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Why Is My Pool Pump Not Working

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Release Air From Your Pool Filter

POOL PUMP Not Working? How To Fix 6 Common Pump Problems | Swim University
  • Locate the air relief valve on top of the pool filter housing, but often it is located below or behind your pressure gauge. The pressure gauge is unlikely to show a reading if theres air in the system.
  • While the air relief valve on the pool filter pump running on the filter setting, open the valve slowly.
  • When there is air in the filter housing, you will hear air hissing out from the valve.
  • Do not stop with the valve open until water starts to come out of the valve.
  • Close the air relief valve on the pool filter and that is the filter bled.
  • Next is, how to release air from a pool pump:
  • After a few minutes of your pump strainer housing being full of air, but the water still doesnt start to flow through it, it needs your help.
  • Switch off the pump and then close your skimmer lines using the inline valves.
  • Fully open the bottom main drain valve
  • Run the pump and then open one of the skimmer valves slowly a bit at a time
  • Then you will see some air bubbles coming from the pool return jets.
  • Now you may remove any air that is trapped in the filter housing by executing the abovementioned procedure.

    Once the skimmer valves are completely open, you must have plenty of water going through the system, and the air should be gone.

    Why Will My Heater Not Turn On

    Check the Pilot Light A dirty or faulty pilot light is one of the main reasons a gas furnace wont start. Make Sure Natural Gas Is Flowing into the Furnace If your furnace wont start, it may be because the unit isnt getting any fuel. Simply check the gas control valve to ensure its in the On position.

    Swimming Pool Pump Repair And Services

    Our Fully Inclusive Swimming Pool Pump Fitting Charges, for Private/Domestic 50mm pipe Swimming Pools:

    Up to & Including an 8 by 4m 0.75hp Swimming Pool Pump Only 275 Fitted

    Over 8 by 4m 1.00hp Swimming Pool Pump is Only 325 Fitted

    Swimming Pool Pump Maintinance

    The only regular maintenance that a Swimming Pool pump requires is emptying of the pump basket. This basket contains all the debris that the swimming pump has flushed out of the water. It is important that the debris pieces do not pile up as a piece may go into the operating part of the pump and cause operation failure or damage.

    How often should you clean the swimming pool pump basket? The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, the volume of the basket, the amount of debris falling in your pool and the flow rate of the swimming pool pump. You need to monitor the pump basket regularly to decide on the optimal cleaning schedule. Keep in mind that it may be affected by the time of year for outdoor swimming pools.

    How do you clean the basket? For safety purposes, the swimming pool pump must be switched off. Some people even recommend disconnecting it form the electric grid, but I think that this is a bit too much. Still, the choice is completely yours.

    Swimming Pool Pump, Leakage Repairs

    If water is leaking from the plugs, you simply need to tighten them. You do not need any specific skills for this. Any person can do it irrespective of how technically savvy they are.


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    Pump Is Leaking Water

    Pumps can leak water from many areas, but the prime suspects are the mechanical shaft seal and the effluent pipe fitting, the one that is screwed into the pump outlet. Check around the pipe fitting, to be sure the area is dry. If so, look under the pump to see exactly where the water is coming from. It will either be leaking out along the motor shaft , or it will be leaking where the seal plate connects with the volute, caused by a loose clamp band, or misaligned o-ring. In cases of freeze damage or a water hammer effect, some pumps will develops cracks in the volute or pump basket housing.

    Pool Pump Not Turning Onwhat Does It Mean

    Pool Pump not Working, Part 1

    Before you attempt any of the following possible fixes to your pool pump, you should know that you need to possess basic electrical knowledge to get the job done safely and correctly. If you dont, please do yourself a favor and bring in a professional to troubleshoot the problem and make needed repairs. Dealing with a broken pump is more dangerous and takes more pool expertise than knowing how to clean pool cartridge filters.

    Even if you arent going to attempt the repair yourself, you may still want to know why you flipped on the power to your pump and hear humming but no actual signs your pump is working.

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    Pool Pump Humming But Not Working: What Should I Do

    The pump is the heart of your pool. This important part creates the pressure that moves your pool water through the filters, chlorinators and all the other components of your pools circulation system. Recently youve started to worry because your previously crystal clear swimming pool is turning a muddy greenish color and youre not sure why.

    You know the pump is on because you can hear it. Did you make a mistake in your calculations for how long you need to run it? Is it the time of day? The wrong pump? What could be the reason for your pool pump humming but not working?

    Unfortunately, several things could be the culprit. Some of the most common reasons are that:

    • You might have a bad capacitor.
    • Debris might be blocking the impeller and consequently disabling the pool pump.
    • There might be problems with the motor shaft.

    What do all of these issues mean? Quite simply, your pool pump isnt actually turning on. In this post, we will review why your pool pump might not be working and how you can fix it.

    Pump Is Not Pumping Water

    If the pump is not pumping water at all, check that all suction and return valves are open, and the pump lid is on tight, with the lid o-ring in place. Lubricating the lid o-ring regularly will help improve the seal. Check that the drain plugs are tightly inserted with Teflon tape, and that the pump basket is inserted in the proper way, and is sitting all the way down.

