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Deck With Sunken Hot Tub

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Create A Natural Shade For Your Hot Tub Deck

Custom Decks for Sunken Hot Tubs

Youll want to enjoy your hot tub in all kinds of weather, so creating a space with natural shade is important. You can do this by planting trees or installing a pergola. If you have a lot of sun in your backyard, you may consider adding an umbrella to your deck. This will not only provide shade for your hot tub, but it will also protect you from the suns harmful rays.

Poolside Hot Tub Deck Ideas

When a hot tub and pool are next to each other, it makes sense to create a single deck that wraps around both. This visually ties the two water elements together and creates a cohesive design to the backyard.

The most obvious approach is to have your wood deck built around both. But you may not want wood around your entire pool. In this case, you can build a smaller wood deck around a portion. This will create a beautiful design accent while also providing a comfortable walking space to access the hot tub without getting into the pool.

Interject An Outdoor Kitchen In Your Deck Design

Photo via Lowes

Love to cook? Create the perfect kitchen area in your deck design where you can entertain both family and friends. Not only is this a perfect addition to your outdoor living space, adjacent from your hot tub, but it keeps you engaged in the conversation without having to run back into the house for something.

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Making Your Hot Tub Deck Functional

If you’re looking to add more functionality and style to your hot tub deck, then consider these hot tub deck design ideas.

Incorporate a Hangout Space

There are so many ways to have fun with your deck area. For example, you can incorporate a pergola, patio furniture, or a fire pit. You can even put built-in circular seating around your fit pit, allowing people to stretch, converse, and relax. Circular seating is excellent for any outdoor hot tub space, as it allows all guests to be part of the conversation.

If you choose to go with a fire pit, there are a few precautions you’ll have to take. For starters, you’ll want to check your local regulations to make sure that you meet all of the requirements to have a fire pit. Gas fire pits are great and are often much safer than wood fire pits. It’s much easier to contain a gas fire pit too, which is excellent if your hot tub deck is made out of wood.

Place Your Hot Tub Deck Near a View

If you live in a place with an undeniably gorgeous view, there’s no reason to waste it. Instead, craft your spa deck so that it overlooks the scenery. Then, while you’re soaking, you can take in the surrounding deck views and beautiful landscape in front of you.

If you have a great view, though you don’t have room to install a full hot tub deck to take advantage of it, you might consider building a small concrete slab instead.

Create a Space for Outdoor Dining

Landscape Lighting

You can incorporate this lighting into

Lattice Fencing

Bar Seating

Skip The Cost Of Stone And Use Travertine Instead

Swim spas look equally as good above ground, in

Photo via Long Island Hot Tub

Incorporate travertine and black stone veneer panels to create a more elegant hot tub look. In this hot tub deck design, Long Island Hot Tub sunk the spa halfway into the ground then built a stone wall around the spa. Tip provided by Bill Renter, Long Island Hot Tub, New York

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Hot Tub Decks: Key Considerations And How To Build One

Is it hard building a deck for a hot tub? It depends on a number of factors, but its definitely worth it if youre a homeowner who loves to enjoy their deck all year long.

Adding a hot tub or spa can dramatically transform your deck, but youll need to plan the job carefully. Its important to ask yourself questions like:

  • Is my deck strong enough to support a hot tub filled with water and people?
  • Should I try to build it or hire a builder?
  • Where should it be located?
  • What electrical upgrades are needed?

Keep reading to find out all the answers to your hot tub deck questions.

Designing A Hidden Sliding Deck Hot Tub

The Landscapes team at HollandGreen are excited to see the final results on this innovative luxury garden design project, providing a series of elegant entertainment spaces for the client to enjoy for years to come.

The brief was to create a party garden with a covered multi-functional space and some high tech touches, including a James Bond style floor that could be moved at the press of a button to reveal a luxury 14-seater hot tub below.

Designed to function as an outdoor spa, this section of the garden is perfect for relaxing and socialising throughout the year.

Above the sliding deck, a floating bench provides a comfortable space to relax, while two changing rooms with a spa-style shower and sink are located to either side for easy access to the hot tub.

Built-in heaters, speakers and lighting makes for an intimate atmosphere for nighttime entertaining. Spotlights were integrated into the pergola frame above, while hidden LED strip-lights glow beneath the floating bench and inside the hot tub itself.

Above, the automatic louvre roof provides adjustable solar shading throughout the day, or a fully watertight shelter in case of rainy weather.

The team at HollandGreen worked with a number of fantastic suppliers and contractors who worked tirelessly to perfect each detail of the project, and are looking forward to future collaborations on other projects planned.

Construction by The Secret Landscape Company.

