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How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Pool Liner

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Tip 8 Blow Out The Liner

How to get wrinkels out of your replacement pool liner

If all else fails, you can try draining your pool and then blowing out the liner itself. Using a Shop-Vac in reverse, place the hose between the liner and the frame and turn it on. This will push air between the liner and frame and push those wrinkles right out of the liner. Once they have come out, reverse the suction again and pull out the excess air that you have pushed under your liner.

What Causes Wrinkles In Pool Liners

  • Incorrect Liner Size: A pool liner that is too big, or too deep for the pool size and depth has excess material that folds over.
  • Low pool water pH: Over many years time, pH levels that are consistently below 7.0 may shrink the liner slightly, due to the acidic water.
  • Pool Water Loss: If the water leaks out, or is pumped out of an old liner, the vinyl contracts, making it hard to reset the liner without wrinkles.
  • Water Under the Liner: Rare, but high water tables can float a liner, bulging the vinyl liner. When waters recede, wrinkles are possible.
  • Puckering:Usually caused by dropping undissolved granular pool chemicals onto the vinyl, or from chlorine tablets resting on a vinyl liner.
  • Incorrect Installation: When installing a new liner, as described below, methods are used to prevent vinyl liner wrinkles during and after install.
  • Pool liner wrinkles when installing a new liner:

    This is the most common type of wrinkle in a pool liner. One cause is that the liner ordered is deeper than the pool, or too much additional sand was added while prepping the floor of the pool. A primary cause is poor measurement, especially of the hopper bottom, on inground vinyl liner pools. When installing inground liners, and in some cases aboveground pool liners, using a vacuum or shop vac is necessary to set the liner, or suck it tight against the walls and floor, before filling with water. When this step is missed or mishandled, pool liner wrinkles can result.

    In The Swim Blog Editor

    Apply A Clean Plunger To Remove The Wrinkles

    Toilet plungers provide the perfect amount of suction to remove vinyl liner wrinkles. Follow this method for the best results:

  • Suction the plunger behind the wrinkle.
  • Stand on the other side of the wrinkle with your rubber water shoes.
  • Push the plunger away from you, pulling the wrinkle with it.
  • If necessary, pull your feel backward while suctioning the plunger to the vinyl for extra wrinkle-removing force.
  • Pro-tip: Always choose a clean and unused plunger. Toilet plungers contain all sorts of bacteria that can encourage algae growth and make your pool unsuitable for swimming.

    Make sure you wash the plunger with hose water after using it to remove the wrinkles. The chlorine can dry and crack the plunger, making it useless for removing future creases in the liner.

    If you prefer a video tutorial, review this helpful YouTube guide:

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    Pay Attention To Small Water Leaks

    While they may be tiny, water leaks are one of the most dangerous causes to wrinkle the ground of your swimming pool.

    Small water leaks at the bottom of your pool allow water to get underneath the liner. This, in turn, forces the vinyl liner up to stretch. Eventually, the liner gets wrinkles, and you have a problem.

    Part of owning swimming pools is being aware of such situations and quick to act on them.

    Important: Mind that you may have to drain the pool if it has small water leaks. Its because patching the pool ground properly would be hard to do underwater!

    Adding Stairs To Your Pool

    How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Pool Liner?

    1. Is this the main stay of your business? are 2. How long have you been installing pool liners? 3. How many pool liners have you installed in that time? 4. Who measures your liners? 5. Are you licensed, insured, and bonded? Do you have new pool certifications CST and SP1? 6. What are your strengths? 7. Do you subcontract your work? 8. Are your liners Virgin Vinyl or Recycled? 9. Are your liners calendared or extruded?

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    Control The Water Temperature

    One of the main culprits behind wrinkled pool liners is usually water temperature.

    When water is heated, it expands, and when it cools, it contracts. This constant changing of temperature can cause the liner to become loose, creating wrinkles.

    The best way to avoid this problem is to maintain a consistent water temperature. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, you may need to invest in a heater or cooler for your pool. Another option is to cover the pool when its not in use, which will help to regulate the water temperature.

    Stretch It Out With Your Hands Feet Or A Pool Brush

    An easy way to get the wrinkles out of the pool liner is by using your hands, feet, or a pool brush. Wear shoes and walk along the wrinkles to smooth them out. Your feet, hands, or a pool brush are reliable ways to get rid of small wrinkles, but you may have to use a swimming pool brush to get some of the bigger, more stubborn wrinkles out.

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    How To Prevent Wrinkles In Vinyl Pool Liner

    If you contract reputable builders to construct your pool, you should operate under the assumption that they want to provide you a good experience and a quality product. Youre both working toward the same goal. They dont benefit from an upset customer. Assume the best of them and know what you need to contribute to make this project a success.

    If you read your warranty carefully, you’ll almost certainly find that wrinkles are not covered. In this case, if the builder does install your liner incorrectly and you find wrinkles, they will not be obligated to remove them, although they should.

