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How Many Gallons Is An Intex 10×30 Pool

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Intex Frequently Asked Questions State Fair Seasons

Intex 10×30 Pool Review

The base or bottom of the pool is not laid out flat with no wrinkles. The inflated ring is not on the inside of the base of the pool when filling with water,or the ground is not level. Question : How high can I fill the pool? Answer : To the bottom of the inflated ring Question : Approximately, how many gallons / litres of water does the pool hold?

How Many Gallons Of Water Are In My Pool

So here are the formulas to figure out how much water is in your swimming pool: These formulas hold true for both Inground pools as well as above ground pools. Rectangular, Square or Free Form Pools: Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5 = Total gallons. For example: 16 x 32 x 4.5 x 7.5 = 17,280 Gallons.

Intex 10ft X 30in Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pool

Ready for water in 10 minutes, simply spread out on level ground, inflate the top ring, fill the pool with water, and enjoy the fun. Constructed with puncture-resistant 3-ply material Water capacity: 1,018 gallons Approximate set-up size: 10ft x 30in Ready for water in 10 minutes Age grade 6+ Pool pump sold separately

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Pool Pump Size Calculator

Once you have the approximate number of gallons of water in your pool, we have to figure our minimum flow rate for the pump, using a Gallons Per Minute calculation. GPM takes into account your pool size and the number of turnovers you need per day . For both traditional chlorine pools and saltwater pools, the …

How Many Gallons Of Water In A 10ft By 30inch Swimming Pool

Intex 1018 gal. Round Plastic Above Ground Pool 30 in. H x 120 in. W x ...

This is a question of volume. Assuming the pool is round and is10 feet in diameter and 30 inches deep or high, we can apply theformula for volume of a cylindrical shape: V = pi r2 h. Since thediameter is 10 feet, the radius is half that or 5 feet. To makesure our answer comes out right, we also have to use the same unitsof measurement for everything. So we will convert 5 feet to 5 x 12= 60 inches. V = 3.14 x 602 x 30 = approximately 339,120 squareinches of water. With 1728 square inches in a square foot , this comes out to about 196.25 square feet of water.Converting to gallons, there are about 7.48 gallons of water in acubic foot of water, so 196.25 x 7.48 = about 1468 gallons of waterin the pool.

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Pool Water Volume Calculator In Gallons With Size Charts

Standard In-Ground Pool Volumes in Gallons by Size Pool Size 3.5 ft Avg Depth: 4 ft Avg Depth: 4.5 ft Avg Depth: 5 ft Avg Depth: 12×24: 7,600: 8,600: 9,700: 10,800: 14×28: 10,300: 11,800: 13,200: 14,700: 15×30: 11,800: 13,500: 15,200: 16,900: 16×32: 13,400: 15,400: 17,300: 19,200: 18×36: 17,000: 19,400: 21,900: 24,300: 19×38: 19,000: 21,700: 24,400: 27,100:

Upgrade To An Intex Salt System

Why settle for a pool when you can rule your own tiny sanitized sea? Stop adding chlorine to your pool and convert your Intex pool with a salt generator system.

The Intex saltwater system is a two-stage mechanism that pulls the salts chlorine out in the first stage, and then creates powerful, pool-sanitizing oxidizers from salt water in the second.

With this system installed, you add salt to your pool instead of chlorine. The salty water then runs through the generator, producing a steady flow of chlorinated water. The second stage, called electrocatalytic oxidation, pulls compounds out of the water that work in concert with the chlorine to kill bacteria and algae. Poseidon himself would be hard pressed to do a better job.

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Should I Put Chlorine In My Inflatable Pool

No, inflatable pools do not need chlorine to be kept clean and used safely. … Although inflatable pools don’t need to use chlorine, it’s one of the most common ways to keep pool water sanitary and safe to swim in. The chlorine is used to efficiently kill bacteria in the water that may be harmful to swimmers.

Intex 12 X 2 5 Foot Metal Frame Above Ground Pool With Filter And Intex 28002e Cleaning Maintenance Swimming Pool Kit W Vacuum Skimmer

Intex 10ft X 30in Prism Frame Pool Set 2021 Review

10×30 swimming pool how many gallons. I wish to calculate how many uk gallons of water are required to completely fill the pool. The length width average depth and a multiplier for your type of pool. Rounded up pool size 5 000 number of chlorine tablets needed. An in ground pool can hold.

So if you have a 14 000 gallon pool you d round up to 15 000 gallons. A round ring pool 48 inches tall and 15 feet across holds 4 978 gallons. How many square feet are in 10×10 room. In order to figure out the proper doses of many chemicals for your pool you often need to determine approximately how many gallons of water it holds.

In order to figure out proper doses of chemicals for your pool you need to accurately determine how many gallons of water it holds. Imagine i have a triangular swimming pool measuring 30 feet in height and 10 feet in width. Before you add the chlorine you need to know how many gallons of water are in the pool. Length x width x average depth x 7 5 volume in gallons length times width gives the surface area of the pool.

