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How To Get Rid Of Ducks From Your Pool

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Install A Pool Solar Cover

How to Keep DUCKS Out of Your POOL | Swim University

Do you want to know what the best duck deterrent that can help you to get rid of ducks in pool places might be?

As basic as it seems, a proper pool cover can do the trick and it will definitely keep ducks away.

When youre not using the pool, keeping it covered can solve a lot of issues that youd later have to come up with solutions for.

You probably know that all sorts of things can end up in a pool while you arent looking, from leaves and debris to bird droppings. Needless to say, the latter can be health-threatening.

When it comes to getting a duck repellent swimming pool cover, you might also want to know that it will keep the water not just clean but also warmer.

Some solar covers trap solar radiation, so they can increase the water temperature by up to 10 and even 15 degrees.

Depending on their size, the materials they are made of, and their ability to retain heat, pool covers can end up being a little pricey.

But if youd like to avoid that expense, you can at least get an affordable poly tarp cover and simply make sure that its not moved by strong wind or animals during the night. Sometimes, placing rocks on its sides can do the trick.

Disturb The Surface Of The Water

You might have noticed that ducks dont like the sea or the ocean, and thats because these places arent their natural habitats.

They do not appreciate water thats not calm, so the whole point is to disturb the water and keep them away from it. If you have a small pond or fountain on your property, you can safely use a duck repellant in the form of a water pump.

People usually find the visual effects created by such a machine quite pleasing to the eye, but its not the same for ducks or other birds, who love to spend time on the water.

The more range the disturbance is capable of covering, the fewer the chances of ducks coming over for a visit.

Ducks love to tread water quietly and then get on the ground, where they eat and raise their young. If the surface of the water is disturbed, they arent going to want to come near it.

You can use the same machine to scare ducks away from pool places by installing smaller ones on the sides.

Theyd provide kids with quite a lot of enjoyment, but theyd deter duck roosting or any other duck socialization behaviors.

Balloons Arent Just For Birthday Parties

A cost-effective and colorful solution is to blow up some balloons and throw them in the pool. Its basically like having a pool full of floating toys but with balloons.

If you like to maintain your pool toys and want to keep them clean and out of the water, contemplate using balloons instead.

Balloons come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and can have various patterns and pictures on them too. When we think of balloons we think of birthday parties, maybe youll feel like its your birthday every day.

Youll want to check on the balloons regularly and ensure you clean out any that might have popped while in the pool, so they dont get caught in the filter.

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How To Keep Ducks And Geese From Swimming In Your Pool

Deterring larger birds like ducks or geese from swimming in your pool might need another type of tactic than a regular garden bird. There are some things you can do to modify the area around your swimming pool that will keep these birds from taking a swim. These include:

  • Food: Do not feed or provide food for ducks or geese. This will encourage them to come back.
  • Grass: Limit the amount of grass in the area, as some ducks and geese feed on grass.
  • Removal: Ducks and geese flock together, so removing the offenders will lessen the likelihood of returning birds. You will need to contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture to learn about removal.

Ways To Keep Ducks Out Of Your Pool And Yard

How to Get Rid of Muscovy Ducks

Sure, the sight of a few ducks swimming around in your backyard pool is pretty heartwarming, at first. But if you dont intend on running a backyard zoo, then you already know that they cant stay for long. Yes, theyre small, fuzzy, and cute to look at, but your pool isnt a local pond, and therefore no place for a duck to call home.

And lets not forget about the other big reason ducks cant stick around:

They poop, a lot. Wherever they land.

And like most birds, ducks can carry parasites in their droppings, which can spread through contact and even be harmful to humans.

So with that said, what steps should you take when you find ducks swimming in your pool?

Well in this post, we share a few great tips on how to keep ducks out of your yard and swimming pool. And while ducks flying south for winter is inevitable, if you follow the tips in this post, you can prevent them from calling your pool their home.

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Why It Is A Good Idea To Keep Ducks Out

Sure, it is a pain to have bird droppings in and around your pool. That can be enough of a reason to want to keep them away. But there are actually several reasons why it is a good idea to keep those ducks from coming back and taking up residence.

The first is that once they do decide that your pool area is a safe area for them, they are hard to get rid of without taking action. Ducks can be persistent if they feel that your pool is safe from predators and it can be a pain to keep them away.

Secondly, having any kind of wildlife increases the overall risk of germs and disease. This can include things such as salmonella, E.coli, and crypto, among others.

The fortunate thing here is that most of these types of bacteria will die fairly quickly when they are contacted by the chlorine. This is why it is so important to maintain a proper chlorine level in your pool.

