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Small Hot Tubs For Sale

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Lifesmart Spas Ls100 4 Person 13 Jet Plug And Play Hot Tub

Used Jacuzzi j-325 For Sale

This hot tub with four bucket seats offers maximum relation without going overboard with your energy bill. It comes with adjustable jest, a smart digital control panel, an air control valve, and a 1.0 HP pump.

The product is made by Lifesmart, a company devoted to making durable and eco-friendly hot tubs to make it easier for homeowners to afford the luxury of a luxury spa in their own homes.


  • The interior texture is a bit rough
  • It does not come with a cover lift kit
  • Has no submersible bucket pump
  • Not fit for pregnant mothers

Key Features:

  • Maximum capacity of 4 persons
  • Top temperatures of 104 degrees
  • Comes with thermal locking cover features

The product is durable, proven by many people who had them installed in their homes. It keeps your desired water temperature even during the winter season.

Its also pretty to look at aside from being convenient to use.

Lifesmart Spas LS100 Who is this Product For?

Many Lifesmart Spas LS100 4-Person reviews will attest to how relaxing it is to use this hot tub. Its perfect for working individuals or stay-at-home moms to cap each day by soaking in its warm water and massaging features.

This is also for people who want to upgrade their inflatable tubs or older models that consume too much electricity.

Key Features and Benefits of the Lifesmart Spas LS100 Hot Tub

Customer Reviews

The product comes with unmatched and incomparable features I had an amazing massage upon using it. Dave

Our Hot Tub Experts Are Here To Help You

With help from one of our backyard leisure experts, you can find the best hot tub for your home, budget, and overall lifestyle. Our hot tubs can accommodate anywhere from one person to eight or more, all within the comfort and support of ergonomic seating. It doesnt stop there, our hot tubs are equipped with a range of advanced features that truly pave the way to lasting healing and relaxation.

From LED illumination and hydrotherapy jets to digital controls, powerful water filtration, and many more. Browse our selection of hot tubs for sale below or visit your nearest Lifestyle Outdoor showroom to get started today.

Our team of hot tub professionals works with you to find a spa that fits your lifestyle needs. Whether youre looking for a small or large hot tub, we have endless options for you to choose from. Well also help you find a hot tub that has your preferred features like a restorative hydromassage, a tranquil waterfall, or soothing LED lights. Once youve found your dream hot tub, we recommend our professional contractors to handle all of your installation needs from wiring the electric to placing your hot tub in your backyard oasis. You can relax in your new hot tub, knowing that were just around the corner if you need any maintenance or repairs, which are covered under warranty for up to 10 years.

Small Circle Hot Tubs For Sale

Here at Wild Tubs, we are dedicated to in-house building of high-quality, exquisitely tailored, and top-of-the-range wood-fired and/or electrically-powered small hot tubs for our clients. Theyre unique, built in-house, using carefully refined materials and time-tested technology. The circular shape models are amongst our best-sellers and flagman units. Buying a small round wooden hot tub can be a great addition to your garden, backyard, patio, or other areas. The circle-shaped small tubs can accommodate anywhere from 2-4 people.

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Aquarest Spas Select 400 Hot Tub

The Select 400 has a perfect size and design for 4 people. So if your family has two children, you must take a look at this model. The hot tub comes with four seating buckets so you and other members can sit comfortably inside.

If you donât have kids, you can relax in this home spa with your friends. The capacity of this spa is amazing, at 190-gallon weight lifting. That can explain to you why this model is such a great option for your family.

Similar to any other home spas from the famous brand, the Spa is made of stainless steel which makes it easy for maintenance and cleaning. And the full-foam insulation and a deluxe cover makes it durable.

Besides, this model comes with digital controls that allow you to control it with a few touches. That just tells you how easily this spa can be controlled and used.

Enjoy hot water massage and relieve your back pain or sore muscles with this hot tub is an excellent idea.

Key features:

  • Backlit LED waterfall: This feature creates a relaxing atmosphere for you while spending time in the hot tub.
  • 20 hydrotherapy jets: These powerful jets will work on all muscles that need a treatment.
  • Easy to clean: It can be cleaned with the water draining method, which makes cleaning so easy for you.
  • Two side air controls: This feature allows you to adjust how much water pressure you want to get.

