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How Much Are Viking Pools

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Why Choose Viking Acp Pool As Your Fiberglass Pool

Viking Pool Installation Part 1
  • The STANDARD of Fiberglass ICC-ES Certified
  • Ceramic Core Technology EXCLUSIVE Strength
  • EXCEPTIONAL Reinforcement More Layers
  • Innovative, INDUSTRY LEADER for over 40 years!
  • Extensive DESIGN OPTIONS:
  • Modular spas, splash pools, & tanning ledges
  • Crystite & diamond finishes or custom colors
  • Perimeter tile, inlaid tile & custom mosaic tiles
  • LED & fiberoptic lighting

Fiberglass Inground Pools For Indiana

Self Installs – 2020

For the technically advantaged, we will sell Viking Pool packages to be installed by you at the below prices . Below are prices of some of the popular models we sell as self installs. We don’t sell other shells. Reasonable construction skills are necessary. This program won’t be helpful if you are merely subcontracting the work at market rates.

X 36 Fiberglass Pool Cost

An 18 x 36 fiberglass pool ranges from $50,000 to $70,000. This is a popular size pool for recreational purposes. It is large enough for different sections and features. It can have a zero entry, stairs, or separate spa areas. Pools of this size also come in different shapes, such as kidney or Roman. Due to this pools size, you need a larger-than-average yard.

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Full Installation Of A Pool

To get a true cost of fiberglass pool, it should include the following from the Standard Installation plus these items.

  • Fencing
  • Gas and electrical hookups
  • Cantilevered Concrete or Stone Work around the lip of the pool
  • Lighting
  • Covers

This is a real depiction of what a fiberglass pool cost & what should be included. Here is what a reputable inground pool builder, someone who also performs swimming pool services, will quote you on a pool. $40,000 $70,000

Viking Fiberglass Pool Cost

Fiberglass Pool

Viking Pools are great pools and based on where you live, the cost of fiberglass pool can vary based on what you are looking for in the pool and what is needed to meet your needs.

I will try to give some realistic numbers below based on different aspects of what you need in and around your pool plus what some people forget is needed on an fiberglass inground pool.

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Fiberglass Pool Water Features

Water features range from $250 to $15,000. Water features are less common on fiberglass pools than on other pools. This is mostly due to how the shell is formed. Fiberglass pools lack a deep end. Water features are most commonly installed in deeper sections of the pool for the best effect. That said, you could have a smaller feature installed on a fiberglass pool, even though larger features are not recommended.

How Much Does A Viking Pool Cost

How much does a Viking pool cost? Viking Shells 2020- :14 X 28 $18,000 plus tax and delivery. 14 X 30 $19,200 plus tax and delivery. 14 X 33 $19,600 plus tax and delivery. 16 X 33 $20,800 plus tax and delivery.

How long do Viking fiberglass pools last? Fiberglass pools have a life expectancy of 25 years, making them a low-cost option in the long term.

What is the average cost of a fiberglass inground pool? Fiberglass pools are affordable and low-maintenance pool options. Fiberglass pools cost between $20,000 and $85,000, or $52,500 on average. The more budget-friendly options involve DIY installation and dont include accessories like cement patios, while those on the higher end include all the bells and whistles.

How long do Viking pools last? A fiberglass pool is expected to last up to more than 25 years the reason they are the most low-cost option in the long run.

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Viking Pool Shell Prices

Viking pools cost between $22,000 and $55,000, completely installed. Viking is typically sold with one of a few packages. This means you choose your pool and the level of installation and customization. Basic pool packages cost less but have the fewest options. Their mid-tier packages offer additional features like lights and computer-operated . Their high-end packages offer the most choices for style and features.

How Much Do Fiberglass Pools Cost

Viking Pool Installation Part 2

One of the first questions our customers ask is, how much do your fiberglass pools cost? Weve tried to make purchasing a fiberglass pool as easy as possible. We have our Pool Specials posted on our website with a complete list of what they cost and whats included. We get it, price matters! Due to our sales volume we are able to successfully haul over a dozen swimming pools at one time. This dramatically reduces the cost of freight, and in return, lowers the cost of the swimming pool for our customers.

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Disadvantages Of Fiberglass Pools

  • Because of transportation and the install process, it will generally not come any larger than 16 feet wide. However, being molded at the factory, it still manages to be a significant length.
  • The extent of customization, as well as the range of sizes, is minimal if you choose from prefab pools in stock.
  • If the backfill is not correctly packed in around the pool shell, the shell can bend, affecting plumbing pipes and drains.

Fiberglass Pool Pros And Cons

pools are one of the most popular options for backyard pools. They can install in just a few weeks and last for decades with little- to-no maintenance. They do not promote algae growth, so you need fewer chemicals to maintain them. They also come in a wide range of sizes and varying shapes.

