlorine tablets in a bucket featuring a child-proof lid. So, you dont have to worry that your toddler or pet will somehow stumble across the tablets. Considering that they feature a mix of powerful chemicals, this is important.

In addition to that, you might be pleased to find out that each tablet is individually wrapped. Why is this important? This safeguards the tablet from moisture, ensuring that it remains fresh. This also means that its properties remain unchanged. Thus, you can be 100 percent sure that each chlorine tab you add to your pool will do its job.

The absorption rate isnt too slow or too fast. And this is exactly what you should look for. Thats mainly because when the absorption rate is too fast, then the level of chlorine inside the pool might be higher than needed.

It is also a good idea to wear latex gloves when handling the tablets. In this way, you can keep the chlorine powder off your hands.


  • Excellent results


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