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What To Put Under Intex Pool

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Intex Pool Padding Installation Tips

What To Put Under Intex Pools – Own The Pool

The following are some general tips for installing padding underneath your Intex pool, regardless of the type you choose:

  • Before you place the padding, try to smooth out the area as best you can. Remove debris and use clean fill to fill in any voids.
  • Apply a weed killer to the location that is designed to kill nut sudge . This type of weed is one of the few that can grow through your pool liner.
  • Its always better to have the pool placed slightly above ground than below it. Try to avoid any partial burial of your intext pool.
  • Clear an area for the padding that is roughly one foot outside of the perimeter of the pool. Fill the excess space with gravel or wood chips to prevent weeds.
  • Installing A Pool With A Sand Base And Sand Cove

    Step 1

    Using fine sand , lay a 3 thick bed of sand across the entire inside of the pool this will form your base.

    Step 2

    Build a sand cove against the pool wall by creating a 4 angle of sand sand base giving you a total sand cove height of 7 inches where the base meets the metal pool wall.

    Step 3

    This is the completed above ground pool liner installation. The vinyl pool liner should be completely supported by the pool base to avoid any stress or damage to it or the metal pool wall.

    Here Are 4 Ideas Of What To Put Under Intex Above Ground Pools

    There are a handful of things you can put under your Intex pool to make sure that it lasts longer, but we only recommend the following materials to put under your Intex pool. Keep in mind that Intex pools vary in size. See our article on Intex Pool Sizes to learn about all the different pools available.

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    Above Ground Pool Pad Ideas

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    With summer approaching are you thinking about cooling off in your above ground pool? Me too. Ive done some research, and in this article Ill look at 8 things that people put under their above ground pools particularly inflatable pools and kiddie pools.

    This article contains affiliate links. If you click a link and buy something I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information please see the Disclosure page.

    Please note:

    I am not a pool expert. Ive been doing some research for our small, above ground pool that was rather cheap.

    If you have an expensive above ground pool that requires a team of installers or hours and hours of labor to set up, follow the directions of the pool manufacturer as to what to put under the pool . What I highlight in this article may not be appropriate for your specific pool so I cant be held responsible for any issues that may arise.

    Old Carpet As An Above Ground Pool Pad

    What to Put Under Intex Pool &  Above Ground Pools

    Here is another idea that I first heard about in some YouTube videos.

    And what is great about this option is that many people throw out old carpet for free.

    Put the plush, softer side up against the pool liner and the fibrous, webbing side down on the ground as shown above.

    I have used old pieces of carpet around the inflatable pool in the past to have something to step on when we get out of the pool, but Ive yet to put carpet under an inflatable pool. It is an interesting idea.

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    What To Put Under Intex Pool

    Your Intex Pool just showed up in the mail. What next?Spend some time on the site preparation. This extra time will save big headaches after your new pool is full.Theres nothing worse than getting it full and having a rock poke up through the bottom.

    How do you prepare the ground for an Intex pool?The ground must be level and compact. A question we often get is do you need to put sand under an Intex pool? The best way would be to use a few inches of gravel and then 2 or 3 inches of sand. However, Intex does not recommend this as the sand could wash away. So I would stick with compacted soil. Making sure there are no rocks. Compacting is important so that you dont end up with foot prints on the bottom of your pool collecting dirt.What to put under Intex pool. Tarp or a liner?A lot of people will just throw a tarp down next and call it good. While this may work ok, its not ideal. There are pads available that prevent objects from poking through as well as give some cushion on the feet.

    What To Put Under Above Ground Pool On Grass

    Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you, we may earn a small commission for qualifying purchases.

    You can install your above ground pool in just a few hours on a concrete slab, a groundsheet, a bed of sand, or directly on the grass. But preparing the surface carefully in advance is critical to avoid punctures and tears to your pool. Thats why you need to know what to put under above ground pool on grass.