Lastly, there are already natural contaminants to deal with such as phosphates and nitrates. Having birds or ducks present means contaminating the water even further.

Instead of constantly shooing them away, find a way to keep them away. There are more than a few simple tips that you can implement to keep the ducks away from your pool area so you can keep it clean and enjoy the peace.

The Best Way To Keep Ducks Out Of A Pool

You may laugh but having a flock of ducks in your pool is a common problem for pool owners in the spring season. Your family may enjoy having cute ducklings swimming around in the pool but what about the contamination of bird faeces, feathers, bacteria and viruses in the pool. Read this article to discover the best way to keep ducks out of a pool.

When you are not using your pool and its properly sanitized finding some ducks floating around in the pool is not going be harmful. However, allowing ducks to use your pool as a toilet is unhygienic and you really should move them on. The simplest methods are to frighten the ducks away with noise, dogs, floating toys and pool cleaners. The best solution is to buy a pool cover so the ducks cannot land in the pool.

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Scare Ducks With A Sonic Cannon

Using a duck cannon can be another method of keeping ducks off dock places and even one of getting rid of ducks in swimming pool spots.

The way a sonic cannon works is that it releases very loud sonic blasts, which scare off a variety of bird species, not just ducks.

Of course, this technique can have its drawbacks, since if you want to attract songbirds to your garden but ensure that no ducks come around to steal any of their food, you will, unfortunately, deter all birds.

Sonic cannons can be customized so as to release their sonic blasts at specific times during the day or according to a cycle that you have complete control over. Most models come with a timer, but there are also random modes available.

The reason that ducks are so easily scared by powerful sounds like the ones released by a sonic cannon is that they feel like they are being hunted down with a rifle.

You can use this information to your advantage to deter ducks from your water sources.

Unfortunately, the sonic noise cannons make can sometimes be too strong even for people, so you might not be able to use such a machine in your backyard.

Install An Automatic Pool Cleaner

Tips To Stop Ducks From Swimming In Your Pool

I used to have one that I named creepy. I found the slowness and its ability to silently creep up behind me when I least expected it very creepy. Maybe itll creep the ducks and birds out too. Enough so that they leave your pool alone.

As we all know that most ducks are easily scared, the sound and/or vibrations of the moving pool cleaner should do the trick.

Advantages of using an automatic pool cleaner:

  • Cleans dirt, algae, and debris while youre working.
  • Can be set up on a timer so that the pool is clean and ready to use when you arrive home.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Self-navigate the pool.
  • Frighten wildlife and deter them from entering the pool.

They can be pricey, but considering the list of advantages, they may be worth the dollars spent for a clean, hospitable pool for humans.

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Turn On Pool Filters To Repel Ducks

If you are noticing a duck or two taking a dip in your pool, as cute as it may be at first this can be the start of major problems!

Ducks like to float atop calm water, and our clean, well-maintained pools are the perfect place for a duck to sit back and relax. But, when there is one duck and an ample supply of well-maintained and comfortable temperature water there will be more ducks to follow suit.

If you are noticing ducks in your pools, turn on your pool filter or get an automated vacuum for your pool. Turning on the filter or the vacuum, will make movement in the water, and will scare the ducks away because they will think there is a predator lurking underneath.

Loud Noises Leave The Radio On

As mentioned before, we all know how skittish birds can be the majority of the time. Its rare to find a bird that doesnt immediately fly away when you show up or shoo them away.

Try leaving your radio on to see if it keeps the birds away. If they think humans are around, that means the enemy is around and they might think again about being in your backyard or your pool.

If the radio isnt working, try some heavy metal. The loud drums and cymbals might do the trick. Probably best to warn the neighbors though.

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Can You Add Chlorine To Your Duck Pool

Chlorine in a pool for humans usually helps to make the water safe for swimming. Chlorine also helps to kill bacteria and pathogenic organisms that may be found in the water.

Likewise, your ducks pool. Chlorine can be added to your ducks pool especially when you notice that the duck is sick, to ensure that the disease is not transmitted to the other ducks through the water.

So, the best thing is to add some chlorine. Chlorine isnt considered harmful when added to the ducks pool but too much chlorine especially when they are around 25 ppm tends to affect your ducks digestive tract especially when they drink large amounts of chlorine water.

Use An Ultrasonic Pet Repellent

Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

If you’re dealing with other creatures besides ducks, it might be worth it to buy a pet repellent. These inexpensive machines emit a high-frequency sound that humans can’t hear but that is highly irritating to birds. The sound effect is harmless to wildlife and simply works to shock the animal into flight so it doesn’t get too comfortable.

If you don’t maintain your pool, you’re just asking for birds to make a home in it.

