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Pr Code On Hot Tub

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My Hot Tub Wont Heat Up

Hot Tub Electrical – Code Minimum

Possibly the most frustrating problem you can run into is when you want to soak in your spa, but discover the water is ice cold. A hot tub without hot water is just a tub. Narrow down a possible cause by first determining whether your water is staying cold or getting warm, then cooling down.

Before you do anything, grab your multimeter. It can help you quickly identify the culprit by testing the electrical components.

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Today’s The Spa Depot Top Offers: Up to 50% Off Spa Supplies. $5 Off Centurion Storage Steps 21 Inch. Coupon Type. Available. Total Offers. 7. Coupon Codes. 2. May 30, 2020 · Click to see full answer. Then, what does EC code mean on hot tub? Ecn or Ec is Alternating with Temp: The Spa is Operating in the “Economy” Heating Mode. The Water Temperature is sampled Only during Programmed Filter Cycles. The Heater will only operate and Heat up to Set Temperature during the Filter Cycles..

Master Spas General Error Codes

No message on display. Power has been cut off to the spa. The control panel will be disabled until power returns. Spa settings are preserved on all systems.
After the pump has been running for 2 minutes, the temperature will be displayed.
dr Possible inadequate water, poor flow, or air bubbles are detected in the heater. Spa is shut down for 15 minutes. Check water level in spa. Refill if necessary. If the water level is okay, make sure the pumps have been primed. Press any button to reset, or this message will automatically reset within 15 minutes. If problem persists, contact your dealer or service provider.
dY Inadequate water detected in heater. Spa is shut down. Follow action required for dr message. Spa will not automatically reset you may press any button to reset.
HFL A significant difference between the temperature sensors has been detected. This could indicate a flow problem. Check water level in spa. Refill if necessary. If the water level is okay, make sure the pumps have been primed. If problem persists, contact your dealer or service organization. Check for dirty filters and clean if necessary.

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Codes That Aren’t Errors

Fortunately, not all hot tub panel codes are error codes. Some are simply used to provide you with information on how your hot tub is set to run . Here’s a list of a few of the more common hot tub system status codes.

ScLN – Used by Self-Cleaning Hydropool Hot Tubs to tell you when the hot tub is in Self-Cleaning mode.

Pr – Displayed when the pumps are priming, usually when the hot tub has just been turned on or reset.

Econ, Ecn, SE – Displayed when some hot tubs are running in economy mode .

Std, Flon – Displayed when some hot tubs are running in standard mode .

F2, F4, F6 – Displayed by some hot tubs to show how long they are set to filter. F2 = 4 hours, F4 = 8 hours and F6 = 12 hours.

Hold – Displayed when panels buttons have been hit too many times, or too quickly.

LOC, L1, L2 – The panel has been locked. Enter the code used to lock the panel to unlock it and resume normal operation.

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Rectangular Hot Tubs PR

Coleman Spas Dimension One Spas. Hot tub error codes Hot tub error codes. Hot tub error code for most of the spa pack and brands on the market. If the hot tub is heating, proceed to the next step. The type of sanitation system your hot tub is equipped with will determine the next actions to take. If the hot tub is heating and you have an ACE-equipped model or a FreshWater-equipped salt water model, the salt system is most likely requiring attention. Go into your control panel and.

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Common Hot Tub Error Code


In our experience one of the most common error codes is The Heater May Be Dry, or OHH, DY, DR or similar depending on your model of hot tub.


In most cases, the error is being caused by dirty or clogged filters, and often filters that are just plain old and need to be replaced. As a result, theres not enough flow so the system thinks the heater is dry and/or might overheat and shuts down the heater.


When you get this code, first try removing your filter and clean/spray them off with a garden hose or high pressure nozzle. Avoid a power washer or commercial washer, those can damage the cartridge materials. Its OK to leave the power on for this quick clean, just make sure theres no leaves or other debris cloating in the water that could get sucked down the filter opening. Put the filters back in and see if the error code goes away. If not, and you know the filters are old, its probably time to replace them.


In general, your cartridge filters should be rinsed and sprayed off monthly, and get a deep soak for 4-5 hours every couple months in a filter cleaning solution . By doing this, standard cartridge filters can last 12-14 months and micro-filters 3-4 months.


If cleaning and/or replacing the filters doesnt help, call your local service tech immediately, it could be a sign that something more serious is going on.

Ice Cold Hot Tub Water

Youve got no heat, no matter what. First, check your water level. Then, look for clogs in your circulation system, and wash or change your filter. While these may seem like mundane solutions, theyre also the quickest and least expensive, so always try them first.

