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Where Do They Sell Pools

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Which One Is The Best Personal Experience

Tips on Selling Robotic Pool Cleaners on Your Pool Route

But which heaters are the best for sunny California where it is almost always warm and other states where the sun also shines during the day but the air temperature is lower or drops sharply at night?

I grew up in LA, and I now live in Florida. Contrary to what people from neither place may think, theyre very different climates. The presence of palm trees means little besides the lack of actual freezes in winter. Growing up in LA, we had a solar pool heater array, though we also had an electric heater as a backup.

In California, these solar heaters are actually fantastic, because you really only get two types of skies, at least in the southern part of the state where I was stormy and rainy, or extremely sunny. You get so much sun, in fact, that we had to actually put a shut-off valve on the heater, because that water in mid-July at 2 in the afternoon, would scald you coming out of that thing. I still, decades later, have a scar to prove that in fact.

Florida, however, is a different kettle of fish. Does it get hot here? Oh yes, it gets very hot, and humid too. But, its not as sunny as people actually think. Florida, and indeed most of the East Coast, gets a real mixed bag of weather. It can be cloudy and do absolutely nothing, it can rain for days. Solar power of any sort, here, is not very reliable.

Pool Regret #: Safety Risks Abound

Nearly 300 children under the age of 5 drown in backyard swimming pools every year, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission . Many localities require a safety barrier to be installed around a residential pool to help prevent accidental drownings. You want to be sure to install a separate fence specifically around the pool and not just the backyard. If you have small kids at home, consider buying a fence with a self-closing door with a locking mechanism that’s positioned high up on the door panel — and out of their reach, recommends Mary Roberts, president of the Arizona Association of Realtors.

Pool fencing options vary by type and price. Fencing for an above-ground pool starts at $84 per fence panel at Lowe’s. In-ground pool fencing costs more. The CPSC recommends going a step further and installing door alarms on all doors in the home leading to the pool area, as well as on the pool fence door itself.

Swimming Pool Supplies Equipment And Repair

  • Leaf skimmers with telescopic poles for keeping your pool free of debris.
  • Replacement pumps, connectors and filters to keep clean water circulating smoothly.
  • Vinyl repair kits for plugging small holes in above-ground pools.
  • Manual and automatic vacuum cleaners to keep the pool base spotless.
  • Hoses for fast filling and draining of pool water.

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Cheap Pools For Sale On A Budget

Don’t let the word “cheap” scare you. We’re talking about price, not quality. If you have a tight budget and limited space, an above ground swimming pool might just be what you need. And used swimming pools are an even better option. Above ground swimming pools make up over 50% of all pool sales in the country each year. Discount swimming pools are readily available, you just need to know when and where to look.

You can look to your local classified ads, on the grocery store bulletin board, on Craigslist, or estate sales. You may even find someone who is giving their used swimming pool away for free. Keep your eyes open for opportunity, and a cheap above ground swimming pool will come to you in a New York Minute.

Used swimming pools are a great deal, but remember swimming safety is the most important aspect of any pool. For safety reasons you need to buy a good pool safety fence and properly install it.

Half the fun is looking for a used swimming pool, but when you find a good one, jump on it and enjoy swimming with your family.

Other Ways To Enjoy More Fun In The Sun

Aldi is selling pool inflatables in pineapple and ...

The fun doesnt just stop at pools. When the temperature warms up and the sun is shining, kids want to head outside. Turn your backyard into a water extravaganza with fun and entertainment for the whole family! First, set up the water slides where the kiddos can test their speed and challenge each other to a race. Even the little ones can join in on the fun with sand and water tables. Theyll have an absolute blast scooping the water and watching as it cascades through the spinners and makes a splash. Water and sand activities are great because kids can scoop up water from the pond and pour it in the top tier to make a shower splash below. Not to mention, the rain shower effect on select styles makes it sounds like real rainfall. This is a fun activity to enjoy in the backyard on especially warm days.

Shop Kohls today!

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Attention Home Buyers: Carefully Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Home With A Swimming Pool In The Backyard Before You Sign On The Dotted Line

Buying a home with a swimming pool in the backyard will certainly score you bragging rights around the neighborhood. However, there’s much more to pool ownership than planning deckside parties and kids’ playdates. For starters, maintaining a pool is time-consuming and expensive. Plus, there are safety hazards to consider.

We’ve interviewed many real-estate experts over the years about the pros and cons of owning a home with a swimming pool. Be forewarned: The cons outnumber the pros. Here are 10 of the biggest regrets that homeowners with a pool often have.

Unless otherwise noted, all cost estimates for pool operation, maintenance and repairs are national averages for in-ground swimming pools, based on data provided by, a website that tracks home-improvement costs.

