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Sl Code On Hot Tub

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Changing Your Spa Mode

What To Do If Your Hot Tub Has A “FLO” Error Code

The amount of use that a spa receives differs from person to person some people enjoy using it on a daily basis while others find comfort when used at a social gathering. On the one hand this would require your spa to constantly maintain its temperature at all times of the day , while one the other your spa may only need to be heated every so often . To account for these different scenarios, your Canadian Spa Hot Tub can be configured to heat up only during specific intervals. Depending on the mode your spa is set to, you can change these heating cycles to better suit your needs. Each mode is outlined below.

Standard Mode

Your hot tub will maintain its set temperature at all times of the day. The symbol St will be displayed on the panel when in standard mode.

Economy Mode

This mode will heat the spa to the temperature set only during filter cycles . This mode is used for customers that may not use the spa on a daily basis, but would still like to keep it maintained for occasional use. Ec will be shown when the heater is running, and will alternate with the water temperature when the pump is running.

Sleep Mode

If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, its best to put your spa into this mode to save you some money on electricity costs. This mode will heat the spa up to within 20°F of the temperature set only during the filter cycle. SL will be shown when the heater is running, and will alternate with the water temperature when the pump is running.

Modern Design Premium Features

Relax in the luxurious features and amenities that soothe the senses and rejuvenate the spirit in our Strong Spas Premium line of hot tubs. Featuring our industry-leading and patented dual-walled DURA-LAST® cabinet and integrated DURA-BASE® system that offers easy access to components, we give you peace of mind as a Strong Spas owner. Our innovative, foldaway steps and towel holder feature offers convenience and safety.

How Do You Flip Up The Temperature On A Hot Tub


Merely discover the buttons that management the waters temperature and flip it to 102 levels. If at any level you needed to take away the hot tubs cowl, make sure to put it again on in order that the hot tub will not free any extra warmth than is important.

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How To Switch Modes With A Balboa Keypad

GS and GL control systems

There are three operating modes: Standard, Economy, and Sleep. These modes mainly affect heating, and therefore energy consumption.

Standard This is the most common operating mode, and is sometimes the only operating mode, depending on the system configuration. This mode allows you to heat your spa at any time, as long as the water hasnt reached the desired temperature. When this mode is on, your spa will heat up to the requested temperature, and stay at that temperature. This means that you can use your spa whenever you want.

Economy The Economy mode can be used when you dont use your spa that often, or if you want to benefit from cheaper electricity rates during off-peak hours, if you can change when you use your spa to match when your spa is heated. Heating is only possible during filtration cycles, which means that the temperature will drop outside these cycles. Despite the name, youre not going to save that much money with this operating mode, unless you can time the filtration cycle to be during off-peak hours.

Your spa can be programmed with hidden filtration cycles so you can benefit from this mode, even if it is equipped with a 24-hour circulation pump.

Sleep Sleep mode lets the temperature drop to 20°F below the requested temperature. For example, if you set your spa to 26°C, your spa will only heat to 15°C. This setting is perfect if youre going on holiday.

Keypad without Mode keyPress Temp then Light to change modes.

The History Of The Viking Spa Hot Tub Brand:

Mspa Inflatable Hot Tub 4

Starting in the Early 1970s Viking Spas made a name for themselves creating one of the original round spas for sale to the American public. The Viking Spa brand continues today to build with their same core values of supplying a great product at a family budget price. The Viking company introduced the soft touch a non skid surface in 2011 that again made then the leaders in the spa industry.

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Aryana Avila Benicia Brighton Calavera Grayson Maderas Miramar Montecito Montara Newporter 30 Transport :

STANDARD MODE : The Standard Mode is the default operational mode preset from the factory. This mode is programmed to maintain the desired temperature with periodic water circulation to sample and heat the water to the set temperature.

SLEEP MODE : The water will only heat during filter cycles. Water sampling only done during the filter cycle.

QUIET MODE : Keep the jet pump from running after the F2 filter cycle is complete for up to 11.5 hours. You can set this mode between 0.5 hours and 11.5 hours in half hour increments.

ECONOMY MODE : The spa will not heat. Water sampling only done during the filter cycle.

SMART WINTER MODE : The Smart Winter Mode is used to prevent water from freezing in the plumbing of the spa. As soon as there is a risk of freezing, this protection automatically kicks in. The SWM protection will turn back off only after 24 hours without a risk of freezing. During this 24-hour period, the Smart Winter Mode icon remains on the icon blinks when the purge is active.

OFF MODE: This mode allows you to stop all spa functions for 30 minutes to perform quick spa maintenance. To place the spa in OFF MODE, press and hold the Jets button for 5 seconds. The display will toggle between OFF and water temperature when in the OFF MODE. To stop the OFF MODE before the 30-minute cycle time is complete, simply tap the Jet button.

