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What Is The Deepest Above Ground Swimming Pool

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The Pros And Cons Of Above Ground Pools

How deep are above ground pools

The positives of above ground pools are straightforward. If youre looking for something to cool off with during the summer that is low maintenance, then an above ground pool is for you. You can put away the pools during the winter and store them in some cases.

One of the biggest pros of an above ground pool is that you save thousands of dollars. In-ground pools cost approximately $20,000, and that a no-frills version. In above-ground pools however, you can find a wide variety of shapes and sizes for less than $1,000.

So, whats the downside? Well, above ground pools have no impact on property value. If youre looking to increase the value of your home, an in-ground pool is your best option. In some cases, above ground pools may actually diminish the value of your property. Because they sit on one stretch of land for years at a time, the ground its over is cut off from sunlight, and water sources. You may need to reseed or sod your lawn to fill in any gaps from your above ground pool. As previously mentioned, the other downside is that there is no above ground pool option available for diving.

Above Ground Pools: Types Prices Dimensions

Cost and Pricing | Swimming Pool Design

Need to get an affordable swimming pool ASAP? We already covered how you can get an inground pool fast and cheap, but what if you want a less permanent option, like an above ground pool?

As fiberglass pool manufacturers, we focus primarily on inground pools, but we know that many people are working with smaller budgets. We also know that some savvy shoppers like to try things out first before they make any bigger commitments.

In this article, well break down above ground pool sizes, types, and costs to help you choose the best above ground pool design for your family.

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How Deep Can Your In

In Design and Inspiration by Frisco Pool BuilderJuly 26, 2017

An important factor to consider when planning your new in-ground pool is how deep it can be and how deep do you actually want it to be. There are several reasons as to why this is an important decision to be made before finalizing the plans for your pool.

What Is The Maximum Depth?

To begin with, the maximum depth for pools is typically 8 feet, although we can build deeper pools. The pros of having a pool of this depth begin with the fact that this would allow you to install a diving board.

If you are building your pool with high activity in mind, then you will definitely want to consider adding a diving board for the ability to actually dive and do flips and other such activities.

When you have a deeper pool you can also have more fun with diving games like throwing toys to the bottom of the pool.

Why Not Have A Deep Pool?

The cons of a deep pool begin with the fact that it can make it harder to play games like volleyball. They can also exclude more people from enjoying the water due to limited swimming abilitythis also means there is a higher risk for pool-related injuries.

Because of these risks, more pool owners tend to go with shallower pools so as to be able to include everyone in the enjoyment.

Why Is 8ft Typically The Max?

Worrying about that stipulation can be left to your local pool professional who will know all about these regulations and needs for pool depths.

How Do You Decide?

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Inground Pumps Are Self Priming

The main difference between the inground and above-ground pumps is that above-ground pumps need manual priming, whereas inground pumps are self-priming.

Since most inground pumps are above water level, this relates to the pump’s capacity to raise water vertically. Pumps are often mounted above the water table, and in some cases much higher.

Aboveground pumps are installed below water level and have flooded suction, which means that gravity and atmospheric pressure feed the pump without needing a lot of vacuum pressure or suction pressure.

Pool Builders Offer Pool Depth Tips To Consider For Your Swimming Pool Design

My above ground pool has a 13 foot deep pit ...

How deep a pool can be and how deep you actually want it to be are two important questions to consider when planning your swimming pool design.

Pool depth affects design options, construction costs, and overall maintenance costs. And some pool depths are better suited to different uses than others. So how you plan to use your pool will largely affect your final decision.

So to help you decide on the right depth for your inground pool design heres an in-depth look at all things pool depth-related

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What Shape Should Your Above Ground Pool Be

One of the most basic questions you need to ask yourself when buying a new above ground pool is what shape should it be? There are 2 basic shapes of above ground pool, each with its own pros and cons:

  • Round. Round pools are larger than oval pools, and are also cheaper to buy. Their circular shape can make them harder to fit in some backyards however.
  • Oval. Oval above ground pools are smaller and more expensive than round pools. Their long, narrow shape fits better in some backyards and gives them a more premium in-ground pool look.
  • If you have a narrow yard, or are looking for that in-ground pool style, oval pools are probably your best bet. For larger backyards where pool size isnt an issue, the lower cost of round pools can make them a better choice.

