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How Much Is The Average Inground Pool

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How Much Does A Pool Cost In Houston Texas

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

According to Premier Pools and Spas, pool prices in Houston, Texas have an average base price which starts around $20,000 to $28,000 in most areas. From there, costs rise as you add upgrades like spas, pool covers, etc. If your land needs grading or extra excavation because of rocky terrain, this can add significantly to your pool cost in the Houston area.

Picking The Right Decking

No inground pool is complete without beautiful decking to go along with it. Of course, this addition increases the overall price of the project.

The layout of your deck and the materials you use impact the bottom line. If you add additional features to your decking, like a covered patio, an outdoor kitchen, or an inground fire pit, youll need to adjust your budget accordingly. While these amenities add costs, they make more of your backyard enjoyable.

You may be tempted to build a pool and then build a deck around it later, but its often more cost-effective to do all of this construction at once. Plus, your pool will look unfinished without a well-designed and installed deck around it.

Is An Inground Pool A Better Investment Than An Above

Inground pools are definitely a safer investment than above-ground. First of all, they require about the same maintenance, but inground pools last longer and are less likely to break. They also have the potential to add value to your home whereas above-ground pools can reduce home value.

However, the one area where above-ground beats inground is dedication. You dont need to be as committed to an above-ground pool because you can always just tear it down.

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Inground Pool Cost And Prices

If youre considering the installation of an inground pool in Raleigh, NC, there are a few things to consider. The first how much does an inground pool cost? Inground pool prices depend on a number of factors including:

  • Materials used
  • Concrete, vinyl liner or fiberglass shell
  • Pool heater
  • Contractor

Fencing Required Around The Swimming Pool

How Much Does It Cost To Build An Inground Pool

Fencing is required by law in most jurisdictions. Many yards in the suburbs are already fenced and require very little or no improvements to make them by-law compliant. In rural settings it is far more typical to have a need to fence off the pool area.

The cost of fencing can also vary a great deal depending on the size being fenced off and the style of fencing being used. As a quick rule of thumb, you can expect around $25 – $30 a foot, installed, for chainlink fencing, $35 – $55 a foot for wood, $45 – $55 a foot for PVC and $45+ for ornamental steel and wrought iron. Certain features such as gates can also add to the total cost.

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X20 Inground Pool Cost

This is considered a small pool, but its sufficient if youre working within a small space, or if you primarily intend to use it for lounging or cooling off. The cost of a 10-foot by 20-foot inground pool will be between $18,000 and $26,500, depending on the type of material used. Materials and their average associated costs are as follows:

  • Concrete, $26,500

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Fiberglass Pool Shell Prices

The average cost of a fiberglass pool shell is $13,000 for a 14×28 pool but can range from $9,000 to $24,000 depending on the size, and delivery costs between $600 and $2,500.

Fiberglass Pool Shell Prices

Large 35 or more $16,000 $24,000

After the cost for the fiberglass shell, youll need to pay for the excavated hole it will be dropped into, along with your backfill, plumbing fittings and pipes, and pool pump.

This cost also covers the depth of the pool at an average of 5.5 to 6.5 deep, but doesnt account for any of the additional aspects most homeowners enjoy adding to their inground pools, such as decking and lighting. Dont forget the cost of filling the pool with water as well.

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What Is The Average Cost Of An Inground Pool


Regarding this, are inground pools worth it?

Real Estate ValueDespite what you may have heard in the past, YES, an inground swimming pool does increase the value of your home. A few years ago, the National Association of Realtors stated that on average, an inground swimming pool will increase a home’s value by 46%.

Furthermore, what type of inground pool is best? Here’s a quick look at the three most popular types of in-ground pools:

  • Concrete. Concrete pools are the most popularand most expensivetype of pool.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl-lined pools are the second most popular type of in-ground pool, and their numbers are growing.
  • Fiberglass.
  • The Final Word.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how much is an average swimming pool?

The average in-ground swimming pool costs $21,919, according to home improvement site Fixr. And that’s for a pretty basic 32′ by 16′ model. But that’s just to build the thing.

Why are inground pools so expensive?

Real estate prices usually drive the prices of swimming pools. One of the reasons that a pool might cost so much in your area is because the real estate values are high and can substantiate higher dollar value spent on property upgrades such as a pool.

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Size & Height Of Pool Cage

How Much Do Inground Pools Cost? (Pricing, Budget, etc.)