Next, flip your heater breaker off and on, or just hit your heaters reset button. If the high limit switch shut your heater off because your water got too hot or you have air trapped in your lines, resetting the heater will get it going again.

If youve just refilled your hot tub, you may have an airlock, which is when air gets trapped in your plumbing lines, and impedes the flow of water, which will keep it from heating up. Luckily, fixing an air lock is a fairly easy task.

Still no heat? You could have a bad heating element. If youre confident in your skills to troubleshoot your hot tub heater, you can remove the heating element and check to see if it looks burnt. If it needs replacing, youll want to hire a pro unless youre comfortable doing this type of work yourself.

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to comply with section 422-20 of the National Electrical Code. ANSI/NFPA 70-1987. The power supply cut off must be readily accessible to the spa occupant, but installed at least 5 feet from … a spa or hot tub should never exceed 104° F . Water temperatures between 100° F and 104° F are PREVENT DROWNING 1.

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QCA Spas St. Maarten hot tub is a perfect one lounger and five additional seat family spa. The QCA Spas St. Maarten hot tub is a great hot tub for your backyard oasis. QCA Spas Venus hot tub is a one lounger and seats up to six people. QCA Spas GT 327 hot tub is a classic family hot tub with surround seating with a deep sitting lounge.

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FLO, DR. or DRY errors commonly occur due to debris and blockages. They can usually be easily fixed with some simple hottub troubleshooting steps, such as cleaning your filters and topping off your water level..

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Blocked Or Broken Jets

5 Common HOT TUB Error Codes / Error Code On The HOT TUB Topside ?

Sometimes, you may notice you have good flow out of some jets, while some jets are barely limping along. In this case, check for worn out jet seals, and then check all nozzles for any debris that could be blocking the flow of water.

If the problem is occurring in all of the jets, look for broken gate valves, and double check your water level to be sure it isnt too low. Check the wet end of your pump to see if something is blocking the water flow or to see if you have a broken propeller.

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Modern Design Premium Features

Relax in the luxurious features and amenities that soothe the senses and rejuvenate the spirit in our Strong Spas Premium line of hot tubs. Featuring our industry-leading and patented dual-walled DURA-LAST® cabinet and integrated DURA-BASE® system that offers easy access to components, we give you peace of mind as a Strong Spas owner. Our innovative, foldaway steps and towel holder feature offers convenience and safety.

My Water Gets Hot Cold Hot Again

If your hot tub temperature is all over the place, you could have water flow problems. Start by cleaning your filter, checking for circulation blockages, and topping off your water if necessary.

Check whether your pump turns on. Your pump has to be running in order for the spa to heat up. If the pump isnt working, you may need to replace it.

The problem could also be with the heater itself. If the pump is working, and the heater is on, but the water still wont stay at an even temperature, you may need to replace the heater.

Heater and pump working fine? Next check your thermostat and heat sensors. Your high limit switch has one or two sensors that shut off your heater if the water temperature gets too high. If theyre fried, your heater may not operate properly.

Similarly, if your thermostat needs to be replaced, it wont accurately trigger your heater to kick on when the water temperature dips.

If youve done all these things, and still cant diagnose and correct the problem, its time to bring in a pro. But maybe wait until Monday so the hourly rate isnt so high.

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pd = Power supply, unit running on battery backup OH = Sensors reading 112-118° F. OHH = Overheat. Spa has shut down. One sensor has detected 118º F. at heater. OHS = Overheat. Spa has shut down. One sensor has detected 110ºF. OH. The water temperature in the spa has reached 108ºF . Do not enter the water! Remove the spa cover and allow the water to cool down to alower temperature. Call your dealer or service supplier if the problem persists..

My Gfci Breaker Is Tripping

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If your hot tub is tripping the breaker, you could spend quite a lot of time on hot tub troubleshooting, and less time soaking. A breaker trip is common and usually easy to fix, but any troubleshooting and repairs require you to work with electricity. If youll be working on it yourself, remember to turn off the breaker before you begin, and be sure youre not touching anything wet.

Important: If youre unsure what youre doing, or you dont know how to work with electrical systems safely, this is definitely the time to call a pro.

One quick way to narrow down your problem is to unplug your pump, heater, blower, and ozonator. Then turn on the breaker without anything plugged in.

If it trips, you could have a worn breaker. If it doesnt trip, plug each item back in one at a time. For each item you reconnect, flip the breaker, then turn on your spa. If your GFCI trips, the component you just reconnected is the culprit.

Once you know which part is causing problems, youll need to figure out why. Most likely, its one of four common causes.

