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How To Level Ground For Intex Pool

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How Much Does It Cost To Level Your Ground For An Intex Pool

How To Level the ground Intex swimming Pool Area leveling

Pools are never going to be cheap unless you get a temporary pool. If you want to get your above-ground pool professionally installed, you better expect to pay a pretty penny. An above-ground pool installation can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000 depending on the size of the pool as well as the difficulty of the terrain.

No two yards are the same, so its important to make sure you ask around for a reasonable quote and take things as they are. If you live in an extremely rocky, slopey area, then you might actually save some money by opting for an in-ground pool. Its crazy to think about, isnt it?

How Should You Level The Ground For An Intex Pool

This is a great question, and truth be told, most people choose to get it done professionally. However, its possible to get decent results on your own. Heres what you would need to do, once youve chosen a spot for your pool:

  • Clear out all the grass. You can use a rake, a hoe, or a digger for this. If you have a rototiller, all the better. People who have a couple of weeks to kill can starve out grass by placing a tarp over it for several weeks, then uprooting the remains. While youre at it, remove any rocks that could damage the pools bottom.
  • Tie two stakes at opposite ends of your pool, then tie a string between them. Next, use a level to determine where your issues are. Start to level out the ground by digging into it. Its easier to remove bumps than to fill them in.
  • Coat the area with sand, and tamp it down. The sand will act as a cushioning for your pool. Making sure that it is compact and pressed down will make sure that you dont have new holes. Double-check to make sure that the ground is still level and bump-free.
  • Buy a base layer at your local pool supply store, and place it over the sand. This may seem like overkill, but its not. The base layer will help keep your pool in place and further prevent scratching the Intexs exterior.
  • Place your pool on top of the newly leveled ground. The sand will give your pool a foundation that is less prone to sinking, though it is still possible that your pool will settle in.
  • Leveling An Above Ground Pool After Setting Up The Frame

    I just purchased an Intex ultra 16×48 metal frame pool and put it up in the same spot as my ex-boyfriend installed a similar pool last year. I remember that the pool was slightly off on one side by approx. 6″ and that he had put cement paver under some of the feet which seemed to do the job.

    This year I set up the new one myself and have yet to fill it but it already looks a bit uneven. I don’t really have the know how to level off the ground with sand or dirt and can’t afford to pay someone to do it. So my question is can I fill it about 6″, see where it’s uneven and then put the cement pavers under the feet to even it out instead of taking the pool down and leveling the ground since this seemed to do the job last year?

    Thank you in advance.

    Hi. If the pool is not to far off level using pavers can help. The correct way to level the pool would be to take it down and start with the ground. It is best to do all the leveling with dirt. You can then use a thin even layer of sand to make the bottom softer.

    If you are going to add about six inches of water and then check for level be sure to measure from the top of the pool down to the water level. By doing this you will see exactly how far off level the ground is.

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    Setup Of An Intex Frame Set Pool

    In addition to the Easy Set Intex pool with the inflatable top ring, a more sturdy pool design is offered in the Intex Metal Frame Set pools. Assemble the vertical and horizontal metal tubes together , and you can start to fill the pool right away.

    • Lay down the ground cloth
    • Spread out the pool liner
    • Assemble the frame sections
    • Pop up the pool to its full height
    • Connect the filter hoses and plug in the pump
    • Fill the pool

    As you can see, theres a right way and a wrong way to set up your Intex pool for the summer. Take your time to do it right, especially with your prep work on the ground, and youll be swimming in no time!

    Enjoy your Intex Pool this Summer!

    In The Swim Blog Editor


    How To Level Ground Under Intex Pool Jimmy

    How should I level the ground for my above ground pool ...

    Tips for leveling your intex above ground swimming pool area with sand. Cut a 2×4 at length that will sit just under top frame of pool, get your hydrolic Setup pool, place 1 1/2 or 2 pavers/patio blocks under the legs. Check for level ground by using an 8 2×4.Level Ground For A Pool. Collected from the entire web and summarized to include only the most important parts of it.How to Level Ground for a Pool.Leveling the ground of an above ground pool is an important step in the installation in order to avoid the negative consequences of not doing it. Back in the day, seeing an above ground pool, particularly the colorful Intex ones, in a yard meant one thing there are kids living in that house.

    To replace an existing above ground pool liner, the labor costs 0 to 0 or more for larger pools. How To Install A Pool Liner. Installing a pool liner yourself is complex and may void your manufacturers When the water level gets to 6 inches, be sure to check for any remaining wrinkles.LSince most Intex pools are fairly large, it can be difficult to make sure that the site is level. One method for doing this is to use string and a device called a line level. Look at the line level will to see whether the string is level, and then measure from the string to the ground.How. Leveling the ground for a swimming pool, here, the Intex easyset soft side pool. my way the Egyptian water leveling method. My Intex Pool Is Unlevel By A Few Inches What How.

