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In-pool Chair Ledge Lounger

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Deluxe Kordes Floating Pool Tray

How to Install Ledge Lounger | In-Pool Chaise Lounge

Finally, who said all tables need legs? Not us! Take in-pool furniture to the next level and make your pool table mobile! This deluxe floating serving table is 24 by 18 inches, meaning theres plenty of room for snacks, drinks, bookyou name it! Take your next charcuterie board out onto the water or simply keep your book safe while hanging out on your favorite pool float.

This table is made from an aluminum frame to increase durability and coated in virofibers to protect it from the water. When youre finished using, simply dry off in the sun and pop into storage..

Ledge Lounger Signature Ice Bin Table

Not all tables need to be so simple. This Ledge Lounger design elevates the classic side table with some additional hidden functionality. Remove the top on this design to reveal a fully functional ice bucket. If youre looking to take your pool parties to the next level, or simply just looking to keep your next drink cold and maximize your sunbathing time, this is a perfect choice. The ice bin tables are priced at $349.00.

Best Chairs For Your Pools Tanning Ledge

Looking for a nice pool chair for your tanning ledge? Spoiler alert: not all are created equal. Instead of providing a list of cheap pool chairs, today I want to cover 7 of the best chairs for your tanning ledge on the market today.

In this post, Ill break down what I like about each one, what to keep in mind based on your pool, and provide information on where you can purchase them.

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Why Should You Buy The Best In A Pool Lounge Chair

When it comes to poolside relaxation, there’s nothing quite like a lounge chair. Whether you’re soaking up the sun or just enjoying a refreshing dip, a good lounge chair can make all the difference. But with so many different options on the market, how do you choose the right one? Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a pool lounge chair:

1. Needs

First, consider your needs. What type of poolside activities do you plan on doing? If you’re mostly just looking to enjoy the occasional dip, then a basic lounge chair will suffice. However, if you’re planning on spending lots of time in the pool, then you’ll want something more substantial. Look for chairs with built-in cup holders and headrests for added comfort.

2. Budget.

Next, take into account your budget. There’s no need to break the bank when purchasing a pool lounge chair, but you should be aware that cheaper options may not provide the same level of quality and comfort. In general, it’s worth it to invest in a higher-end chair if you plan on using it frequently.

3. Aesthetics

Finally, think about aesthetics. Do you want a sleek and modern pool chair or something more traditional? Once you’ve decided on your needs and budget, take some time to browse through different styles to find the perfect match for your pool area.

More recommendations

Best material: Floating Luxuries FL600WE

The Kai Shelf Lounger is constructed of durable UV20+ rated material – designed to withstand 20,000+ hours of direct sun.

What Is A Ledge Lounger And Are They Worth The Money

Signature Chair

There is a saying that goes: it is not a great view without the right seat! And for a swimming pool, the best seat is a ledge lounger. Ledge loungers can make you feel like youre on vacation in your own backyard.

A ledge lounger also known as a swimming pool chair or a pool chaise lounger is a contoured, comfortable lounging chair that you place in the pool . You can also set the ledge lounger on the sun shelf, Baja step, or tanning ledge.

You simply fill the polyethylene lounger with chlorinated pool water and seal the holes provided to hold the water in. This allows the lounger to remain steadily on the pools ledge. You can relax on the lounger right in the pool to catch some sun without getting wet.

Ledge loungers will transform your swimming pool, patio, and yard. They are a great way to make you and your loved ones create lasting memories in the countless sunny days ahead. This makes ledge loungers worth buying.

In this guide, we will talk about

  • Types of ledge loungers

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Pool Chair Costs: Why Are Ledge Loungers So Expensive

Selecting the right pool chairs can be challenging given the wide range of styles, materials, and price points. One such brand, the Ledge Lounger, is intriguing, but many people object to their high price point. So why are Ledge Loungers so expensive?

Ledge Loungers are designed to sit in the pool for an extended period. They comprise a UV protectant material that can resist the chemicals in the water. Also, they can absorb water, stopping them from floating away. As a result, they are manufactured to withstand these conditions.

Though the Ledge Lounger has earned a reputation as one of the best places to lie, there are many other alternatives for you to explore. Keep reading to find out more about them and whether they will be the right choice for your pool.

Why Are Pool Chairs So Expensive

As you may have noticed, pool chairs can be rather pricey, often because of the manufacturing process. Most have been built to high standards to withstand the elements. The difference among chairs specifically designed for poolside will likely be just how resistant they are.

As a result, a basic pool chair will often start at around $150, with premium quality brands being upwards of $500.

