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When Does Sunset Pool Open

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Sunset Bluffs Slide Rules

Welcome Back To Big Splashes | City of Longmont Sunset Pool
  • A patron may not carry a child of any age with him/her on the slide.
  • A patron may not catch a child at the bottom of the slide.
  • A patron may not go down the slide headfirst.
  • Only one person may go down the slide at a time.
  • Children must be able to swim to the side of the pool unassisted to use the slide.
  • Children must be able to swim to the side of the pool unassisted to use the slide.
  • No rough play or horseplay is allowed.
  • No floatation devices may be worn when using the slide.
  • Live Drills Save Lives

    The City of Longmont participates in Vigilance Awareness Training. This training helps our guards to remain alert and to practice their skills during realistic scenario. You may see lifeguard staff responding to staged scenarios during operating hours, includes manikin drops, or other staff members posing as Guests in Distress. You may see us activate our Emergency Action Plan and respond accordingly. Managers may announce the drill once it begins. We appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Manager on Duty.

    • 1201 Alpine St, Longmont, CO 80504
    • 303-651-8406

    Sat-Mon, May 28-30, Memorial Weekend

    Worcester County Gave Guidance

    The answer to if a pool is open in Ocean City or beyond in Worcester County is

    Recreational pools are not open. Semi-public pools are open. Companies offering semi-public pools must adhere to the below guidelines, one of which is no more than 10 people in a pool.

    We asked for further guidance to determine what is recreational and what is semi-public. The County said most condominiums and hotels are classified as semi-public, but they do have some that are classified as recreational. Any facility that charges a fee or has water play equipment will fall under the recreational classification.

    Here is the code regulations to determine classification:

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    Works Progress Administration Renovation

    In 1934, mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia nominated Robert Moses to become commissioner of a unified New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. At the time, the United States was experiencing the Great Depression immediately after La Guardia won the 1933 election, Moses began to write “a plan for putting 80,000 men to work on 1,700 relief projects”. By the time he was in office, several hundred such projects were underway across the city.

    Construction for some of the 11 pools began in October 1934. The pond, golf course, rustic shelter, and carousel were removed to make way for the new pool at Sunset Park, which would be on the park’s eastern side. The blueprints for the Sunset Park pool were submitted to the New York City Department of Buildings in August 1935, by which point WPA workers were already working at the site. During construction, several Native American artifacts were found at the site of the old pond. By mid-1936, ten of the eleven WPA-funded pools were completed and were being opened at a pace of one per week. The Sunset Pool was the sixth of these pools to open. The pool was dedicated on July 20, 1936, with a crowd of 3,500 spectators. The center, the first of four planned WPA pools in Brooklyn, was composed of a one-story bathhouse with a capacity of 4,850 a 256-by-165-foot pool and two semicircular 165-foot-diameter pools for wading and diving.

    Guidelines To Open Pools

    Sunset Pool Opening Soon With New Attractions

    Prepare the Facility/Grounds

    • Number of patrons will follow the capacity limit set by the Governors Executive order, currently this is 10 or fewer people so as not to constitute a large gathering.
    • Facility will track pool capacity using a sign in/out sheet or another appropriate method.
    • Implement physical distancing requirements between patrons or household groups at the facility, change deck layout to ensure that in the standing or seating areas, individuals or household groups can remain at least 6 feet apart. No gatherings or events.
    • Implement physical distancing where patrons form a line waiting for the pool to open or for someone to leave so they can enter.
    • For indoor pools, meet current standards for ventilation and dehumidification, Increase introduction and circulation of outdoor air as much as possible by opening windows and doors, using fans or other methods. Do not open windows or doors if doing so poses a safety risk to staff or patrons.
    • Maintain supply of soap for hand washing and showers, and hand sanitizer.
    • Ensure that all water systems are safe to use after prolonged facility shutdown to minimize the risk of Legionnaires disease and other diseases associated with water.
    • Ensure there is adequate equipment for patrons and swimmers to minimize sharing to the extent possible, or limiting the use of equipment by one group of users at a time and cleaning and disinfecting between use.

    Prepare the Employees

    Prepare your Patrons


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    Where The Sun Meets The Surf

    The pools, the palms, the ocean, the breaks. Welcome to one of the most dramatic sunsets in all of Hawaii. Slide up to the bar in your swimsuit, order a tropical cocktail, and take it all in: the ocean, the pool, the surfers, the people. This is the place to see and be seen. Watch surfers flock to catch the last waves in the days final rays while you enjoy live daily entertainment, sip a frozen Mai Tai, and soak in the view. Ke aloha!