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A Pool That Provides Protection From The Sun

Sit in the shade or in the sunwith this pool, its your choice.

Talk about having it made in the shade. This pool has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon and removable sun shade to help protect the youngsters from sunburn while they spend hours splashing in the water. Depending on the position of the sun, some rays may sneak under the cover. But a simple fix from one reviewer was to augment the coverage for her toddler by placing a blanket on the side of the structure for additional coverage. Just be sure to load up on sunscreen, whether your kids are relaxing in the sun or shade.

Some reviewers report having some trouble keeping the sun-protection structure sitting straight, but others have noted that ensuring that the top is fully inflated prevents any issue.

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Buster Crabbe All Aluminum Pools With Or Without Deck

You can buy a steel pool, or resin pool, but aluminum is the best. You can not buy a better designed pool, or a stronger rolled wall pool, than the Avatar. This pool is built the old school way!! Remember when products were built to Last, The number 1 pool manufacturer in the USA Buster Crabbe / Aquasports has been building this type of pool since 1957, adding new technologies as they become available, but NEVER CHEAPENING THIS INCREDIBLE POOL…Now This Incredible Pool is Available Exclusively For You Complete Pool Package

  • 52 Hercules Avatar All Aluminum Pool
  • Hayward Skimmer Package w/ Return
  • 52 Full Print Beaded Liner
  • Confer 7200 A Frame Security Ladder
  • Buster Crabbe 100 sq ft Cartridge or Sand Filter with 1 HP or 1.5HP Pump, with base and Premium hoses, Upgrad to Hayward Filter System $169
  • 9 Piece Professional Maintenance Equipment Kit
  • Shipping Freight Power Tailgate Delivery
  • Buster Crabbe Auto Suction Cleaner For A/G Pools Free Upgrade

Avatar Complete Pool Package Pricing

888 89 POOLS

Intex Ultra Xtr Rectangular Pool Set With Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System

5 Innovative Companies that Sell Shipping Container Swimming Pools 2018 | SHELTERMODE.

Many are familiar with this manufacturer. The company produces pools of various types, but in this article, we are interested only in above-ground models. This model is the best of all offered by the company. In order to achieve the effect of salt water, you will need to buy sea salt and add it to the water.

The size of this pool is also optimal for any yard. Its depth is 52 inches, and its length and width are 32 feet by 16 feet, respectively. In this pool you can swim, play games and have fun with friends at a foam party. The set includes a salt water system, filter, ladder, ground litter and a cover for the entire pool for those cases when you do not use it or want to hide from bad weather.

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Pool Regret #: When The Kids Grow Up The Novelty Wears Off

For families with young children, having a home with a pool can be a great source of recreation during summer breaks from school. Parents don’t have to shell out a small fortune to visit a water park or worry about paying for overpriced food and drinks at the concession stand. However, by the time the kids hit high school, hanging poolside with Mom and Dad is likely the last thing they’ll want to do. Parents may find that their backyard oasis is getting used a lot less, yet the maintenance fees and related costs continue to add up.

This exact scenario has been a topic of discussion in several online pool enthusiast message boards on Reddit and Houzz, among others. Should you find yourself in such a predicament, you can get rid of the pool — but it’s going to cost you. To hire a licensed engineer to permanently fill a standard in-ground swimming pool averages around $5,000, according to The pool can be filled with dirt or concrete. It’s cheaper to use dirt , but it can settle over time making the ground above it less stable, warns. Concrete, which is more expensive at $100 per cubic yard, is solid. Homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about the land above a concrete-filled pool shifting later on.

Mandatory Labelling By Suppliers

All portable swimming pools, including inflatable pools supplied in Australia must carry warning labels both on the pool and its packaging.

Retailers and suppliers who sell pools without the required labels will face court-imposed fines of up to $1.1 million for corporations and $220,000 for individuals, plus on-the-spot fines of $550. Information on the warning labels can vary according to the height of the pool.

Portable/inflatable pools less than 300mm in height

Portable pools 300mm or less in height must include the statement:

WARNING! Children have drowned in portable swimming pools.Ensure active adult supervision at all times.Do not leave children unsupervised in or around the pool – keep them within arms reach.Empty and store safely after use.

Portable/inflatable pools 300mm or more in height

Inflatable pools 300mm or more in height must carry this statement:

WARNING! Children have drowned in portable swimming pools.Ensure active adult supervision at all times.Do not leave children unsupervised in or around the pool – keep them within arms reach.Pool fencing laws apply to this pool. Consult your Local Government Authority for fencing requirements.

The warning must be permanently printed or embossed on the portable swimming pool and legible from a distance of three metres to a person aged over 18 years with normal vision.