The Pros of This Aquarest Spas Select 400

  • Has 4 seats for 4 people
  • 20 powerful jets for incredible massage and therapy
  • Durable with deluxe cover

Aquarest Spas Premium 300 Hot Tub Reviews

Cedar Hot Tub 2

This spa can host 2 people comfortably, and it is very easy to install and maintain.

Besides, it comes with one of the most impressive upgrades with two-speed pumps, two bucket loungers, an ozone purification system, and 20 powerful hydrotherapy jets. These interesting features offer a fantastic wellness experience to users.

With this hot tub, you will get top-quality hydrotherapy for a very reasonable price. More importantly, you can convert the AR-300 Premium from 120v 1kW to 240v 4kW by installing a 30 or 50 Amp 240v electrical service.

Now you and your partner are able to enjoy the therapeutic relaxing experience without paying a lot of money. All you need to do is to install the hot tub and enjoy it whenever you feel tired or you need some quality time with your loved one.

The Pros of This Aquarest Spas Premium 300

  • Uses less water
  • Easy filtration and can be easily drained

Cons of The Aquarest Spas

  • Does not have a headrest
  • The shallow has rough tub surface

Who should own this model?

This model is designed for two people, therefore, it is perfect for couples or whoever owns a holiday home. Besides, it comes with a reasonable price, so couples who are tight on budget will be interested in it.

Features of the Aquarest Spas premium 300

This model is an affordable and comfortable option

Customers Reviews

Read more: Aquarest Spas Premium 300 Reviews

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Great Prices For Small Round Hot Tubs

Every item is unique and fully configurable. This means that you can get a cheap small wooden classic tub without too many extras, or configure a luxurious fiberglass tub with an internal heater as well as numerous different extras. Keep in mind that wood-burning heaters can cost extra.

After production, we will send you the photos of your finished small hot tub. If you wish to make any final alterations, let us know and Wild Tubs team will carry them out. Otherwise, well finalize the payment and ship out the hot tub jacuzzi directly to you!

No products were found matching your selection.

We are at Your service and here to help You out in any way we can.

Just contact our team for more precise answers and we will find the way to beneficially service you.

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Plug & Power Pp31 Spa

With the Plug & Power PP31 Spa 3 Person Hot Tub, you can enjoy a relaxing evening with your partner. It comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers for entertainment, and an ozonator to keep the water clean and clear. The full foam insulation ensures maximum efficiency, while the shoulder and calf jets provide a massage where you need it. The user-friendly system controls make operation simple, and there are 8 perimeter LED lights to create a soothing atmosphere. The turbo seat technology provides the pressure you need, making this spa perfect for couples looking to relax after a long week.

Small Hot Tubs For Sale Statistics 2008

J-315 Comfort Hot Tub with Lounger for Small Spaces

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Hot Tubs For The Relaxation You Deserve

Transform your backyard into an outdoor space that will revitalize your home, encourage time with family and friends, and promote health and wellness. Watch your living space expand as you relax in your PDC Spas hot tub in any season, built for economical and reliable operation year round. When surrounded by all the comforts of home, it is easier than ever to treat yourself to rest and relaxation or entertain for a night of fun! When you choose PDC Spas, you buy with confidence and own with pride, American made for six decades.

Prepare to experience a lifetime of health and wellness benefits with a PDC Spas hot tub. Combining comfort features and performance technology, every seat in your spa provides advanced hydrotherapy to improve your well-being. Sensibly placed hydromassage jets deliver a warm water massage to tense muscles, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. Relieve joint pain and muscles aches at home as you relax with oxygen bubble therapy or spend quality time with loved ones reconnecting. No matter your reason, PDC Spas hot tub collection offers a variety of model sizes, lounge seat styles and luxury features to perfectly fit your home and lifestyle.

The ultimate hot tub experience with enriched performance and exclusive features. Choose from five body cradling designs with Airassage air therapy, EverPure ozone, Halo LED lightingand a trio of cascading water spouts, backed with a 35 year warranty.

Small Hot Tubs For Sale Calgary

Come visit us today to see the best selection on Hot Tubs and Swim Spas that Calgary has to offer. We give you the best advice when it comes to purchasing a new hot tub or swim spa.

Empress is dedicated to supplying innovative, energy efficient Hot Tubs at a superior price. We pride ourselves on providing a CUSTOMER FIRST environment that exceeds expectations in both QUALITY and in SERVICE. The result is incomparable Hot Tub/Swim Spa value. Experience luxury at its finest when you purchase your hot tub or swim spa from us.

