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Can An Above Ground Pool Be Partially Buried

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Semi Inground Pool Installation Faqs

Can A Doughboy Above-Ground Pool Really Be Installed In-Ground?

Average cost of a semi-inground pool?

$3000.00-$5000.00 depending on pool size, pool shape, and depth. This price is for excavation, building pool and set-up, installing pool liner and filter system, and back-filling. Landscaping, Electrical Service, and Water would all cost extra.

How long do semi-inground pools last?

If you install a quality swimming pool like an Aquasport 52 you can expect 40-60 years. If you install a quality regular above ground pool with a rolled wall, maybe 15-20 years, but you risk the wall caving in when you replace the pool liner in 7-9 years.

How deep can a semi inground pool be?

You cannot put a deep-end in an above ground pool. Sure you can dish the center a bit on a round pool, but above ground pools are constant depth pools. With a 52 inch pool wall you get roughly 48-50 inches of water.

How much does it cost to dig a hole for a pool?

$1500.00 to $3000.00. It depends on the depth your installing it and the size of your pool. This price does not include back-filling the pool once it is built.

Can A Fiberglass Pool Be Semi Inground

Yes! As we said before, fiberglass pools can be inground, above ground, and even on the roof. A semi inground fiberglass pool installation will require a few new steps in the installation process, but it will definitely be an option for you if you like the look or if you live on uneven terrain.

If youd like to learn more about your fiberglass semi inground pool options, check out our full catalog of fiberglass pool models. We have pools of all shapes and sizes and with popular built-in features like tanning ledges, benches, and spas.

Want to know exactly how much your fiberglass pool will cost? Contact us today to request pricing and in the meantime, try out our pool pricing calculator below for a fast estimate:

Want to see about how much that cost will be with all your favorite pool accessories?

Use our Design and Price Tool to walk through your options and approximate price!

If you’re still shopping around for the right inground swimming pool, be sure to download our free ebook to get a full in-depth comparison of the three main inground pool types.

As always, if you have any questions for us, please leave them in the comments.

Structural Failure Is Common

Perhaps youll understand why AG pools arent designed to be buried when you look at what goes on beneath the surface. Burying a pool partially or fully in-ground will mean that the structure is surrounded by soil and other materials. The soil conditions alone can be devastating to the pool. It may lead to structural damages that can cause leaks and wreak havoc in your back garden.

Similarly, you have to remember that the water in your pool and yard needs to go somewhere. This requires a proper drainage system to be designed & built. Needless to say, AG pools arent designed for underground drainage. This means you could face a myriad of drainage issues that once again lead to structural failure. Corrosion of the structure is also highly common when you bury an AG pool.

Lastly, consider the lining of the pool. At some point, youll need to replace it. There is a strong possibility of the pool imploding when the water is removed due to the pressures of the soil. Also, if you find corrosion or other structural issues, repairs or replacement may be impossible or very costly and not worth the hassle or risks.

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It Will Void The Pool Warranty

Partially or fully burying an above-ground pool is considered by manufacturers as using the pool in a way that was not originally intended. This can easily be used to void the pool warranty, and any damage and repair will be solely at your own expense.

Also, it is not easy to find a homeowners insurance policy that would cover this kind of damage. So this kind of risk is not worth it. If you can not afford an in-ground pool, buy and use an above-ground pool the way it is intended to.

It will negatively affect your property value.

If you are looking to resell your property, then burying an above-ground pool will become a disadvantage when you put the property up for sale.

A buried fake pool will make your property look substandard. Many buyers who are aware of the dangers that come with a buried above-ground pool will avoid buying your property. They know that if they purchase the property, the pool problem will be transferred to them.

To Bury Or Not To Bury An Above Ground Pool

Partly Buried Ground

Cherie said:Our city is going crazy on taxes and taxing us to death. So we may be looking at moving in the near future if we don’t win the upcoming tax battle this month!!We’ll certainly do our research and be ready for our next home !

esim13 said:I know it’s been years but I’m just wondering how your pool is holding up?! I buried mine in 2008 and so far so good. NO regrets!

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I Only Go Down About Halfway

These pools arent called above grounds just cause its catchy. Above ground swimming pools are not designed for inward pressure. So, when you put them in the ground, they can cave in from the weight of the earth, but only when they are empty. By sinking the pool down only halfway , the pool has a much less likelihood of caving in when the time comes to drain the pool while installing a replacement liner.