Fiberglass pools are shallow, so they cannot be used for diving. They are also somewhat restricted in size due to how they are delivered. While most manufacturers have several shapes to choose from, you cannot customize their design.

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Fiberglass Swimming Pool Cost By Size

swimming pools come in a range of sizes. They are limited in how big they can get, with 20 x 40 being about the largest. They come in several sizes that mean they fit into a range of areas. Size plays a role in what you ultimately pay for the pool and installation. Most fiberglass pools are priced by their length rather than width, but there are some variations. Size is only one factor in your total cost. Ledges, stairs, deck, and accessories impact your final price tag:

$60,000 – $90,000

Fiberglass Pool Maintenance Costs

Viking Pools

The price to maintain your pool ranges between $120 and $380 per cleaning, or about $400 to $600 total per year. That’s relatively low compared to other options. A concrete liner, for instance, costs up to $2,700 per year to maintain.

Some installers offer maintenance programs for as little as $15 per month.

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Viking Pools Vs Leisure Pools: Which Fiberglass Pool Is Better

With the rise in popularity of fiberglass pools throughout the country, many consumers have been left to determine which manufacturers are the best and how they compare to each other.

Having sold and installed hundreds of Viking and Leisure Pools, I have certainly formed my opinions of each. I have compared the two companies in a variety of categories so as to be as clear and succinct as possible.

Note: Viking is now owned and operated by the Latham brand.

Basic Install Plus Concrete

Most pool installations include adding a concrete patio around the edge of the pool.

Most concrete patios take up between 400 and 800 square feet of space around a swimming pool, with larger pools typically requiring more of a patio.

With concrete patio, a typical fiberglass pool installation will cost between: $65,000 and $90,000.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid

  • Choosing the Wrong Size and Depth Decide what you want the pool for before you add on all the possible features available. You wont be happy with a family pool, deep end, and diving board if you only want to do laps.
  • Poor Pool Maintenance Choose your maintenance plan and expenses in advance.
  • Picking the Cheapest Options Uninsured or unbonded pool installers might save you thousands up front but cost you much more than that when the pool starts showing problems from a bad installation job. Check online ratings for contractors on any bids you get, and ask to see their insurance certificate.
  • Buying a Pool with No Warranty on Labor or Parts Youll have no way to get any repair or replacement costs covered if something wasnt installed properly.
  • Inexperienced DIY Work – You can avoid the angst of having an off-kilter pool if you level the ground properly to begin with, and keep it perfectly straight while adding backfill.

Fiberglass Saltwater Pool Cost

How much do fiberglass pools cost | Video

The cost of a fiberglass saltwater pool ranges from $20,000 to $90,000, fully installed. Any fiberglass pool can be converted to a saltwater pool. All you need is to install a saltwater generator, which converts the salt you add to the pool into . Saltwater pools have lower chemical and maintenance costs. The water is also softer and less harsh on the skin. Saltwater pools can damage your surrounding landscaping, so make sure your pool has a wide deck.

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Are Fiberglass Pools Ok

The short answer: No, they shouldnt be. The long answer: Fiberglass can be harmful if you breathe it in, and the raw material can be irritating to bare skin. The good news is, youre not going to be swimming in an exposed fiberglass pool. No one is, as long as you purchase it from a quality manufacturer.

Fiberglass Pool Prices By Location

Most fiberglass pools must be installed in the ground. Some smaller pools may be installed partially above ground. This can be done by backfilling partway up the pools sides for support or creating a raised deck. Fiberglass pools should never be used entirely above ground without support. There is little difference between the two types in cost because of this support, with the exception that most pools that can be used partially above ground tend to be smaller and less expensive than larger pools installed in-ground:

$20,000 – $90,000

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X 40 Fiberglass Pool Cost

A 16 x 40 fiberglass pool costs between $50,000 and $70,000. This is the largest length of fiberglass pool available. It is good for those who want to use their pools for exercise because the length makes it good for laps. Pools of this size also come with several features. They can have separate spa sections with seating or stairs, ledges, and other options. To accommodate a pool this size, you must have a larger-than-average yard.

Fiberglass Pool With A Deck

Pin by anti Zebra on pool (With images)

Nearly all fiberglass pool costs include a concrete deck in their total. Only the most basic installations do not include at least some type of decking. This is partly because the pool must have some concrete coping installed around the edge as part of its installation. However, you can upgrade your deck to another material if you do not want a concrete deck. Most use the same material as patios and have similar pricing.

$3,500 – $10,000

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Fiberglass Pool Installation Cost

Because a fiberglass pool shell is made off-site, most of the labor in building the pool is in the excavation, dirt hauling, and deck installation. For most pool projects, excavation is done first, then the pool is shipped and lowered into place. It is then backfilled, with dirt tightly encasing the walls on all sides. The deck and coping are installed, and then the equipment, including the pump, filter, heater, and other features. If you choose a high-end pool package, the pool can be finished with tiles and other options before it is filled with water.

