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What Is The Best Pool Cover Pump

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Splash Pools Universal Pool Cover Pump

Tips on How to Use a Pool Cover Pump

The Splash Pools Universal Pool Cover Pump is a perfect choice for those who have a tight budget while doing good in getting water off from your pool cover.

This pump is technically a submersible pump. It can be used to get rid of water from not only your pool cover but also wet basements, ponds, or anywhere you need to remove water.

The power cord length is up to 24 feet. This enables you to connect it to the electrical outlet and stand anywhere within this distance to pump water out.

However, you may need to use a skimmer to prevent clogging while using this cover pump. The reason is that it doesnt come with a strainer base as the Wayne WAPC250 Automatic does. This pump also provides quite a low flow rate, which is only 500 gallons per hour.


  • Hose not included
  • Quite a slow pump rate

Williams Take:

Xtremepowerus 2hp Pool Pump 220v Dual Speed

Durability and power are two of the characteristics that a pool owner is looking for in a pool pump. This heavy-duty and high-performing in-ground pool pump offers efficient water flow for your swimming pool. This self-priming pump has a corrosion-proof polymeric material to ensure long life and better performance.

Furthermore, its durable motor gives smooth running time and operations. This pump is also compatible for use with solar heating and other in-floor cleaning systems. You can now replace your low performing in-ground pool pump with this better product.

This can be used for swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. It is best in providing easy maintenance for the pool especially that it gives proper water flow. In addition, this is a pool that can provide you the efficiency in water circulation that you are looking for. With this pump, you get high performance at value for your hard-earned money.


How To Set Up An Inground Pool Pump

You can set up the inground pool pump on your own, especially when you need to replace it. Here are steps to get it installed:

  • Remove the Old Pool Pump
  • First, put off the electric power connections. You can do this on the circuit breaker. And check that the power is off by putting trying to put it on the pump. Once you are sure it is off, loosen the waterline of the pump. Then, cut off the pipes that lead to it and disconnect the power adapter from the back of the motor.

  • Fixing the New Pool Pump
  • Place the new inground pool pump on the place where you removed the old one. And then you connect the water lines to it. Put the PVC pipes that you cut off back in place, seal them off. And lastly, screw them tightly to the intake hose of the pool pump.

  • Seal with Cement
  • Get the cement mixture ready and plaster it on the ends of the connecting hoses.

  • Connect to the Pump
  • Now you get the new inground pump connected to the pools return system. And you use a PVC cutter to remove the lines used to connect the old pump.

  • Create New Pipe Lines
  • Now that you have removed the old pump line, you need to create another one. This will connect the pump and the filter, you can make use of PVC pipes, sleeves, and elbows. Inside the sleeves, add a layer of primer and let it dry. Next, put some PVC adhesive on the same area of your primer. Push in the PVC pipe and wait for it to dry.

  • Power Reconnection
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    How To Choose The Right Inground Pool Pump

    Choosing the right inground pump is very important. It will help in maintaining how long you need to run the pool pump. When you get the right type of pump, it will be able to filter all your water in the pool. And it will do this within 8 to 12 running hours. Now, lets figure out some of the things you need to know to choose the right inground pool pump?

    Does It Have A Debris Strainer

    Best Swimming Pool Cover Pump in 2019

    Pretty self-explanatory but equally important. This is used to prevent leaves and other debris from getting inside and messing with your pump.

    Depending on when youre using the cover pump, you may have more or less debris accumulating on the cover. Another variable is how much foliage is in your backyard.

    A season like autumn sees a marked increase in the amount of leaves that fall. If your backyard has heavy foliage, it can easily accumulate on your pool cover and lead to issues with the pump if not promptly removed.