    When filling the pool, it’s okay to monitor the liner for wrinkles and point them out to the builder. They may not appreciate this, but better safe than sorry. If a builder ever instructs you to remove wrinkles in a pool they are installing, you’ve likely picked the wrong company. Consequently, you may want to ask if this is standard practice before signing an agreement.

    When the builder presents paperwork for you to sign off on the liner installation, read the paperwork, discuss it, and know that youre satisfied with the job before you sign off on it.

    To prevent high groundwater, install a dewatering system around the pool. You can do this both during and after construction.

    How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Pool Liner

    How to REMOVE wrinkles from your pool liner

    When you jump into your vinyl liner swimming pool youre expecting a smooth, slick pool floor experience, right? What do you do if there are wrinkles? How to get wrinkles out of pool liner is a question the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care answer for their customers regularly.

    When there are wrinkles in the pool liner, not only is it an opportunity for the pool liner to rip and tear, but it is uncomfortable on your feet. In addition, a wrinkled liner can allow algae to nestle in and begin growing and upsetting the pool water chemistry.

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    How Do You Fix Wrinkles In A Pool Liner

    Tip 3 Grab a Plunger

    Believe it or not, a toilet plunger is a great tool for pulling out those wrinkles in your pool. Place the plunger on either side of the wrinkle and then plunge. This will pull the liner each way removing that wrinkle once and for all. Just make sure you use a clean, unused plunger for the task.13 2018 .

    Wrinkles In A Vinyl Liner Pool

    Wrinkles in your vinyl liner. Not pretty to look at, and also causes some vinyl liner performance issues. Wrinkles in a vinyl lined pool can create some problems such as:

    • Traps dirt up against the folds
    • Risk of holes from cleaners snagging a fold
    • Weakens the area that is folded

    Heres some of the causes of wrinkles in your liner, and what you can do about it.

    Pool liner wrinkles caused by chemicals:

    If you keep your pool chlorine level consistently high, or your pool pH level consistently low you could develop puckering in your pool liner. It can be a localized problem, due to chlorine coming in direct contact with the liner, or it can be widespread. Often this is accompanied by a lightening or bleaching of the vinyl.

    These are not good signs, and I can offer no solution, other than reducing your daily chlorine levels, and using caution while shocking the pool. Unfortunately, this type of liner wrinkle cannot be reversed, or easily removed. High chlorine and low pH can be very corrosive, and it literally sucks the plasticizer from the vinyl, causing the liner to contract and pucker.

    Pool liner wrinkles caused by underground water:

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    Stretch Out The Pool Liner Wrinkles With Your Hands Feet Or A Pool Brush

    A simple but effective way of straightening wrinkles in your pool liner is by using your bare hands, feet, or a pool brush. Make sure youre wearing comfortable shoes with a soft sole, and walk along with the wrinkles, stretching them from end to end.

    While your feet, hands, or a pool brush are all effective methods for removing minor wrinkles, you may need to use a swimming pool brush to remove larger, more stubborn wrinkling out.

    Is Your Water Low

    How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Pool Liner?

    Evaporation can drain a pool faster than most people realize. Depending upon the location and weather cycle, pool water depth will reduce between 2 millimeters and 2 inches per week. That can be a lot, and it can reduce the water pressure by hundreds of pounds per week. Water pressure is a big part of what prevents vinyl liners from shifting and wrinkling.

    If your pool water is low, the best approach might be to refill the pool. As the water rises, use one of the methods to press out the wrinkles closest to the waterline.

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    How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Vinyl Liners When Your Pool Is Filled

    There are many different things that can cause wrinkles in a vinyl liner. Most wrinkles occur in the winter when the pool is closed and the water is lowered. When the hole for your pool was originally dug, it was done with an over dig a few feet larger than the pool itself. When the pool is back filled, the dirt used will not be as compacted as the dirt around it. This causes the hole to hold water for awhile before its absorbed into the soil around it. When the ground water collects and rises above the level of the pool, it can cause the liner to “float”. Once the water is absorbed, the liner will go back down but not always snug to the surface as it was before therefore causing wrinkles.

    Another cause of wrinkles in a vinyl liner after your pool as filled is poor water chemistry. Low pH causes vinyl liners to absorb the water therefore stretching the liner, which leads to wrinkles.

    While the only sure way to remove wrinkles is to drain the pool and reset the liner, this can be very expensive and dangerous. Draining the pool always runs the risk of structural damage. There are a couple of methods you can try before having to go to those extremes since draining your pool should always be a last resort.

    Before you try any method, make sure you have a warm sunny day to ensure the vinyl is flexible. If you have a heater you can also heat the water to 92 degrees or above making it much easier to work with.

    Things To Remember When Dealing With Pool Liners

    Pool liner wrinkles are not only unsightly but are also very uncomfortable when swimming. If they are left to stay longer in the pool, they tend to become harder to remove. Itd therefore be vital you remove them as soon as possible.

    The tips above will come in handy with a bit of work on your part to ultimately get rid of them. In case of any problem you encounter, do not hesitate to seek the services of a professional. And once they are removed, you can always go back to enjoying your pool like before.