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Small Hot Tubs For Sale

In terms of small outdoor hot tubs, you can pick the round wooden classic tub, the round polypropylene tub, and the fiberglass unit with an integrated heater. They stand above ground and their circular shape makes these particular tubs very easy to fit and great even for small spaces. If you fancy or are considering a rectangular hot tub, keep in mind that due to the physics of the shape, its going to be larger and much less compact. Thus, for solo use or for buyers where not a lot of people will be using the tub , a circular shape is much better. Its cheap to buy, compared to the larger units and youll spend less time and money trying to heat up the water, do maintenance, clean it, etc.

Canadian Spa Halifax Plug & Play

  • Price: £5,125
  • Dimensions: H79 x W153 x D211cm

This mid-priced hard-shell hot tub from Canadian Spa comes with LED lighting, waterfall and built-in aromatherapy canister that houses scented beads.

It has 22 spa jets and a valve that allows you to vary the pressure. The panelled edging and marble-effect cabinet also house a built-in stereo and five drink holders.

If you’re sprucing up a tired-looking garden, you might be considering artificial grass. Before you part with your money, consult our guide on the best and worst artificial grass.

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Lifesmart Spas Ls200 4

The Lifesmart Spas LS200, a plug and play hot-tub spa with an added waterfall feature and water capacity of 220 gallons, is a product by Lifesmart Spas. This company is known for manufacturing durable, high-performing, and energy-efficient products for personal and family use. They are certified to the APSP 14 national standard and the California Energy Commission .

The Pros of This Lifesmart LS200

  • Energy efficient

Best Suits Who?

If you are looking for a great way to spend the weekend for relaxation and destressing without having to leave the comforts of your home, then bringing the spa in might do the trick! The Lifesmart Spas LS200 is best suitable for young professionals, small families, and newlyweds for not only does it provide immense comfort, but it is also a splendid way to spend quality time with the people close to your heart.

Key Features Explained

Customersâ Reviews

âI was surprised at its quality given the price, it was very nice although it takes about a day to warm. A lot of tubs I have tried to have a lot of wasted foot space because you sit on its bottom. This is honestly better than privet!â

Brian, Sacramento CA, VERIFIED BUYER on Wayfair

âI absolutely love it, and how it heats to 104. I use the bromine tabs and bobber, and whenever I donât want my whole body to get wet I could just sit on the built-in steps which is a plus. Foams too much when jets are on high though.â


How To Buy The Best Hot Tub

A garden hot tub has jumped to the top of many people’s wish lists for the locked down summer of 2020. They can bring a variety of health benefits and hours of at-home relaxation, but if you’re serious about investing in one, choosing the right type, picking the perfect brand and understanding the associated costs is essential.

A hot tub is a freestanding tub of heated water with filtration and jets. You might also hear the terms ‘jacuzzi’ and spa. A Jacuzzi is actually just a well-known brand name for a hot tub, while a spa is typically a tub thats built into the ground and connected to a pool.

Use our expert hot tub buying guide to find out the different types and brands to choose from and how much you should expect to pay. Plus, we’ve got information on hiring a tub instead.

Make more of your garden get our free Gardening newsletter for top tips from our experts

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Small Spa Jacuzzi With Led Lights And Other Accessories

In terms of customization and accessories, the options for our customers are plentiful. The configuration is done using our user-friendly integrated tool. Its tailored to make the process as simple and as straightforward, as possible. Begin configuring your small tub by selecting the appropriate round wooden, fiberglass or plastic hot tub.

Then, select the size of your small tub. After that, pick the heating method . If you wish to have your small hot tub jacuzzi with an electric heater, you can add it later. Some small tubs come standard with a ladder, others with stairs. However, you can pick one of a few options for a convenient climb or getting into the tub. Finally, pick the SPA accessories which include massage jets, filtering systems, and much more. Have your small and ergonomic 4-person hot tub with LED lighting to fully meet your expectations.

Person Jacuzzi For Sale How To Order

Backyard Spas Sale Florissant, Affordable Backyard Hot Tubs

If you wish to order and buy a 1 person jacuzzi, you have to complete the configuration on our website. Since there arent any mass-produced hot tubs for sale on our site and everything is bespoke, made-to-order, after finishing the configuration, we contact the client directly and arrange the manufacturing. It usually takes us 2-3 weeks to manufacture a small luxury soft-sided jacuzzi hot tub. Well try to arrange everything in the most convenient way possible.

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