    If the pump has lost prime completely, fill a bucket with water or bring over a garden hose and re-prime the pump manually by filling up the pump. If the pump wont catch after a several attempts to fill with water, check for an air leak on the suction side of the pump, an obstruction in the line, or low water level.

    If you just pulled the pump to check the impeller or replaced a shaft seal, make sure the seal is installed correctly and that the diffuser and diffuser gaskets are seated firmly.

    If the pump wont pump water fully, check that:

    • Suction side valves are open.
    • Older suction side valves can leak air through stem or lid.
    • Pump lid o-ring is a good fit, in good condition, and lubricated.
    • Pump lid cover is Tight .
    • Impeller is not clogged with small debris.
    • Check that pump basket is not broken or misaligned.
  • Pool Filter is clean, and filter valve is on Filter or Recirculate.
  • Return side valves are open.
  • Pump does not drip water from plugs or seal when pump is off.
  • Test entrance pipe fitting for Air leakage.
  • Use shaving cream or soapy water to see if it sucks into pump.
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    Pool Pump Motor Humming But Not Turning

    Now that you recognize the parts of the motor, you can identify the source of noise and apply the solution that suits your problem the best. If you are new to having a pool, it is worth knowing that experts recommend noticing the sounds and vibrations in the pump to indicate the presence of a possible fault. Here are some of the possible problems and their solutions if the pool pump not working just humming.

    My Skimmer Is Not Skimming

    Intex Pool Pump Not Working – Fix

    Once you see the debris of bugs, leaves, or any floating around on the surface of your pool, this is the result of a broken skimmer.

    It is unsafe for the swimmers and as well as the pools maintenance.

    Multiple reasons cause your pool skimmer to malfunction and eventually stop working. Fortunately, most skimmer problems can be fixed easily.

    Malfunctioning pool skimmers are the result of your pool water maybe being too low or too high.

    It might not get enough suction in your skimmer to pull debris from the surface of your pool, or the weir flop in your skimmer has a problem causing the debris not to be trapped in the skimmer.

    Below are skimmer problems you may be encountering and ways to correct and solve the problem of your skimmer that is not skimming efficiently.

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    Strange Soundscoming From The Motor

    Ifeverything looks like itâs in good shape with the overall pump, itâs time tomove onto the motor. Motors are fairly straightforward. Theyâre either runningor theyâre not. The best way to make sure your motor is in good shape is to useyour ears. Keep the pump housing open, so you can listen closely to whatâshappening with the motor. You might want to wait until some of the other soundsin your neighborhood settle down for the evening. When itâs quiet, listen forthe following sounds:


    Ifyou hear a loud grinding sound, itâs usually a sign that the bearings aregetting worn down. The bearings are the part of the machine that keep the motorrunning. Your pump could be leaking water, or the bearings might need to bereplaced instead of the entire motor.


    Screechingis also a sign that your motor bearings need to be replaced. These loud, oftenpainful sounds could also be a sign of rust or oxidation, making it moredifficult for the bearings to do their job.


    Whenyour motor is accompanied by a strange humming sound, it usually means thecapacitor has failed. This component provides a charge so the motor will runconsistently. The most likely reason your capacitor has failed is a surchargeof electricity that causes the capacitor to overheat. You can replace thecapacitor instead of replacing the entire motor.

    Pops and Clicks

    No Sound at All

    Ifyour motor is completely silent, it probably means the motor is dead and itneeds to be replaced.

    Pump Trips The Breaker

    When the breaker trips when trying to turn on the pump, most likely the motor shaft is frozen, the impeller is stuck, or the capacitor has blown. In some cases, it can be a bad breaker, especially one that is used often to turn the pump on and off.

    If the breaker trips while the pump is running, the pump is likely drawing more amperage or voltage than the breaker rating. This could be caused by incorrect voltage or from clogged or restricted pipes, valves or impeller. It could also be just a bad breaker.

    If the breaker trips when turning on pump, check:

    • Look for wire problems in back of motor crimped, split, touching.
    • Check the motor shaft, the impeller should turn freely by hand.
    • Shut off power at breaker and tighten all wire connections.
    • Check timer clock or switch for burnt terminals or wires.
    • Check capacitor for capacitance or resistance with an Ohm meter.
    • If breaker still trips, replace the breaker they go bad eventually.

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    The Pool Pump Is Humming And Wont Start

    First, check the impeller for blocking debris. Turn off the pump and remove the screws on the pump housing. Pull out the pump assembly and remove any gaskets away from the impeller. Then, remove any debris you see and put the pump back together.

    If you hear a buzzing or humming noise, its coming from the pump motor. This means power is reaching the motor but is having trouble starting it. It could be a bad capacitor, centrifugal switch, or a buildup of rust in the motor. It could also mean the impeller is stuck.

    Kreepy Krauly Tips And Fixes

    How To: Determine Why A Pool Pump Won

    The most common problems attached to different pool cleaners are primarily due to pressure and suction. This type of cleaner needs a lot of pull to drive around the swimming pool.

