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How Deep Do Above Ground Pools Go

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Above Ground Concrete Pool Designs

Doughboy in-ground pool install 7ft deep end

Now for the fun part! There are quite a few options when it comes to above ground concrete pool designs. Its even possible that above ground concrete pools are more versatile than inground concrete pools.

As a first step, you get to choose the shape and size of your pool. However, its important to note that there may be some depth and size limitations. Generally, above ground pools do not have a very deep end, and they are usually smaller in size overall.

Every square foot of wall that you need to build will cost you more money, so most people keep their above ground pools low and small.

As far as aesthetics and pool function are concerned, here are a few above ground concrete pool design ideas:

Can You Sink Any Above Ground Swimming Pool In The Ground

The answer to this now very common question is an enthusiastic yes. There are a few things you may want to know about it though.

First off, they dont call it an above ground pool because it just sounds good. This is a product that is, in fact, designed to go on top of the ground and not in it. That is not to say that you shouldnt put it in the ground some or that it wont do well in the ground.

This is just a good starting point for understanding that there are limitations. Some have the mentality that by burying an above ground pool, they can get the same thing as an in-ground for a fraction of the money. Yeah, no. But you can have something really, really nice when youre done.

Above Ground Pool Or Inground Pool: Which One Should You Buy

Part of deciding what type of pool to install involves thinking about how you plan to use it. Do you want to swim laps as a form of exercise in the evening? Is the pool a fun way to entertain the kids and help them get out some energy?

The answers to these questions will have a big impact on the design and depth of your pool. If you arent sure how you want to use your pool just yet, here are a few pros and cons of both styles to help you decide.

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Aboveground Pools Are Riding A Wave Of Popularity Consider These Factors Before Buying One

With temperatures soaring, vacations canceled and most community swimming pools limiting access or closed, a backyard pool seems like a good idea. No, not one of those blowup kiddie pools or cheap plastic ones that your dog would love, but a real, aboveground pool large enough for the entire family.

Its no mystery why aboveground pools are so popular. They provide homeowners with all the joys of having a backyard pool without having to take on the cost, commitment and full-on construction project that an in-ground pool entails, says Michael Dean of Asheville, N.C., who has designed and installed pools for more than 25 years.

Unfortunately, with pool popularity soaring, you may not be able to get one. According to Laci Carnes, a spokesperson for Royal Swimming Pools, one of the countrys largest distributors of aboveground pools, demand is up fourfold over last year. Since March, the bulk of manufacturers, vendors and distributors have been shuttered. Between social distancing restrictions for employees and supply-chain issues, those manufacturers that reopened production can only produce a fraction of orders. Many have stopped taking new orders altogether.

Still, with some sleuthing and a bit of creativity, you may find a pool that suits your needs. Heres what to know before you dive in.

Where Will The Pool Live

Summer Fun, Do it Yourself. How to install above ground ...

While above-ground pools are versatile, they cant be placed just anywhere. Inclines are a no-no, as even the slightest hill can push water against the walls of the pool, causing uneven pressure on the sides and liner. Spreading a few bags of sand across the area can help even things out.

When installing an above-ground model, you must comply with local building codes and regulations. This usually means you cant place a pool near power lines or too close to property lines.

You will also need to factor in two to three feet of perimeter space for unobstructed access to the pool. You want a large, flat, open area of grass, sand, or dirt. Dont put it on concrete or brick. Stay away from trees. And only install it on a deck if the deck is pool-ready and designed for the job.

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Standard Above Ground Pool Depths

Above ground pools come in three standard wall height depths: 48, 52 and 54 remember that these measurements are the height of the pool wall, not the depth of the gallons of water it contains, the actual water level will be 6 lower than this. If you find that this is too shallow for you, you can increase your water depth by creating a deep end.

I Only Go Down About Halfway

These pools arent called above grounds just cause its catchy. Above ground swimming pools are not designed for inward pressure. So, when you put them in the ground, they can cave in from the weight of the earth, but only when they are empty. By sinking the pool down only halfway , the pool has a much less likelihood of caving in when the time comes to drain the pool while installing a replacement liner.

If your ground is super firm, it wont matter much how far down you go. In Central Florida its mostly sand-based so thats an issue, but if you have rocky, rooty, or earth with a lot of clay, you may be fine to go down further. Some will go with the extra cost of building a retaining wall all the way around the pool. If you do that then youre also good, but that adds to the cost of the job and arent you wanting a much cheaper alternative to an in-ground?

Also, most who sink their pool will have a wood deck built around it. Wood decks require some height off the ground so its structure can be built and thats another good reason to go only halfway down.

