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Do Hot Tubs Help You Lose Weight

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Reduce Impact On Joints

How to Lose Weight in a Hot Tub

Running, high-intensity tactical training and other intense workouts on land can put a huge strain on joints over time. Whether you are coping with joint pain or simply want to protect your body, working out in water allows you to exercise without damaging your hips, knees, or ankles.

Additionally, the hot water of a hot tub can have a soothing impact on joints. If chronic pain is preventing you from working out, building a routine, you can do in a hot tub both treats the pain and reduces pressure, allowing you to build muscle and strength.

What Can I Expect After A Detox Bath

Sometimes a detox bath goes hand in hand with aromatherapy, and so theres a lot you can expect from this experience. People take detox baths for different reasons. While others do it for the relaxing sensation afterward, some try it for more medical conditions.

With this in mind, everyones expectation after a detox bath is often different. In general, expect to feel more relaxed. This comes as an effect of cleansing your skin and mind of various toxins. Your body will be functioning much better, so you are likely to feel a bit at ease.

If you were treating any pain using a detox tub, expect to reduce the same, or have total relief. Your muscles are probably much less tensed, so the strains that cause the pains could have elapsed entirely. Some people experience softer skin after that. As the water reduces inflammation and strengthens any skin barrier, you will likely experience healthier and smoother skin.

Detox baths can help relieve stress, clear your mental paths, and even reduce constipation therefore, you can also expect to witness such changes.

Benefits Of Soaking In A Hot Tub

Soaking in a hot tub or hydrotherapy provides many health and fitness benefits on its own and supports other healthy habits. Therefore, hot tub hydrotherapy may not only help not only improve your quality of life but also aid in your weight loss goals.

Recent scientific evidence shows the following hot tub health benefits include improvements to your sense of well-being, supports athletic performance, may increase cardiovascular performance, and simply makes you feel better.

If you dont feel well you wont feel like exercising or eating right. If you suffer from health problems such as carpal tunnel, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, poor blood circulation, sleep problems, and other chronic diseases, you may also experience health improvements simply from using hot tubs on a regular basis.

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Does A Hot Tub Detox You

Similar to saunas, hot tubs can be of help when it comes to detoxification of ones body. The process is triggered from the inside, as the core temperature of the body rises, it will gradually begin to sweat. Heavy sweating is of great help when it comes to helping the body cleanse itself.

Sweating releases toxins that have accumulated in fat tissue, including sodium and lactic acid. Salt-based hot tubs are best for this kind of treatment because salts offer nutrients and minerals which the body needs. However, detoxing the body in a hot tub requires serious commitment and a lot of time spent in a hot tub. On a daily basis, it is considered that the time needed to do proper detoxification is somewhere between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

Hot Tubs Provide Stress Reduction

8 Hot Tub Health Benefits ideas

Stress plays havoc with your hormones in dramatic ways.

One of the most significant ways involves cortisol, the stress hormone. The effects of cortisol can be devastating for people trying to lose pounds and even to those who are trying to maintain a healthy weight.

Cortisol, which is associated with the bodys fight or flight response to a stressor or threat, affects the body in three ways that can make weight loss difficult or impossible:

  • Cortisol can trigger many individuals to crave high-fat, high-sodium foods in an effort to self-soothe and cope with stress. These foods can easily result in weight gain.
  • Cortisol can prevent your body from building new muscle by reducing testosterone levels. More muscle means a faster rate of burning calories, which in turn drives weight loss. High cortisol levels halt that muscle-building process. This can also result in a longer healing process for muscle injuries, which subsequently make it difficult and painful to exercise.
  • Consistently high levels of cortisol can increase the amount of body fat, particularly in the abdominal region, by triggering the bodys fat storage response.
  • The adverse impact of high cortisol levels is well-documented. Heres where a hot tub may be beneficial: When youre soaking in hot water, your bodys muscles relax, and your breathing slows. The net effect is profound relaxation and a decrease in cortisol levels.

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    Hot Tub Maintenance Course

    I bought this course some months after I bought my first hot tub and was struggling with maintaining it. It was money very well spent and it has paid for itself many times over the years.

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    The Science Behind Weight Loss

    Weight loss should be simple, right? Eat better and exercise enough so youre burning more calories than youre taking in. However, this simplistic understanding is often not enough to help many individuals quite reach their weight-loss goals. There are much more complicated factors at play, such as your hormones. Cortisol can interfere with the bodys ability to shed fat – even with exercise and a healthy diet.

    Consistently high levels of cortisol can actually trigger the bodys fat storage response, increasing the amount of fat on your body. Even worse, overloads of cortisol will limit testosterone, meaning your body has an additional hurdle for building muscle and healing muscle injuries. Cortisol also often triggers individuals to crave unhealthy comfort foods that result in weight gain, too.