The larger the enclosure, the lower the cost per square foot, but the higher the overall cost. The size of the enclosure depends on the size of your pool, deck, and seating area. A 12 x 24 pool with 3 sidewalk needs an 18 x 30 enclosure. A 6 deck area requires a 24 x 36 enclosure.

Enclosures need a height of at least 7 to 8 to walk or stand, which costs twice as much as a low enclosure that only covers the pool. Heights vary from one foot above the surface of the pool, up to two-stories tall.

Pool Enclosure Height Comparison

Low Base cost Seals and covers the pool from snow, rainfall, and debris. Allows enough room to swim and ranges from 1 to 2 feet above the surface of the pool.
Medium 1.5X base Reaches several feet above the ground with plenty of space to move around in and above the water level. Designed without obstructing views of the surrounding landscape.
High 2.0X base One to two-stories high to match or extend higher than the home’s roof. Turns the pool area into an outdoor room for people to walk, sit, swim, and play.

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Vinyl Pool Price By Shape

The pool shape also influences your overall costs. Rectangular pools are faster and easier to install, so your labor costs are lower overall than the costs to install a pool with bends or curves in the shape, such as a lagoon pool. However, there is still overlap in costs between the different shapes because each pool can also have a lot of other features, including the deck, heater, stairs, and other attributes. With all things equal, you save by keeping the shape of your pool as simple as possible, with the straightest sides.

Annual Pool Maintenance Cost

Your average annual pool maintenance cost runs from $960 to $1,800, with most homeowners spending around $1,400 along with the cost of any necessary repairs. A considerable variance in pricing depends on the type of pool.

According to Nerdwallet, there are two more costs that many homeowners dont think about in regards to yearly pool maintenance costs when researching the cost to build a pool.

  • Liability insurance can bump your monthly pool cost by $17 to $25. A pool increases the chance of injury on your property and will increase the price of your homeowners insurance, and insurance companies recommend liability insurance of half a million with an umbrella policy to bring it up to one million.
  • Inground pools typically increase your home’s property value by 7% when it goes up, property taxes tend to follow increase as well.

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Additional Costs To Put In A Pool

On top of the cost to put in a pool, other prices include pool covers, building permits, electrician fees, increased insurance, and more.

  • Inground pools can cause your home’s value to go up, thus increasing your property taxes.
  • A pool increases the chances of someone getting hurt on your property which directly increases the cost of your homeowners insurance.

One: Choose An Ideal Location And Get Rid Of All Large Debris Around The Area

2017 Inground Pool Cost

The first thing to do would be to select a suitable area. Typically, the site you choose to level should be flat and far from underground cables, among any other obstacles. The soil around the area should also be firmly packed on the ground. After selecting a suitable location, clean the area. Get rid of any large dirt particles and stones from the site. Doing this will make the leveling process much easier. Additionally, remove all plants around the area using a shovel or tarp. Finally, dispose of the dirt in a proper place far from the worksite.

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Salt Water Pool Heater

Inground salt water pool heaters cost between $550 to over $10,000, with most pool owners spending from $2,200 to $3,500, and another $400 to $500 for installation. What drives the difference in heater prices for pool heaters is how much water you need to heat, and what the rise in temperature is from the average coldest temperature to the desired water temperature. A heater for an above-ground salt water pool costs from $50 to $200.

  • Electric tankless water heaters are suitable for small pools that dont need for the temperature to rise too much, and these generally start between $500 and $600.
  • Larger and more powerful electric pool water heaters average between $1,500 and $3,500, while the similar gas-powered pool water heaters fall between $800 and $2,500.
  • Electric pump water heaters cost anywhere from $2,500 to$10,000 and these work in hotter climates and transfer the heat in the air to the water in the pool, and they do so very economically.
  • A salt water pool heater for your inground pool will cost $50 to $250 per month in electrical costs.

Factors That Impact The Cost To Install Inground Pools

The material you choose for your inground pool is a major cost factor, but its certainly not the only one. Below is a quick list of other cost considerations to keep in mind when creating a budget for your swimming pool:

  • Grading. Grading may be required if your backyard or land is not level.
  • Permits. Permit requirements vary from place to place, but youll likely need a permit in order to build a pool.
  • Equipment: Pool equipment, such as pumps, automated controls, saltwater chlorinators, lighting and pool heaters, vary widely in cost.
  • Gas and electrical work. Be prepared to factor in any costs associated with electrical wiring or gas line installation.
  • Pool fence. If you have small children, installing a fence around your pool is a good idea for safety reasons. .
  • Concrete pool decking is one of the highest costs associated with pool installations and varies based on square footage.
  • Accessories and custom features. The cost of swimming pool accessories and features like waterfalls, diving boards, pool facing, and pool covers vary signficantly.