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    Pool Cover Pump Above Ground Sump Pumps 850gph Water Removal With 3 Adapters 16ft Drainage Hose

    as of February 27, 2022 12:20 am


    • Pro-grade Material Construction: Resistant, Non-Clogging, Submersible, Thermal Overload Protection, Ultra-quiet designEasy to set up and let it drain away from the accumulated water, Efficient DrainageIdeal water pump for both in-ground and above ground pools, swimming pool cover, hot tub, pond, basement, etc.
    • Sump pumps/Pool Cover Pump:MAX: 3218L/H, HMAX: 3.2m AC:115V/60HZ 75W, Max Water Temperature:95, waterproof level: IPX8.
    • Full Set Submersible Pump Accessories: 25ft length Power Cord, for large area use 16ft drainage hose, suitable for the 1/2 ” water nozzle, can drain from any depth of the pool.3/4″ water nozzle and 3/4 crooked water nozzle is suitable for drainage hoses and garden hoses.
    • Save Time Effort Money & Keep Health: This water pump drainage point no need extension hoses, cut your cost of installation With user manual, guidelines will also help you save the cost of the job When rainy day go away, this pump helps move water out from your above ground pool or pond. When flooding, moisture/damp eventually flood or dampen your basement, this sump pump will benefit your home and your health.
    • 100% Satisfied Customer Service: No risk purchase, we have done an effort to provide the best pump to help you save a lot of mess, however, no reason to return if you are unsatisfied. 24hours/7day professional service to answer your questions via amazon message or email.

    Little Giant 505600 Automatic Pool Cover Pump

    Little Giant 505600 is the best automatic pool cover pump that you will find on the market because it ensures that all pools covers, regardless of the material, are protected from the prolonged accumulation of melting snow and rain.

    Moreover, this product features an automatic switch that senses when the water level is at least 3-1/4 inches and turns on or when the water level is at 1-3/4 inches and turns itself off. Therefore, you get a worry-free pumping and so all you need to do is plug it in and go.

    Another great thing about this pump is that it has a submersible design and it can operate in either manual or automatic mode. Therefore, you can be sure that this machine will suit any circumstance, making it highly convenient and enhancing flexibility.

    This is a household-designed pool cover pump as it comes with a 25-foot cord, operates with 115 volts and 60 Hertz, has a flow rate of 1200 GPH per 1 foot, and consumes 380 watts. The only caveat when using this device is that it weighs more and so requires an extra hand to transport it.


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    How To Get Water Off Pool Cover Without A Pump

    If you dont purchase a pool cover pump, you can siphon water off of the cover with a hose. Take a hose with no attachment on either of the ends. Place one end of the hose in the accumulated water, take the other end and bring it to the area where you want to drain the water.

    Next, you will have to start sucking on the hose to pull water from the pool into the hose. When you do this, it will create a pull in the hose, and it will start sucking the water out and leaving it in another area of your yard. You have to be very careful when doing this that you dont end up taking a mouthful of dirty pool cover water.

    Pentair 340038 Superflo High

    Top 5 Best Pool Cover Pumps Review in 2022 | For Inground Pools

    The Pentair Single Speed Pool Pump delivers high-performance using a 1 HP pump at a more affordable cost compared to other units. It features a thick-walled body and a heavy-duty motor. The self-priming allows for an instant start-up. This has a small footprint as to not get in the way, and the size also allows for simple placement in a compact equipment pad.

    It comes with a 1-year warranty. However, this can be void if self-installed, so take caution if you want to keep the warranty in the event something happens.

  • Take the Lid Off the Pool Pump
  • Set the Multiport Valve to Recirculate
  • Open the Pumps Air Valve
  • Clean Up the Pumps Basket If Needed
  • Fill Up the Pool Pump With Clean Water
  • Switch the Power Back On
  • Check The Water Flow To Your Pool Pump
  • If you want to read a deatiled and comprehensive guide, check out our full post on How To Prime a Pool Pump!

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    Fibropool Electric Pool Winter Cover Pump

    Living in an area that has such a severe winter that you have to use a pool heater to warm up your water? Need a pool cover pump to keep your pool cover free of snow, debris when not in use? The FibroPool Electric Pool Winter Cover Pump will be an excellent choice for you.