Need more information:

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Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

For kids who are looking for a little more water action, theres this bright, inflatable play center that will keep them busy for hours. It comes with a water slide, wading pool, ring toss game and a ball roller game, complete with balls and rings. It also comes with a water sprayer, which can be attached to a garden hose, for extra wet fun.

It measures 15.98 x 15.98 x 5.51 inches and holds up to 77 gallons of water. Recommended for ages 3-7, theres room for several kids to play at a time. Customers rave about this product and say its easy to set up and kids love it.

Pool Regret #: You May Need Additional Insurance

14 inflatable pools to buy before they sell out this ...

Since homeowners with pools face the potential for pool-related injuries or even deaths, insurance providers commonly refer to residential pools as “attractive nuisances.” Consider increasing your liability coverage beyond what’s already offered through your homeowners insurance policy. Taking out a personal umbrella insurance policy is a good way to do this.

Should you ever get sued, an umbrella policy kicks in once you’ve exhausted the liability coverage provided by your homeowners policy, which usually maxes out around $300,000. The additional coverage can help cover paying for judgments against you, as well as attorney fees, according to the Insurance Information Institute. You can purchase a $1 million umbrella liability policy for as little as $150 a year.

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How Do I Keep My Pool And Hot Tub Clean

At Walmart, you’ll also be able to find everything you need to keep your pool and hot tub in tip-top shape. Keeping your pool and hot tub clean is easy with the help of some pool chemicals and pool covers. You’ll be able to find everything you need from pool salt to pool shock from brands like hth to keep your water free from algae and harsh chlorine smells. When you’re not taking a dip in your pool or hot tub, help keep it clear from leaves and other debris by using a pool cover. If small branches or leaves happen to sneak their way into your pool, you can clean them out with a net.

Pool Regret #: You Might Get Sick

Recreational water-related illnesses such as ear and respiratory infections, rashes and diarrhea are caused by exposure to water contaminated with germs and chemicals found in swimming pools, hot tubs, water parks, and various other public swimming spaces, according to the Centers for Disease Control .

What can pool owners do to avoid water-related illnesses? Never allow swimmers with diarrhea to swim in a pool. It’s a leading cause of pool contamination. Regular pool maintenance is also critical to help prevent these types of germs from making you, your family and your friends sick.

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What Is An Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool is a pool that is free standing and professionally installed, uses a fitted filtration system that includes a pump and filter, and is not temporary in nature like an inflatable swimming pool.

Since the beginning, above ground pools have been an alternative choice to their in-ground swimming pool cousins. An above ground pool is much less expensive, easy to install, cheap to maintain, and easy to disassemble and move.

In the last 20 years, technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Above ground pools have taken on a life of their own and have changed in appearance, size, and features. Some pools are now equipped with LED lighting and excellent filtration systems. If you take a look at their humble beginning back in the 1960s and compare them today, you’d swear above ground pools from 60 years ago were from another time and dimension.

Fun Swimming Pools & Accessories For The Whole Family

Top Tips for Selling Your Pool Table

Could your family benefit from a fun day in the sun? Whether you want to relax at the end of a long day or simply throw a backyard celebration, youll achieve endless fun and excitement right from your yard with swimming pools from Kohls! When your little one wants to cool down during a summer play session, youll find above ground pools needed to make a lasting impression. Enjoy your time in the great outdoors with women’s, men’s and kids’ swimsuits in a variety of trendy designs perfect for all ages and sizes. Make a splash with your kiddos when you shop home water slides and pool toys. We have a wide variety of kids toys and essentials to choose from, including inflatable pool rafts, as well as water games and toys, so you can be sure you’ll find the right options needed to get them active!

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Pool Regret #: Repairs Are Even Costlier

A tear in a swimming pool’s lining, a protective layer applied to the pool before it’s filled, is a common repair encountered by pool owners. The liner acts as a barrier between the pool walls/floor and water, and it helps prevent mold growth. Vinyl lining is popular largely due to its affordability. Expect to pay $200, on average, to have a professional repair a tear in a vinyl liner. If the tear is small enough, you may be able to repair it yourself with a vinyl pool liner patch kit . If the entire liner needs to be replaced, plan to pay a pro a minimum of $1,700 for parts and labor.

If a gradual decrease in water level leads you to suspect a slow leak, it will cost you around $350 to have a repairman inspect your pool to find the leak and fix it . If there’s a leak in your pool’s plumbing, which can later affect the pool filter pump and heater, you want to have a professional assess the damage. The average cost to fix a plumbing leak is around $1,000.

When considering purchasing a home with a pool, you’ll want to be sure to ask the seller about any previous repair work, advises Frank Lesh, founder of Home Sweet Home Inspection Company in Indian Head Park, Ill. Find out the specific type of repairs and when they were completed. A pattern of small repairs could be a warning sign of a larger, costlier repair to come.

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