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Picking The Right Chair

There are dozens of pool chair options on the market. However, there are some that you wont be able to put into the pool. These include:

  • Chairs with aluminum frames. These chairs are metal and quickly rust and corrode in the water.
  • Chairs that use vinyl straps. The water will remove UV protection from the straps. As a result, the colors will fade quickly. Also, these tend to have a metal strap.
  • Chairs using sling fabrics. These are a popular choice for being poolside. However, they arent suitable to put into the water. Often, the water will weaken the sling, so it will no longer be able to take your weight. Additionally, the chemicals will strip the UV protection, so the colors fade.

Aside from the fabric, there are a few other factors to consider when choosing your pool chairs. First, its vital to think about how comfortable they will be. Most Ledge Loungers will be padded and contoured to the body, making them perfect for lying in. In other cases, you will need to add a pillow.

The next thing to consider is the style and color. After all, you want it to look good. Thankfully, there are hundreds of designs that you can choose from.

Lastly, consider if the manufacturer offers an extended warranty, as it shows confidence in the product. Also, double-check the returns policy should you not like it.

Things To Consider To Purchasing The Best In Pool Lounge Chair

Ledge Lounger In Pool Water Furniture from Pool Warehouse

When you are ready to invest in a pool lounge chair, there are several things you will want to keep in mind in order to choose the best one for your needs.

  • The style of the chair. Do you want something that is traditional or more modern? There are many different styles on the market, so be sure to look at a variety of options before making your final decision.
  • The material the chair is made from. You will want something that is durable and resistant to fading, so look for options that are made from high-quality materials.
  • The size of the chair. You will want to make sure it is large enough to comfortably accommodate your body, but not so large that it takes up too much space in your pool area.
  • The price of the chair. Pool lounge chairs can vary widely in price, so be sure to set a budget before you start shopping. By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect pool lounge chair for your needs.

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Can You Fill Ledge Loungers With Sand

Yes, if you plan on using your ledge loungers in deeper water than the depth recommended by the manufacturer , you can fill them up with sand instead of water. This will help you take the lounger to the pools deeper parts.

You may also fill ledge loungers with sand if you want them to have a permanent position on your pools tanning shelf, sun shelf, or Baja step. But be aware that it will be extremely heavy and difficult to move.

What Is Ledge Lounger

Lets start off this deep dive with a little bit of background information about the company in question. Information about the origins of this company takes some digging. Further investigation reveals they were started in 2011 by Christopher Anderson. Ledge Lounger is based in Houston, Texas, an area of the country with plenty of swimming pools to go around.

At their core, Ledge Lounger is a company committed solely to providing water proof, wear-resistant, all-weather furniture. They make products that can be set up and left in your pool all year long. Ledge Loungers first made a splash in the marketplace with their signature lounge chair. The piece is designed to fit on a tanning shelf, also called a baja shelf. As years went on, tanning shelves grew in popularity in both residential and commercial spaces. In response, Anderson expanded the product range to fit expanding demand.

Now, Ledge Lounger offers more than 40 different models of furniture. From tables to chairs, to in-pool sectionals, you can recreate anything from a living room environment to a dining area where kids can have lunch. Sounds great, right? And it is, mostly. But there is one major catch that will have a lot of consumers taking a pause before purchase. That is, the cost.

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Pricey But Rich In Quality

Ledge Lounger products are pricey, but they remain in a good state for a more extended period. Ledge Lounger provides top-quality products to people. Ledge Lounger furnishings is resistant to harsh chlorine and beating sun.

The Ledge Lounger products are pricey because they are created from high-mass polyethylene and are seemingly made individually.

The materials used for soft component construction and complex component construction, such as float pillows and sectional covers, can easily withstand 16,000 hours in direct sun rays without fading. The presence of all these properties makes these products pricey.

Is Ledge Lounger Furniture Worth The Price Are There Alternatives

Ledge Lounger Signature In

Weve discussed in-pool furniture before. Often overlooked in the process of furnishing your outdoor space, furniture for inside the pool can be as useful as a great outdoor dining set. If your pool has a baja shelf, adding furniture helps you get the most use out of your investment.

But when it comes time to shop for this furniture, youll notice options are limited. And what is available is, well, pricey. Ledge Lounger is the industrys leading in-pool furniture company. But their products dont come cheap. So, is Ledge Lounger worth the price? And are there Ledge Lounger alternatives on the market that are worth your time? Lets dive in.

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Benefits Of Using A Ledge Lounger

When most people think of pool loungers, they envision the traditional plastic float that has been around for decades. However, a new type of pool lounger is quickly gaining popularity the ledge lounger.

Ledge loungers are designed to sit on the ledge of a pool, providing a comfortable place to sunbathe or take a dip. There are several advantages to using a ledge lounger over a traditional float.