If your ground is super firm, it wont matter much how far down you go. In Central Florida its mostly sand-based so thats an issue, but if you have rocky, rooty, or earth with a lot of clay, you may be fine to go down further. Some will go with the extra cost of building a retaining wall all the way around the pool. If you do that then youre also good, but that adds to the cost of the job and arent you wanting a much cheaper alternative to an in-ground?

Also, most who sink their pool will have a wood deck built around it. Wood decks require some height off the ground so its structure can be built and thats another good reason to go only halfway down.

Youre Stuck With The Pool

Finally, a huge drawback of a semi or fully in-ground pool is that your yard is pretty much stuck with it. Its fixed in place, so you cant sell the pool if you no longer want it. You would have to dig it up and pay for the landscaping services to revert your yard back to normal.

Similarly, what if you love your pool but must move to a new house? You cant pack it up and bring it with you, which you can do with an AG pool! Or, what if someone likes your house but doesnt want a pool? You can miss out on a sale because of the great big pool stuck in your yard!

Ironically, this can undo the value you thought the pool added to your home. If someone falls in love with your property but does not want a pool, then they most likely will request that you remove it or offer you a reduced price to compensate for the expensive work theyll have to pay to remove the pool! So, you not only lose your initial investment, you may be out thousands more.

The bottom line is that a semi or fully in-ground pool isnt as beneficial as you might think. At Crestwood Pools, Inc, we have a wide range of naturally beautiful pools that can eliminate the expense and detrimental issues associated with semi and in-ground pools. They tastefully blend into any backyard setting, are extremely durable, and provide the perfect pool your family will enjoy for decades at a very affordable price, without any negatives.

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How Level Should A Pool Be

I dont usually see above ground pools that are off more than four inches, because they will almost always cave in when the level is off by more than that. Most above ground installation manuals will say that a pool should be level within an inch, but I try to get it level to an eighth of an inch or so.

Its Perfectly Ok To Use The Same Earth That Came Out Of The Hole For Backfilling

Bury an above ground pool part #2.wmv

I have people commonly ask me what material should they use for backfilling. Some think that rock or some special type of earth is needed. Its not.

The earth that came out of the ground is usually the best, easiest, and least expensive material for backfilling. The concern here for some is that the earth will cause some rusting or water retention. In almost all cases, the earth will not cause any issues for the pools wall or uprights. Dont worry about it.

I have very rarely seen the outside of pool walls rust from being in the ground. And if the worry is about erosion or frost heaving, then what you backfill with will have very little to do with preventing those. Ill get to those concerns later.

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How Much Are Above Ground Pools

In regards to how much above ground swimming pools cost, there is quite a range, based on quality and durability of course. Just within the above ground pools our team reviewed above, there are options around $400 and options around $6000. This allows above-ground pools to be available to pretty much any homeowners budget, however, if you want the pool to last long-term we do recommend one of the options above 2k.

Reasons To Sink An Above Ground Partially In The Ground

Having an above-ground swimming pool partially sunk in the ground has become a very popular option.

Digging the hole and installing the pool in the ground makes the job a much bigger one. There is a lot of dirt to deal with, the pool assembly is harder to do down in a hole, and building a retention wall or backfilling is a mandatory step.

The cost to put an above-ground pool in the ground is a lot too. Doing this can double the overall install price as its not cheap to have a hole dug and/or earth removed from the property.

When the job is done though, its usually worth it for the pool owner. But why exactly? Why would someone go through the added trouble and expense to put an above-ground pool semi in the ground?

During the 35 years of my being in the above-ground pool business, I have always installed a percentage of above grounds in the ground. Here are nine popular reasons why pool owners make this choice.

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What Chemicals Should You Use In Above Ground Swimming Pools

Our team recommends always having at least the following- chlorine, pool shock, calcium chloride, cyanuric acid, algaecide, and alkaline. You can also check out our full guide on the chemicals you need for an above ground pool. Also, we strongly encourage you to always read directions carefully when adding any chemicals to your pool!

Important Things To Know About Sinking An Above Ground Pool In The Ground

Swimming Pools

In the past maybe ten years, future pool owners have been asking about sinking an above ground swimming pool in the ground more and more. And here in Florida, its no wonder as the prices for inground pools have gone up to an average of over fifty thousand dollars. Yikes!

You can sink or bury an above ground pool in the ground about half-way with few issues. Going deeper than that requires some precautionary measures.

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How Much Does A Semi Inground Pool Cost

A semi inground pool might cost about the same as an inground pool plus additional labor and materials for forming the walls around it. The key factor is the building materials and how you choose to upgrade the surrounding walls of the pool.