Every pool installation is different. Some require rocky terrain blasting, while others may not. Some need additional backfilling for things like an infinity edge. Depending on where you live, you may need to have water brought in by a truck to fill your pool, or you can fill it with a hose.

A loose breakdown of costs for installing a pool may include:

$300 – $400

Escape From The World Without Leaving The Comforts Of Home With Vikings Fiberglass Inground Pools

Specializing in award winning fiberglass pool designs. Our in-ground pools can help you create a personal paradise in your own back yard. You owe it to yourself to jump into a Viking Pool!

Isnt it your turn to experience the pure enjoyment, complete relaxation, and endless hours of recreation that come with owning a Viking fiberglass inground pool?

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Fiberglass Lap Pool Cost

The cost of a fiberglass lap pool averages $40,000 to $65,000. Lap pools are long, thin in-ground pools. They are designed for exercise rather than recreation. They are usually about 40 long – the maximum that the fiberglass pool can be built. They are often not very wide, measuring between 6 and 12 wide, depending on the number of intended users. This can be a good option for those who want their pool for exercise but do not have the width for a larger pool.

How Much Are Viking Pools

Viking Pools on TLC’s Little People Big World, Matt Roloffs pool Installation part 3


14 X 30 $19,200 plus tax and delivery. 14 X 33 $19,600 plus tax and delivery. 16 X 33 $20,800 plus tax and delivery. 16 X 35 $22,000 plus tax and delivery.

How much does it typically cost to install a pool in florida?

Average Cost of Pool Installation in Florida The average cost of installing an in-ground pool is between $35,380 and $65,389, with a median Miami pool installation cost average of $49,634. The size of your pool, its location, and the type of materials used will all affect the final cost.

how much does an inground pool cost in Ohio?inground pool costsOhioOhioinground poolscostAverage Ohio Pool Pricesinground pool


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Latham Pool Products Inc

A Viking pool is built for strength and designed to perform. Every Viking pool is made from the highest grade fiberglass and ceramic materials, and undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process. You can literally see and feel the difference in its multi-layered construction and non-porous surface.

Trilogy Pools began manufacturing fiberglass composite swimming pools and spas for residential and commercial applications in 1999. From the very beginning to the here and now, Trilogy remains committed to providing innovative solutions throughout the pool and composite industries.

You will enjoy countless hours of mental and physical relaxation, including gatherings of family and friends, private romantic evening swims, sunset reflections on your own terrace, and those quiet relaxing mornings poolside. Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools is dedicated to the concept that a pool should have lasting beauty and be easy to maintain without costly repairs.

Coverstar safety covers are the strongest way to prevent children and pets from getting into your pool when you cant be there. Whether you prefer a durable mesh or solid safety cover, or an automatic safety cover that goes on and off your pool with push-button convenience, a Coverstar cover is the best protection available for your family and your pool investment!

Alaglas Swimming Pools Price

Alaglas pools cost between $33,000 and $85,000 installed. Alaglas puts a particular emphasis on their pools strength and durability. All fiberglass pools are built from multiple layers of material. Alaglas goes beyond the normal amount of material to ensure a strong, durable shell. They have a very wide range of pools to choose from, including some small patio-sized pools. This smaller range can mean they fit in more yards and areas than other pools.

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What Pools Last The Longest

Pools with vinyl liners will last more than 20 years, as long as you replace your liner every 6-12 years. Concrete pools have exceptional longevity, but you need to resurface the concrete every 10 years or so. Fiberglass pools have the longest lifespans of any in-ground pool, often easily surpassing 30 years.

Fiberglass Pool Costs Vs Other Pool Types

How much do " Viking Pools"  cost?

Overall, your fiberglass pool will be about 10% cheaper than a concrete or gunite pool but about 20% more expensive than a vinyl pool. However, over ten years of upkeep costs, fiberglass is the clear winner, costing 50% less to maintain than a vinyl pool and 75% less than a concrete pool.

Replace liner every 10 years

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Affordable And Straightforward Assembly

Why spend money on pool installation when you can do it yourself? With the Equator Pool easy-to-follow installation guide and a little labour you will be able to save thousands of dollars by installing your inground pool yourself. We provide you with everything you need, including:

  • – Affordable pool packages which contain all the materials, instructions and dig specs you need
  • – Expert staff to assist you with any installation questions. We are only a phone call away and can walk you step-by-step through the process!
  • Average Cost Of A Fiberglass Pool By Type

    Like many pool materials, fiberglass pools come in several types. When looking for something beyond the typical backyard pool for recreation, you may want to consider some of these other types. Many can be used in smaller yards, so they can be a good fit if you want a pool but do not have much room.

    Type of Pool
    $90,000 – $110,000

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