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How To Open An Inground Pool

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Remove Your Winter Cover

How To Open Your Inground Swimming Pool!

Gently remove the pool cover from the top of the pool by folding it over in sections until its completely folded at the end of the pool.

Its much easier to do this with a friend than to try doing it aloneyou can each stand on opposite sides of the pool and fold the sections evenly.

Be careful when removing the cover not to let any debris slip off and fall into the pool. This will shorten your cleaning tasks afterwards!

Set Up Your Filter And Pump

Replace the drain plugs and other parts, including your pressure gauge, on your filter and pump. Your filter should have one major drain plug and your pump may have one or two.

If you have a multiport valve, make sure you replace the air bleeder, sight glass, and pressure gauge.

IMPORTANT: Turn your multiport valve handle to Filter.

SMART TIP: Check the lid o-ring on your pump housing. Bend it with your fingers all around to check for any cracks in the rubber. A dry, cracked o-ring will cause your filter to pull air, which is not good. If this is the case, you should replace it. If the o-ring looks good, I suggest applying a Teflon-based o-ring lubricant to create a good seal and making it easy to remove the pump lid when needed.

Re-install any additional equipment, including a booster pump, heater or chlorine dispenser, and make sure all drain plugs are securely in place.

Benefits Of Professionally Opening Your Inground Pool

While you can open your inground pool on your own, hiring a professional to open your pool comes with significant benefits, specifically ensuring safety and saving you time and money.

Hiring professional service technicians to open your pool saves you time by allowing you to relax and not worry about all the tasks involved in ensuring your water is clean, clear and safe for everyone. All you have to do is wait for them to complete their work, then you can get back to enjoying your daily swims and backyard gatherings.

Professional pool openers also save you money in several ways. A highly trained pool crew knows how to take care of your pool and equipment. For example, pool covers can be pricey, and they require proper storage. A professional pool technician will take all the steps to remove, clean and store your pool cover for the summer.

Having a professional open your pool also saves you money if something goes wrong while opening your pool. When doing the work yourself, it can take time for someone to come and fix an issue, which could lead to more damages and money spent. If you hire a professional to open your pool, you can rest assured they have the tools and know-how to solve the issue.

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Remove The Pool Cover

Try to time the pool cover removal so that someone else can help you with the task. At the shallow end, each person should grab a corner to begin the removal. Depending on the type of cover, there are a couple of ways to remove it:

  • For solid winter covers, fan-fold the cover into 3-to-5-foot folds.
  • For mesh covers, remove springs or fasteners from anchors with a removal tool or Allen wrench. Loosely fan-fold the cover accordion style.
  • How Much Shock Do I Need To Open A Pool

    How a Gunite Inground Pool Can Change Your Entire Outdoor Living Space

    Youll need to achieve breakpoint chlorination to effectively shock your pool at the beginning of the season.

    Breakpoint chlorination is the point where enough free chlorine is added to break the molecular bonds.

    Shocking kills all the microbes and bacteria that have built up during the winter. If you want to be extra thorough, double shock it and use two pounds of shock for every 10,000 gallons of water.

    Too much shock can bleach your vinyl liner. The shock needs to be dissolved and added in slowly. If you need help, contact your Latham pool dealer.

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    Start Your System And Scrub

    Once your water levels are solid and your filtration system is ready to go, start the system. To open an inground pool, cleanliness is key! So with the filtration running, grab your pool brush and give the sides and bottom of your pool a thorough scrubbing.

    Brushing dirt thats stuck to the walls and floor of your pool while the freshly cleaned filtration system is on means that dirt gets filtered out right away. Nothing looks more inviting than a pool with clean, freshly scrubbed walls.

    How Much Does It Cost To Have A Professional Open Your Pool

    You can call a specialized pool centre to open your pool in the spring and close it in the fall. The technicians will reconnect everything and put in the necessary productsall thats left for you to do after is to clean. And if you want to skip even that, you can get a turnkey package that includes final cleaning. Package prices range from $175 to over $400 .

    Taking good care of your pool over the summer is the key to making sure it lasts for many years to come. Learn more by reading our Brief guide to maintaining a pool. Make sure you have everything you need to make your pool safe so you can enjoy your pool and yard all summer long.

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    Opening An Inground Pool In The Spring


    When I moved onto my familys property 40 years ago the 5-acre estate had 48, a 000-gallon concrete inground pool that was already 10 years old. The massive pool was built by a doctor who lived in the main house on the property. It was made by the Sylvan Pool Company. It is 40 plus by 28 ft. and runs from 10 ft. at the deepest end and 4 feet at the shallow end. A monster pool that was built with dozens of trees planted all around the perimeter.