I have a question i have a 18 x10 x42 deep oval intex inflatable pool and i need to know how many gallons of water can it hold. How to calculate the water volume of a swimming pool using charts or a calculator. Therefore this pool would be 11 969 gallons. 1 16 of 542 results for intex 10×30 pool price and other details may vary based on size and color.

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How Many Gallons Of Water In Intex 12×30 Pool

How many gallons of water in intex 12×30 pool? Measuring 12-Feet by 30-Inches and able to hold up to 1,718 gallons of water, this pool is the perfect size for any backyard fun. Can I get COVID-19 while swimming? Avoid crowds and maintain at least a 1-metre distance from others, even when you are swimming or at swimming areas.

Summer Waves 10′ By 30 Quick Set Pool

The Summer Waves 10 by 30 Quick Set Pool is an Aldi Find, meaning its only in stores for a short time. This pool is not an Aldi exclusive it is available at a number of other outlets, including hardware stores, big box stores, and Amazon. According to Aldi, the pools features include: A 1,052-gallon water capacity. A filter pump.

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Oval Frame Intex Pools

A slightly different take on the traditional rectangular pool, these babies straddle the line between the Easy Sets convenience and the durability of higher-end Intex pools. The elongated shape fits into narrow backyards that might not otherwise accommodate a pool.

This model also makes a perfect lap pool if one of your crew has Olympic aspirations or their eye on crossing the English channel, wot wot.

Oval Frame Intex Pools are available in two sizes:

18 ft. long by 10 ft. wide by 42 in. high

20 ft. long by 12 ft. wide by 48 in. high

Instead of all-around legs, these pools use a snap-on frame that provides support where its needed most without taking up extra space.

How Many Gallons Are In A 10×30 Intex Pool

10x30 Swimming Pool Gallons Of Water

Similarly, how long does it take to fill up a 10×30 pool?

Answer : 2-5 hours, depending on which pool, hose size and water pressure.

Furthermore, how many gallons are in a 12ft Intex pool? The colorful Intex Pool Set includes a 110-120V filter pump with a 530 gallon-per-hour flow rate and a water capacity at 90 percent of 1,718 gallons. An easy-to-understand setup and maintenance DVD is included with the Intex 12′ x 30′ Pool Set to help get you started.

One may also ask, how many gallons is my Intex pool?

Pump flow rate: 530 gallons, System flow rate: 475 gallons. Ready for water in 10 minutes, simply spread out on level ground, inflate the top ring, fill the pool with water, and enjoy the fun. Write a Review


How long does it take to fill a 10 foot Intex pool?

Ready for water in 10 minutes, simply spread out on level ground, inflate the top ring, fill the pool with water, and enjoy the fun.

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Intex 10 Ft X 30 In Deep Metal Frame Round Swimming Pool

Dark Wicker 12 ft. Round 30 in. Deep Metal Frame Pool Stay cool this summer in the refreshing water Stay cool this summer in the refreshing water of your Summer Waves Active Frame Pool. Both durable and easy to set up, this aboveground pool comes with a helpful filtration system and stylish exterior wicker print that blends seamlessly with your outdoor furniture and

How To Care For Your Intex Pool

Dont let the convenience or its potentially temporary installation fool you. Intex pools have all the same needs as the fanciest rooftop retreat or humblest suburban cement pond. Regular maintenance keeps Intex pools in prime condition.

Your new backyard oasis needs a pump, filter, and a few tools to keep it clean and running smoothly. A little homework might be required to master regular maintenance and the right mix of chemicals to keep the water clean and sanitary. You can also choose whether to clean and store your pool during the off season, or let it winter in place.

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Warm Up To Solar Pool Heating

Installing a gas heater on your Intex pool would probably lead to some pretty epic Wicked Witch of the West-style melting action, but vinyl-based psychological trauma doesnt really play well on a sunny summer afternoon. Instead, harness the suns power to heat your pool water with an Intex solar pool cover.

Using this cover warms your your water during the day, and helps your pool maintain that heat even after the sun sets. Upgrade your standard cover to the solar model designed for your pool and get cookin.

If youre not interested in a physical cover, you can try one of the liquid solar covers on the market. Just pour it on once a month to help conserve water while gently, and safely, heating your Intex pool.

Want more power? Rev things up with a solar mat from Intex. Attach it to your pools filter line, and water will travel through its serpentine tubes, warming as the sun blasts the pitch-black mat. Every cycle warms your pool a little more.

Use an Intex solar pool coverwith the solar mat for a killer combo. The solar mat brings the heat, and the cover seals it in like Tupperware. Well, if Tupperware harnessed THE MIGHTY POWER OF THE SUN, that is.

Easiest Way To Chlorinate 10′ Easy Set Pool

Intex Easy set pool 10ft x 30in | Swimming pool SUPER BIG!

For such a small pool I would just use regular bleach. Put in 1/2 a cup every day. If the water starts to get cloudy you can drain the pool and start over. The pool is so small a bag of powdered chlorine would be way too much, and the CYA it contains would over stabilize the pool before you finished the bag.