    They need all the suction they can get from your system. It must also be an entirely closed system, meaning no leaks or interruptions between the pump and the cleaners head.

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    Pump Only Runs For 5 Seconds

    If your Hayward pump runs for only 5 seconds and shuts off, check the incoming voltage. Most inground Hayward pumps are shipped to accept 230V, and if you only give it 115V, it cant get up to speed.

    Many inground pumps are have reversible voltage, and can be switched from 230V to 115V by turning a tab or by switching a few wires on the terminal board.

    If the motor turns on and off, check these things:

    • Clear away mulch and leaves from around the motor air vents.
    • Shut off power at breaker and tighten all wire connections.
    • Check that motor wires are not broken, wet, or touching each other.
    • If it continues to overheat and shut off, replace the motor.

    Tripped Breaker Or Gfci Outlet

    Even when your electricity is on, your main breaker could trip without you realizing it. In this scenario, you wouldnt even realize your sump pump isnt running until its too late. If the circuit your main sump pump is on has several other items drawing current , the breaker can overload and pop since more electricity is running through the circuit than it can handle. The sump pump is still functional, it just wont run until the breaker is reset and electricity is restored to the outlet.

    Sump pumps with a larger motor may draw too much current for your breaker. Check the amperage of the circuit and make sure its appropriate level for the sump pump you plan to use on that circuit.

    If your electric sump pump is connected to a GFCI outlet, it can trip and disable the outlet until it is reset. When the sump pump starts up, the initial surge can overload the outlet and cause it to trip. The National Electrical Code now requires a GFCI outlet for sump pumps, making it required for all new construction. This is safer than a standard electrical outlet, but also leaves you susceptible to flooding and is a good reason to have a backup sump pump.

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    My Pool Pump Won’t Prime

    Possible Cause

    The pool filter is severely clogged. Clean and/or replace the filter elements, sand or diatomaceous earth in the filter.
    The impeller clogged with debris. Clean or replace impeller. Note: the normal time for some pumps to prime is 2 to 5 minutes.
    There is a faulty seal in pump lid gasket. Replace the gaskets and/or tighten bolts between the motor and pump, or lid.
    The pool pump lid not tight. Tighten the lid.

    Loud Vibrating Noises Coming From The Pump

    Intex Filter Pump Not Working – Fix it!

    Vibration in your pool pump is normal to a certain extent because of all the moving parts but only to a certain extent. If it starts to become noticeable or louder than usual then you may need to check the following things with your pump.

    • Uneven base – Your pump should be on a level surface. Water, wind, and the vibrations coming from the pump itself may cause the base of the pump to shift slightly. If you notice that the pumps position has shifted then its a pretty easy fix.
    • Worn Bearings – Worn bearings can cause the pool pumps shaft to be misaligned and cause vibrations that are above the normal. See the previous section on how to replace worn bearings.
    • Cavitation – Your pool pump sucking in excess air may also cause excessive vibrations to your pool pump due to the varying speeds that your impeller spins at.

    It is very important to reduce vibrations as much as possible because vibrations can cause damage not only to your pool pump, but to all of the plumbing attached as well. Vibrations can loosen your couplings, and if the vibrations reach a certain point, they can even affect the other components of your pool pumping/filtration system as well.

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    Hmm Think Your Motor Might Be Jammed

    If your pump wont start and you hear a humming noise that doesnt trip your circuit, you probably have a jam on your hands. The only way to check this is to open up your pump, which is a bit of work. But even if you dont find a jam, your efforts pay off: it gives you a chance to check for the other possible cause: bad bearings.

    Kreepy Krauly Troubleshooting Steps

    If the kreepy krauly has stopped moving or not pulsating, there are simple troubleshooting you should follow to solve the problem.

    This pool cleaner is one of the most reliable when appropriately cared for, and they dont require much attention. For the most part, the following tips can identify why it stopped moving:

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    How To Check If You Need Pool Pump Service

    As a pool owner, its important to know the signs of a pool pump in need of repair. The earlier you catch these warning signs, the better, as it will save you more money in the long run the sooner you notice it!

    Heres what you should be looking for:

  • How old is your pump? Pumps typically have a shelf life of 3-6 years. It may be time to replace.
  • Is your pool pump noisy? Your pump should run quietly though it should not be completely silent. If it is very loud, the problem is most likely bad motor bearings, which is an easy and inexpensive fix. This most often occurs after flooding, and can be remedied quickly by pool pump service experts.
  • Does your pool pump trip your breakers? Frequent power surges signal bigger issues. At this point, it will probably be in your best interest to replace rather than repair.
  • Does your pump shut off after short periods? Your pump could be clogged or overheated.
  • Is your pump losing suction? Check your pressure indicator. If its not performing well, its time to call for repair.
  • Is your pool water green or a weird color? If your water is murky or green, its time to call a pool pump service expert.
  • To learn more about pool pump repair trouble signs, to read the complete blog. Also, check out how to avoid pool pump motor replacement by clicking here!

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