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    What Happens If Your Pool Is Unlevel

    If you have an unlevel pool, then the water level in your pool will vary. The pool water will generate more force on one part of your pool than the other. This uneven weight distribution can cause your swimming pool to buckle, twist, or even collapse your pool walls. Someone can be injured or your property will probably need repair if your pool structure collapsed so never use an outdoor pool that is unlevel.

    Finishing Off The Leveled Ground

  • 1Rake the area to remove rocks, branches, and other debris. Rake the area thoroughly after youve finished leveling. Sharp debris could puncture your pools lining.XResearch source
  • 2Tamp the soil. The soil needs to be firm in order to support the pool. After raking it clean, water the soil with a garden hose, then run a rolling tamper throughout the work area to compact the soil.XResearch source
  • To compact the soil more effectively, run a soaker hose or sprinkler at low pressure for about an hour before you roll or tamp the area.
  • You can rent a lawn roller at your local home improvement store. Typically, you can fill the drum with water to control its weight. Fill it up, then push it over the leveled ground to compact the soil.
  • 3Spread and tamp a layer of sand over the area. Many pool manufacturers call for a layer of sand, but check your owners manual to stay on the safe side. Lay out a layer of sand 1 to 2 inches deep across the work area, then roll over it with the tamper.XResearch source
  • If there are any areas that you need to level, use crushed limestone instead of sand.
  • Order masonry sand from a home improvement store or pool retailer to ensure the grains are evenly sized and debris-free. The amount you’ll need depends on the size of your pool. If your pool is 10 feet in diameter, you’ll need about a ton of sand, which can cost between $25 and $40 .
  • Double check the sand for rocks, large grains, and other debris when you spread it.
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    Find The Right Location

    Once a pool is set up its almost impossible to move without draining it and disassembling it completely, so its essential to choose the right spot before you start.

    Id recommend finding the flattest area of your yard, as itll simplify the following steps. Flatter means less shoveling, and your back will thank you for it.

    Also remember to look up. A bit of shade is nice, but large trees above will drop leaves and other debris in your pool, making it harder to maintain and keep your pool clean.

    Finally, stay away from any septic or sewage lines, underground cables or power line. Settle on a spot thats well within your property boundaries, where youve got at least a foot or two of buffer around your pool in every direction.

    Leveling For An Intex Pool

    Leveling backyard for 12′ above ground Intex pool

    We built up one side of pool and filled, it looked perfect. The ground has now settled on the opposite side and is down on that side like 4 inches.

    My question is, can we try to dig the sand out where we built it up so that it will be close to even, without draining?Thanks for reading.

    Hi. For me that would not be the correct way of dealing with the problem. It will only lead to more problems.

    The correct way of doing things would be to drain the pool, take it down, and level the ground.

    Using sand to level with is never the right solution. Above ground pools need to be set on firm, level ground. That means hard packed dirt, or something else like crushed granite or crusher run. These can be packed hard and firm.

    Sand should be used as a cushion only. When sand is used it needs to be uniform. A couple of inches of sand across the base of a pool is great. Two inches on one side and six on another is not.

    You did not say you leveled the area with sand, so I am just assuming. Leveling is the key to building any kind of above ground pool, whether it is an inflatable ring pool, a steel frame soft side pool or a steel wall vinyl lined pool. They all need level, hard packed, ground to sit on.


    Hi Brandt. The pool really needs to be on solid level ground. Raising the area with dirt or crushed granite, and then packing, is better than installing the pool on unleveled ground.

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    What Can Happen If Your Above

    At first glance, it may seem a bit ridiculous to demand your above-ground pool to be so level. However, its actually a fairly reasonable demand when you think about what can happen if you decide to leave it unlevel. These issues below are just some of the many problems that can happen if you place a pool on uneven turf:

    Put Blocks Under Your Intex Pool

    To level your inflatable Intex pool, you may put blocks on the ground to have a level Intex pool. You may have to dig the ground first, so you can easily level the ground using the soil on it and either a concrete block or patio pavers.

    For framed Intex pool that is unlevel, you may put a block of wood or concrete underneath the legs of your Intex pool to level it.

