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How To Make Ground Level For Pool

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Water Level Will Be Uneven

How to level the ground for an above ground pool

Depending on the size of your pool, an uneven level will cause water too change the depth of one side. You would then have a deep and shallow end which might sound fun, but for young children this can be dangerous. This also causes problems with playing in the pool. Everything is going to drift to the deeper side.

Tools For Leveling The Ground

Some people have the idea that primitive methods are the best for this type of job or go to the opposite extreme and think they need to rent large tools or heavy equipment. The truth is somewhere in between these two extremes.

Here are some of the tools youll need:

  • Shovel
  • Stake to mark the center of the pool
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Spray paint to mark the perimeter
  • Rake
  • Garden hose

S On How To Level The Ground For An Easy Set Pool

Richard AllenWe may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

An easy set pool is your best option for some summertime fun. However, if the ground isnt level then the water level of your pool will be uneven. Furthermore, your pool might get leaks. Therefore, its necessary to level the ground.

How to level the ground of an easy set pool properly?

First, choose and prepare the location. Next, drill your 2×4 wooden arm and pin it to the center of that location. Place the level on top of the arm. Then, spin the arm and adjust the ground according to the center bubble of the level. After leveling the ground, you have to water and tamper it down. Lastly, place solid foams on the leveled ground.

In this article, weve broken down the steps along with some tips and products for your better understanding. So, if youve got some time, check out our article.

Now lets not waste time and jump into the details!

  • Solid foams

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How To Level The Ground For A Pool Without Digging: The Easiest Way

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you must be wondering how to level the ground for a pool without digging. It is difficult to imagine a more significant threat than diving into a refreshing pool on a scorching summer day. This dream is quickly fused if the pool is not correctly installed or leveled.

If you place an above ground pool on the unlevel pool you will find yourself with an unnaturally deep end on one side of the pool. Not only does this look bad, but it is also dangerous.

An improperly installed pool can be a big hazard for anyone using the pool as the force of the water can break out the side of the pool and violently push the contents, including the swimmer, out of the pool.

Not only will you risk injury to the people in the pool, but you also run the risk of hurting anyone standing outside of the pool. This would mean the end of summer fun as you know it. To stop this from happening, take your time, get it right, and level it the first time. The following will teach you how to level the ground for a pool without digging.

How To Level A Pool

What Is the Easiest Way to Level Ground for a Pool?

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Before trying to set up your pool, level the ground first so that the pool doesnt spill water. For a more secure and professional-looking installation, use paver plates to lift the pool on uneven soil. You may also level the ground by spinning a wooden beam, which is more labor-intensive but can be done anywhere with household tools. Although you can always call a professional for help, leveling is a DIY task that you can easily tackle on your own.

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Lay Your Base Protector Down

Finally, you need to lay out your base layer. If you like, you can purchase a specialized pool pad, its usually a large foam or tarp base that goes under your above-ground pool as another layer of protection for the vinyl of your swimming pool.

The base layer serves not only to reduce the risk of a puncture in the liner but to better insulate and prevent heat loss from the water as it seeps into the cold ground.

At a minimum, Id recommend laying out a sheet of tarp over the ground, just in case.

Because if you happen to puncture your liner, it can be a nightmare even to find the hole to patch up once your pool is filled. Its a far smarter move to put adequate protection in place in these initial steps. Once your protector is in place, youre ready for the final step.

How To Level Above Ground Pool Already Up

Summer is just around the corner, and if you havent prepared your swimming pool yet, this is the best time to do it. If for some reason, your ground pool is one-inch off-level, the water might pour out, and it could weaken the pools wall and can cause damages and injuries.

So, if you notice your already up pool is unleveled, you are required to level it right away. And to help you do it, we have created this how-to level above ground pool already up article.

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How To Level The Ground Under Your Pool

The more common way to do this is to drain the entire water, disassemble the pool, and then work on leveling the ground.

However, that process is way too much hassle and there is an alternative to do that. However, this job is a little hard and will need two people to do. After that, you can grab a shovel, filler a hose and work gloves to get started.