    See Also:

    This pump is made using heavy-duty material and ABS casing, which can resist harsh weather and ensure your pumps lifespan.

    Although heavy-duty designed, the cover pump is incredibly lightweight and durable, which will not make your pool cover sag into the pool. So the FibroPool Electric Pool Winter is suitable for both inground and above ground pools.

    Another convenient feature of this cover pump is that it comes with a 16-foot removal hose and can plug into standard electrical outlets. Whats more, this device can remove water at up to 600 gallons per hour, which saves you a lot of time.


    • Perfect for both inground and above ground pools


    • Not automatic

    Williams Take:

    Wayne Wapc250 1/4 Hp Automatic

    Wayne Inc is based in Ohio where it manufactures and assembles its own pumps. High efficiency, output and reliability as well as the fact that its a set and forget pump thanks to its built in anti-freeze protection made this automatic cover pump THE BEST SELLER for cover pumps on Amazon.

    Specifications and Technical Data:

    Max Flow rate: 3000 GPH With a maximum flow rate is 3000 gallons per hour using 3000 GPH with a 1-1/4 drain hose this pump easily leads the field and allows fast removal of water even in heavy rains or when a lot of water has already accumulated.
    ¼ HP Achieving that kind of output with ¼ HP pump stands for high efficiency.
    Automatic ON / OFF The WAPC250 automatically switches on when the water level reaches a little above 2 and turn off by itself when the level drops below 3/4, not quite as low as the Little Giant ACPC 1700
    Submersible Yes

    User Feedback

    A lot of people buy it after their old pump has given up in many cases an old Rule 1800 or a cheaper cover pump.

    People are happy with the sturdy construction and amount of water it can transfer. Its easy to use and moved about thanks to the pull to shore cable.

    This is especially true for solid + mesh covers. Pool owners also like that its amazingly quiet considering its power.


    The pump comes with a 3 year limited warranty. Customer service is pretty good and helpful too. The strainer at the bottom prevents clogging even when there are lots of leaves.

    The WAPC250 is best for:

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    How Do You Bleed Air From Your Pool Pump

    To bleed the air from your swimming pool pump & filter system, first look for a small valve at the top of the filter housing that you should be able to open to let out the pool pump air.

    With the pump running, preferably on the filter setting, slowly open the valve, this should lead to a normal hissing sound, similar to when you let air our of pretty much anything. Keep the valve open until water starts to come out, once this happens you will know the air is out of your pool pump & filter system. Gently close the valve and youre done!

    What Is A Pool Cover Pump And What Does It Do

    Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Cover Pumps in 2021

    A pool cover pump is a submersible pump that will drain water from the cover of your swimming pool in the offseason the cover is put on the pool to protect it from leaves and debris. The pool cover does a great job of keeping your pool clean however, it also blocks water from entering your pool. With nowhere for this water to go, you will need to have a pump to remove the water.

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    Our Conclusion On The Best Pool Pumps

    Theres little denying the importance of swimming pool pumps. What you should ensure is that you have the best pool pump that will effectively do the job to keep your pool clean and sanitized.

    Our top seven swimming pool pump system options should give you an idea of what to look for. Also, if you have an above ground swimming pool, our team recommends you check out our detailed reviews of the best above ground pool pumps. Let us know in a comment below if youve tried any of the best pool pumps above out and what your experience was!

    Is It Fully Submersible

    Not all pumps are able to operate while fully submerged under water.

    The design of a cover pump allows it to sit in a shallow pool of water, but that doesnt mean it can operate under 2 or 3 feet of water.

    You should check the product specifications if you want a cover pump thats fully submersible.

    This will allow the pump to work if a lot of water is present on the cover , and youll also be able to use it for draining small bodies of water such as a hot tub or above ground pool.

