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Pool Designs With Hot Tub

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The Shape Of Things To Come

Custom Inground Hot Tubs

One key initial consideration will be the shape for your spa. The shape is key to its appearance, and shape can also influence how the spa functions when multiple people simultaneously get in for a hot soak.

For this reason, the number-one shape favorite is round. Particularly when several individuals are in the spa, a circular shape provides a cozy, natural seating configuration for conversation and good times.

The same generally goes for an oval or ellipse shape. They impart similar qualities for spa use, but they provide a bit more visual interest to the spa.

For a bolder, more distinctive look, go for an angular shape. Pool & spa buyers often pick a square, rectangle, triangle, and some go for a more daring hexagon or diamond.

Wants some curves with those straight lines? Consider a horseshoe or semi-circle. You can even have a spa that mimics a classical Roman pool with radius curves at each end. For even more curves and greater originality, ask your builder for a shape inspired by a quatrefoil or cloverleaf, like the examples here.

Keep in mind that some of these standard geometric figures can be modified for your spa design. Your pool builder can tailor a basic shape in several ways. For example, the 90-degree corners of a square can be inverted, echoing the shape of a classic Grecian pool. Or, the corners can be rounded for a softer look. Here how these alterations can come out in the finished construction.

Taking your spa to greater heights

What Are Inground Pools

Inground swimming pools are permanent fixtures built directly into the ground. There are a variety of materials used to construct inground pools. But most are built with concrete or gunite.

Inground pools are a popular option because once well-maintained, they can last for up to 40 years. They also give you the flexibility to customize your outdoor space with interesting features.

Indoor Pool With Glass Covering

Residential indoor pools dont always come with the purchase, but there are ways to expand upon the property if you have the space. A popular idea that homeowners like to invest in is one that allows the transformation of a yard into a covered dome for an indoor pool. A glass covering gives the illusion that the pool is in the yard, so that you can be outside and inside at the same time. Plus, with built-in indoor heating around the area, it will be a cool experience to watch the snow falling above you as you swim in the pool without a worry.

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E Size: How Many Gallons Of Water Are In A Swimming Pool

The average size of a backyard pool will range as follows:

  • Width: 2 meters to 6 meters
  • Length: 5 meters to 12 meters.

How many gallons of water are in a swimming pool?

The answer depends on the size of your pool. There are 264 gallons in 1 cubic meter. Consider the following pool sizes:

  • Small pool: 2 meters wide x 6 meters long x 1.5 meters deep = 18 cubic meters which equals 4,752 gallons.
  • Mid-size pool: 4 meters wide x 8 meters long x 1.8 meters deep = 57.6 cubic meters which equals 15,206 gallons.
  • Large pool: 6 meters wide x 12 meters long x 1.8 meters deep = 129.6 cubic meters which equals 34,214 gallons.

Of course, you can build smaller or larger pool. Lap pools may only be 1.5 meters wide for instance.

Setting out an average size is a bit silly because at the end of the day most pools are custom built and can be any size. However, we include the range just to give you an idea of common sizes.

What Is A Plunge Pool

small pool and hot tub

Our current obsession: the plunge pool. The small backyards alternative to a traditional pool. Also called a cocktail pool, these are small, deep water features that are perfect for a dip and a float if you have limited space!

Plunge pools are popular not only because they allow backyard pool lounging on smaller lotsthey are also commonly used for at-home fitness since they are the perfect size for someone to practice water aerobics or other low-impact workouts on your own from home. If youre into getting fit in the water, but arent a distance swimmer looking for a lap pool, a smaller pool like a plunge pool is perfect.

Another reason many homeowners prefer a plunge pool is that obviously, they use less water. This is especially compelling for areas affected by drought where cutting gallons of water used by a regular pool is top-of-mind.

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What Does A Plunge Pool Cost

Costs vary widely, from $600 for a hillbilly pool to $40,000 – $50,000 for a top-of-the-line concrete pool that is the same quality as a traditional custom full-size pool, but is cocktail or plunge-sized . The price of your plunge pool primarily depends on square feet, material, features, and amount of labor required for installation.

Above-ground plunge pools and hot tubs are usually the mid-range budget solution that can still provide the smaller size water feature for relaxationand can also look just as finished as a ground pool if designed properly.

A fiberglass or vinyl ground plunge pool typically costs less than a concrete pool, but homeowners shouldnt be surprised by contractor estimates that are over $20,000 for ground pool installation using any material.

Above Ground Plunge Pool And Hot Tub Designs

This Connecticut backyard utilizes a Soake Pool, one of our favorite companies for small pools. Soake Pools are precast above-ground concrete plunge pools and can be the most expensive above-ground option starting at $24,500. However, this pool gives you the best of all worldsthey have heaters so they play double duty as a plunge pool on warm days and a Jacuzzi-alternative during chilly days or evenings!

