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What Is The Best Above Ground Pool

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Whats The Best Size Pool To Suit My Yard

Swimming Pool: Best Above Ground Pool (Buying Guide)

When selecting the best size above ground pool for your yard, use the staking process we outlined earlier. When staking out the area, make sure that you include room for a deck if you want to set one up.

Youll also need to ensure that you have an electrical outlet nearby to power the pump, or youll need to hire an electrician to come into your yard and wire your pool to the mains. When selecting the right size pool for your yard, ask yourself what you want from your pool.

Do you want a simple splash pool? Or do you want a pool for swimming training? Both of these suggestions require different pools, so make sure you choose a model thats suits your swimming needs and the size of your yard.

Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve Oval Steel Sided Above Ground Pool

The design of this pool is actually very similar to the Wilbar Meadows above ground pool. The only difference is that this one doesnt just sport lovely bedrock patterns, but also seashells on the floor.

Somehow, the floor pattern also allows you to have better grip on the pool so that it will be easier to climb out. Just like most of the pools we mentioned, this one also comes with a resin coated steel exterior making it as durable as them.

  • Best Features:

How To Choose An Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you know whats available on the market and the different types of cleaners available, its time to choose one that caters to your needs.

Here are several things to consider when purchasing:

  • Above Ground Pool Specific there is a big difference between cleaning equipment for inground and above ground pools, and the same goes for cleaners. The cleaner needs to be made specifically for your type of pool.

Above ground pools are made of more delicate materials that can easily rip or get damaged. Also, they are usually flat, have few obstacles, and have 90-degree angles. All of this requires a particular type of equipment made for them.

There are plenty of tips for buying an above ground pool cleaner, but what it comes down to in the end is what your budget is. This is the type of tool that the more you spend, the better the results you will get, and less time you will spend tending to your pool.

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Types Of Above Ground Pools

Obviously, there is quite a variety of options available. The critical thing to look for is a corrosive resistant steel frame and durable sidewalls for durability. From there, you can further personalize the pool depending on your yard size, use, and shape.

Swimming Pools come in several shapes, including round, oval, square, and rectangle. Sizes range from very small and shallow suitable for families with small children, to large enough to host a pool party. It depends entirely on your needs and how you plan on using the pool.

Features To Consider When Buying A Rectangular Above Ground Pool

The Best Above Ground Pools of 2020

Common Rectangular Above Ground Pool Sizes:

12 x 6 and Smaller:

These are usually the smallest rectangular pools. Theyre big enough for elementary school kids can fit a couple of adults who want to relax. These pools arent big enough for exercise, so theyre mostly good for relaxing and cooling off in the evenings.

16 x 8

These larger pools are about the smallest size that works for exercise but are still a mostly relaxation pool, not a lap pool. The larger size means that you need to start thinking about placement and land preparation. Its a good idea with any pool, but a requirement with these.

12 x 24 and Larger

Rectangular pools can be huge, though there are some constraints thanks to the physics of water in corners. Once youre looking at a pool around 12 x 24 feet or larger, youve got a great party and exercise pool, but one that will probably need some prep work.

Unless you have an exceptionally flat yard, plan on some flattening work and laying new terrain to help support your pool properly.

Rectangular Above Ground Pool Depths:
Kiddie Pools

Kiddie pools are usually a foot or less deep and are designed to help your kids stay cool, but arent meant for teaching swimming or water safety.

30 inches and less

These shallow pools are usually smaller in other dimensions as well. Theyre great for relaxing and teaching early swimming skills to young children, but they arent a good exercise pool for adults.

42 inches
48 Inches or more
Round Above Ground Pools:

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Bestway Power Steel Above Ground Pool

This above ground pool from Bestway is engineered with an effective flow valve so users can easily drain out excessive water. There is a surrounding 3-ply PVC band to add more pool wall support. Its frame is coated to fight against abrasion and UV risks.

Moreover, its ChemConnect dispenser of chemicals will keep the water clean and evenly spreads a fine chlorine rate in the swimming pool. The seal and lock system of the Bestway pool ensures all joints of its sustainable pipe connection are secured.

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A ground cloth in this pool set is capable of maintaining balance for the whole steel frame to stand on unlevel surfaces without crumbling in use. To prevent the threats of quick bacteria and algae growth, the above ground pool filter performs at its best.


Final Thoughts On Rectangular Above Ground Pools

Above ground pool sets can be set up in as little as a single day, but there is some prep work you should consider doing first. Laying down a sandy terrain or another soft terrain under your pool will help increase its durability. More importantly, you may need to level the ground underneath, especially if you want the pool to be a permanent addition to your home.

Always do your research and pick a location for your swimming pool before you set it up. The last thing you want is to purchase a rectangular above ground pool you cant use or to get a leak because of poor planning and preparation.

Happy swimming!