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Semi Buried Or Fully Buried Above Ground Pool

These pools are similar to the traditional above ground pools discussed above, however, they willhave fully insulated wall panels that are significantly stronger to combat the ground forces pushingin on the walls. These pools will come in a variety of sizes, even the more free form look.

Pros: More of the inground look and feel with a relatively quick install about 3-5 days depending on size and site location, long term solution, warranty.

Cons: Cannot be easily re-located if you move, price point for this option is fairly high due to installation, not conducive to a DIY install.

What Is An Above Ground Concrete Pool Cost Construction Problems

Quick Tip #11 Deep Ends

Pool Design Guides | Concrete Pool Information

What do you think about when you hear the term above ground pool? Do you picture one of those blue inflatable pools or a round metal pool with a ladder?

While thats what many above ground pools look like, there are actually tons of examples of inground pools installed above ground. In fact, at River Pools, we have installed our fiberglass pools above ground for clients in the past. Why would someone want to bring their inground pool above ground?

There are a few good reasons for this. In this article, well break down the rationale and explain how above ground concrete pools differ from inground concrete pools, how much they cost, maintenance concerns, designs, and more.

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What Is A Decent Size Pool

For a family of 8 people, a pool size of 18 by 36 feet is adequate. Even if you all decide to swim at the same time, there will be enough space for everyone. A rectangular shape is the best choice for this size of the pool. If there are six or less in your family, a pool size of 16 by 32 feet will be sufficient.

How To Calculate Your Pool Water Volume

You can easily calculate the water volume in your pool as follows:-

Round Pools

To calculate the volume of a round pool, you can use the formula

Pool Volume = 3.14 x radius x radius x depth

  • Measure the diameter of the pool in metres
  • Half the diameter to give the radius of the pool
  • Multiply 3.14 x radius x radius x pool depth
  • Example

    A 12 diameter round above ground pool with a depth of 0.8m

    Diameter = 12 x 0.305 = 3.66m

    Radius = 3.66 / 2 = 1.83m

    Volume = 3.14 x 1.83 x 1.83 x 0.8m = 8.4 m3

    The Hot Splash supports pools up to 10m3 so would be ok for this pool

    Rectangular Pools

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    Deep Centers And Deep Ends For Above Ground Pools

    Above ground swimming pools come mainly in three different heights. Many years ago when I started installing them, above ground pools were all 48 tall. There were some 42 and 36 ones, but they were the super cheap ones that people would install themselves.

    The most common above ground pool now is 52 tall and some of the upgraded models are 54 inches tall. Around ten years ago, some manufacturers made some 56 tall pools, but they didnt catch on and I havent seen one in several years.

    A fifty-two inch tall pool isnt very deep. Although you could fill the pool all the way to the top, its designed to operate and skim the water normally at about six inches below the top. This means your 52 tall above ground pool will have a normal water depth of 3 ft. 10 in. Thats not very deep but certainly deep enough to swim and play and enjoy the pool.

    The upgraded pool models give you two more inches of water. So, a 54 tall pool will give you right at four feet of water depth. For most people, this is deep enough to get the job done of swimming, cooling off, floating, drinking, playing, and chilling out. Some want their pool to be deep though.

    Installing A Pool With A Sand Base Foam Cove Liner Floor Pad And Wall Foam

    What is a deep above ground pool? How deep can you go and ...

    Step 1

    Using fine sand , lay a 3 thick bed of sand across the entire inside of the pool this will form your base.

    Step 2

    After installing the 3 sand base, lay the liner floor pad on top. Please note your liner floor pad is pre-cut to fit your pools exact dimensions.

    Step 3

    Using spray glue or duct tape attach the pool wall foam to the metal pool wall. Start attaching the foam at the top of the pool wall. This will leave a small portion of the bottom of the pool wall not covered with foam but this area will be hidden with a sand or foam cove.

    Step 4

    After installing the pool wall foam, attach the pool cove by removing the adhesive backing and sticking it to the metal pool wall directly on top of the liner floor pad .

    Step 5

    This is the completed above ground pool liner installation. The vinyl pool liner should be completely supported by the pool base to avoid any stress or damage to it or the metal pool wall.

    In conclusion, there are several ways that one can prepare their pool base prior to installing your above ground pool liner. If these steps are followed correctly they can help prevent issues with your above ground pool liner post installation and in years to come!

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    Buying Process & Reputable Retailers

    Once youve made the decision to purchase an above ground pool, the process becomes fairly easy even something that can be accomplished without ever visiting the store if you prefer.

