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How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Filter

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Dirt Passing Back Into Pool

How Often Should You BACKWASH A POOL FILTER? | Swim University

If dirt or DE gets through the filter and into the pool, check for:

  • Damaged grids, laterals or cartridges
  • Broken manifolds or retainers
  • Backwash valves that have bad gaskets or O-rings

Maintenance and prevention are key: When you feel a backwash valve becoming difficult to turn, do a teardown and lubricate before any leaks occur. While you’re at it, carefully examine grids, laterals, cartridges, and manifolds each time you break down a filter for cleaning. Don’t be in a rush when reassemblingsloppy and careless reassembly after cleaning is the cause of most filter leaks.

Generally Your Weekly Maintenance Tasks Should Consist Of:

  • Test pH levels. They should be between 7.4 and 7.6.
  • Adjust pool chemicals as needed to maintain the correct pH levels.
  • You also need to test free available chlorine levels. They should be between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million . Adjust chlorine levels as needed.
  • Be sure you skim your pool for insects, leaves and debris and then empty your skimmer basket.

No matter what else you do, vacuuming your pool is critical.

Vacuum your pool at least once a week maybe twice. Again, this depends on how much errant debris youre collecting from trees and swimmers. Vacuuming makes it easier to control the pH level, so its important to be sure to vacuum frequently enough to avoid debris decay on the bottom of your pool.

Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaning

Pool filter cartridge cleaning is something that can be done by almost any pool owner with a bit of basic information and some elbow grease. The time between cleaning varies on usage, size of salt water pool and make or model of the cartridge filter. Proper filtration is one of the keys to having sparkling, crystal clear pool water.

A salt water pool system combined with a clean functioning filter will produce unmatched water quality that will be sure to impress your friends and neighbours. If you want more information about cleaning your salt water pool cell read be sure to read our salt water pool cell page.

An indicator that your cartridge filter needs to be cleanedis that your pool water isnt as clear as it should be. If your cartridgefilter is equipped with a pressure gauge you should clean your filter when thepressure rises 10 lbs above the original starting pressure. This rise inpressure is due to debris blocking the normal flow of water that means yourfilter will not be working optimally.

Its important that cartridge filter systems are not backwashed like sand or diatomaceous earth filters. The paper filters that are found inside the filter are quite sensitive and a backwash will actually damage them. The papers will need to be removed and cleaned much like a vacuum filter needs to be cleaned occasionally.

Precise pool filter cartridge cleaning will vary withdifferent makes and models but a good basic guideline is as follows.

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When To Clean A Pool Filter Cartridge

Filter cartridges should be cleaned whenever the filter pressure gauge increases by about 8 PSI or more above the normal operating pressure, or at least every 6 months assuming your filter is properly sized and you havent had any unusually large burden placed on the filter .

If you notice a change in your water quality, inspect the filter for damage/tears, and a cleaning may be needed.

When To Clean Your Pool Filters

How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Filter?  Pool Knowledge

If your pool filters quality has decreased, it may not necessarily need replacing. All filters need regular cleaning to ensure they can work to their full capacity.

If youre using a cartridge filter, remove it and rinse it off thoroughly with a stiff brush and hose, and use a specialist cleaner if available. Aim to do this once a week for the optimal longevity for your filter.

To care for a glass or sand-based pump filter system, you perform a procedure known as backwashing. Most pump systems will come with a backwash option, allowing water to run through the opposite way to before, lifting clogged dirt from the filter.

You should look to backwash your pool filters whenever the pressure has risen from its normal levels by around eight-to-ten psi. During heavy use, this will happen every week, and sometimes more frequently than that.

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Your Pool Filter Needs To Get A Good Cleaning Regularly To Maintain Proper Filtration

Heres how often you should consider getting a pool filter cleaning.

When was the last time you cleaned your pool filter? If you cant remember, its time to do it more often. This task is an integral part of pool maintenance and can help you avoid costly repairs later on.

You dont have to be a pool owner to know that keeping the water clean is a must. It not only increases your pools lifespan but also protects against disease-causing bacteria and germs. Thats where pool filters come in.

These accessories trap small particles, bugs, debris, and other contaminants, removing them from the water. They also help prevent algae and bacteria growth.

Pool filter cleaning may not be the most exciting task, but its worth the effort. The question is: how often should you do it? Lets find out!

When To Replace A Filter Cartridge

Generally most people replace their filter cartridges about every 3-5 years, but dont use the amount of time that has passed as the only determining factor, monitor the performance of your filter. Your time frame may be longer or shorter depending on the demand placed on the cartridge.

There are 3 ways to determine when your filter cartridge has given up the ghost.

Cleaning Frequency: Pool filter cartridges need to be cleaned when the pressure gauge rises 8 PSI above normal operating pressure. When the time frame in between this increase in pressure begins to shorten significantly, the filter cartridge probably needs to be replaced.

