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Do It Yourself Pool Deck Kits

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Can You Place A Pool On Top Of A Wooden Deck

Pool or Driveway Texture Decks You Can Do Yourself! Summer Ready Epoxy Pouring

You can place a pool on a wooden deck if the construction takes into account several factors. Of course, pools are very heavy. And a lot of water will be splashed, poured and dripped on your wooded deck, potentially weakening it over time. Finally, water moving around in your pool creates a lot of swaying and stress on a wood deck.

No Contractors And Likely No Permits Required

UDECX was designed with the consumer in mind. Our modular components make it easy for anyone to install in just a few hours with only a few tools.

Most municipalities wont require a building permit since UDECX isnt permanently attached to your home and is less than 30 off the ground.

to learn how UDECX stacks up against other decking products.

Custom Screened In Porch Kits

Extruded aluminum porch enclosure kits with a wide range of screening options, manufactured to stay up all year round even in the sometimes unfriendly Canadian winters. Work with our experts to design a custom porch screening kit to add screen walls to nearly any opening. Finally get that space away from the bugs you always wanted!

High quality and durable, our screened in porch kits come in a variety of frame colors and options. Looking to extend the use of your room? No problem! Add vinyl lip frame windows at any time to turn your screen room into a beautiful 3 season space.

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When Installing Your Pool Deck Be Careful

  • DONT install the deck in an area that is frequently wet. Use terra firma dry land.
  • DONT build the deck right on top of your top rail if you use a winter cover.
  • DO take your time with the instructions, and you will build it to last.
  • DONT rest any part of the deck against the pool, as it will weaken the pools integrity.
  • DONT make the deck much taller than the pool. Its hard to find very tall ladders.
  • DO install the deck area on the side closest to the house.
  • DONT block the full view of the pool.

If you get a wooden pool deck, you have different options of entering the pool. Deck to pool ladders use deck flanges to secure the ladder to the deck. A much better option are resin walk-in steps. These offer a gentler way to enter into the pool, especially for children and the elderly. Our resin pool deck kits include steps on both sides of the water, for easy, safe access. A ladder is a must for pool safety.

Whichever type of pool deck you choose, check with your local building department as there may be certain requirements involved where you live. Building a wooden deck usually needs a permit and inspection. You can usually find the information by searching your countys or citys .gov website for terms like above ground swimming pool decks.

Awesome Above Ground Pool Deck Designs

Top 104 Diy Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget

In some cases, or in some areas, building an inground pool is just not possible. Even the smallest pools can cause issues if conditions arent right. Poor soil quality, a high water table, terrain issues, building and zoning restrictions any of these can prevent building a swimming pool in the ground. In other cases, a homeowner may not want to spend $20,000 or more on a backyard oasis, and above ground pools are generally a more affordable option.

Above ground pools may be slightly less attractive than an inground pool, but they dont have to be! With some creative planning, grading, and decking, above ground pools with decks can be truly stunning and inviting, and cost half as much to build as one of our inground pool kits.

Heres a look at some above ground pool designs that are out of the ordinary, and definitely uniquely awesome.

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Freestanding Diy Pool Deck

This elegant pool deck plan features handy guardrails for extra protection, particularly when getting out of the water. Its a relatively simple, free-standing design with a basic staircase to ease climbing onto the deck, but it doesnt make any sacrifices when it comes to its appearance or functionality.

Rubber Surfacing Starter Kit

Rubber Surfacing Starter kit includes all the basic tools and items required to complete the rubber surface installation.

A free Starter Kit is included with every 400 Sq.Ft. order a value of $ 89.95!

Rub R Dek® is the name for Rubber Depot®s proprietary mix of EPDM rubber granulars combined with a sophisticated polyurethane binder. Names of similar rubber surface products in the industry include rubber safety surface, rubber flooring, rubber coating, poured-in-place rubber surface, crumb rubber surface, EPDM rubber surface, granulated rubber surface, recycled rubber surface, rubber pool deck, pool deck surface…

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Half Submerged Pool With Composite Deck

Here we have another 15×30 ft. oval above ground pool with a composite wood deck. This one is built on-ground, with the pool deck covering about half of the pool wall. This type of pool deck gives this above ground pool a unique, integrated look. And again, the elevation provides a marginal element of safety for small children and pets. It also helps to keep the pool clean by blocking autumn leaves that blow around the pool.