    Your sales associate, whether in person, via email, or via phone, will walk through any last questions you may have and then will simply get the information from you regarding the pool model and size you would like and any accessories or upgrades you would like to add on with the initial purchase.

    They will get information from you concerning your location and site for installation so they can add in installation costs and estimated excavation costs , assuming you choose to have the pool installed by one of their installation crews.

    From this point, the next person you will most likely hear from is the individual responsible for scheduling the pool installation they will either be calling to set up an installation date/time or to confirm the installation time if one was set at the time of your pool purchase.

    Now you are in the hands of the installation crew. While that crew is on site doing the installation, they will walk through the pool and the steps you need to complete once the pool is full, and you can ask any questions that you may have.

    Watch the video below to learn about our free consult and a bit about our showroom:

    Clearing The Air On Above Ground Pools

    Our goal is to be the most educational company regarding traditional above ground pools. We have over 20 years of professional experience with above ground pools and a lot of information to share! We have found that in-ground pools have quite a bit of discussion online surrounding them, but no one has really gone in depth on above ground pools. We hope to clear the air on above ground pools, and answer any and all questions you might have. In this guide and on our website we will be as transparent as possible explaining the industry in general, how it applies to our product selection. And, why we have chosen the product line-up we have.

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    Additional Above Ground Pool Costs

    Like most things, your above ground pool will come with additional costs such as pool accessories, chemicals, and even toys. Heres what to consider before you buy an above ground pool:

    • Liner pricing – The price of your above ground pool liner is usually around $700 and up, depending on the size of the pool.
    • Filter and pump – There are several different types of filters to choose from, depending on where you shop. Pumps that offer 1-2 speeds start at around $200.
    • Pool ladder and decking – Dont forget that youll need a way to get into the pool. Pool ladders can be as inexpensive as $65, but if you want a full wrap-around deck, youre looking at thousands.
    • Water – Youll need to pay for the water to fill the pool and top it off over the summer.
    • Cleaning supplies – Above ground pools may be smaller than most inground pools, but youll need to keep cleaning supplies on hand to keep the pool clear. This may include a skimmer net, pool vacuum, pool brush, and most importantly, pool chemicals.

    Above Ground Pool Vs Inground Pool Cost: What Are The Costs

    Should You Buy An Above Ground Pool? Review and Costs

    Swimming is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Even if you arent a big swimmer, installing a pool in your backyard gives you a place to relax, which can benefit your mental health.

    Trying to decide what type of pool to get, though, usually does the opposite, but dont let it overwhelm you. Weve put together this guide to help you compare above ground pool vs inground pool cost and learn which option is better for your home.

    So lets get started!

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    Installing A Pool With A Sand Base Foam Cove And Liner Floor Pad

    Step 1

    Using fine sand , lay a 3 thick bed of sand across the entire inside of the pool this will form your base.

    Step 2

    After installing the 3 sand base, lay the liner floor pad on top. Please note your liner floor pad is pre-cut to fit your pools exact dimensions.

    Step 3

    Attach the pool cove directly on top of the liner floor pad by removing the adhesive backing and sticking it to the metal pool wall .

    Step 4

    This is the completed above ground pool liner installation. The vinyl pool liner should be completely supported by the pool base to avoid any stress or damage to it or the metal pool wall.

    Top 5 Mistakes Installing An Above Ground Pool

    Avoid these common mistakes when building your above ground pool.

    Mistake 1: Building up the low areas with dirt taken from the higher areas.

    This is probably the top mistake we see people make. If you are pushing the dirt around to level out the site for the pool, eventually the dirt will settle and your pool will no longer be level. This might happen right away when you fill the pool, or shortly down the road, one thing is for sure, it will happen. Pool Pros always digs out to the lowest spot so the entire pool is sitting on virgin soil.

    Mistake 2: Using too much mason sand.

    The ground should be dug level on virgin soil always. The sand is simply a buffer from the pool liner to the ground. The purpose of the sand is not to level your pool. If you are using sand to level things out you will have nothing but problems.

    Mistake 3: Setting the track on sand.

    The sand should be inside the pool track, never under the track. If the track of the pool is set on sand, it will wash out and the pool will settle or sink, reducing the longevity of your pool.

    Mistake 4: Not compacting or troweling the sand.

    First the sand should be compacted with a plate compactor, and then hand troweled to a smooth finish. If this is not done, the first time you get into the pool, your feet will sink into the sand creating divots in the sand which could lead to wrinkles in your liner, and ultimately shorten the lifespan of your liner.

    Mistake 5: Placing patio blocks under your uprights.

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