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    How Does An Inflatable Hot Tub Help You Lose Weight

    First off, did you realise that you actually lose calories just sitting in your inflatable hot tub? Not many to be sure about 17 calories from a 15 minute soak. But hey! well take any help we can get.

    Where a hot tub helps the most though is in its ability to help you de-stress. Numerous studies show that stress is a contributing factor to weight gain and its a barrier that prevents people losing weight.

    Taking A Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30

    Can Ice Baths Help You Lose Weight? Amazing Results

    Remember when taking a break for self-care felt self-indulgent? No longer. Scientists have proven that each of those activities is a boon for our bodies and our brainsand is far from a waste of time.

    And now, we have another reason to add some R & R to our agendas, thanks to research from Loughborough University published in the journal Temperature: Relaxing in a hot bath can burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk, about 140 calories.

    Wait, what? It’s all about the body’s core temperature, the scientists explain, and what it does to the body’s metabolic rate.

    To determine this, the researchers enlisted 14 men to cycle for 60 minutes or sit in a 104°F bath for 60 minutes. Their goal by assigning those specific activities was to raise the core body temperature of the participants by 1.8°F during that hour. They tracked the calorie burn at minute 60, and also measured blood sugar levels 24 hours later.

    The 60-minute cycle burned many more calories, but the hot bath was definitely not inconsequential. Just sitting burns about 50 calories per hour or so, which means lounging in a toasty tub burns quite a few more calories. The tub time also triggered an anti-inflammatory response similar to the one you’d achieve after exercise.

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    Another study published in The Journal of Physiology found that regular hot baths over the course of 8 weeks can lower blood pressure, possibly due to an increase in levels of nitric oxide .

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    Take Pressure Off Joints

    The increased buoyancy people experience in hot water can also contribute to joint health. The lack of pressure on sensitive joints such as knees, hips, and ankles can provide relief to those suffering from arthritis and other joint ailments.

    The heat of the water, in addition to the decreased pressure on joints, can help increase flexibility and diminish stiffness. This allows for a broader range of motion and more comfort during daily activities.

    Soaking In Hot Tubs Can Help You Lose Weight

    Heres a great reason to take off those hot tub covers more often: in addition to other hot tub therapeutic benefits, studies have shown that just 30 minutes a day in the hot tub can help you lose weight. No other exercise, no outside routinesjust a 30-minute soak six days a week. A spas moving water stimulates your muscles this slow stimulation causes you to gradually lose weight.

    Relaxation, increased intimacy, family bonding, exercise, and weight loss? Spas work wonders in improving both your body and your peace of mind.


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    Can You Move A Hot Tub By Yourself

    Recruit moving help There’s no doubt about it: moving a hot tub requires some serious muscle. That means you’re going to need at least three additional people to help with the move. … Whatever you do, don’t attempt to move a hot tub by yourself. The outdoor spa is simply too heavy for any one person to move alone.

    Four Spa Health Benefits For Fitness And Weight Loss

    Can I Lose Weight from Using a Hot Tub?

    Ask anyone to name the benefits of owning hot tubs or swim spas and youll probably hear a list of spa relaxation benefits or stories featuring family hot tub parties. Theres no doubt that spas can be an excellent source of family bonding or relaxation for mom and dad, but there are plenty of people who purchase spas purely for health or weight loss benefits.

    In fact, though you may not think your hot tub needs anything outside of hot tub filters and chemicals, theres a whole world of spa accessories devoted solely to exercise! Stop thinking you can only use your spas for relaxation! Whip off those hot tub covers and get ready to shed some pounds.

    Here are four ways you can use your family hot tubs for fitness and exercise.

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    Stress And Weight Gain

    Did you know that stress causes weight gain? When we become stressed, our bodies release cortisol, which alters our immune system and suppresses our digestive system. When cortisol, the primary stress hormone, is released within our bodies, we are at an increased risk of many health issues, one being weight gain.

    Hot tubs can lower stress levels, therefore, can help you to lose weight. Soaking in hot water opens pores and detoxifies your mind and body while removing toxins from your skin. The hydromassage also enables dopamine in your brain to be released. Our bodies make dopamine and our nervous system uses it to transmit messages between nerves and cells.

    Dopamine plays a role in how we think. It is referred to as the happy feel-good neurotransmitter, so when it is released our minds become happy, relaxed, and focused. With all of this happening anxiety and stress are being reduced and cortisol is not being released therefore preventing weight gain. We all know that to diet and get the best results, we need to be disciplined and focused. As a hot tub removes toxins and releases dopamine in your brain, you become more relaxed and happier.

    How To Soak Yourself Skinny In A Hot Tub

    Great news if youre gym-shy and seeking to lose weight!

    A relaxing soak in your hot tub can help you to achieve and maintain weight loss! Like working out in the gym, going for a run, or even doing aerobics, plunging into your hot tub for a 15 to 20-minute soak can lower your blood sugar levels, and reduce inflammation in ways that are similar to an hour-long workout. If youre looking to leverage the power of your hot tub to attain your weight loss goals, then keep reading. In this article, we give you the skinny on soaking yourself slim!