    Dont install the off-shore vinyl liners they come filled with high levels of ingredients and calcium carbonate, which can do more harm than good. These liners have higher chances of expanding when in low pH conditions and develop more severe wrinkles. They are, therefore, not recommended.

    Final Verdict!

    Unfortunately, dealing with pool liner wrinkles is a problem for any pool owner with a liner in their pool. The tips above are tried and tested ways that will help get rid of the unsightly wrinkles leaving your pool satisfyingly smooth. Once you notice any wrinkles act fast to avoid having to deal with a bigger problem later. And as you can see above, there are some things you can do to prevent the wrinkles.

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    What Causes Pool Liner Wrinkles And How Can I Prevent Them

    Various factors might cause wrinkles to appear on your pool liner, but the most typical cause is severe rainfall or other sources of excessive water in and around the soil around the pool area.

    When the water recedes, the pool liner returns to a different position, resulting in wrinkles.

    Other factors that contribute to pool liner wrinkles include:

    Wrong liner size: If a pool liner is either too deep or too large for the pools depth and width, the extra material will crumple and fold over, resulting in wrinkles.

    Water pH is too low: Your pool liner may have shrunk significantly over the years because pH levels fell below 7.0, making the water acidic and eating away the liner.

    Poor installation: When a professional install a new pool liner, it must be appropriately positioned to avoid pool liner wrinkles during and after installation. If you hire a professional installer, they should ensure that the liner is put without wrinkles.

    The water beneath the liner: High water tables can cause a pool liner to float, causing it to bulge. Pool liner wrinkles might form when the water recedes. Water may also enter via slight slits in the material.

    Puckering: When the pool liner puckers, it is mainly due to undissolved granular chemicals or undissolved chlorine tablets left on the liner.

    Water loss: When water is pumped out of a pool liner or seeps out, the vinyl contracts, making it difficult to reinstall the liner without wrinkles.

    How To Get Rid Of Wrinklesin Escalating Steps

    How To Remove Wrinkles From A Pool Liner #shorts

    Now that youve already considered why you have liner wrinkles and solved the cause of the problem, lets smooth them out properlyand keep them gone!

    All youll need for this process is a soft-soled pair of shoes, a soft-bristle pool brush, a toilet plunger, a submersible pump, and a Shop-Vac. But chances are you wont need all of this stuffonce one method is working to remove your pool liner wrinkles, you can keep with that method until youre done.

    Thats why this list is in order from easy to hard. Softball step coming up next!

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    Is It Ok To Drain A Pool With A Liner

    One of the most important things any owner of a vinyl liner pool needs to know is you should NEVER drain the water from your vinyl liner swimming pool. The water in the pool helps hold the liner into place. A vinyl inground pool should also not be drained for cleaning, as again it will likely damage the liner.18 2009 .

    How To Smooth Pool Liner Wrinkles

    When pool wrinkles develop in vinyl liners, stretching the liner taut will generally solve the issue. The wrinkles become a problem when they sit for extended periods. The fabric accustoms to the shape, and the unbending wrinkle collects dirt, grime, and anything else that makes its way into its crevices.

    There are several approaches to removing pool liner wrinkles, and we want to give you those options as well as a few tips. None of these approaches will be complicated, but you might need to try a few of them to get the job done. Shall we get started?

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    What Happens If Water Gets Behind Your Pool Liner

    Water getting behind the pool wall is rare, but it can happen to any pool type, and the effects vary. While a vinyl liner can float, a fibreglass pool can pop right out of the ground! If water gets behind a pool liner, it can lose its seal this allows wrinkles to form and the liner to develop soft spots.

    Is It Bad To Have Wrinkles In A Pool Liner

    getting pool liner wrinkles out

    Pool liner wrinkles are unattractive particularly in an inground pool and can be difficult to remove but they are usually harmless.

    However, it depends on the cause of the wrinkles. If the wrinkles are caused by ground movement, poor site preparation, poor liner installation or hydrostatic pressure under the pool these problems need to be fixed.

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    Removing Liner Wrinkles From Your Intex Pool

    No matter how well you spread your liner out when you set your pool up, it will almost always develop small wrinkles as you begin to fill the pool with water. These wrinkles must be worked out of the liner before the water level gets too deep. Once the level has reached a few inches, the weight of the water makes it nearly impossible to get any more wrinkles out. On the other hand, if you have no water in the pool the wrinkles never seem to go away.

    The trick is begin filling the pool with water , then get into the pool after the level reaches about one inch. Leave the water on, and get down to your knees and work the wrinkles out by hand. Work from the center of the pool outwards towards the edges. Keep one hand close to you, flat on the ground to stabilize the liner, then use the other hand to pinch the liner an pull it outwards towards the edge of the pool. Again, work from the center to the outside edge, then move back to the center and repeat, moving out in a different direction each time. Keep working around the circle of your pool. As more water is added to the pool, your movements will result in fewer and fewer wrinkles. If youre still dealing with large wrinkles and theyre getting to be very difficult to work out, then you may have too much water. Turn the water off and remove some by siphoning or with a bucket. It can also be helpful to have a partner outside of the pool to stretch out the last few feet around the outside edges.

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