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Pictures Of Backyard Decks With Hot Tubs

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+ Most Beautiful Deck Hot Tub Ideas For Joyful Backyard

Incredible Deck With Built in Hot Tub – Full Backyard Makeover Time Lapse

When you have a plan to enhance the beauty and comfort of your outdoor living space a deck with a hot tub is surely an addition which sounds really great. Its a very beneficial addition that you can keep in mind.

Firstly, the deck provides a cozy space for you to enjoy the outdoor surrounding. With some chairs, lounge, and table you can have a very joyful sitting area in your backyard. Moreover, it can also become a fun spot to hold an outdoor party.

Then, when you add a hot tub to your deck, it will be way more exhilarating to enjoy. A hob will definitely become an oasis in your backyard where you can get so many benefits from. Its hydrotherapy features can give you a nice pampering sensation which soothes your stiff muscle very well.

Therefore, the combination of deck and hot tub is absolutely a great idea to make your backyard look and feel way more inviting. You will have a gorgeous cozy space complete with a feature that make your lifestyle become much healthier.

Of course, a deck hot tub will bring the style of your outdoor living space to the next level. It will become a great focal point which amaze all the coming guests.

For your inspiration, here we have picked lots of hot tub deck ideas which will mesmerize you. They will surely convince you to add a deck hot tub to your very own backyard in the near future.

Well, lets just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of deck hot tub ideas!

Pergolas Gazebos And Covered Hot Tub Decks

You want to use your hot tub more, but the sun is so harsh and bright that it makes it unpleasant to be in it. A roof structure can shade your hot tub and protect it from the trees above.

When creating your deck plans, think about adding a pergola. These are freestanding structures supported by four posts. The top is made from several cross beams, which leave open spaces between each beam. This gives you a shaded area below, but still plenty of opportunity for a breeze to flow through.

If you have trees that tend to drop leaves, pine needles, branches, or anything else, youll want to build a more solid roof. This will prevent all of that debris from falling in and around your hot tub.

When constructing your overhead structure, think about how the sun moves across the sky in relation to your hot tub. This will help you determine the best placement for the right amount of shade.

A Brick Deck On A Wood Hut Tub

Matching the wood color to the brick is one of the nicest ideas which you should definitely go for. They complement each other and look natural together.

The highlight, which is the hot tub area, is very stunning. It is basically the first thing you will see as you enter this nook. Having a fireplace also gives the area a special vibe for people to gather around and convene closely. When going for a classic design, choose this one.

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Minimalist Japanese Spa Deck

When it comes to minimalist design, this deck embraces it. Its a simple rectangle with an unobtrusive railing, causing it to all visually recede and the surrounding landscape to stand out.

In the middle of the deck is a Japanese soaking tub. The natural wood of the spa mostly blends with the surrounding decking, making it feel like a cohesive part of the modern aesthetic.

The hot tub sunken into the deck, with the bottom resting on a concrete pad underneath. This makes the spa incredibly accessible, particularly since its deep.

Integrate Dramatic Architectural Lighting Into Your Design

11 Awesome Outdoor Hot Tubs Ideas For Your Relaxation

By integrating dramatic architectural lighting into a hot tub design scheme you will create a multifunctional entertaining area that can be used as a relaxing spa experience by day and the ultimate party venue by night. Tip provided by Nick Leith-Smith, Architecture and Design, London

Photo via McKay Landscape Lighting

Not only does this add a beautiful lighting design to your deck, but it is also a safety feature that helps keep people from falling down/up your steps. This stunning design uses cascading soft light to enhance the outdoor area.

Key insights:

  • Lighting should be there to accompany the space. Keep deck lighting low key so it doesnt distract from your outdoor design, but enhances the space instead.

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Beach Style Hot Tub Deck

It is always a good idea to have a hot tub deck area even on a beach. Though the beach is wider and gives more view, having to bathe in a hot tub will remove all your stress and worries especially when having short talks, and small drinks in between.

Having the perfect place to put on your hot tub is also advisable so when planning to have one on a beach, give it a try and have it looking naturalplaced in the other corner where it can be noticed and enjoyed by many aside from the beach.

Choose Decking Railings That Open Up The View

Glass panels keep the scene light and airy

is often a necessity to keep everyone safe from the edge. But, if you’ve got views you want to make the most of, you won’t want to block them out.

Opting for toughened glass panels will prevent your zone from feeling boxed-in, and instead, open it up to allow in both soothing sights and plenty of light. And, if you opt for powder-coated metal for the balustrades, there are plenty of colors to choose from, so you can subtly tie the look into your existing scheme.