The walls of a semi inground pool are for more than just aesthetics. Since they need to support the pool and withstand the pressure of thousands of gallons of water, semi inground pool walls will need to be very sturdy, and that means that they will not come cheap.

You can expect your pool walls to cost as much as a retaining wall, which is roughly $7,000-$20,000 depending on the materials and/or the size and shape of the blocks used. Here’s a rule to remember as you research semi inground pool designs: the bigger the pool and the higher the walls, the more you can expect to pay.

Keep in mind that were referring to inground pools that are installed semi inground and not above ground pool kits that are partially lowered into the ground.

To give you a base estimate for how much swimming pools cost before adding the price of the walls, a vinyl liner pool will cost you between 25k and 65k, a fiberglass pool will cost you between around 40k and 85k, and a concrete pool will cost you between about 50k and 100k. You can read more about inground pool packages and their prices here.

Pricing Guide: How Much Does A Semi

The average cost to install a semi-inground pool is $11,700, with most installation costs ranging from $8,400 to $22,500.

While $11,700 is what most homeowners pay to build a semi-inground pool, many factors can affect your total bill, including the pools size, material, and location. You dont want to forget about long-term costs either, such as pool maintenance plans and additional homeowners insurance.

Want to landscape around your new pool or build a pool deck? Our semi-inground pool pricing guide has you covered there, too.

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What Are Your Other Options

Of course, you do have other options. First and foremost being, if you really want an in-ground pool, you should adjust your expectations. It is the simple fact that putting in an underground pool will probably cost you a lot. This investment is equal to the amount of work involved, and the additional complexities associated with putting your pool underground. Your pool needs a proper pool deck, a proper pump, regular maintenance, and many other features that are not present with an above-ground pool.

So our number one tip to you is to adjust your expectations. Above ground pools are fun and enjoyable in their own right, but they cant mimic underground pool. If you want to transform your backyard space around a pool, you will have to be willing to invest.

We hope our article has answered your questions about your pool. Theres still plenty of fun to be had with an above ground pool!

Diy Vs Hiring A Professional

Above ground pool to underground pool

Installing a semi-inground pool is not considered a DIY project, because its tedious, detail-oriented, back-aching work.

Attempting to install a semi-inground pool yourself could lead to significant damages to your property. You also risk harming yourself and others when trying to use heavy machinery youre not trained to operate.

Your best option? Hire a professional to build the semi-inground pool of your dreams.

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Can You Partially Bury An Above Ground Pool

  • Is burying my above ground pool worth it?
  • Occasionally, above ground pool owners desire to invigorate their yard space by creating an inground pool. So, instead of getting rid of their pool, they can bury it to create space for the new pool. On the other hand, some pool owners desire to create extra yard space by burying their above ground pool. But is this possible? Well, yes, you can bury your above ground pool and construct an inground pool in that same space. Even so, only specific above ground pools can accommodate this. Some types of above ground pools cannot get buried in the ground. Consequently, before burying an above ground pool, confirm with your pool contractor whether it can get buried. Alternatively, you can look up this information in your manufacturers manual.

    Makes It Easier To Clean

    Coming from a guy who owned a pool maintenance business for sixteen years, I can tell you that its harder to clean a pool that is tall out of the ground.

    Pools are vacuumed best when standing outside of it. The same goes with skimming and brushing the pool.

    Above-ground pools are harder to clean because they are high up. Some will have a high deck around the pool and that will make it much easier to clean.

    Without a deck surrounding the pool, it would be much easier to clean if it were halfway in the ground. This way, you will be able to reach the pool from the outside much better.

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    How Much Does A Stealth Semi

    Starting at $263 a Month! Stealth Semi-Inground pools are built like a tank! Theyre the perfect solution for yards that slope or even for those looking for an affordable, high-quality pool! Buy an in-ground pool at a fraction of the price. Stealth Semi In-Ground pools are offered in three shapes and many sizes.

    Iiileave Piles Of Earth Right Next To The Hole

    Buried above ground pool doughboy

    After the pool is built and full of water, youll want to backfill some dirt around the pool. Remember the hole was bigger than the pool? Leaving some earth close to the hole will make backfilling much easier. Warning: Backfilling before the pool is full of water will result in the wall caving in! Dont start backfilling too early. Let the pool fill with water so the waters outward pressure will keep the pool wall in place. I know this sounds like a duh statement, but believe me its happened more often than I want to admit.

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