Evergreen cypress trees block the perimeter fence and also add some privacy to the pool. You could add extra potted plants in rectangle planter boxes if you wanted to hide the raised pool wall. But I think it looks kind of nice, dont you?

How To Build A Pool Table Guide

Timelapse DIY Swimming Pool Kit Construction, Built By The Ahlvers Family!

Next, you should attain some pool table plans for the size pool table youd like to build. There are many on the Web that can either be downloaded for free or for a nominal fee. Keep in mind that you can really build any size or shape pool table you want, but typically most people are seeking to build a regulation-size pool table.Get Price

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In The Swim Pool Chemicals

3% ·Price reduced from. $17.99. to. $8.99 ITEM #14128. SeaKlear StainFree Acid Magic and Filter Cleaners are featured pool cleaning chemicals. As Low As $15.99 ITEM #902515. Specialty Pool Chemicals with more than one use like Fix-A-Leak Mor Septic Tabs and Cell Protect. in the swim chlorine neutralizer instructionsswimming pool chemicals supplier in hamilswimming pool chemicals near meswimming pool supplies chemicalsswimming pool concrete additivescheap pool chemicals

Redwood Deck For Square Or Rectangular Pools

While you could theoretically make this deck design with any wood, redwood works well. Its sturdy and stands up against water damage, as long as you take the time to seal it properly and regularly. Youll want to be sure, however, that you use noncorrosive metals as you work, like aluminum or stainless steel. Otherwise, you may see some rust develop over time.

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Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas With Steps To Build And The

2021/7/22·Above Ground Pool with Connecting Deck with the House This pool deck design will require more planning. The above ground pool with this design need a lot of wood deck to connect your house with your pool. Maybe it cost much money but but you wont regret it. You can have an aesthetic and functional swimming pool near your home. maureengreencny.com7

Whatever The Size We Can Help


Weve worked out standard deck sizes ranging from 8 deep x 10 wide to 16 x 24. These material packages include everything youll need to build a standard deck.

Accurately measure the side of your home where the deck will be built.

Measure and indicate all door locations, stairs as well as the placement of existing obstructions such as chimneys and trees.

Indicate the main wall, the portion attached to the house and the orientation of the deck boards.

Note any modifications to the main deck such as clipped or rounded corners, notches and their sizes.

Indicate the height from the ground to the top of the finished deck floor.

Show the dimensions of the outside edges of the level.

Note the width of stairs or ramps and determine the locations of railings and handrails.

If your deck has more than one level, indicate where the different levels will be attached

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Cost Of Building A Deck Around Your Pool

Theres no one-size-fits-all approach to building your above-ground pool deck. There are a variety of factors to consider that will affect the price tag of the final project, both regarding your property and the style and size of the deck you decide to build. For instance, the slope of your yard and surrounding landscaping will play a factor in construction.

Then of course, theres style. How big is your deck? Are you going to build-up a privacy wallsay with wood lattice?on one or many sides? Are you going to add built-in benches or maybe an area for a grill? All these decisions add to the price tag .

Free Above Ground Pool Deck Plans You Can Diy

2021/4/13·This deck is a 20 x 34 deck designed to go around a 24 round above ground pool. This is a larger deck that will go halfway around your pool. This pool deck will provide several different entertainment areas, an entrance with stairs, and a few options for where to put the ladder into the pool.

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Hire A Contractor To Build The Deck

Unless youre a pretty adept carpenter who happens to have a lot of free time, its often best to hire a professional to build a deck around your above-ground pool. Most pool decks cant be completed in just a weekend, and they also involve a good amount of structural engineering and designing , so unless youre positive youre ready for that sort of undertaking, its worth the money to hire a professional.

The right contractor will work with you to understand how youll want to use the deck . They can design a few options that meet your needs and any local building codes. Thats rightwhile above-ground pools on their own usually dont require any sort of permits because theyre not permanent structures, building a deck may be a different story youll want to make sure you do things by the book. Decks are subject to very specific construction guidelines about guardrail and railing heights .

Building code guidelines will also govern baluster placement, stair tread sizing, grade of the ground below the deck, how the deck is constructed, and more. A good contractor will know the local deck building codes and be able to save you from having to research those yourself. Additionally, a professional contractor with experience in these sorts of projects should be well-versed in the specific requirements of a pool deck and will know to account for those long-term requirements, like making sure its still possible to change the pool liner without damaging the deck .

Increases Your Home Value

How To Build A DIY Inground Pool Kit From Pool Warehouse!