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Build Your Deck Around The Trees In Your Yard

Photo by Dave Simmerman Photography via

Embrace the natural beauty of your space by constructing your deck around the trees in your backyard. This is great for incorporating the natural look and appeal of mother nature in a more modern design. Include an artistic inlay to give the space the feel of running water through a forest.

Key insights:

  • When positioning your hot tub in your outdoor landscape, keep in mind which areas get prevailing winds, a lot of sun, and shade.

Set Your Hot Tub Off To The Side To Maximize Your Space

How to Build Decking for a Hot Tub

Photo via Archadeck

Have some fun with your outdoor design by connecting two octagon-spaced decks together. Make one a little higher and incorporate greenery around the space to pull them in more. Include a gazebo to create some additional privacy along with a BBQ, patio furniture, and other items to entertain guests.

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Attach The Deck Joists

Draw vertical lines where the joists will connect to the ledger board and beams and install the joist hangers along those lines. Typical joist spacing is 16 inches on center for wood decks and 12 inches on center for composite decks. In the areas where the deck must support a hot tub, the spacing might be less and the joists shorter and/or doubled up. For recessed hot tubs, install framing that can accommodate access hatches up to 30 inches wide. To make the hatches stiff enough to walk on, use removable joists. These are joists set into the joist hangers, but not nailed off.

Build A Pergola Over Your Patio

Photo via DIY Ideas

A pergola is a great addition to any backyard. Build one yourself with these simple DIY tips, or turn it into a gazebo to shade your hot tub. Whatever you decide to do, this outdoor designs adds a stylish feature to your backyard patio.

Key insights:

  • When constructing a pergola in your backyard, remember they require a solid foundation and should be able to drain any water, which can damage the structure.

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Is Deck Building A Diy Project

This depends on your level of experience with power tools, woodworking, and construction. If you arent confident and proficient in these things, then its best to leave your backyard deck construction to a professional deck builder. The more complicated your deck ideas are, the more likely youll need a professional deck builder. Remember, you and your guests will be walking around on it, so it needs to be safe and secure.

Hot Tub Decks For Simple Backyards

Decks Archives

The minimalist design and aesthetic looks modern and clean. So whether your backyard is small or large, you can embrace the simple approach. This means keeping the landscaping to a minimum and creating a decking area that has minimal details.

The most popular hot tub decks for simple backyards include using large stones or wood decking to create a large deck area around your hot tub. Youll use one type of wood thats cut into a uniform shape and size.

If you want to add some detail, you could create multiple levels. This will enable you to create steps that will raise your hot tub decks height and make it easier to get in and out of your hot tub.

When creating your simple backyard design, skip the railings on your deck, intricate wood designs, specialty lighting, and multiple material types.

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Round Roof Top Hot Tub

Another one of the hot tub deck ideas that features a soaking tub, this rooftop spa makes the most of the view. The top sits at the same level as the railing on the sunken area below, ensuring your view is completely unobstructed.

As for the deck design itself, its a very modern approach. There are clean lines and very few adornments. Even the railing is simple, guaranteeing it doesnt detract from the stellar view.

Small Footprint Makeshift Deck

Design & Photo Credit: Gordon and Grant Hot Tubs / @gordon_and_grant_sb

Not every tub needs a deck. If you prefer a more subtle approach, consider grounding your tub with a gravel surround and a few stone steps for a small footprint with a luxurious impact. The mix of natural materials will make the tub feel like a part of the landscape.

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Hot Tub Deck With Privacy Screen

Design & Photo Credit: / @kevintwittyinteriors

If the idea of lounging in your swimmies in view of everyone makes you a bit less enthused, try adding a privacy screen for the full spa effect. Go for a traditional fence, an ivy-covered trellis or opt for a more modern design like these contrasting slatted screens designed by Kevin Twitty Interiors.

Sunken Hot Tub Deck Design

How To Build A Deck Around A Sunken Hot Tub

Sunken hot tub deck design. The hot tub is sunken into the deck for a clean and uncluttered look. The white finish of the hot tub complements the exterior walls of the house in a very admirable way. See more ideas about backyard pool small pools backyard.

See more ideas about sunken hot tub hot tub hot tub outdoor. Hot tub deck designs pictureshot tub deck ideas. See more ideas about hot tub deck backyard hot tub backyard.

Browse 269 Sunken Hot Tub on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning sunken hot tub or are building designer sunken hot tub from scratch Houzz has 269 pictures from the best designers decorators and architects in the country including Wise Choice Construction and Seattle Style Remodel. Designing a deck specifically for a hot tub requires a lot of forethought. Choosing the right decking material is just as important as choosing the right hot tub.