    When Is It Time To Turn On/ Open Pool Solar

    When is it time to open the swimming pool solar system for the swim season? Im asked this question every spring when the weather gets warm.I always wait until May but is it worthwhile to open the solar and turn it on in March/ April?My answer: If you are going to swim in 65 degree water then my answer is YES.If you arent going to swim then my answer is NO. If you warm up your water by opening the solar and sending water to the roof in the afternoon, youll end up shooting yourself in the foot in a few different way$:

  • At an air temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit you might heat your existing 58 degree water to 65 degrees. Are you really going to swim in 65 degree water? Of course not. Resist the temptation, dont turn it on.
  • The nights are still too long for the pool to retain much of the heat you gain. So, even if the pool gets to 65 youll lose it overnight.
  • If you want to heat your pool youll have to run your pump in the afternoon when electricity is more expensive. If you arent going to gain any heat in the pool why pay extra in utilities? I suggest leaving the solar off and running the pump in the morning and complete its schedule by noon.
  • It costs more in electricity to run your pool pump in the afternoon . And, even if you have a variable speed pump it still costs more because the pump ramps up to a higher speed and consumes more electricity to get the water up to the roof, through the solar collectors and back to the pool.
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    This Week In Longmont


    Coffee with Council This SaturdayLongmont City Council will host an in-person Coffee with Council from 9-10 am on Saturday, May 21, at Lashley Street Station, 1200 Lashley St. At this event, you can talk informally with Mayor Joan Peck and Mayor Pro Tem Aren Rodriguez on any topic of your choice. Have questions? Call 303-651-8649 or visit

    Librarys Summer Reading Kick-Off PartyThe Longmont Public Library kicks off their youth Summer Reading Program from 1-3 pm on Friday, May 27, with an outdoor event on the West Patio of the Library, 409 4th Ave. Pick up your Summer Reading Bingo Board, enjoy ice cream from the Sweet Cow ice cream truck, and meet trained therapy dogs who will be at the Librarys upcoming D.E.A.R. programs. Librarians will be on-hand to answer any questions, share information about summer programs and recommend great books to check out this summer! Visit for more information or call 303-651-8477.

    Early Start to Water SavingsPssst! Have you heard that City of Longmont and Resource Central are offering you a FREE sprinkler consultation this summer? All you need to do is call 303-999-3824 or visit and Resource Central staff will reach out to you this summer to schedule!

    Sunset Ridge North Slide Rules

    Introducing the Her Spirit Sunset Swim Series
  • Each patron must be 42 inches tall to enter the slide.
  • A patron may not carry a child of any age with him/her on the slide.
  • A patron may not catch a child at the bottom of the slide.
  • A patron may not go down the slide headfirst.
  • Only one person may go down the slide at a time.
  • Children must be able to swim to the side of the pool unassisted to use the slide.
  • No rough play or horseplay is allowed.
  • No floatation devices may be worn when using the slide.
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    Shelter Rentals During Open Swim

    • Main Shelter – Outdoor
    • Located closest to the shallow water play area near the golf course.
    • Brown shelter with 4 rectangular picnic tables & 2 round tables.
  • Party Room – Indoor
  • Indoor room, cooled by a swamp cooler, surrounded by windows viewing the slides and diving boards.
  • 2 long 8 foot tables and 4 round large and 4 round small tables with 36 chairs. Sink & counter space.
  • Fee: $40 for 2 hours Additional hours = $20.
    • Slide Tent- Outdoor
    • Located between the slides and sand area
  • Grass Tent- Outdoor
  • Located in the grass area across from the diving boards.
  • Blue shade tents are approximately 12 x 12 feet, on concrete and have 2 round picnic tables.
  • Fee: $30 for 2 hours Additional hours = $15
    • 2 hour minimum rental
    • Rental Fee is non-refundable
    • All guest will be charged group rate admittance fee, whether they choose to swim or no.

    To make your reservation, call JoAnna at 303-774-3510 with any questions and to reserve over the phone with a debit/credit card. Full payment is due at the time of booking.

    Sunset Oaks Slide Rules

  • Each patron must be 42 inches tall to enter the slide.
  • A patron may not carry a child of any age with him/her on the slide.
  • A patron may not catch a child at the bottom of the slide.
  • A patron may not go down the slide headfirst.
  • Only one person may go down the slide at a time.
  • Children must be able to swim to the side of the pool unassisted to use the slide.
  • No rough play or horseplay is allowed.
  • No floatation devices may be worn when using the slide.
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    Sunset Pool Season Passes

    Save on your season passes by taking advantage of the Early Bird Sale from March 1 through April 30, 2022. Season pool passes can be purchasedonlineor in-person atSpring Avenue Recreation Center, Main Street Recreation Center, orAckerman Sports & Fitness Center. Photos for new or replacement ID cards can also be taken at these locations during normal registration hours. Season passes are nonrefundable.


    Private Swimming Lessons For Active Members Only

    COOLKAYAKER1: Sunset Park Pool, Geneva, Illinois, Just After Opening

    We offer lessons for all ages. Classes usually run 30 minutes in length. Currently only Members may attend. Swimmers must be able to swim on their own to be considered for a private lesson . We are not accepting beginner students at this time. Please see details below and call SAC for questions, or email .


    Child Swim Evaluations Required Children ages 3-15 years must complete a swim evaluation before they can register for any group swim lessons . Evaluations are held on specific dates and times, please contact SAC for details.

    Adult Swim Lessons You are never to old to learn! SAC offers swimming lesson for any adult age 16+. Whether you are a beginning swimmer, need to brush up your swimming skills, or want to learn a new stroke â or adult group swim lessons are for you!