Swimways Terra Sol Sonoma Lounge

After much digging, this is one of the only comparable outdoor furniture products on the market that offers both flexibility of design, functionality, and a marginally lower price tag than Ledge Lounger. This model can be found in multiple places across the internet, going for as much as $300, and as little as at the time of writing.

This model mirrors the Ledge Lounger signature chaise shape, but is meant to be used both in an out of the pool. You can set it up on your pool deck, let it sit on your tanning shelf, or use it as a float on a hot day. This alternative is available in three colors. The selection makes its design capabilities limited when compared to the Ledge Lounger color range, but if neutrals suit your purpose, the white or brown color way should work for your space.

Overall, this is the closest product available that offers consumers similar functionality at a lower cost. But if youre willing to spend the money, and are simply looking to explore your options, there may be at least one competitor making some headway in the in-pool furniture world.

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Keter Resin Luzon Outdoor Table

Most of the items on this list dont come cheap. Access a budget friendly option for next to the pool with this small side table, available for under $60 on Amazon. Great for propping up a drink or a book, the lid of this unit removes and becomes additional storage. We love the simple, sleek lines and wood-style resin material.

Places To Use A Lounger

Ledge Lounger In-Pool Chaise Lounges and Laze Pillow Raft

Commercial/residential uses

Loungers are safe for commercial and residential applications. Basically, they are designed to be used along pool ledges, sun shelves, Baja steps, or tanning ledges. The recommended depth to use loungers is 9 inches.

Their ultra-strong polythene makes them resist harsh UV rays and pool chemicals. So, you can use them at the beach, for a commercial spa, in resorts, and in residential pools. You can use them on patios, decks, under umbrellas, etc.

They come in attractive colors, making them suitable for different decors.

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Are Ledge Loungers Worth The Money

Ledge loungers are expensive. When my wife told me a pair cost $1,400.00, I was stunned. So, we agreed to shop for used ones and eventually found a set on FaceBook Marketplace for half the price of a new pair.

So, are ledge loungers worth the money? That depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a comfortable reclining chair to use in your pool, then a ledge lounger may be a good investment.

We love laying back comfortably in the water on hot days, so for us they are definitely worth what we paid however, at full price, I dont know if I would feel the same.

Ledge Lounger Coffee Table

A coffee table you can put in the water? You bet. Ledge Loungers minimalistic design extends to their coffee table. Designed to be submerged in up to 10 inches of water, this square table can go from tanning shelf to pool deck easily.

This product was originally designed to be used with the brands sectional couch. However, your design is limited only by your imagination. The Ledge Lounger coffee table is perfect to surround with your other in-pool furniture to chat with friends over a drink or help the kids cool down while eating lunch. Like most of Ledge Loungers products, style doesnt come cheap. The classic coffee table will have you shelling out $459.00.

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Does The Quality Match The Price

Yes! The loungers can get a bit pricy depending on how many you get, BUT I must say living in Phoenix, in a backyard that gets ALL the afternoon sun on days that can reach up to 120 degrees, I needed outdoor furniture that could withstand the elements. With that being said, most of the time its going to cost more up front and Im ok with that because I know that I wont need to replace it after 2 summer seasons. Heres what sets the chaise Ledge Loungers apart from any other company!

  • Perfect for residential or commercial use
  • Designed for up to 9 inches of water
  • Crafted from ultra-strong polyethylene
  • Available in 11 colors

Tip: Measure Twice Purchase Once


Since in-pool chairs are designed to be left in a few inches of water on your tanning ledge , measure the depth of your tanning ledge beforehand to ensure the chair you select wont float away.

If you have a shallow tanning ledge that holds 2-3 of water most any chairs for tanning ledges should work, but its a good idea to double-check.

Below is a table with the dimensions and a few other specs for the top in-pool chairs on the market that Ill break down in detail.


Much like Kleenex who pioneered facial tissue, when people describe an in-pool chaise lounge, they often refer to it as a Ledge Lounger®. Ledge Lounger is actually a company that designs in-pool furniture, including their classic chaise lounge chair.

This chaise lounge, like all products from Ledge Lounger, is designed specifically for in-pool use even though it can be used outside your pool. Each chaise lounge is designed to be filled with water so it can remain on your tanning ledge without blowing away.

The chaise lounge chairs by Ledge Lounger come in three varieties:

  • Signature: Now UV20 rated, Ideal for shallow ledges with less than 9 of water
  • Signature Deep: UV20 rated, ideal for 10-15 of water.
  • Autograph Chaise: UV20 rated, more ergonomic design with lumbar support can be used in water up to 12.

If youve seen an in-pool chaise lounge at a resort hotel, theres a good chance its a Ledge Lounger.

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