How To Level An Above Ground Pool On Grass

How to level the ground for a swimming pool – (Easy Way)

Some above ground pools are designed to be directly installed over a grassy ground. Even if this is doable, it is still not recommended.

For starters, the grass will continue to grow and it can damage the lining of the pool. Because there is no protective layer underneath, any sharp rocks and uneven sections will also be felt. And because grass is trapped and you cant easily remove it when it dies, there will be a rotting smell coming from it.

You should also be prepared to see bugs and other animals burrowing on the ground under your pool after you remove it. Yikes.

This is why it is recommended to get the grass removed first before you install your pool over your chosen spot. But if this is not doable, you should place a base material over the grassy ground.

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Materials And Tools You Need To Level Your Backyard

Theres a lot of discussion about the tools you need to level a pool. One school of thought is that the more basic the gear, the better. Others believe you cant level ground for your pool without heavy-duty equipment. Ive done both and for most simple above ground pools, I think the reality lies somewhere in the middle.

To level the ground in preparation for your pool, youll need:

  • Shovel
  • Hose

Setting Up An Above Ground Pool On Unlevel Ground

Above ground pools are cheaper and much easier to install than in-ground pools thats a given. There is no need to do the painstaking and time-consuming task of digging a hole on the ground on your yard, shaping this hole, creating the foundation and framing, installing your pools fixtures, drains, and other plumbing necessities, and then filling it up with water.

You skip many of those steps, since its installation only involves getting the ground smooth and level, with the option of adding a base material first, and then setting up the pool itself.

Although its already easier to install an above ground pool compared to an in-ground pool, plenty of people skip the part of leveling the ground for their pool. What they dont know is that its as vital as excavating a hole for an in-ground pool.

Aside from the ones we briefly mentioned before, an uneven ground can cause other issues, namely:

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What Youll Need To Level The Ground

Leveling a particular area of your yard in order to install a pool isnt particularly tricky, but its a job made far easier with the right tools to hand.

Heres what youll need:

  • Sod cutter or rototiller. Clearing the grass is one of the most back-breaking steps, and if you can use the right machinery to get the job done faster, my advice is to do it.
  • Extended length of board and a level. As you lay the board flat on the planned pool site, itll become immediately apparent which particular areas need to be flattened out.
  • Pick and a wide shovel. Removing any rocks from the site is critical to ensure no damage is done to your pool liner, and wide shovel will help you to dig out the bumps.
  • Wide rake and a lawn roller. To smooth and level the sand on the site, you want a rake thats as wide as possible, then a lawn roller to compress the sand down flat.

Oh, and dont forget the desire to do a few hours of work preparing the site.

Factors To Consider Before Setting Up An Intex Pool

leveling ground for a pool
  • Intex Pool Location

The location of your pool varies on many factors such as its visibility, sunlight, water access, power location, and fencing. With a good pool location, all thats needed is to create a sunny patch of grass in the back lawn with flat level ground, and surplus water supply surrounded by fences.

  • Level of the Ground

The level of the ground is also important to this type of pool in that if the ground is 1-2 inches off, and youre using a soft-sided pool, it can roll towards the uneven side and put stress on the pool leading to a blowout. Among all the factors that concern setting up an Intex pool, using a level and flat ground is highly essential. To use a flat and even ground for your Intex pool, you have to place your stake at the center of any spot in your backyard and with a long string spray paint a border not larger than your pool. With a line level on the string, measure the ground level at 12-36 points around the pool. Use a flat shovel or sod cutter machine to clear the area of grass then add an inch layer of sand to level the floor.

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The Pool Will Just Look Wrong

Ive seen my share of uneven pools, and its immediately noticeable. Like a glass balancing off center, when the water is not close to being level in your pool its a real sorry sight.

You can immediately see one side is lower than the other, and you can bet everyone else who comes to your yard and sees your pool will think the same way.

Setup Your Pool On Level Ground

Now its time to setup your pool on your new level ground. Remember you are only leveling the ground that is large enough to fit your pool. Be sure you make it larger than the pool you have. You can always double our measurements above to get a larger level ground for future needs.