Need a little more privacy in areas? Adding sections of frosted panels will do the job.

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Modern Jacuzzi On A Deck

On this modern home and deck, a modern Jacuzzi and hot tub is a good choice. It has both a Jacuzzi and hot tub which is very ideal for a deck.

With all the surrounding greens, the elevated look and the upscale, rustic vacation home, there is no doubt that you would want to spend most of your time here especially for times that you would want some privacy and a little alone time.

Do I Need A Fence Around My Hot Tub As I Do For My Pool

20 Backyard Patio & Deck Ideas With Hot Tub ð

You should always check your local laws because jurisdictions can vary. But most states require that if your pool or hot tub is deeper than 300mm , you need a fence. You can accomplish this by including a fence on your hot tub platform. But most people choose to build a fence around their entire backyard.

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Hot Tub Deck Landscaping Ideas

Dont be afraid to include plants and greenery in your backyard design plans. You can still plant trees and brush around the outside of your deck. This will help to create a natural privacy barrier both visually and for sound. Try to choose native vegetation for the area so that youll achieve a natural look.

If you have a large wall and not a lot of ground space, you can plant a vine that will cling to the wall. Living in warmer climates means you can plant more lush and tropical plants like birds of paradise and palms. Arid climates of the southwest call for water hardy plants like cacti or grasses.

When your deck is large, and you cant plant directly in the ground, you can place potted plants. This gives you the freedom to add color with seasonal flowers.

Tiered Decks For Hot Tubs

There are no rules about how you design your backyard deck. Creating tiers gives your deck visual interest and design. It also helps create naturally divided zones or living spaces. If your property isnt perfectly level, tiers are an easy way to address the changing landscape.

You should always have a flat area that leads out of your homes door. From there, you can have a step down or a step up to a tiered dining level. You could build your deck in another direction that has a separate tier for your hot tub. Then you could have another area that has casual seating and a fire pit.

Creating successful tiers will have a limited number of steps up or down. This eliminates having a traditional staircase to get from one level to the next.

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Raised Short Deck With Accent Seating

Another stunning, modern design that caught our eyes was this one. It features a raised short deck designed with gorgeous accent seating.

Along with a garden furniture set, a fire pit, and a bit of greenery, this exterior is sure to satisfy everyone. I mean, imagine enjoying the warmth of the hot tub in this kind of environment after a tiring day?

Whats more, you can cater for a large crowd with extra seating!

Build A Pergola Over Your Patio

Hot Tubs

Photo via DIY Ideas

A pergola is a great addition to any backyard. Build one yourself with these simple DIY tips, or turn it into a gazebo to shade your hot tub. Whatever you decide to do, this outdoor designs adds a stylish feature to your backyard patio.

Key insights:

  • When constructing a pergola in your backyard, remember they require a solid foundation and should be able to drain any water, which can damage the structure.

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Create A Zen Space Or Backyard Oasis With Plants

Photo via Landscaping Network

Construct a zen garden by incorporating more of mother nature into your hot tub deck design. Design your space for a more organic, feng shui feel that will boost inner peace and allow you to meditate after a hectic day.

Key insights:

  • Enhance your zen by finding inspiration in Japanese gardening traditions. A rock garden or dry landscape garden is a fun way to reconnect with nature.

Hot Tub In The Middle Of Nature

We bring you yet another example of a hot tub deck that allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view. With plenty of beautiful details, this hot tub features a retractable cover, while the deck is surrounded by wooden railing to create a sense of protection as you breathe in the fresh air.

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Natural Cedar Jacuzzi Deck

Cedar is a beautiful material, and this deck puts it on display. All of the surfaces and railings feature cedar, giving the deck a nice glow and attractive color variations.

The spa rests on the larger, lower area, slightly to one side. This keeps the walkway and staircase open while leaving the jacuzzi fully surrounded by decking.

Since the hot tub is slightly sunken, you can get in and out without stairs. Plus, since the spa is set into the deck, you can enter or exit from any side.

Use 3d Design Tools For A Better Idea On The Finished Project

How to Build Decking for a Hot Tub

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes. Because of that, take some time to consider where you want your hot tub, both in terms of aesthetics and function, and how you can integrate the hot tub into your landscape design.

To gain some ideas of other hot tub landscape design ideas, check out this 3D landscape design feature.

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Carved Out Hot Tub Deck

Design: Raila Clasen / @raila_ca_design, Photo: @karynmillet , Courtesy: @theexpert

If you have an existing , consider carving out a little extra space for your new hot tub. This beautiful design by Raila Clasen pairs a wooden round hot tub with a similarly toned wood deck for a seamless connection. Add in a gravel surround for a practical and aesthetically pleasing touch.