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    How Do Pool Heat Pumps Work

    Heat pumps rely on the refrigerant to transfer heat from ambient air to the pool. The refrigerant is typically cold and flows through tubes in its low pressure, liquid-gaseous state. These tubes are exposed to ambient air, which is warmer than the refrigerant flowing through the tubes, and because heat moves from warmer areas to cooler ones, the heat in the air then moves to the refrigerant.

    The tubes are connected to an evaporator, a type of heat exchanger with fins that aid in the absorption of heat from the air into the refrigerant. A fan rotating near the tubes increases the flow of ambient air over the evaporator, thereby further increasing heat absorption.

    As the heat enters the refrigerant, the temperature of the refrigerant rises and the liquid begins to transform into a warm, low pressure vapor, eventually changing from liquid to gas as it makes its way through the evaporator. Its then exposed to the compressor, which increases the pressure of the gas. This, in turn, raises the temperature of the gas and as it becomes hotter, the heat flows from the refrigerant to the colder water.

    The compressor then forces the high pressure gas into the second heat exchanger, the condenser, which is in contact with the water. As the hot refrigerant gas moves through the condenser, it loses its heat to the water, essentially heating it. The gas then cools off below its condensation point and changes to a high pressure liquid state.

    Features To Look For In Pool Pumps

    Highly Recommend this Pool Cover Pump | EDOU 1200 GPH Pool Cover Pump Review


    • Single Speed Single speed pool pumps only have one speed. That means that the rate at which they pull water through the pump is fixed. These pumps are often cheaper to buy in the first place and are more suited to smaller pools and hot tubs. The disadvantage of buying a single-speed pump is that you have no control over the circulation. That means you cant choose a higher setting to clean it out quickly and you cant put it on a lower setting to improve efficiency.
    • Dual Speed Dual speed pool pumps have two circulation settings. These are usually slightly more expensive and give you the option of a low or high setting. This gives you more control over your pools circulation so that youre not wasting money when the pool isnt being used.
    • Variable Speed Variable speed pumps have an adjustable speed setting so that you have complete control over your pools circulation. This is the most advanced type of pool pump and comes with the highest price tag. But, over time they could save you money. They are, by far, the most energy efficient way to pumping your pool water, because you can set the pump at a lower circulation setting without any added energy.

    Flow Rate The flow rate is the number of gallons the pump moves every minute. Most manufacturers dont post the minimum and maximum flow rates of their pumps.

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    Pool Cover Pump Submersible Pool Cover Pump 1200 Gph Above Ground Swimming Sump Pump With 4 Adapters 16ft Drainage Hose Ideal For Pool Draining

    as of February 27, 2022 12:20 am


    • Efficient Drainage: 1/6 HP pool cover pump moves up to 1200 gallons per hour, faster than a standard drain pump. Energy efficient and time saving. Side discharge for optimal water removal.
    • Utility Materials: Made of enhanced ABS, durable to use, water pump can withstand bad weather, rust and impact meanwhile easily filter out dirt and remove the accumulated water from pool covers.
    • Easy to Use: Portable pool pump comes with dimension 6.5x6x5.2inches, low energy consumption, AC-115V Voltage. Tool Daily pool cover pumps are easy to set up and let it drain away the accumulated water, ideal for both in ground and above ground pools. Ideal for household water transfer applications, providing you with an affordable drainage solution.
    • Good Compatibility: 16 ft kink-proof drain hose fits 1/2″ outlet adapter. 3/4″ water nozzle can be attached to drainage hose. Another adapter for 3/4″ garden hose, rotary unions swivel makes connection easier. 25 ft power cord plugs into any standard 110 volt wall outlet.
    • Package Includes: 1200GPH pool cover pump with 25 ft switching power cord, 16′ long drainage hose, 1/2″ hose adapter, 3/4″ hose adapter, 3/4″ crooked hose adapter, 3/4″ garden hose adapter, 1 O-ring and a manual. Please feel free to contact us if you have any issues with your pool cover pump.

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