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Error Code: Fl1 Flo Or Open Flow Switch

The error code FL1, FLO, or a message “Open Flow Switch” means that your hot tub is not detecting sufficient water movement when the pump is running. In older Jacuzzis, the top-side display will switch between showing the current temperature and the message “FLO”. If only FLO appears on screen you have an FL2 error.

We recommend checking the following items related to these error codes before booking a service appointment. .

Before troubleshooting ensure there is enough water in the hot tub. The water line should be sitting just below the headrests. When the pumps are running there should not be any “sucking” sounds from the filter area. If there are “sucking” sounds then your hot tub does not have enough water. After ensuring there is enough water follow the directions below.

Did you recently fill your hot tub with water ? Or has your hot tub water dropped too low ?

You could have an airlock in your pump or lines. Because a pump is designed to move water, it cannot move air. If air is trapped in the pump, you’ll need to push it out. There are two methods to clear an airlock.

1. Are the filters clean and in good condition? Is anything blocking the filter?

  • Ensure there is no debris in the hot tub .
  • Remove the filters and set them aside. Visually inspect the pipe under the filter for blockages. Double-check that there is no debris in the hot tub that could go into the filter suction line.
  • Reinstall the clean or new filters into the hot tub.
  • 2. Are your jets open?

    Do You Have A Different Code

    There are hundreds of different spa packs that have been used over the years by the various hot tub manufacturers many with their own set of error codes. If your hot tub is showing an error code that is not on this list, give us a call. One of our associates can help you diagnose the issue and get your hot tub back up and running as soon as possible!

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    Common Hot Tub Error Codes Explained

    by spashoppe_admin | Dec 4, 2020 | Hot Tubs, Maintenance |

    Nobody likes to see an error code pop up on their hot tubs display panel. Fortunately, hot tub error codes are a fantastic troubleshooting tool, if you know what they mean. Today, we will list the most common hot tub error codes, and discuss what those codes mean.

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    Dynasty Spas Neptune Series Hot Tub: Frequently-viewed manuals. VANITY PLANET ULTIMATE SKIN SPA Instruction Manuals Instruction manuals Jacuzzi S198 Owner’s Manual Owner’s manual Hydro Quip U Series Quick Manual Manual Bestway Lay-Z-Spa 54138 Manual Manual .

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    Balboa . pd = Power supply, unit running on battery backup OH = Sensors reading 112-118° F. OHH = Overheat. Spa has shut down. One sensor has detected 118º Fat heater. OHS = Overheat. Spa has shut down. One sensor has detected 110ºF. Flo = Improper flow or pressure switch malfunction Cool = Water temp 20° below set point ICE = Potential freeze condition has been.

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    Hot Tub Troubleshooting: 6 Common Issues And Solutions

    Youre ready to sit back and relax in your bubbling, steamy hot tub. You remove your hot tub cover, only to find the water is ice cold. Or maybe your water is fine, but when you turn on your jets, nothing happens. Or maybe when you turn on your hot tub, the breaker trips. Or maybe your pump kicks on and produces an ear-splitting screech.

    Whatever the problem, your night is not working out the way youd hoped. Before you panic about what itll cost to get a repairman to fix your spa on the weekend, try a little DIY hot tub troubleshooting first. Several common hot tub issues have simple solutions you can handle on your own.

    Need more assistance with hot tub troubleshooting? Help is on the way! Youll find it in The Hot Tub Handbook and Video Course. Find those problems, and then fix them with ease.

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    Do not enter the water. Remove the cover and allow to cool. Once cooled reset. If the spa temperature does not return to normal contact a hot tub technician. OH. Sensors have detected water above 43.5 degrees. Do not enter the water. Remove the cover and allow to cool. At 41.7 degrees the spa should reset. Clearance Spas. Jetsetter® LX 3 Person Hot Tub. 2020 Jetsetter® 3 Person Hot Tub with Smartop. 2012 Bolt® 4 Person Hot Tub. Pre-Owned 2011 Jetsetter® 3 Person Hot Tub. Pre-Owned Tiger River Bengal. Rhythm® 7 Person Hot Tub with Music. Sovereign® 6 Person Hot Tub. Kauai® 3 Person Hot Tub.

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    pd = Power supply, unit running on battery backup OH = Sensors reading 112-118° F. OHH = Overheat. Spa has shut down. One sensor has detected 118º F. at heater. OHS = Overheat. Spa has shut down. One sensor has detected 110ºF. Our luxury garden hot tubs are perfect for those with space and money to spend. We stock one-off designs from brands that include The Canadian Spa Company, offering a luxury lifestyle in the comfort of your own home. For more information on the hot tubs in stock for fast delivery in the UK, don’t hesitate to call Splash and Relax today!.

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