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    Hot Bath Weight Loss Tips

    Hot bathing to augment weight loss can be an enjoyable and beneficial addition to your weight loss regimen. You already have the answer to how many calories do you burn in a hot tub? But hot bathing can also relieve muscle tension, lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation and blood sugar control, and provide deeper sleep. So consider the other benefits and different ways to implement this in your routine while practicing safe bathing.

    Does hotter water result in more calories burned in a hot tub?

    You may want to maximize the calories burned in a hot tub and be tempted to improve upon the results of the above study by soaking for an extended period or in warmer water. You may base it on the following rationalization. If the body burns calories by working hard to maintain the appropriate internal temperature, do you burn calories in a hot tub faster with hotter water? Perhaps. But dont overdo it!

    So, how do hot tubs help you lose weight safely? The hot tub temperature should never exceed 40°C or 104°F. If youre pregnant, it shouldnt exceed 38.9°C or 102.0 F.

    Some bathers even find those maximums a bit too hot and prefer somewhere between 85°F to 100°F.

    Of course, knowing the specifics as to how does a hot tub help you lose weight is essential, if thats your aim. The 140 calories cited in Dr. Faulkners study occurred at 40°C or 104°F. But even at this temperature, heat exhaustion or heat stroke can occur.

    Combine hot bath weight loss with exercise

    Hot Tubs Provide Temporary Relief From Pain

    The Shocking Results of Keto, Hot Tubs & Weightloss. Xyngular 8 Day Jumpstart Day 7

    If you have chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis, exercise may be difficult.

    Yet, hot tubs may provide some people with temporary relief from pain while also improving range of motion.

    This temporary relief can improve quality of life while making it easier to sleep, exercise, and stay active.

    Hot water can be extremely soothing to the muscles and joints. The heat also improves circulation, which speeds the healing of injuries while simultaneously promoting overall better health. Immersion can also reduce tension, which is another key contributor for many chronic pain sufferers.

    Some studies show hot tub usage may help temporarily relieve pain.

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    How A Hot Tub Can Aid In Weight Loss

    Hot tubs can be connected to an improvement in weight loss efforts and weight maintenance in a few different ways.

    Low-Impact Exercise

    As mentioned above, exercise can help aid in weight loss and weight maintenance efforts. While in a hot tub, physical exercise can be just as effective. Have you ever noticed that you move slower in the water than you do on dry land? This is due to the added resistance that the water provides. This means that your body has to work harder to move in the water than it does on dry land, engaging your muscles and helping burn more calories.

    Stress Relief

    Hot tubs are all about stress relief. The warmth of the water combined with the gentle massage from the hydrotherapy jets is practically all it takes for a person to let all of their built-up tension go. The heat can also help to boost your circulation and the natural production of endorphins that combat feelings of stress, pain, and anxiety.

    Fewer Aches and Pains

    Do you avoid exercise due to physical aches and pains? You arent the only one. Health conditions like arthritis can limit flexibility, balance, and overall mobility, making it increasingly difficult to exercise, not to mention the pain and stiffness that comes along with it. The buoyancy of the water combined with the temperature and massage can create a comfortable environment for those who suffer from aches and pains, making it much easier to engage in low-impact exercise.


    Improve Your Sleep With The Use Of A Hot Tub

    Many Americans struggle to fall and stay asleep at night. Unfortunately, this can make for a more challenging weightloss journey, as chronic insomnia and sleep disturbances have a dramatic impact on hormone levels and other bodysystems. In fact, a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests the effect is not justphysiological, but also behavioral. The study found that, on average, sleep-deprived individuals ate 300 more caloriesper day than individuals who consistently got a good night’s sleep.

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    Does Sweating In A Hot Tub Burn Calories

    Yes, sweating in a hot tub will allow you to burn calories. Like a sauna, the warm temperature will increase your bodys metabolism, allowing you to lose a little bit of weight. However, it largely depends on diet and exercise and how often you use the spa.

    A common question that people ask when looking at ways to lose weight and maintain an active lifestyle is, Do I need to sweat in a hot tub to burn calories? The short answer is, it depends. Sweating is a natural human function that has been in existence for millions of years. While it may not be your best option for shedding unwanted pounds, sweating can still be used as a tool to help you lose weight and reduce stress levels.

    How does sweating in a hot tub work? Our bodies naturally produce heat when we are active. This heat is radiated out from our bodies in the form of warmth or sweat. In cooler temperatures, our bodies cool down by releasing heat through our skin and hair. This cooling process is generally only a couple of degrees higher than the surrounding temperature. In hot temperatures, this cooling process is much faster, and our bodies retain a lot more heat than they do in cooler climates.

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