This zen backyard utilizes an above-ground cedar hot tub. We absolutely love the different models from Gordon & Grantthe smell of the wood and the heat of the water will instantly transport you to your favorite spa. There are also wood-heated cedar tubs out there, too!

Another example of a cedar tub!

This backyard design for a Yardzen client in Katy, TX has a plunge-sized hot tub with wood deck surround for seating while soaking your feet.

An above-ground stock tank pool, like the one pictured above, is an easy, affordable option for adding the functionality of a plunge pool to your yard. Made out of a galvanized drum , they can be purchased at retailers like Tractor Supply Company, hardware stores, and H20 Tank Avenue.

To keep the water fresh, consider adding a filtration systemwe love this filter DIY from our friend Ashley Petrone.

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Going To Infinityand Beyond

Taking the traditional spa dam wall and spillover to the next level is the infinity spa. The infinity style can be integrated with most shapes and styles of spa, but it does require that the spa is elevated above the pool.

An infinity spa is like an infinity pool in how one portion of its perimeter is designed to vanish and blend into the horizon.

In the spa version, a section of the spas shared dam wall is specifically designed to be flush with the spa waterline. Unlike the rest of the spa wallwhich will sit above the pool belowthis disappearing section of wall is not covered on top with coping material . The final result is a virtually seamless appearance that makes it difficult to see where the spa edge ends.

Today, even the innovative infinity spa has evolved. The latest trend is whats known as a full- or 360-degree perimeter overflow spa. This overflow design can be described as having infinity walls on all sides. Spa water uniformly spills over the entire spa into its own surrounding, open-style catch basin that integrates with the pool.

Even if your backyard has no real view or horizon for the spas water flow to vanish into, the full-perimeter overflow design delivers a striking addition to any outdoor setting. For double the drama, pair it with an infinity pool, like the pool-spa combo shown here.

Features, accents, embellishments

Imagine even more

Want to venture further outside the box with your spa design? You can.

Pool Spa Combos: Luxury Inground Pool Designs With Hot Tubs

Stock Tank Pool and Deck Build (with Hot Tub)

Florida ranked in the top five states with the most hot tub installations and inground pools. Not surprisingly some of the other states included California, Arizona, and Texas. These are some of the more populated states with weather residents living in places with harsh winters yearn for.

Pools tend to be an obvious choice for these locations with year-round toasty summers. But the combination of both an inground pool and hot tub provide a great way to spend time with family. If youll be using them to entertain, you should ensure theyre designed for optimal fun and enjoyment.

There are many luxury features for pools with hot tubs you can consider. Read on to learn about a few of them.

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Rooftop Swimming Pool Design

If you dont have a yard or simply want to take those elevated vibes even further, a rooftop swimming pool design is a great option. Rooftop pools and spas are the perfect addition for those wanting to take their current space to a new level of luxury. Our rooftop swimming pool design team can work with you to ensure your custom pool or rooftop spa design will fit whatever space youre envisioning.

When it comes to the design, stainless Steel or copper is the perfect choice for rooftop swimming pool designs or spa installations. Rooftop pool and spa construction with metal is ideal metal weighs less than traditional materials such as gunite or concrete. A rooftop spa design or pool weighing considerably less will reduce structural expenses and engineering costs. Diamond Spas will create a rooftop swimming pool design and construct a single piece assembly to provide hoisting rigidity and easy maneuvering. This custom designed frame will also allow for leveling and fastening to your structure. The durability and beauty of stainless steel or copper is permanent, budgeting for refinishing throughout the long life of the spa will no longer have to be a consideration. Metal is amenable to nearly any design configuration and will provide a watertight vessel. Diamond Spas can ship your spa or pool in one piece or if the installation requires, an onsite welding team can be arranged.

Unique Hot Tub Designs To Inspire Your Inground Hot Tub Installation

inground pool

17 fascinating outdoor jacuzzi designs that will take your breath away. Jacuzzi outdoor designs breath fascinating away take source. 20 of the most stunning indoor hot tub designs. 10 unique hot tub designs to inspire your inground hot tub installation. Tubs tub indoor custom spas spa built designs ground above jacuzzi luxury stone bathtub round bath whirlpool pools pool stunning

Tubs tub indoor custom spas spa built designs ground above jacuzzi luxury stone bathtub round bath whirlpool pools pool stunning. 20 of the most stunning indoor hot tub designs. 17 fascinating outdoor jacuzzi designs that will take your breath away. Inground pool. 10 unique hot tub designs to inspire your inground hot tub installation

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Indoor Pool Designs Options

Living in a colder climate can prevent you from enjoying some common activities like being able to swim outside. But the benefit of an indoor pool is that you can use it anytime you want, regardless of what the weathers like outside. They go great alongside a sauna or hot tub, where you can take a dip in the pool to cool down as you enjoy a few rounds in the jacuzzi. Having a house with indoor pool options is extremely valuable and highly sought-after.