    Youth Swim Lessons This swim program is ideal for those with limited swimming experience. Increase your comfort in the water, improve your swimming strokes and learn some life-saving skills.

    Guppies Our swim-readiness program, originally designed for children who are 3 years of age, now expanded to include 4-year-olds who are a bit hesitant in the water. Upon successful completion of the Guppies Class, the child will be eligible for our regular group swim lessons. Guppies follow the group swim lesson procedures for evaluations and registration.

    Schedules/prices/dates/times are subject to change without notice.

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    Phase 5 Changes At Sunset Pool

    The Glen Ellyn Park District is excited to announce updated plans for Sunset Pool and Maryknoll Splash Park when the State moves to Phase 5 of Restore Illinois on Friday, June 11. As a reminder, Illinois is presently still in Bridge Phase and the District must follow those guidelines and restrictions until the State enters Phase 5.

    Reservations will no longer be required and there will not be a time limit for open swim starting Saturday, June 12, hours at the pool will be modified, and season pool passes will return! Season pool passes can be purchased online or in-person starting Friday, June 11. Purchasers can choose to apply funds paid for 5-visit passes bought prior to June 11, 2021, toward the purchase of 2021 season passes by calling or visiting the following locations. Adult Lap Swim Only pass holders will receive further information via email on Wednesday, June 9. Photos for new or replacement ID cards can also be taken at these locations during normal business hours. Click the facility name to view hours of registration.

    In addition to season passes, 5-visit passes will still be available for purchase or patrons may choose to pay daily admission.

    The registration system will remain in place for Adult Lap Swim, with walk-ups subject to availability. A season pass or payment of the daily admission fee is required to register for adult lap swim time slots.

    More About The Indoor Aquatics Center At Sac

    Our Indoor Aquatics Center provides a comfortable environment for water sports year-round. Our salt-water purification system keeps the water crystal clean withÂout unpleasant chemical odors. The Center provides three indoor pools for swimming, therapy and exercise.

    Members enjoy the Center for group exercise classes, workshops, lessons and special aquatics events. Some activities have fees, while others are included with membership. Some programs also allow non-members to participate. In addition to our pools, we offer a co-ed steam room, sauna, large Jacuzzi and an outdoor splash and play area for added summertime fun!

    Lap Pool Our 4 lane Lap Pool is 25 yards long and includes two deep and two medium depth lanes. The 81° F. water temperature is perfect for energetic deep water fitness and lap swimming.

    Exercise Pool Slightly warmer at 84° F., our second largest pool hosts group fitness classes, swimming lessons for all ages, and the favorite pool for family and open swim sessions.

    Therapy Pool Our 91° F. Therapy pool hosts physical therapy and therapeutic training. Uniquely designed with stainless steel bars around the pool and down the center for optimum stretching and rehabilitation.

    Wet Classroom & Viewers DeckHosting a pool-party or want to learn scuba? Parties and water-activity classes take place in the Wet Classroom. View all the action in our three main pools from our second-story viewing deck! Also, enjoy the convenience of Family Changing Rooms.

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    Class Pricing & Description

    Arthritis Aquatics

    Cost: $55 for 15 sessions , $30 for 7 sessions

    If you suffer from joint and muscle pain that accompanies arthritis, this class is for you. Those who have had joint replacements or have a diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease or mobility issues may also benefit from this class.

    Water Works

    Cost: $55 for 15 sessions , $30 for 7 sessions

    This lively class will get your heart rate moving and your muscles working. Not recommended for those with arthritis or other joint/muscle ailments.

    Senior Open Swim

    Cost: $50 for 30 sessions , $30 for 15 sessions

    This is not a structured class time, but a time designed for those who want to swim laps or do their own exercise program. Hot tubs & sauna are also available for use during this time.

    Pool classes are free for residents living at ANY Sunset Senior Community!

    Pool Rules & Regulations

    Wild swimming , sunset swim, Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire, open water swimming
    • Caregivers must be 16 years of age or older and registered with the Membership Director prior to accompanying a member’s child to the pool. A caregiver may not use the facilities without your children. You can register a caregiver during management office hours, which are M-F. Guest fees will not be charged for registered caregivers.
    • If floating articles are used by non-swimmers as a swimming aid, those articles must be Coast Guard approved. INFLATABLE WATER WINGS ARE NOT PERMITTED! Floats, nerf and beach balls, etc. will be permitted in the pool at the discretion of the pool manager or lifeguard on duty to ensure the safety of all swimmers.
    • Swimmers are not allowed to spit or spout water back in the pool.
    • There will be an adult swim the last ten minutes of each hour. All persons under the age of 18 will be required to vacate the pool for a rest period during this break. During this break, no one under 18 will be allowed to sit on the steps, side, etc. The pool will be cleared whenever thunder or lightning is present. The pool will only reopen when deemed safe by the pool manager or lifeguard on duty.
    • The pool will be strictly off limits unless an employed pool manager, lifeguard or instructor is on duty and stationed poolside.
    • Lost and Found items will be disposed of if they are not claimed within one week.

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