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    Above Ground Pool Leveling Kit

    Now that we are clear on why trying to figure out how to set up above ground pool on the unlevel ground is not recommended, we will go ahead and show you the tools you need for leveling the ground. The above ground pool leveling kit does not feature complicated items it features items that facilitate the following:

    • Skimming the ground surface
    • Determining whether the surface is properly level
    • Removing excess soil or earth

    More often than not, you will find the following tools in the above ground pool leveling kit of most pool installers:

    • Wheelbarrow and shovel for picking up earth and debris
    • Stake or metal rod for indicating the pools center
    • Tape measure
    • Spray paint for marking pool perimeter
    • Crushed stones usually limestone for the pools sub-surface
    • Hand tamper

    Q: How Do You Level the Ground for An Intex Pool?


    When installing an Intex pool, you will need to find the most level location on your compound. Use a level on a long board to locate the high and low areas on your chosen spot. If the difference between the low and high side is more than 2 inches, remove dirt to make the location more level. You can also use sand to improve the level of your chosen installation spot.

    Q: Can I Use A Tarp Under My Pool?


    Q: How Do I Level My Ground for A Pool Without Digging?


    Do Intex Pools Need A Fence

    Bestway pool floor protector review for Intex and other swimming pools.

    Some rules and regulations need to be considered before purchasing an Intex pool. For example, some states require any pools with water more than 18 inches deep to have an enclosure of at least 4 feet high around the area so children cant easily touch the water from inside or outside of the fence/barrier this includes above ground or inflatable swimming pools as they too will need appropriate fencing.

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    Risk Of Installing Your Pool On Grass

    You can easily install your pool on grass if you know how to level an above ground pool on grass, but if you are not carefully it will result in disappointments.

    For instance, the grass will continue to grow around your pool and that wont be a good site for relaxing. Also, the grass can make your pool to be uneven if you dont ensure that it was level enough.

    How Do I Level My Yard For An Intex Pool

    levellevelpoollevelTake the time to level the ground the first time.

  • Hammer a metal stake where the center of the pool will be.
  • Tie a length of string about 6-inches longer than the radius of the pool to the stake.
  • Remove all grass, sod and other vegetation from the marked pool area with shovels or a powered sod cutter.
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    What Do You Put Under Your Above Ground Pool Legs

    4.2/5onpoolabove ground poolplaceonpoolon

    Similarly one may ask, what do you put under Pool legs?

    If the pool has support legs that need to be supported, as most frame pools do, use concrete or wood blocks under each one. I use my laser transit on each one of these so that they are all perfectly level. The result is a level pool with a soft bottom, free of lumps, bumps and rocks.

    Beside above, do you have to put a tarp under an above ground pool? It’s OK to use a tarp under the sand but not in place of it. A tarp will allow all the lumps and bumps of a dirt base to show through into the base of your pool. With just a tarp you still have to have a cove for the pool to be safe. The cove can be dirt, sand or foam, but it has to be there.

    Subsequently, one may also ask, do I have to put sand under my pool?

    Mostly it is to provide a smooth level base under the liner of an above ground pool. While it works, it is not the best option. The sand would act as a barrier that would take in any water or moisture as opposed to all of that liquid going into the soil underneath the pool, potentially not killing your grass.

    What is a gorilla pad for pool?

    Gorilla Pads are pre-cut floor pads designed to protect and cushion the bottom of above ground pools. Unlike old pool foam padding, which can be easily be cut or pierced by grass, roots, or rocks under your above ground pool liner, Gorilla Bottom pool floor padding is impervious to almost any sharp object.

    What Is Swimming Pool Pop Up Coverage

    Pin on Pool

    Broadened Property Damage Pop-Up Coverage Swimming otherwise known as pool pop-up coverage, this endorsement is designed to cover property damage to swimming pools that are either your work or are sold by the insured when these swimming pools are damaged by pop-up, which is the elevation of a swimming pool

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    Old Carpet A Free Option

    This is another good material that will help you decide. We really like this solution since it can be FREE if you can find someone disposing of their old carpet. Just put the carpet down under the pool, with the plush side up. The carpet provides good protection from the stones and pebbles that could cause a tear in the liner, but it does not provide as much cushion and uniform surface for cleaning as the foam tiles do.