Common Catalina Spa Panel Messages

– – – or – – MessageCFE or CONFIG ERROR MessageCrC or CHKSUM FAIL MessageDETAILED PRIMING INSTRUCTIONSdr or HEATER MAY BE DRY WILL RETEST SHORTLY Messagedrn or DRAINING MessagedrY, dY, or HEATER DRY SERVICE REQD MessageEcn or Ec MessagegFI or GFCI FAILURE MessageHFL, HL, or HTR FLOW LOW MessageHOt or HOT-CALL SVC MessageICE, IC, or FREEZE COND MessageLF or LOW FLOW MessageOHH, HH, or HTR TEMP LMT SERVICE REQD MessageOHS, OH, or SPA TEMP LMT MessagePHH or PH IS HIGH LOWER PH MessagePHL or PH IS LOW RAISE PH MessagePr or PRIMING MODE TAKES 4 MIN MessagePSt or PERSIST FAIL Messagert9 or TEST GFCI MessagerCA or CHANGE MINERAL CARTRIDGE MessagerCH or NEW FILTER MessagerCL or CLEAN FILTER MessagerCO or CLEAN COVER Messagerdr or DRAIN WATER MessagerPH or CHECK PH MessagerSA or CK SANITIZER MessagertC or RTC FAILURE Messagertr or TREAT WOOD MessageSAH or SANITIZER HIGH MessageSAL or SANITIZER LOW MessageSbY or STANDBY MODE MessageSE or STANDARD ECONOMY MessageSF or SAFETY FAULT MessageSLP or SL MessageSnA, SA, or SENSOR A SERVICE REQD MessageSnb, Sb, or SENSOR B SERVICE REQD MessageSnS or Sn MessageStd, St, or STANDARD MessageStU or STUCK ON Message- – – or – – Message The Current Water Temperature is “Unknown” while in Economy or Sleep Mode.

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– – F, – – C, or – – Message

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CrC or CHKSUM FAIL Message

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Is Your Water A Little Too Hot

While filtering the main pump is running and will generate heat in the cabinet, this heat will transfer to the water and cause the temperature to rise higher than the desired range. The climate around your spa is also a factor the spa will never be cooler than the climate around it unless you manipulate it somehow. Set the filter cycle to 2 hours and shut off the power to the spa for 10 seconds to restart it, once power is reapplied the new settings will take affect.

How To Get Your Hot Tub Out Of Sleep Mode

How to Change the Heat Mode for a Dr. Wellness One Pump Topside

While sleep mode can be a timesaver and useful, if you accidentally place your hot tub into sleep mode, it can cause some confusion on how to wake up your hot tub and get the jets, pumps, and heater going again. One of the issues in advising customers on how to get their hot tubs out of sleep mode is that exiting sleep mode usually requires a process that is specific to each manufacturer. It normally requires the pressing of a couple of buttons on the control panel.

One thing to keep in mind while using sleep mode is that your hot tub’s filtration system will only be working every so often. Therefore, you want to have a clean filter in place if you plan on using sleep mode regularly throughout the season. Master Spa Parts has several economically priced hot tub filters. And, products from Master Spa Parts typically ship out within 48 hours of your order.

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Are You Still Having Problems With Your Cleverspa

If following our troubleshooting instructions has not resolved the problem and you have a valid warranty, we can bring your CleverSpa® in for repair. If you havent already, you can register your warranty by visiting: If your warranty is valid, please provide images/a video of the following:

  • Power source – plug & socket
  • Proximity photos in relation to the position of the spa to the house
  • Hot Tub setup

Spa Showing Sl Slp Ec Or Eco Codes

If you have the four buttons display press temp or warm then light shortly after. This will cycle through the modes St , Ec and Sl modes. Pressing that same button combination will change it back to St standard, press the jets button to confirm selection.

If your display has a mode button Press Mode to enter mode programming, press Cool to cycle through to desired mode , then press Mode to confirm selection.

Standard Mode

Standard mode maintains the desired temperature. Note that the last measured spa temperature displayed is current only when the pump has been running for at least 1 minute. St or Std will appear on the display momentarily when you switch into Standard Mode.

Economy Mode

Economy mode heats the spa to the set temperature only during filter cycles. Ec or Ecn will appear solid when the temperature is not current and will alternate with the temperature.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode heats the spa to within 20 F of the set temperature only during filter cycles. Sl or SLP will appear on the display until mode is changed.

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When To Use Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is useful when you dont plan on using your hot tub for several days, such as when you go on vacation. Some hot tub models can even be pre-programmed to enter sleep mode during certain hours of the day. This is a great way to conserve energy while keeping your hot tub nearly ready to use.

Now, you could simply hit the temperature down button a couple dozen times when you wont be using your hot tub for a spell, but then you also have to do the same button-tapping process to raise the temperature. Sleep mode saves you from having to do this repetitive task.

While it may seem counterintuitive, according to the laws of thermodynamics, it takes less energy to keep your hot tub at a steady, warm temperature than turning the unit on and off regularly. Plus, your hot tub is likely insulated and will therefore retain a good amount of heat. So, if you are looking to save some money while keeping your hot tub primed for use, the sleep mode should be a beneficial feature for you.