    When you own a pool, especially a big inground pool the most important tool you can bring to the table is your back There is no substitute for hard work. I will often tell people when they ask me whats the best product to buy or advice I can make. I say use your head but bring your back. Opening a pool is work. The bigger the pool the more work.

    A pool needs to be manually be scrubbed. Scrub the heck out of the inside walls and floor once or twice a week. The skimmer and long handle pool brush is the most important tool you have at the pool site. Especially if there are trees around.

    The most important maintenance plan for your pool doesnt come in a box or a bottle its you and some Humph. Even with the best chemicals and sanitizers algae can take hold of your pool and find a way to make a home for its self. That is especially true with concrete or old cement pools.

    Stay Safe With A Pool Safety Barrier

    How To OPEN An INGROUND POOL | Swim University

    The final step in how to open your inground pool is our highest priority: keeping your pool area safe.

    Whether you replace your pool net, put up/double-check your pool fence, or replace the batteries in your pool alarm , the safety of your newly opened pool is paramount.

    Implementing a pool safety barrier to protect those most at-risk like children, pets, and the elderly can mean the difference between life and death when seconds count. All-Safe has specialized in this life-saving area for more than 20 years, so trust us when we say your familys safety is in the front of our minds.

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    When Should You Open Your Pool

    Weather permitting, the earlier the better. Youll want to open your pool as soon as the ice has melted since this facilitates the opening process and makes the transition easier. Early to late spring is the ideal time because its typically just warm enough to allow you to run the pump for just a few hours rather than all day if its too cold out. If you open your pool in spring, your pool will be ready to use come the first warm days of the pool season. But if you wait too long to open your pool, the warm untreated water will become hospitable for algae blooms to grow.

    So to prevent algae growth and extend your pool season, aim to open your pool in late spring, just before summer starts. Many pool owners in Canada choose to open their pools during the long weekend in May.

    Whisk Away The Winter Pool Cover

    This when having an extra set of hands will be a big help. Youll need to lay it flat somewhere to clean it without getting cover cleaner into your pool water, and youll have to get it to that flat spot without dragging it over any rough surfaces.

    Have your partner stand on the opposite side of the pool from you to help you lift and fold the cover back and forth on itself, like an accordian.

    Pool opening is also a good time to inspect your cover to see how it fared over the winter. If its damaged, nows the time to replace your pool cover so you have a new one waiting for you when you close your pool after the season. Not to mention, if its beyond help, you can skip the pool cover cleaning and storing. Win-win!

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    S For Opening A Swimming Pool For Summer

  • Clean the topside of the safety pool cover to remove dirt.
  • Remove the pool cover while folding it into small parts. Find someone to help you by holding one side.
  • Remove winter plugs from the returns and ice compensator if any.
  • Return the drain plugs into the filter. Remember to inspect the O-rings and lubricate when necessary.
  • Fix in the filter pressure gauge into the spot, and put the side gauge back on filter.
  • Put the filter on.
  • Turn the pump on, and the water should start circulating shortly.
  • Set Up The Filter Pump And Heater

    Vinyl Inground Swimming Pools for Ottawa Homes

    Everything is getting together well. Right? Take this opportunity to reinstall drain plugs to the pool filter and pump use thread seal tape to make the joints leak-prof. Use gasket lubrication grease to protect the O-rings and pump housing.

    Check the O-rings for cracks if cracked, replace them now to avoid them causing airflow into the pump later. Also, reinstall the pool heater, chlorine generator, or other sanitizer systems if your pool uses them.

    Once everything is back to its place and tightly connected, you can open the return side valves. If your pool filter comes with a multiport valve, you can set it the lever to waste. While doing so, change or clean the sight glass, pressure gauge, and air breeder.

    And now its time to flip the circuit breaker back on and start the pool pump. The water should start flowing through and the pool pump primed. If your pump doesnt self-prime, you can do it manually.

    Keep a closer look at the filter to make sure it operates as it should be. If operational, allow it to wash by setting the lever to backwash or replace the filter cartridge if necessary. When done, set the valve back to its normal position, filter.

    Running water through the waste can help if you used antifreeze when closing your inground pool. However, some remaining pieces might find their way back to your pool water.

    Do not be alarmed. Pool antifreeze is non-toxic and will be filtered out during the filtering and cleaning cycles.

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    How To Open An Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pool

    • Sylvia
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    Opening your swimming pool this year on your own? Have no fear, its easier than it sounds! Follow these step-by-step instructions and you will be up and running in no time.