I recommend an outdoor carpet if you are setting up your pool. It will help keep dirt and sand out of the pool and help define the space. I nailed one down with 8 spikes so it wont blow away in a stiff wind.

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Setting The Stake And Leveling Arm

The stake was driven into the center mark with a sledge. We fine-tuned the surface with taps on the corners to bring it level. It’s probably best to partially insert the center pin and check it for vertical level, since this is the point of rotation.

Place a washer above and below the arm while feeding in the pin. We tapped this in the last little bit with the sledge that was still handy. Somewhere around the middle of the arm, place the level and secure it in place. I used electrical tape since it was handy, but zip ties would be a good substitute. If yours has the option, place the level so that the bubble on the edge is facing up so that it’s easier to view while standing.

Check Your Zoning And Find The Right Place In Your Yard

How To Level the ground Intex swimming Pool Area leveling

If your yard is large enough, this might mean that you have some options as far as placement for your pool.

Think carefully about the placement of your pool. If you want to change the location of your pool, youre in store for a world of headaches.

Consider how close the location would be to your house, your fencing, and your property lines, and the placement will interferes with other activities done on your lawn.

In most areas, your pool edge must be installed a certain distance from your property lines, usually somewhere between 8-15 depending on your local county or city rules and your residential zoning.

Your residential zoning can change from neighborhood to neighborhood so dont just copy whatever your relatives across town did.

You need to know the rules for YOUR specific property.

So make sure to check what residential zone you live in and what the rules are for your specific property.

If you have a rather large property and your pool will be nowhere near your property lines, this wont matter as much. But if your lot is on the smaller side, you will need to take head.

You dont want to finish installing, building, and filling that 10,000 gallon pool only to have a county inspector stop by and tell you you need to move it over 5!

If you are buying your above ground pool from a local pool supplier, they should have some experience with these rules and be able to point you to the right resources to find out all the answers.

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How Do I Level My Ground For A Pool Without Sand

Pivot the plank around the pool area and level continually until you are pivoting 360 degrees without stopping. Next, you can spread a layer of crushed limestone over the pool area and seal it by wetting, tamping, and leveling it with your base. Now you can add your soil and limestone until it is flush.

Can You Set Up An Above Ground Pool On Unlevel Ground

A large number of people try to skip the part of leveling the ground for the pool. Often, these people ask questions like how to set up an above ground pool on unlevel ground. What these property owners do not know is that it is extremely vital to ensure that the above ground pool is level.

There are numerous reasons why setting up a pool on the unlevel ground is not recommended. These include:

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How Many Inches Can An Above Ground Pool Be Unlevel

Any more than two inches is unacceptable. Intex pools that are three inches off or more will not last and no one should be swimming in one. Not only does it look very bad, once the uneven wall starts to create the outward pressure one side it will eventually push the pool out of shape more and more.

Ready To Splurge On An Above Ground Pool

How to Level the Ground for a Pool Without Digging

Are you convinced that an above ground pool will make the perfect addition to your back yard? Check out our picks for the best above ground pools to buy right now. Then, after your above ground pool is installed, make sure to fit it with the best above ground pool lights to make swimming at night safe, and/or solar-powered pool heaters to make winter swims possible.

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How To Level Ground For Easy Set Pool

If youre ground is not even, then your pool wont have enough ground support. Fortunately, there are some ways on how to level ground for easy set pool.

How To Level Ground For Easy Set Pool? | Sage Bathrooms

If youre going to install an easy set pool somewhere in yourbackyard, youre going to need to level the ground. Pools that are placed inuneven ground settings tend to have less support from the flooring. When thathappens, your pool may tilt to a corner. That definitely wont be good for thepool in the long run.

To avoid any future problems, its best to learn how to level ground for easy set pool before you install it. That way, you can be assured of its sturdiness.


Fill In The Hole With Soil

Now that you are done with replacing the blocks, you will see that the place where you held the shovel to lift the slabs has a cavity left behind that needs to be filled up to ensure better support for your pool. You can use soil to do that work. Take a handful of soil and make sure it is slightly wet then carefully insert it into the cavity.

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