To chill your body after soaking it in the hot tub a wood bench decorates the deck. Everyone has different ideas on how to landscape their gardens build the surrounding areas around the hot tubs swim spas they buy we have indeed some great images of buyers designs on our customer reviews page on our website. Ad Find Sunken Hot Tub and Related Articles.

In other words its a quick hop in and out of the spa and back into the house. Hot Tub Sinking Advice. One idea for customers is to lower the hot tub or swim spa low into the ground so it has the sunken look with levels differing from 30cm to.

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Wood Gives Your Outdoor Space Warmth

Photo by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture via Houzz

Use wood to give the space warmth and rhythm while also distracting the eye from the different window heights. Interest is created by building out off of the existing walls, which have given depth to the space through the use of light-box windows. Tip by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture, California

Calculate Necessary Structural Support

In order for local building authorities to approve your plan, you must show that the structural scheme will support the hot tub when its filled with both water and people. That means providing details about the size and depth of the concrete footings or slab, as well as the size and spacing of beams and joists and how they connect. In some cases, hot tub deck plans must be approved by a professional engineer before theyll be considered.

To measure the strength of a deck, start by calculating the load. The formula is simple. First, find the sum of the empty weight of the tub, the weight of the water in a full tub , and the weight of the maximum number of occupants . Then divide that sum by the size of the tubs footprint . For example, an 8- x 8-foot tub that weighs 5,120 poundswater and people includedwould require a structure capable of supporting 80 lb/ft2. Many experts recommend a minimum of 100 lb/ft2.

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Carved Out Hot Tub Deck

Design: Raila Clasen / @raila_ca_design, Photo: @karynmillet , Courtesy: @theexpert

If you have an existing , consider carving out a little extra space for your new hot tub. This beautiful design by Raila Clasen pairs a wooden round hot tub with a similarly toned wood deck for a seamless connection. Add in a gravel surround for a practical and aesthetically pleasing touch.

Deck Designs With Hot Tub And Pergola

Lower deck

A pergola, which is essentially a deck covering, can be implemented in a number of ways. It gives the entire scene an upscale aesthetic that cant be otherwise matched. Here are a few ways that you can add a pergola into the mix.

Raised deck/lower seating area. The ultimate home retreat is a place where you can hang out whether in or out of the tub.

With an elevated deck and pergola, combined with a lower seating area, you can combine the best of both worlds. Have a nice relaxing soak in the hot tub and top it off with a cozy spot near the fire to cap off the perfect night.

Umbrella attachment. A pergola is merely a covering. While it might be nice to build a roof with columns, that can get expensive and time-consuming.

So, dont overlook the power of a quality umbrella. Even better, there are some hot tubs that have umbrella extensions, allowing you to stay covered while relaxing the time away in the hot tub.

Elevated bar decking. Sometimes an elevated deck just looks better. But this one has an added purpose: the elevated portion of the decking acts as a swim up bar.

Have the perfect cocktail available nearby without having to get out of the soothing, warm water. There is no better combination of comfort and convenience.

Sunset Pergola with bar. You will notice a theme throughout this list: bars are a great addition. Having a soak is one thing but having access to your favorite adult beverages can make the entire thing better.

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Calculating Deck Weight Capacity

Before you calculate how much weight your deck can hold, you first need to understand how much weight per square foot it can hold. Most decks will hold more sometimes significantly more than 50 pounds per square foot. That number is simply a minimum requirement.

The average homeowner does not have the tools available to determine how much more weight your deck can hold than the code minimum of 50 pounds per square foot. However, you can determine if your deck is overbuilt, which can give you an idea of how much more weight your deck can hold.

One of the best tools in your arsenal to determine deck weight capacity are and max span calculators, widely available online. If you find that your deck joists are 2Ã10, but the deck load calculator only mandates 2Ã8 joists, then you can safely assume your deck is much stronger than 50 pounds per square foot.

Photo by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture via Houzz

Use wood to give the space warmth and rhythm while also distracting the eye from the different window heights. Interest is created by building out off of the existing walls, which have given depth to the space through the use of light-box windows. Tip by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture, California

Maximize Your Views But Dont Sacrifice Function

Photo via Arizona Hot Tub Company

Many folks love the idea of sinking a hot tub into a deck. This allows them to see a 360 degree view and really completes the outdoor living area. This style makes the hot tub appear like it was custom designed for you and your life, resulting in an amazing finished look. However, its important to not sacrifice function over form. Having an adequate access area to the equipment area is imperative to long-term happy hot tubbers! Tip provided by Nick Kasten, Arizona Hot Tub Company, Arizona

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