Here are some popular interior pool designs that you may be interested in:

Indoor Hot Tub In The Workout Room


Do you have a designated part of your home that acts as a personal gym? You can install a hot tub right next to your workout machines for a fun and relaxing way to calm down after youve hit your gym.

Indoor hot tubs dont need to be too large to be installed. In fact, they can be as small as an oval-shaped bathtub. Although it depends on your space requirements, as well as how many people you expect will be using the hot tub at any given time, you will be surprised to see what you can fit in tiny spaces.

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Spa And Pool Designs: The Basics

The placement of a backyard spa is more controversial than you may think.

When homeowners are beginning to consider buying a home with a pool or installing a pool, the many discussions and articles written about design options may overwhelm them. Spa and pool owners can have strong opinions on which set-up is best. For now, lets start with some basics. Well take a look at a few photos and get acquainted with some terms.

Here are some bare-bones definitions, according to Merriam-Websters Unabridged Dictionary:

Hot Tub: a large usually wooden tub filled with hot water in which bathers soak and usually socialize also: such a tub with a whirlpool device

Spa: a hot tub with a whirlpool device

Whirlpool Bath: a therapeutic bath in which a whirling churning stream of hot water is forcibly directed against a part of the body

Jacuzzi: Trademark used for a whirlpool bath and a recreational bathing tub or pool

For this article, well be using spa as the general term to refer to a hot-water, jetted small pool.

Spas can be portable or permanent installations. Portable spas can be lifted by a few people and moved around the backyard. Some owners opt for portable spas for this ease of movement, as they like to move the spas indoors for the colder months or take them along to a new house. Permanent installations are built in like in-ground swimming pools.

Materials: From Old To New

Moving away from traditional vinyl and concrete, tile and stone materials are among the newer trends in pool design. If you are looking for a flashier style, you could choose to incorporate tile in and around your pool. The tile would reflect beautifully in the Texas sun, giving your outdoor space a glossy and well-polished look. Stone should be used if you are going for a more classic and natural look. These types of pools can be incorporated seamlessly into your landscape, if you so desire.

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Ground Plunge Pool Designs

This in-ground cocktail pool is absolutely gorgeous! It provides the perfect place to cool off without taking up the entirety of this smaller backyard. It is important to keep in mind that in-ground plunge pools are expensivegenerally topping out around $40,000 – $50,000.

An absolutely stunning plunge pool is the star of this Santa Cruz, CA backyard.

This custom, in-ground plunge pool carries a higher price tag, but it looks incredible in this tranquil backyardserving as both a place to cool off and a water feature.

This cocktail pool in Austin utilizes a pre-fab, one-piece fiberglass insert a great option for a lower-cost, in-ground pool. We love how our designers made use of the awkwardly shaped yard. The long rectangular shape of this cocktail pool still provides plenty of room for splashing and floating.

This traditional landscape design for a backyard in Shaker Heights, OH includes an in-ground concrete plunge pool with paved lounge seating area and surrounding lawn.

An Oceanside, CA backyard design uses fun tile in a custom ground plunge pool to complement tropical plantings.

An Altadena, CA backyard design that makes the most of limited space with natural stone hardscaping around a tiled plunge pool.

This lush backyard in Charlotte, NC surrounds a ground plunge pool with outdoor living spaces including a dining area and lounge.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Pool And Hot Tubs

20’ft Aquarium Pool with Hot Tub by Safe Room Designs

Inground pools should be more than structures filled with water. They provide the perfect opportunity to create a wonderful oasis in your backyard. There are many elements you can consider including to do this.

An expert can get you on the right track. Cox Pools has extensive installing and remodeling experience. Well not only get you started but provide you with an amazing finished product. Why wait? Contact Cox Pools for a consultation today!

Do you want to learn more about swimming pools? Take a look at our blog. Below we list a few that may be of interest, but note, we have more.

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Types Of Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a guilty pleasure. I love looking at the photos and cant wait to one day to hire a custom pool builder to get a luxury swimming pool put into my backyard.

Growing up I was a water nut. Couldnt get enough of swimming in pools.

Im still a water rat and now that I have young kids I do more swimming than I could ever wish for. Sadly, we dont have our own backyard pool and so we visit public pools often. Just last weekend we did another 1.5 hours at our local wave pool. Yeah, were fortunate to have an amazing public pool with zero-entry and wave sessions. Its a kid paradise.

While we dont have plans for a backyard pool, I dont rule it out. The issue is we live in a climate where we can realistically use it three to five months out of the year, which isnt very much. If we lived in a hot climate, wed definitely have a pool.

Not only do I love swimming and theyre amazing for kids, I think they look fabulous in any yard. They sparkle like a gem among the lawn and gardens. I flat out love the look a pool in any backyard.

If youre more fortunate than me and are actually going to install a swimming pool, the good and bad news is you have many options to consider. Thats what this article is all about setting out the many different types of backyard pools.

There are several pool categories demarcating different types. Theres main types , shape and material used. We set it all out here.

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