    What you will need
  • Pool cover pump or submersible pump
  • Cover cleaner
  • Friend
  • What you will do
  • Remove any water from on top of your winter cover with the pool cover pump or submersible pump. Using both yourself and your friend, grab 2 corners of the cover on the same side and start to walk it over to the other side of the pool. Careful not to let any debris fall in the water. If this happens, not to worry, you will just have to remove thisTIP: if removing the debris on the cover is becoming a hassle, remove all water off the cover and wait a day or 2 for it to dry, then blow the debris off with a leaf blower.
  • Clean your winter cover using the Natural Chemistry: Purge or Natural Chemistry: Spray on Cover Cleaner. You want to remove all of the chemical residue that will harm your cover if not removed right away. If you are using water bags to hold your cover, make sure to drain them completely and let them dry before storing them away for the summer. This will prevent mould and mildew from forming

    TIP: Use a heavy duty plastic container with a snap-on lid to store away your safety cover. This will extend the life of your safety cover by preventing rodents or insects creating nests and eating it over the off season.

  • Vacuum The Bottom Of Your Pool

    After you’ve balanced and shocked your pool, you should leave it overnight. The final step is to vacuum your pool in order to remove any debris that has built up on the bottom.

    If you covered your pool up properly in the fall you won’t have much to vacuum. However, there will no doubt be some debris that will need to be addressed, and its always better to ensure that your pool is as clean as possible.

    Hayward offers some of the most powerful, yet efficient robotic pool cleaners on the market.

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    The Complete Guide To Opening Your Inground Pool For The Season

    Opening your inground pool after winter is one of the first signs that longer days and warmer weather are right around the corner. After months of bleak, dreary weather, nothing sounds better than lounging by the pool on a sunny summer day.

    To ensure safety for swimmers and your pool’s longevity, you must take specific pool opening steps and do everything right. Read our comprehensive guide to learn how to open an inground pool.

    S To Open Your Saltwater Swimming Pool

    Open Your Own Pool & Keep it Clean All Season – EASY TIPS

    Step 1

    Remove the swimming pool cover.

    Step 2

    Connect your filter system to your swimming pool.

    Step 3

    If you have an inline saltwater generator connect it after the filter system, right before the pools return. If you have a drop in model re-install the saltwater generator by removing the top ledge of the pool where you would like for the chlorinator to go.

    Step 4

    Remove skimmer plate from the skimmer opening along the swimming pool wall and remove the winter plug from the pool return opening.

    Step 5

    Review the pool water level and add water to the swimming pool .

    Step 6

    Perform a quick scrub of the inner pool walls as well as vacuum the swimming pool.

    Step 7

    Check the salt level with a saltwater test kit and adjust if necessary. You only need to add the full amount of salt for your pool size when you initially fill the pool the salt stays in the water and keeps making chlorine. Only water loss will reduce the salt content, so you will need to check the salt level with a salt test kit and adjust as necessary.

    Step 8

    Test and adjust the swimming pools water total Alkalinity Level using Saltwater Series Alkalinity Increaser or similar.

    Step 9

    Test and adjust the swimming pools PH using Saltwater Series PH increaser or Saltwater Series PH Decreaser or similar.

    Step 10

    Measure the chlorine stabilizer level of the pool water. Add Saltwater Series Stabilizer as necessary following the instructions on the label.

    Step 11

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    Remove The Winter Pool Cover

    Now that all the debris and water resting on the cover are gone, its time to remove it and give it a pleasant cleaning.

    You will need to remove all the spring-holders from grommets while rolling the cover out to prevent it from falling inside the pool.

    Floating is not a problem, but if water was to find its way on the covers dirty side, you might be dealing with another yucky problem.

    Do you remember the friend I mentioned earlier? This is the stage you need help. You will need to remove the cover out and lay it somewhere flat without dragging it over the rough surfaces as they could tear it apart.

    The spot needs to be away from your swimming pool, a place where the cover cleaner cant find its way into your pool water.

    Use this time to inspect the cover to see if it will survive another winter or if it needs some repairs. It damaged beyond repair you might want to register that you need another pool cover for the next season.

    If that is the case, you can skip the next step there is no need to clean it disposal is the best move.

    Colors Will Vary From Batch To Batch

    Many of our products materials are not available through typical stores and vendors and therefore must be custom manufactured specifically for our use. In order to control costs and provide you with the best value possible, our raw materials are produced in large batches and can often take several months to receive. The colors of our materials can, and often do, vary slightly from batch to batch. Although we make every effort to minimize color variations, we cannot be responsible for these differences when they occur. If a precise color or specific shade is important, please inspect the actual color of your product prior to installation.

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