Thinking about buying a round above ground pool instead? Weve complied our Best Round Above Ground Pool Guide, which you can read by

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Preparing The Base For An Above Ground Pool

Are you thinking of installing your own above ground pool? A few weeks ago Tony and I, with help from his parents, installed an above ground pool in our backyard. Tony and I have done a lot of DIY projects together, but this was one of the most difficult . Long story short, the pool is up, it holds water, and the kids love it. The longer story is that its not perfect. We made some mistakes, but learned a lot.

Im going to write a three part series on how to install an above ground pool, including preparing the base, installing the walls, and finishing with the liner and top ledge. If youre thinking of installing your own above ground pool, I hope that you will learn a thing or two from our experiences!

*I worked in collaboration on this project withPool Supplies Canada,who provided me with a discount on pool parts. All opinions are my own*

Lake Effect Forever Above Ground Pool

Swimming Pool: Best Above Ground Pool 2022 (Buying Guide)

The durable steel, which is used to build these above ground pool walls, has been galvanized for a high level of protection. Its walls are also coated with resin on both sides to avoid later rusting. This entire pool component set is made for exact fitting.

54 inches is a considerable height that this above ground pool from Lake Effect can provide its customers with. It has an elegant sunlight pattern to make the pool looks like it glistens under the sun all the time. There is a total of 10 verticals to stabilize it.

Its wide-mouth skimmer is truly helpful in collecting irrelevant floating objects on the pool water surface to maintain its hygiene. This Lake Effect above ground pool has been claimed to last for a long period of time due to a series of excellent functions.



  • Its bottom rails are quite short.

Williams Take:

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Do You Vacuum A Pool On Backwash Or Waste

Simply put, you can do it, but why do it when its not a lucrative job at all! If you go to backwash the pool, the dirt stuck in the filter will go back to the pool. Remember, your pool water will be wasted when you backwash, you will feel very bad when you see the pool is dirty again. So this plan should be dropped.

Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

This impressive clean technology robotic pool cleaner is the ultimate cleaning machine for your above ground pool. Naturally, this comes at a higher price, but you dont need any added equipment for it to work. Just plug and let it do its job.

Featuring a top load basket, it is effortless to use and clean. The lightweight, ergonomic design makes it very easy to pull out of the water and use. Developed for above ground pools up to 30 feet it features a simple plug and play operation.

The patented swivel cable design allows it to gets its job done without getting tangled. What makes it exceptional is that it has nylon brushes that scrub bacteria and algae as it vacuums and cleans your pool floor.

The extra-large capacity means that you dont have to empty it before it has covered your entire pool. It comes with a 40-foot cord length and is suitable for vinyl and other delicate above ground pools.


  • Combined brushing with the cleaning of fine and rough debris
  • 90% more energy-efficient than suction and pressure cleaners
  • No added equipment needed plug and play


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Pool Supply Worlds Sharkline Venture Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Sharkline Venture above ground swimming pool is a hybrid pool that couples injection-molded resin top rails and bottom rails with its steel uprights and walls. Its no wonder that with its current design, this pool is known for its great durability. It is also saltwater-friendly, so you have the option to make it into a saltwater above ground pool if you want to.

Similar to the Tuscany Above Ground Pool, the Sharkline Venture are round or oval-shaped and has a wall height of 54 inches. The round Sharkline Venture pools come in diameters of 18 feet, 21 feet, 24 feet, and 27 feet. Meanwhile, the oval-shaped Sharline Venture above ground pools has the following sizes: 15 ft. by 30 ft. and 18 ft. by 33 ft.

This deep above ground pool can be easily installed in a couple of days and comes with a 50-year warranty.

How Do You Vacuum An Above Ground Pool With A Sand Filter

Can You Bury An Above Ground Pool? What You Need To Know ...

For that, you will need a telescopic pole, a vacuum head, and hose pipes. First, connect the vacuum head with the pole and hose pipes. Make sure to clean the large debris, leaves, and branches from the pool. Now throw the vacuum head in the pool water. Submerge the other end of the hosepipe in the pool water and stick it to the jet. That is how all the air will be out from the hose.

Now guide it to the skimmer. But before that, get the basket out. Once you have done all the connecting, start vacuuming the pool from every corner. When you are done vacuuming, disconnect the hose from the skimmer and vacuum head.

Stop water flow by putting lids or caps on the jet and skimmer basket. After setting up and cleaning the sand filter, turn on the pump and take off the lids. Backwash, for a couple of minutes, to allow the sand filter to grab the dirt and debris. Then again, turn the pump off and turn on the rinse mode. Keep it on for full one minute, but before that, turn the pump on.

Now for one final time, turn the pump off and clean the filter. Then reset the filter valve and turn on the pump again.