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Swimming Pool Permit Cost

The cost of a permit for a swimming pool ranges from $200 to $300. This varies by your municipality and pool type. Your permit must be applied for with all paperwork submitted before work begins. Building regulations in your area may impact the scope. Be prepared to change things if your work lies outside local regulations or codes when you apply for the permit. Pulling a permit also means that an inspection of your pool must be undertaken before you can use it.

How Much Are Typical Monthly Swimming Pool Payments

What does an InGround Pool Cost?

There is a lot to gain from getting a swimming pool. Its like building a paradise oasis in your own home, where you and your family can spend hours of relaxation and fun. However, you need to go into this investment with your eyes open. A swimming pool in Houston will cost you, and not just upfront. Expect monthly swimming pool payments and expenses to add at least $300 a month to your regular financial obligations. You need to factor this into your decision to build a pool. There are financing options to help you out, of course. But, you must also plan for your monthly expenses.

This is very important when you want years of enjoying your pool. Knowing from the get-go what youre getting into financially can make a very big difference.

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Hidden Costs To Look For With A Fiberglass Pool

  • Colored gel coat Most manufacturers offer a white gel coat finish free of charge, color upgrades to the gel coat with shimmer flake and speckles will increase the cost of the pool.
  • Crane Large fiberglass pools may need to be lifted off of a trailer due to the weight. In addition, if the pool can not be delivered to the back yard on a truck and trailer, a crane may be needed to lift it over the house.

Selecting The Right Material

You can choose a variety of materials for an inground pool, and each one has its own price range.

Consider the different construction options available to you, as well as the long-term plan for your backyard. An experienced pool installation company will work with you to select the material and design that best suits your needs. You should also consider maintenance costs for your pool since each material requires a different type of regular care to keep it in optimum condition.

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Cost Factors To Consider With An Inground Pool

The costs for inground pools can vary greatly even within the same neighborhood. That is because there are a number of variables when it comes to having your own pool, including, but not limited to:

  • How your property is laid out.
  • Do you need to remove trees?
  • Is there rock in your backyard?
  • Do you need to move sewer or electrical lines?
  • What is the water table in your area?

Also, there are a number of design and landscaping options that could affect your pricing.

  • Are you happy with cement around your pool?
  • Do you prefer stamped concrete? Or would you like designer travertine paving around your pool?
  • Are you building a patio around your pool?
  • Would you like some accessories around your pool such as fire pits, water bowls or waterfalls?

As you can see, getting all of those questions answered in a way thats best for your situation is why its best to work with a professional builder/installer who is an authorized dealer. They will have the experience and the knowledge to provide you with all the options available and the associated costs. Our Contact page can put you in touch with a dealer in your area.

What Questions To Ask Inground Pool Companies

How Much Does An Average Inground Pool Cost

When hiring a pro, ask them the following questions:

  • Are you licensed and bonded with liability insurance?
  • Can you provide me a free written estimate?
  • Can you provide references for past work?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many similar projects have you completed?
  • What do your services include?
  • Are your workers employees or subcontractors?
  • What type of pool do you recommend?
  • What other expenses may arise?
  • What does your warranty policy include?
  • Will you obtain the permit if required?
  • How long will the project take?
  • Whats your payment schedule?
  • What do I need to provide to get started?

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When you invest in a backyard that becomes your personal paradise, you need to be sure that construction standards and craftsmanship are nothing less than excellent. Your backyard oasis will be an extension of your beautiful home, and the last thing you want is any sort of headache or issue with your pool after the construction is complete. Make sure you go over the pool builders warranty and discuss it with the builder before you sign any contract.

Finally, you should feel comfortable with how the builder is respecting your budget. If they continually try to convince you to add on items outside of your budget, even if they say it is worth the investment, think twice before committing. Of course, all pool builders are in the business to earn a living, but it shouldnt come at the expense of your livelihood. Work with a builder who understands you have a limit and works with you to customize your design to fit within that budget.

Six: Contact Landscaping Or Pool Professional

Once your ground is level on all sections, consider hiring a professional for pool installation. Alternatively, you can choose to follow all the instructions indicated in the aboveground pool manual. Before installing the pool, ensure you have some background knowledge or experience. If you dont, seek professional help from a pool expert.

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