    Whats A Good Size Pool

    For a family of 8 people, a pool size of 18 by 36 feet is adequate. Even if you all decide to swim at the same time, there will be enough space for everyone. A rectangular shape is the best choice for this size of the pool. If there are six or less in your family, a pool size of 16 by 32 feet will be sufficient.

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    If In Doubt Stick To The Norm

    It’s hard to draw a line between these two, inground pool pumps and above-ground pool pumps. Now that you have learned how to swim through the differences between the two types of pumps, you can decide which one to use.

    Go with the flow if you own an inground pool, get an inground pump, and if you decide on an above-ground pool, use an above-ground pump!

    Dive in and contact us for both above and in-ground pools including pumps, heaters, cleaning brushes, accessories, and more.

    Does An Inground Pool Increase Home Value

    Swimming Pool: Best Above Ground Pool (Buying Guide)

    Though it might increase the value of your home, you still might not recoup your investment. In ideal circumstances, installing an inground pool can boost the value of your house by as much as 7%. This will actually mean that you recoup less of the costs rather than proportionately increasing your home value.

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    How To Keep Your Pool Clean

    A pool needs to be kept clean. Not just from things like fallen leaves or dirt, but the water itself also needs to stay clean to avoid waterborne bacteria.

    Technically you could empty it out after every use, scrub it so it sparkles, then refill it, but who the hell has that kind of time on their hands?

    Thats why I recommend always picking a sand filtering system to suit your needs.

    The majority on this list do come with a filtering system of some description, and they all do a solid job of cleaning. That said, it all comes down to how much time you want to spend leaving the filtering system to do its job.

    Some will clean the water in around three hours, but if that feels too long, its worth picking up a more powerful system to cut the time down.

    Of course, not everyone will mind having to wait a few hours before hopping in. It all depends on preference.

    One final point before we hop into the list. Consider whether you can build it alone or whether youll need help.

    Most pools come with instructions, but even then, the larger the pool, the more complex getting it up and running will be.

    If you can rope people into helping you, great. The more the merrier. If you cant, however, Id suggest paying someone who knows what theyre doing to install it.

    This may sound like blasphemy, but theres an equal number of customers whove pulled their hair out trying to fit it manually to those whove paid for a pro to install it.

    How Deep Can A Deep End Be

    This will depend on your pools liner and how big your pool is. You can, if you want to keep your current liner, go up to 8 to 10 deeper. Any more than this and you are going to need an expandable pool liner, not going too deep will also help keep the lining on the pools bottom smooth.

    If your pool is small and you dig down deep, youll make the grade from the edge to the center uncomfortably steep. As long as the center is shaped nicely and the grade isnt too steep, the liner should run over it smoothly. If you havent ensured those two things, you might find you have a wrinkly bottom. This isnt the end of the world, it will just make cleaning harder. It also wont feel great underfoot and it can be unsightly.

    In summary, when installing a deep end in your above ground pool, you want to make sure it is done with care. You wont achieve the same smoothness or depth differences of an inground pool. However, you can still put the extra effort into ensuring your pool features something for everyone.

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    Standard Above Ground Pool Depths

    Above ground pools come in three standard wall height depths: 48, 52 and 54 remember that these measurements are the height of the pool wall, not the depth of the gallons of water it contains, the actual water level will be 6 lower than this. If you find that this is too shallow for you, you can increase your water depth by creating a deep end.

    Intex 24 Foot Ultra Xtr Frame Pool Set

    Best Above Ground Pools for Small Backyards for 2020

    The first type of pool I want to mention is the Intex Ultra Frame Pool. This bad boy is a whopping 24 feet in diameter and gives you 52 inches of depth, making it one of the largest above ground pools on the market.

    Ready for some serious summer fun? With the Intex 24 Foot Ultra XTR Frame Pool Set, you can enjoy hours of relaxation and entertainment in your very own backyard. This high-quality pool set is made with galvanized steel and comes equipped with a precision-engineered locking system that makes assembly a breeze simply snap the frame components together and youre ready to go!

    The integrated Hydro Aeration Technology ensures improved circulation and filtration, while the 110-120V sand filter pump provides crystal clear water all season long. So dive into some fun this summer with the Intex 24 Foot Ultra XTR Frame Pool Set!

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    Can You Leave An Above Ground Pool Up All Year

    A common question asked is, Can above ground pools stay up year round? And although the easy answer is that Yes, they can, whether you want to leave them up year-round really depends on the type of pool you have. Dismantling some above ground pools for the winter may be more hassle than its worth.