Spa & Hot Tub Error Codes

Keys Backyard Hot Tub Models

This content was previously featured on the Hot Tub Works website. Leslie’s is proud to partner with Hot Tub Works to bring you this helpful content on

Every digital spa control is designed with some diagnostic functions to self-diagnose problems with pumping and heating your spa or hot tub. Topside controls also give lots of information about your spa status, which are not to be confused with spa error codes.

There are three groups of error codes: flow codes , heater codes and sensor codes. So let’s start at the top. Today’s post is about water flow trouble codes on your spa panel. These are usually presented as FL, FLO or FLOW on your display, although it may appear as LF or PS .

Low flow error codes are really a self-preservation exercise for your hot tub. When water isn’t flowing fast enough through the heater, this error code shuts things down to avoid a total meltdown. Well, not really a melt-down, but this shutdown prevents major damage to your hot tub equipment.

Flow problems are the number one source of trouble for hot tub owners. When the water isn’t flowing like it should, the heater stops working, equipment overheats and water quality quickly suffers. In short, flow is very important for the health of your hot tub.

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Don’t See Your Error Code

There are hundreds of different spa packs that have been used over the years by the various hot tub manufacturers each with its own set of error codes. If your hot tub is showing an error code that is not on this list, give us a call. One of our associates can look up the code for you and decipher its meaning. We can also help you find the replacement parts that you need to fix your problem and get your hot tub back up and running!

Popular Viking Hot Tub Models:

  • Viking Destiny River Spas:

    This is Vikings luxury spa design that comes with a little extra. You will find extra jets and more items that will increase the luxurious spa surrounding like lightning, hydrotherapy and more luxury seating then other hot tubs in the Viking Range.

  • Viking Legacy: This 86 hot tub comes with 41 active jets, Full flowing waterfall, LED lighting, LED cup holders, the Viking ozonator. The Stereo System and speakers are available as an upgrade.
  • Viking Legend: This 86 hot tub comes with 51 active jets, Full flowing waterfall, LED lighting, LED cup holders, the Viking ozonator. The Stereo System and speakers are available as an upgrade.
  • Viking Heritage: This 92 hot tub comes with 61 active jets, Full flowing waterfall, LED lighting, LED cup holders, the Viking ozonator. The Stereo System and speakers are available as an upgrade.
  • Viking Tradition: This 92 hot tub comes with 71 active jets, Full flowing waterfall, LED lighting, LED cup holders, the Viking ozonator. The Stereo System and speakers are available as an upgrade.
  • Viking Series:

    This is the original line for Viking spas the original round spas where it all started. The 72 Round Spa with open seating allows everyone to move around freely in the hot tub. This original seating arrangement is like sitting around a campfire which is great for relaxing and visiting.

  • Viking Series I: This basic round tub comes with 9 jets and you can add an optional ozonator.
  • Viking Plug-N-Play:
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    What Does Code Sl Mean On Hot Tub


    Additionally, what does SL mean on hot tub?

    SL: Sleep Much like EC mode, the spa will solely warmth through the filtration cycles of the spa. Sleep mode will solely enable the spa to warmth inside 20 levels of the set temperature.

    Secondly, how do I reset my hot tub management panel? A spa heater has a high-limit reset button.

  • Find the spas high-limit reset. This can be a pink button discovered on many spa packs.
  • Press the high-limit reset button.
  • Flip on your spa and observe its operation.
  • Flip the breaker panel swap on or press the reset button on the GFCI outlet to revive energy.
  • Hereof, what mode ought to my hot tub be in?

    Notice: Economic system mode ought to solely be used if youre not planning on utilizing the hot tub for 2 or extra days, any lower than that and its extra environment friendly to maintain it at a set temperature. Youll be able to as a substitute decrease the set temperature by 2 levels.

    Does a hot tub warmth up quicker with the Jets on?

    Heating your spa, with the spa cowl on, will increase the water temperature at a quicker price than heating with out the spa cowl. Do not run the jets when your spa is both heating up or isnt in use: The air generated from the jets cools the temperature within the water.

    Master Spas General Error Codes

    5 Common HOT TUB Error Codes / Error Code On The HOT TUB Topside ?
    No message on display. Power has been cut off to the spa. The control panel will be disabled until power returns. Spa settings are preserved on all systems.
    After the pump has been running for 2 minutes, the temperature will be displayed.
    dr Possible inadequate water, poor flow, or air bubbles are detected in the heater. Spa is shut down for 15 minutes. Check water level in spa. Refill if necessary. If the water level is okay, make sure the pumps have been primed. Press any button to reset, or this message will automatically reset within 15 minutes. If problem persists, contact your dealer or service provider.
    dY Inadequate water detected in heater. Spa is shut down. Follow action required for dr message. Spa will not automatically reset you may press any button to reset.
    HFL A significant difference between the temperature sensors has been detected. This could indicate a flow problem. Check water level in spa. Refill if necessary. If the water level is okay, make sure the pumps have been primed. If problem persists, contact your dealer or service organization. Check for dirty filters and clean if necessary.

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