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What To Consider When Choosing The Best Above Ground Pool

Rules and regulationsFirst and foremost, look into the rules and regulations. These vary by community, but in many communities, above-ground pools must be at least 10 feet from buildings, fences, and property lines. Proximity to power lines and underground utilities is another factor. Some communities require permits for installing a pool. Many municipalities also require a pool fence even for above-ground pools. Please do your due diligence check with your local zoning board and building department, before making any purchase decisions.

SpaceOf course, your space will determine what size pool you can accommodate but you must also consider whether your backyard is suited for a pool at all. The site needs to be level, compacted, and able to support the weight of the water inside the pool, so avoid soft areas with sand or mud. Also be sure that all stones, sticks, and other pointy objects are removed before installation.

OutletsYour above ground pump and filter will need electricity to run so youll likely need a 110/20 amp dedicated line. Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination, so your pool must also be bonded. Check with the pool manufacturer to make sure all of your connections are safe and up to code.

Bestway Steel Pro Max Above Ground Pool

Excess pool water is easily dealt with this provided drain valve of the Bestway above ground pool. The lightweight PVC pool material cannot be torn apart and its color will not fade out through time. This swimming pool is a brilliant choice for both kids and adults.

There is a PVC support band that surrounds the exterior pool frame to add structural integrity to it. Its frame is coated with a rust-resistant layer for battling later abrasion as well. The entire pool and its accessories can be set up with no professional tools.

It is important to secure its joint connections so this pool from Bestway already has a locking system for sealing them. The pool cartridge filter pump enables a hassle-free cleanup. This above ground pool kit does not cost much considering its attachments.


  • It has a lock & seal system.
  • Easy to clean the cartridge.


  • The plug design is defective.

Williams Take:

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Intex Metal Frame Set Swimming Pool With Pump & Filters

  • Company: Intex
  • Price: $
  • Size: 10 diameter, 30 deep

If you like the round above ground pools, this one by Intex is a great option. Its not huge, so it wont take up tons of space in your backyard. It sure will do the trick on a hot day!

Again, note that this pool is only 30 deep GREAT for families with children, but possibly not quite what adults will be looking for.

The Pool: The pool frame is made of metal, and the pool itself made of Intex special heavy duty PVC, which is resistant to damage from chemicals, abrasion, and impact.

Assembly: This pool is very easy to set up! Once you have level ground prepared , you simply lay out the pool, fit together the frame, and fill it up with water! When you want to empty the pool, simply attach a garden hose to the drainage hole and drain!

Whats Included and Whats Not: The pool, the frame, and 6 extra filter Type H filter cartridges that fit the Intex 330 GPH filter pump. You also get a maintenance and set-up instructional DVD to make sure youll have no issues getting your pool ready to go! A pool cover is NOT included, but Intex does sell them separately. Nor do you get a ladder, although only the smallest children will actually need one to get in and out.

This is a classic round above ground pool that definitely does the trick! But again, note that its not a BIG pool!

Bestway Steel Pro Rectangular Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool: Best Above Ground Pool (Buying Guide)

Compared to inflatable above ground pools, this option would be much more stable and durable through time. The rectangular pool frame has a non-corrosive coating that secures it from abrasion. There is a PVC support band to stabilize this pool wall.

It often takes about 10 minutes with some people in the family and no extra tools for a complete assembly. The polyester mesh is combined with dual PVC layers to make this pool lightweight and strong at once. Its price is inexpensive since there are no attachments.

To make sure the above ground pool does not bend under water pressure, it has a unique system to seal and lock all of the joint connections. Its flow control valve is built-in for quick water filling and draining. Summer never ends when this pool takes part.


  • Its PVC band supports the wall.
  • It does not need tools to build.
  • It is both strong and lightweight.
  • It goes at a reasonable price.
  • The joint connection is locked.
  • A built-in valve for flow control.


  • The bottom is not made right.

Williams Take:

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Features To Look For:

  • Rust-proof frames The pool that you choose must have rust-proof or corrosive-proof frames that ensure durability. Otherwise, after a season or two of use, they will rust, requiring replacement.
  • Tough sidewalls Although most manufacturers strive for durability, some sidewalls are better than others. Look for lining with 3-ply layers for added strength.
  • Drain plug Pools hold a lot of water, and when its time to drain them can quickly flood your yard. A drain plug that hooks up to your garden hose allows for easy draining and leading the water away from your home and pool to a more appropriate area.
  • Outlet/Inlet holes Even if your pool doesnt come with a pump, it is highly recommended you find one that already has an outlet and inlet holes for adding a pump. For proper pool maintenance, a filtration pump is essential to ensure safe water levels.
  • Added accessories If you are a first-time buyer, you may want to consider purchasing a pool that has all the necessities included. This will save you time deciding what is necessary, looking for it, and buying it. Though not all included accessories are ideal, they are a great start and give you an idea of what you like and need.

If your pool doesnt come with a pool pump or you are looking to replace the one that the pool comes with, take a look at our reviews on the highest-rated above ground pool pumps.

What is needed for your above ground pool:

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