Simple Curved Ground Level Spa Deck

The deck on the side of this round hot tub is more about form than function. While it does serve as a creative way to hide the hot tubs cover, which is nestled below the decks surface, the hot tub is accessible without it.

What it does offer is a unique visual element thanks to the steel edging and warm wood. Plus, it creates a usable surface along one side of the spa, giving you a place to rest towels, drinks, and more.

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Privacy For Hot Tub Decks

Picture this: Youre relaxing in your jacuzzi, letting go of the stress from the day. You look over, and theres your neighbor staring at you from their kitchen window as they wash dishes.

Or maybe the hot tub in your yard happens to be right outside your neighbors master bedroom window. You cant blame the neighbor modern housing is built close together, and your hot tub is entertaining to look at.

If you find yourself feeling exposed when using your hot tub, then its time to create some privacy. The most obvious way is to build a privacy wall.

You could create a spa-like atmosphere around your hot tub by using exotic hardwood. Or you could add stacked stone and mix the two materials together for an upscale look. Another option is to use your landscaping to create a natural wall of bushes.

Hot Tub Deck With Privacy Screen

15 Hot Tub Deck Ideas for a Relaxing Backyard

Design & Photo Credit: www.kevintwitty.com / @kevintwittyinteriors

If the idea of lounging in your swimmies in view of everyone makes you a bit less enthused, try adding a privacy screen for the full spa effect. Go for a traditional fence, an ivy-covered trellis or opt for a more modern design like these contrasting slatted screens designed by Kevin Twitty Interiors.

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Hot Tub Deck & Planters

Having a recessed tub or spa surrounded by decorative built in planter boxes isnt that complicated to achieve. The plan you see here is basically similar to the one listed earlier, only this time you have a more nature-oriented ambiance, as you surround the hot tub with greens, for a more authentic view.

Apartment Living With A Backyard Lifestyle

Apartment living is no barrier to owning a spa. Depending on your building rules, you can install a spa pool inside or outside, on the balcony or in the rooftop courtyard.

This balcony spa is perfectly positioned to make the most of the spectacular views. There isnt a lot of room but with that outlook who needs it!

When installing a spa in an apartment youll need to consider accessibility as installation can be a little trickier than with a standard garden or backyard setting.

Before diving in and buying a new spa for your apartment balcony, youll want to check a few things first. Think about access, building requirements or rules, and any weight or loading restrictions. Contact us for more information on installing an apartment spa.

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Jacuzzi Overlooking The Pond

With this hot tub design, the jacuzzi isnt necessarily the main attraction. While it is substantial, offering enough room for at least four adults, its simply one of many features.

Along with the covered hot tub space, youll find a large seating area. Plus, this deck connects to another via a bridge, allowing people to cross over the waterway.

The pond at the end is really a standout feature. It makes the space tranquil, which can be great if you want to use your spa for relaxation.

Relax In Your Spa All Year Round With A Covered Deck

Best Backyard Hot Tub Deck Design Ideas for Relaxing

Shelter from the elements

Adding a structure overhead is always a good idea for any outdoor living space hot tubs included. Whether you go for a pergola, gazebo, awning, or an impressive hot tub shelter like this, it’ll provide valuable respite from searing sunshine or showers, allowing you to enjoy the zone for longer in the year.

We love how the wooden-cladded roof in this setup mirrors the warm-hued decking below , tying the overall look together harmoniously. Recessed spotlights mean the zone can be used for nighttime bathing, too.

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Introduce Curved Decking To Your Spa Space

We love this pretty scene from BISHTA members All Weather Leisure Midlands

You don’t have to stick to straight lines and hard angles for your hot tub decking ideas. Using curves will instantly soften the look of your space and works well for bordering a lawn or nearby flower bed.

The shape of this small yet perfectly-formed deck offers a pathway and enough room for a bench alongside the tub, as well as a handful of potted plants. The result is a simple yet soothing scheme ideal for a bit of peace and quiet.

Match Materials For A Modern Vibe

A modern scheme by BISHTA members Outdoor Living

The best composite decking comes in all kinds of finishes, so you can really pick a look that suits your stylistic vision.

A deep gray or black design will always look chic and add a contemporary vibe to any backyard. It looks fabulous surrounding this large spa, and spot the integrated lighting too, for added ambiance and practicality after dark.

A built-in bench and sun loungers in a matching material elevate the zone even further. Plus, with the help of a pressure washer on a gentle setting, maintenance will be easy-peasy.

Additional color, comfort, and personality can be added with a scattering of cushions in good weather.

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