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Hvor Mange Klortabletter Skal Jeg Putte I Min Pool

For at bruge det rigtige antal tabletter skal du altid runde din poolvolumen op til den nærmeste enhed på 5.000 gallons. For eksempel har din pool en kapacitet på 20.000 gallons, du ville tilføje fire klortabletter. Men hvis din pool kun rummer 16.000 gallons, vil du stadig bruge fire, tre-tommer klortabletter.

How Many Gallons Is My Intex Easy Set Pool


In this regard, how many gallons does an Intex Easy Set pool hold?

When filled to 80% water capacity, as recommended, the pool depth is approximately: 8’x27″ = 523 gallons.

Likewise, how many gallons is my Intex 12×30 pool? 1,718 gallons

Also, how many gallons are in a 15×48 Intex pool?

It comes with a 1,000 gal cartridge filter pump, ladder. Water capacity is 4,440 gallons and it is ready for water in 45 minutes. Write a Review


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The Ultimate Guide To Intex Pool Care

On a hot summers day, its hard to beat the feeling that comes with jumping into the cold, crisp waters of your own backyard swimming pool. You could try jumping into one of those Scrooge McDuck-style money vaults, we suppose, but we hear thats more painful than refreshing.

But if you dont have the room in your yard, or the gold coins in your McDuck vault, for a traditional swimming pool, Intex pools offer a budget- and space-friendly alternative. Want a pool thats easy to set up in the spring and then store when summer ends? Explore pool ownership without a life-changing commitment.

What Is The Capacity Of The Intex 1030 Pool In Gallons

intex 10Ã30 â Best Above Ground Pools

At 90% capacity, the Intex Metal Frame Pool holds 1,185 gallons.

Also, how much water is in my pool in gallons? Volume = length x width x average depth x 7.5 The volume in cubic feet is calculated by multiplying that by the average depth. Because each cubic foot contains 7.5 gallons, increase the pools cubic feet by 7.5 to get the pools volume .

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How Deep Is A 10×30 Pool

How long does it take to fill the pool with water? Answer : 2-5 hours, depending on which pool, hose size and water pressure. How many gallons does a 10×30 pool hold? Sidewalls are reinforced with an all-around band to keep frame legs firmly in place. Intex Metal Frame Pool holds 1,185 gallons at 90 percent capacity. 530 gallon per hour filter …

What Chemicals Are Needed For An Intex Pool

Every summer, tens of thousands of Intex pools are set up and filled, with dreams of long afternoons spent splashing and relaxing in a private backyard pool. And then it hits you: How do I keep the water clean and clear? What chemicals do I need for my Intex pool? Help!?!

Not to worry! Youve come to the right place. Whether you have a small Easy Set pool or a big Ultra Frame pool, keep reading to learn how to balance, sanitize, and disinfect your Intex pool water.

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How Many Chlorine Tablets Do I Need For A 10×30 Pool

Answer: 3″ tabs are fine and obviously you will need fewer of those and it would be a good idea to have a floater in order to cut down on corrosive chemicals going directly into the filter/pump. The floater should also have an adjustment for water flow that will determine how quickly the tab dissolves.

What Customers Are Saying About The Intex 1030 Metal Frame Pool

Intex 10ft X 30in Prism Frame Pool Setup

Intex is the most popular above-ground pool brand on the market as we mentioned above. People like this pool for its easy to set up on the ground. And it takes only 30 minutes to enjoy the swim on a hot summer day. Other reasons people love this above ground pool are the it very durable that will last for many summers to come, the pool is rust-resistant and UV protected so the color will be the same always, it comes with a maintenance kit and filter pump.

The 10×30 makes it suitable for the family. It provides an affordable price so people can buy the Intex above ground pool easily. Users of this pool recommend others buying this pool for an awesome summertime.

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How Many Gallons In A 15×30 Pool

Also, assume you have a square, rectangle, or free form pool. You can compute the number of gallons it would hold as follows: L x W x AD x M = Volume in Gallons. 15 x 30 x 4 x 7.5 = 13,500 Gallons . Now assume you have an oval pool: L x W X AD X M = Volume in Gallons . 15 x 30 x 4 x 5.9 = 10,620 Gallons

Faqs About The Intex 1030 Metal Frame Pool

Q. What accessories come with this pool?

Intex 10×30 metal frame pool comes with a filter pump and maintenance kit.

Q. How to attach the vacuum head to the pool?

With the hose and both the pole, youve to attach the vacuum head.

Q. How many gallons is an Intex 10×30 pool?

This Intex 10×30 metal frame pool is able to hold up to 1500 gallons of water.

Q. Is there a ladder in this pool?

No, there is no ladder in this pool. You can buy the pool ladder separately.

Q. Is the Intex 10×30 metal frame pool is tough?

It is very tough as it is made of metal.

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Amazoncom: Summer Waves 10ft X 30in Quick Set Inflatable

Round shape measures 8 feet in diameter and 2.5 feet deep for a 608-gallon capacity Includes RX330 pool filter pump with GFCI … Its a nice pool, easy set up. Only issue is I have found two holes in my pool as I am filling it with water. Brand new, out of the box. 2 patches have come with the pool but they only work for the ring of the …

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