    How Will You Use The Pool

    Another factor when deciding how big your pool should be is how youre actually going to use the pool. If the pool is simply for you and your significant other to cool off and relax, a small pool will do just fine. If youre a family of 5 and are planning on having guests over to use the pool, you should probably try to get the biggest pool that will fit in your available area.

    If youre hoping to swim laps in the pool, we recommend making sure to buy a pool that is at least 24 long. Any smaller and you will only get the chance for a couple of strokes before you have to turn back and go the other way. A 24 round or 12 x 24 oval would both work equally well for this purpose.

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    How Deep Can An Above

    The walls on an above-ground pool generally come in 48-inch, 52-inch and 54-inch heights. The added wall height in recent years has diminished the need for digging a deeper floor for many pool owners.

    Keep in mind, of course, that the water level of the pool will be about four inches below the top of the sidewall.

    In general, it makes for a better final product to retain a flat bottom surface for the installation, but adaptations can be made to develop a deeper pool.

    How To Buy The Deepest Above Ground Pool

    River Pools Introduces the Massive T40 Model Pool, A Deep End Pool With A Large Play Area

    1. Depth

    Since your main goal is to get the deepest above ground pool, the depth should be one of the first factors to consider when shopping.

    Unlike the inground pools that can be up to 8 feet or even deeper, most above ground pools out there will have a maximum depth of half this: around 4 feet .

    Given they are above the surface, having something too deep will make it harder to use as you need a taller ladder to get in. Also, the pressure can be too much for the pool material to bear.

    That said, if you are looking for something deeper, the best you can hope for is 52 or 54 inches, but there are a few 60-inch models in the market.

    2. Size and Weight

    Besides the depth, you will also need to consider the overall size of the above ground pool. Here you have to look at other aspects like the width and length for rectangular pools and diameter for the circular ones.

    When it comes to size, you will not have restrictions like with depth. There are many massive options out there, and you can also get tiny ones if you do not have a lot of space.

    For large families with adequate space in their backyard, a 32ft long pool with a 16ft width like the Intex 26373EH Ultra XTR Rectangular Set Pool is perfect as it provides plenty of space.

    You should also pay attention to the weight. If you buy something too heavy, you will need special equipment to lift it in place during assembly and have a more solid base beneath it.

    3. Material

    4. Ease of Setup

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    Can You Dive In An Above Ground Pool

    MYTH: It is safe to dive into an above ground pool. intended for diving. The water depth in above-ground pools is usually 42 inches, much to shallow for safe diving. No Diving signs should be clearly posted on all above ground pools.

    How Complicated Is The Installation

    Once again, inflatable above-ground pools are the easiest to install. Use a pump to fill the pool with air, then add water. The installation is a bit more involved when using a pool made of vertical supports. While each pool will have its own set of instructions, they can usually be set up within an afternoon and dont require extra power tools if everything snaps in place snugly. But you will need a helping hand or two to avoid frustration. Make sure the spot is level, lay out the various parts, and understand how the liner attaches to the swimming pool. Take your time, and you should have no trouble installing the pool.

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    Learn More About Above Ground Pools

    Before making the plunge into above ground pool ownership, make sure youve gotten educated first. For instance, above ground pools do require chemicals for water maintenance. But did you know that above ground pools can be converted to saltwater? Weve also got everything you need to know about filling an above ground pool with water and how to empty an above ground pool. You should also learn how to winterize your above ground pool to keep it in great shape for next season. We hope your new above ground pool brings you many years of enjoyment!

    Do I Need A Fence Around My Above Ground Pool

    What is the biggest and deepest above ground pool ...

    The CPSC recommends surrounding all pool areas with childproof fencing and gates, and that goes for above-ground pools, too. Above-ground pools have elevated edges that toddlers cant reach, but stairs and ramps that provide access to the pools surface should be secured with gates and childproof locks.

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    Q: Whats The Deepest Above

    The deepest above-ground pool available is the Intex 36-Foot by 16-Foot by 52-Inch Above-Ground Pool. The four-foot depth may not seem like a lot, but in the world of above-ground pools, its tough to find deeper floors. You can buy specially made above-ground pools with a depth up to six feet, but these are only available from pool-installation companies. And when you go that deep, you must make sure the walls, liner, and supports can handle the water pressure. Even for standard above-ground pools, manufacturers will recommend you only fill the pool to 90 percent capacity. This gives you enough room to get in and swim without dumping gallons of water off the sides.

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