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Your Best Option Is To Scare The Ducks Away

If you have ducks visiting or staying in your pool, just scare them away. They are just looking for a place to swim, feed, and reproduce. There is no reason for you to kill them just because they are swimming and pooping in your pool.

It is always best to prevent them from being there in the first place. If you know other tips on keeping ducks away from your pool, let me know in the comments.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Place Mirrors Around Your Outdoor Spaces To Deter Ducks

Another way to get rid of ducks is to hide mirrors around your gardens and outdoor spaces. Mirrors reflect light, and the reflected light may disorient a duck and will make them avoid the space at all costs.

Plus, other ducks can also scare ducks, so coming across their reflection from time to time will frighten them and will confuse them.

Simply grabbing some smaller mirrors like this Edgewood 4 Piece Mirror Set and placing each individual piece in duck-prone areas, can be an easy method to help resolve your duck problem.

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What Other Animals Can Get In My Pool

It depends on how open your backyard is to wildlife, and what State you live in, but there are several animals and creatures that can get in your pool here are just a few:

  • Birds
  • Squirrels
  • Lizards

Cats and Dogs can get in your pool too cats tend to stay away from water, but if you have an open backyard, a stray or loose dog could take a dip!

Why Are Ducks So Unsafe For Swimming Pools

Ducks in Your Swimming Pool – How to Scare Them Off

Adult ducks that come and go like they own the place pose a hazard to bathers of a swimming pool. You wont really notice it with ducklings. However, adult ducks and especially geese will make a horrible mess in and around a pool as they naturally leave excrement, feces, behind. Not only will this quickly become a maintenance headache, but it is incredibly unsanitary and hazardous to human health. If given the chance to break down, any germs contained in the droppings will now be in the pool water.

If the pools chemical treatment is substandard in any way, these germs will have an opportunity to survive and infect unsuspecting human bathers. This is a great reason to maintain a minimum of 3.0 parts per million of chlorine, as well as a pH of 7.4 7.6 in a swimming pool at all times. This effectively destroys any germs that enter the pool. Even Cryptosporidium which is chemical resistant will breakdown with a little bit of time.

Keeping chemicals up to the right balance is of course the best way to keep from the dangers of spreading germs, viruses, and disease in pool water. However, you still have to deal with the fact that there is bird poop in your pool. The CDC has some recommendations on how to deal with this and its actually the same procedure as if a human had such an accident in the pool. Check out those guidelines here if you like.

Follow these steps to remove bird droppings and disinfect the water:

The above is a direct quotation from the CDC website

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Plant Tall Plants And Avoid Planting Fruit

Ducks stay out of tall plants because it enables them to see predators right away. So rather than planting short plants around your backyard pool, consider growing tall bushes. Additionally, avoid growing fruit-bearing plants such as berries and nuts, as the trees and bushes will offer food for the birds.

Build Barriers Around Ponds Pools And Gardens

Another way to keep ducks away is to simply build some barriers around duck-prone spaces.

If ducks are getting into your garden, putting up a garden fence or making a hidden barrier using scents that ducks hate like cayenne pepper, essential oils and garlic around your garden is a great way to keep them away,

If ducks are getting into your pools or ponds, making a barrier out of chicken wire or netting that lays atop the ponds or pools when they are not in use, can be just the thing.

Ducks land on water, its just the thing they do. If they are flying above and see a pool, there is a chance they will stop for a dip, however, if there is a barrier on top of it, theres an even better chance that the ducks will fly right on by.

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Keep Up With Pool Maintenance

It may sound repetitive, but pool maintenance and cleaning is the best practice I can preach. Not only does it keep up the appearance and safety of your swimming pool, but it will also likely lessen the chance of ducks swimming in the water. Ducks prefer natural-looking bodies of water. So when pool water has balanced chemicals and no debris floating around, it is not as attractive for them.

Use A Motion Sensor Sprinkler

How To Keep Ducks Out Of Your Pool? (July 2021)

I call this the animal repeller. Just like an insect repeller, but in a humane and environmentally friendly fashion. This battery-powered yard enforcer acts as a type of security guard for your lawn and your pool.

When the sensor is activated, it emits a small amount of water, but enough water to spray as far as the animal that has set it off.

Remember to turn off the sprinkler when youre planning on using the pool or walking in the yard, otherwise beware of getting your clothes wet when you forget.

Heres why we like the motion sensor sprinkler:

  • Repels and deters animals from using the pool.
  • Simple battery-operated device.
  • Small boats.
  • Inflatable seats.

The bonus of this solution is that you get plenty of fun things for you and your family and friends to enjoy in the pool.

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