Using fiberglass, you can enjoy a wide variety of color selections and a wide range of designs. This makes it an excellent choice for residential outdoor installations and can increase your homes value.

Aside from that, a well-installed fiberglass deck can enhance your lifestyle and improve the appearance of your home.

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How To Build A Pool Table Rustic Style

Building your own pool table is a rewarding project. If you have some basic woodworking skills, you can build a quality hardwood table. This site contains all the parts for a pool table minus the wood. Slate, pockets, felt etc can all be found on the online catalog. This project took around 70 hours and roughly $1500.00.Get Price

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the amazing service you gave me in regards to my inground pool kit and the order for the lights! I got all the lights and tiger flex this morning and we are already installing them to get ready for the weekend of back fill! Once again, thank you very much and I will continue buying from you guys and already spoke of your kits to 2 of my friends! Have a good day!


  • Just to let you know that our pool has been running for a month now and we are loving it! Thanks again. You people are great to deal with.

    Ken and Joanne here in the boonies in NE Saskatchewan

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Kiddie Diy Pool Deck Plans

Theres no reason that your kiddie pool cant have a pool deck. With these designs, no matter how small the pool you have, you can have a nice deck to go beside it. Because of its size, its probably the easiest DIY pool deck on this list. If youre looking for an easy place to start, this is it! Your little one will definitely enjoy having a deck of their own next to their little pool.

Round Above Ground Pool Deck Plans

Above Ground Pool Decks Also Swimming Deck Kits Best Plans ...

24 Round Above Ground Pool Deck Plans. This “24 Round Above Ground Pool Deck Plans” graphic has 20 dominated colors, which include Black Cat, Thamar Black, Pig Iron, Siesta, Gehenna’s Gold, Steel, Namakabe Brown, Silver, Kettleman, Mid Tan, Wool Tweed, Medlar, Alexandrian Sky, Snowflake, Uniform Grey, Tin, Black, Kentucky, Peach Cider, Modal

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Above Ground Pool With Terraced Deck

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Sinking an above ground pool into a wooden deck or partially submerging it in the ground changes the entire look and feel of an above ground pool. Adding contrasting stampcrete and grass around the perimeter adds other visual elements and really makes this pool pop.

This location had a septic field running across the backyard, making an inground pool installation impossible. This 15×30 pool used the lagoon step as the pool entry, which also functions as a seating area. And with the installed jets, this setup provides spa-like hydrotherapy for sore DIY pool builders.

Pool Deck Patch Repair Kit

Pool Patch Pool Deck Repair Kit is composed of our premixed pigmented concrete topping cement specifically designed to minimize the discoloring effects caused by water exposure and direct sunlight. In addition, our Pool Patch Pool Deck Repair Kit contains a special acrylic-polymer latex admixture for a superior bonding to new or existing concrete decking. Perfect for large or small pool deck patch repairs on existing or new pool deck areas.Pool Deck Repair Kit is available in these sizes:

  • Covers Appx. 65 Sq. Ft.

  • Covers Appx. 13 Sq. Ft.

  • Covers Appx. 4 Sq. Ft.

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Pool Wrapped In Wood And Stone

This pool is a great example of how you can wrap an above ground pool with stone and wood to create a pool that blends into the surroundings. Something like this setup can also add value to the property with an aesthetically pleasing pool. Heres another great example of how to fit above ground pool into a sloping backyard. These homeowners used the 4 ft. height of the pool wall to their advantage, and this 15×30 ft. Grecian pool has a look of an inground pool. Also, the raised wall on one side adds an element of safety by providing an effective barrier to half of the pool perimeter.

Luxurious Above Ground Pool Designs

On-Ground Pools – Do It Yourself

Create the illusion of an in-ground pool Depending on the layout of your property, above-ground pools can be set on a lower level of ground so it appears it is an in-ground pool. Wrapping the pool in a wood decking material is a popular way to give your pool a spa-like look and is aesthetically pleasing compared to the basic look of the steel or resin structure.

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Do It Yourself Pool Decks

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Rub R Dek Colored Rubber Granules

Ethylene propylene diene monomer is a form of synthetic rubber. Granules are made from virgin EPDM and stand up well against UV rays. EPDM also has great aging resistance, durable against extreme temperature and weather conditions. EPDM has a high resistance to water and common chemicals.

Details: EPDM Granular size: 1-3 mm.Due to packaging issues, actual quantity supplied will be rounded up to the next 40 Sq.Ft. increment.

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