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    How Unlevel Can An Above Ground Pool Or Any Intex Pool Be

    If your pool is unlevel by more than three inches, definitely, it will not last for a long time, because, the outward pressure on one side will push one side of the wall, and chances that, it will be out of shape very soon, damage pool liner and not good for your kids, also, if your above ground pool is unlevel in such extent, this will look very bad for everyone. So, the acceptable unlevel ranges could be one and half-inch to two inches maximum.

    This is also applicable for any Intex above ground pool also.

    The Water Level Will Be Uneven

    Intex Ultra Frame Swimming Pool Setup

    A few inches of unevenness may not matter that much. However, the deeper side tends to become even deeper as time progresses. This compromises swimming safety since the risk of drowning increases, especially for the kids.

    Also, if you do plan to install pool skimmers to keep your pool clean, they wont work effectively if the water level is not even.

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    Factors To Consider Before Setting Up An Intex Pool

    • Intex Pool Location

    The location of your pool varies on many factors such as its visibility, sunlight, water access, power location, and fencing. With a good pool location, all thats needed is to create a sunny patch of grass in the back lawn with flat level ground, and surplus water supply surrounded by fences.

    • Level of the Ground

    The level of the ground is also important to this type of pool in that if the ground is 1-2 inches off, and youre using a soft-sided pool, it can roll towards the uneven side and put stress on the pool leading to a blowout. Among all the factors that concern setting up an Intex pool, using a level and flat ground is highly essential. To use a flat and even ground for your Intex pool, you have to place your stake at the center of any spot in your backyard and with a long string spray paint a border not larger than your pool. With a line level on the string, measure the ground level at 12-36 points around the pool. Use a flat shovel or sod cutter machine to clear the area of grass then add an inch layer of sand to level the floor.

    Intex Pool Leaning Fix

    Theres a higher chance that your Intex pool wont last long if its clearly leaning on one side. Since this can cause stress on both your pool liner and your frame legs if you have any.

    For framed Intex pools that are leaning on one side, you may use a rachet rope to keep your pools frame legs in place. If its being caused by an uneven ground surface, you may put a leveling block under your above ground pools steel frame/s to level your pool.

    For inflatable Intex pools that are leaning, you may have to level the ground first. Since it would be impossible to use a rachet rope around your Intex Easy Set pool. We highly recommend leveling the ground first and using interlocking foam tiles to add protection for your pool liner.

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    Intex Pool Unlevel By 3 Inches

    Your Intex pool unlevel by 3 inches, and you know it will bring vulnerable damage to it. But the problem is: you dont know how to level it up.

    Well, we are here to help you. Before letting you know how to fix it, first, lets learn about the pool tolerance level.

    The ideal pool tolerance level is 2 inches. Anything above it will be faulty and vulnerable to your pool, and you must limit it to 2 inches.

    So, how do you level up your Intex pool? Here is the step by step guide:

    Required Tools and Equipment

    Make sure you have these pieces of equipment at your fingertips:

    • Few Leveling Blocks
    • Hammer

    Determine How Much Unlevel Your Intex Pool is

    You can easily do it by gauging both sides of your pool. There are many tools you can use, such as a spirit level gauge or transparent water level pipes. If you are not familiar with the water level test at all, check the video below.

    Drain the Water

    Once you take an accurate measurement, it is necessary to drain the pool water intirely, if your Intex pool is unlevel more than 3 inches.

    Add Leveling Blocks

    After draining the pool, its time to put the leveling blocks on the pool bottom to level it up. It would be best if you dig the surface. In return, you can make your pool straighten, keeping the blocks or soil on it.

    Measure and Verify the pool level Again

    Finally, verify whether the pool bottoms seem to level up or not before refilling your pool with water. Wander around your pool and notice the minor differences.

    How To Level An Above Ground Metal Frame Intex Swimming Pool

    Intex Metal Frame Pool leveling and Installing

    Add carpet padding to bottom of intex pool before set up makes bottom of pool cushion and it doesnt let rocks rip lining. Learn through images how to correctly install your above ground pool liner . See what equipment is necessary and how to prepare your base.Intex Pools vs. Traditional Pools. Compared to inground or above ground models, Intex pools The ideal pH range for a swimming pool is 7.4 to 7.6. Aim for an alkalinity level of 100-150 parts per million . How to Shock Your Intex Pool.How to build above ground pool stairs, Intex pool stairs, DIY pool ladder, DIY pool stairs, pool ladder, pool stairs, building plans for pool stairs. Above Ground Pool Designs Above Ground Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas With Wooden Deck #swimmingpool #deck.Intexs Easy Set pools feature tough, durable side walls and bottoms made from PVC, topped with an Choose a location for your new Intex pool. Pick a spot without trees directly overhead, which Measure, from the string down to the ground, in various spots across the excavation.

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