Keep track of the filter pressure and the date you clean your filter cartridge. When the length of time between cleanings is half of what it used to be, your filter cartridge has reached its half-life, and its time to replace.

Water Quality: Another way to determine if your filter cartridge is terminally ill, is when you notice that the water stays cloudy or green despite proper chemical balance, or that you have to run your filter longer or use more sanitizer, to achieve clean and clear pool water.

There is another way to calculate the length of time between pool cartridge replacement, and that is the tipping point of filter size vs pool size.

Need help finding a replacement cartridge, or have any questions about how to care for an aging filter cartridge? Give a call to 1-800-288-7946!

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What Is The Best Way To Clean A Pool Filter

Before you buy a pool filter cleaning solution, determine which pool filter you have. The cleaning process is different for each one, though fundamentally, they all involve removing the accumulated dirt and debris.

Backwashing is a common technique used to clean DE and sand pool filters. Instead of pushing water through the filter to capture particles, you reverse the process to flush the contaminants out of the filter.

You cannot clean a cartridge filter by backwashing. The only way to remove the pool debris is by taking the cartridge apart and rinsing it thoroughly .

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How Often Should I Clean My Cartridge Pool Filter?

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How To Clean A Pool Filter Cartridge

To properly clean a cartridge youll want to first remove any large dirt and debris particles and then soak it in a pool filter cartridge cleaning solution to remove built up oils and scum.

Use a garden hose to remove the larger debris, cleaning between the pleats from top to bottom. The more deeply you clean your pool filter cartridge, the longer it will last. Quickly hosing off it off and putting it back in the tank is not recommended. When you clean your cartridges, give it the full treatment each time.

The pool Filter Wand is a brush that you connect to you garden hose to increase water pressure. This allows you to easily brush the cartridge and have water flow through at the same time.

The Filter Flosser is a high pressure cleaning head that you attach to a garden hose to blast dirt and debris out of the pleats in your filter cartridge.

Once youve removed all of the loose debris, soaking the filter in a filter cleaning solution to remove oils and minerals is the next step. Natural Chemistrys Filter Perfect or In The Swims granular filter cleaner are great options.

Natural Chemistrys Filter Perfect is a highly concentrated, natural enzyme cleaning solution. Add 1 liter of Filter Perfect to a bucket of 5 to 10 gallons of water and soak the cartridge for a minimum of 6 hours, or let it soak overnight. Remove the cartridge from the solution and rinse thoroughly.

For best results, allow your cartridge to dry fully after soaking before placing it back in the filter tank.

How Often Should I Clean My Pool Filter Cartridge

This is a question that we get a lot through our social media channels as well as our email channels and we usually tell people that as a rule of thumb, its best to give your pool filter cartridge a good rinsing once a month to ensure longevity of the cartridge. Again, this is just an estimate as the actual cleaning interval will depend on a lot of factors which we will be talking about today. But before that, heres Tom to give you a quick overview of your pool filter cartridges.

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Cleaning A Sand Filter

  • Owners manual


Cleaning a sand pool filter is relatively easy. You can backwash it, which you should do whenever it reaches 8-10 PSI over the normal operating level. Or youll need to do it when the pool water gets cloudy.

At least twice a year, you should chemically clean your sandfilter with a cleaner that works while backwashing the filter. Heres how:

  • Start backwashing the filter to remove dirt and debris.
  • Slowly add the sand filter cleaner into the skimmer.
  • Backwash the filter for 3 to 5 minutes again to remove dirt and debris that has been dislodged by the filter cleaner.
  • When complete, turn off the filter pump. Move the backwash valve handle to the Filter position and turn the filter pump back on.
  • If you experience water-quality issues after chemically cleaning your filter or backwashing doesnt lower the psi because it may be time to change the sand.
  • See? Quick and easy! With sand filters, you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pool.

    DIY TIP: If youd prefer to do a deeper cleaning, add a sand filter cleaner, such as Leslies Sand Filter Revitalizer. Follow the directions on the label and make sure the water level in the pool is correct prior to backwashing.

    How Often Should You Clean Your De Pool Filter

    How Often Should I Clean My Pool Filters?

    Try to clean your DE filter at least once a month. Of all the filters, they remove the most grime and organics from your pool. The longer you wait to clean your DE filter, the less effective it becomes. Along with a monthly cleaning, always check your pressure gauge to confirm the pressure is no higher than 8 to 10 over the pressure level for a freshly cleaned filter.

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    When You Shouldnt Backwash

    Backwashing is a great way to clean out clogged filters but there are times you should avoid the process.

    If your pool has or had an algae issue is it recommended to by-pass your filter entirely and vacuum directly to waste. This is because live algae is able to easily pass through your filter medium and re-enter your pool.

    Its also advised you vacuum directly to the water and down the drain if your pool has been exposed to an unusually high level of debris or dirt. For example, if a neighbor is building nearby or there are roadworks in the surrounding streets.

    How Often Should You Change Your Pool Filter Cartridges

    Do you think your pool is clean? According to CDC data, its probably full of poop . Nearly 80 percent of 48,632 public water venues were found to have at least one safety violation.

    Whats more, a similar study found that 58 percent of tested pool filter samples were positive for E. coli, and 59 percent contained Pseudomonas aeruginosa. E. coli is bacteria found in the human intestines, and you guessed it, poop.

    Unless you enjoy swimming in excrement, changing your pool filter is essential to enjoying a clean swimming experience. But do you know how often to change your filter, and what your filter actually does besides filter?

    To help keep your pool clean, were breaking down the whys, whens, and hows of changing your pool filter cartridges. Lets get started.

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    Remove De Filter Tank Lid

    Believe it or not, this is can be a difficult step when doing DE filter cleaning. Getting the lid back on can be even more challenging, but more on that later!

    The lid obviously fits over your tank tightly and is held down by the pressure inside your DE filter cleaning system.

    To remove the lid properly and safely, you need to outsmart it.

    Do this: Open your air-relief valve on the top.

    Next, loosen the lids collar or clamp. If you have a screw-down version, loosen the screws.

    Now, turn on your pump. The pressure from the water should pop the lid loose but not off that would be dangerous to say the least.

    Completely undo the collar or clamp from the tank, lift off the lid and set it aside.

    How Often Should You Clean A Swimming Pool

    When Should You Clean Your D.E. POOL FILTER GRIDS? | Swim University

    The question, how often should you clean a swimming pool? is a difficult one to answer, because cleaning a swimming pool is no simple task!

    There are many jobs big and small involved in proper pool maintenance. Some must be performed daily, some weekly, some monthly, some seasonally.

    Even though you can create a maintenance chart to follow, keeping your pool properly maintained is not as simple as following the chart. You have to be observant and take care of problems as, or before, they arise.

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    Frayed Tattered Or Ripped Cartridges

    While cartridges are made of a long-lasting material, the natural wear and tear, water pressure, weight of the dirt particles, and the action of harsh chemicals can cause the material to fail. Fraying of material makes the cartridge look furry and ripped.

    If you notice any fraying or holes in the cartridge material, then its time for a replacement.

    When To Change A Sand Filter

    Sand filters will often be able to perform for around three-to-seven years, depending on use.

    If you frequently clean and backwash your filter and only use the pool seasonally, you can expect to replace it after at least five years. While sand filters can be good for a few more years, we recommend replacing your media at this point to maintain a healthy pool system long-term.

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    Your Pool’s Filter Cartridge: When To Clean And When To Replace

    A well kept cartridge filter lays at the heart of beautiful swimming pools all across Miami and the world. While this might be the most exciting part of yourpool maintenance routine, having a properly kept cartridge filter not only keeps your pool sparkling clean, but it also extends the lifespan of your pool pump, and pool equipment. As pool owners it is important to know how often you should clean your cartridge filter and when its time to switch it out for a new one.

    The golden rule for single cartridge filter cleaning is once a month. Remember to keep in mind that this rule does not apply to every swimming pool. EVERY POOL IS DIFFERENT. Your frequency of cleaning should depend on the size of your pool, the size of your cartridge filter, pool chemistry, your bather load and the amount of dirt on debris that falls in your pool. Many pools that have undersized filters may need to be cleaned more often, while pools with oversized filter might be able to wait 2-3 months between cleanings.

    When you take your cartridge out many times you will be able to visually see the accumulation of dirt and oils on your filter media. This change in color is a good indication that it is time to wash down your cartridge. Another way to monitor your filter cartridge is by checking the pressure gauge. If the filter pressure increases by about 8-10 PSI or more above the normal operating pressure

    When To Backwash A De Pool Filter

    What Size Sand Filter Do I Need For My Above Ground Pool?

    You should backwash your DE pool filter about once a month during pool season. In addition to the regular schedule, youll want to perform additional backwashing if:

    • Youve been running your pool filter for 48 hours straight. This can cause a pressure build-up, even if the filter grids look clean.
    • Higher-than-normal amounts of debris have entered your pool water. A heavy summer storm that washes sediment into your pool or a large potted plant that tips over into the pool can overtax the DE system.
    • Your pool has had a heavy swimmer load for an extended period of time. If youve had houseguests for several days or your kids had friends over every day of the week, youll need to clear out the remnants from all the extra sunscreen, beauty products, and even sweat that will clog up your DE filter.

    Pro tip: At least once during each pool season and anytime your filter pressure remains high after backwashing take the grids out of your DE filter and clean them more thoroughly.

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