    Effective Ways To Level Your Above Ground Pool

    An above-ground pool is a perfect spot to relax during a warm day. But before you can set up to enjoy the swim, there few things that you have to keep in mind, such as what to put under the above-ground pool.

    You can lay it on a prepared natural surface or use either of these materials:

    • Natural Ground
    • Flooring Underlayment
    • Intex Ground Cloth

    However, some materials might not work with certain above-ground pools. Ensure youre buying the perfect one for your model.

    This post will take you through each of these materials and explain what they are and where they are most applicable. Lets get started.

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    Pools Installed On Concrete Slabs

    Although concrete slabs are considered to be an excellent base for swimming pools, they may be too rough for an Intex pool. Concrete tends to have a very abrasive texture and can cause damage to the pool liner over time. Therefore, if you are installing an Intex pool on concrete, it is crucial that you have a layer of padding underneath it.

    Whether you choose foam interlocking tiles, Intex ground cloth, old carpeting, carpet padding, or a third-party padding material, you need a base layer for your above-ground pool. Here are some of the most popular and commonly used options for what to put under your Intex pool.

    Use A Tarp Under Your Intex Pool

    Many people place a basic tarp, available at home improvement stores, under their Intex pool. This helps protect the bottom of the pool from rips and tears. Plus, if you place your pool in the grass, the tarp will keep grass from growing through the bottom of your pool.

    It is paramount that you remove any stones, sticks, or other sharp debris that could be lying underneath. Not only does it pose a threat to the liner of the pool, but it could also rip the tarp as well.

    Tarps dont really offer much smoothness, either. A tarp is a cheap option, much like old carpeting, but theres a reason that it is a cheap solution. Tarps dont provide any additional padding and are just as susceptible to rips and tears as the liner of the pool.

    What To Put Under Above Ground Pools

    Intex EasySet 10′ Pool Setup On Incline

    After youve decided where to put your pool, its time to decide what under pool mat you will use for your Intex pool. The right material can extend the life of your pool.

    Heres a list of the most popular materials to put underneath an above ground pool, whether its on grass, pavers, gravel or concrete.

    • Interlocking Foam Tiles
    • Easy to Install
    • Cost

    Having a breathable material will help prevent mildew and mound which is caused by trapped moisture.

    Some materials are naturally tougher than others, such as commercial under pool pads. This is more important if you plan to put your pool on grass or dirt.

    Having the right material just feels nicer on your feet. Some people dont mind it but having stones sticking into my feet isnt my preference. Going for a thicker material or combining two materials together will produce a better feel.

    A material that is easy to get to lay flat is also beneficial. This will mean that the bottom of your pool will be wrinkle free making it easier to clean .

    Lastly, when deciding on what to put under an above ground pool you want to consider how easy the material is to work with and the cost. Although carpet could be free , its not easy to cut and could be quite a lot of effort to install.

    Interlocking foam tiles can be found here and at Walmart, Home Depot and many other stores.

    They provide thick padding and will feel great under your feet. Provided you install them on a level surface, the bottom of the pool will feel nice and smooth.

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    What Should I Put Under The Legs Of My Intex Pool

    The stability of the legs is vital to a sturdy Intex pool. You should NOT put the legs directly on the ground, they will sink in once the weight of the water is pushing down. You SHOULD put a wood block or concrete paver under each leg. The paver should be at least 1ft x 1ft in size and should be level with the ground.

    Installing A Pool With A Sand Base Foam Cove Liner Floor Pad And Wall Foam

    Step 1

    Using fine sand , lay a 3 thick bed of sand across the entire inside of the pool this will form your base.

    Step 2

    After installing the 3 sand base, lay the liner floor pad on top. Please note your liner floor pad is pre-cut to fit your pools exact dimensions.

    Step 3

    Using spray glue or duct tape attach the pool wall foam to the metal pool wall. Start attaching the foam at the top of the pool wall. This will leave a small portion of the bottom of the pool wall not covered with foam but this area will be hidden with a sand or foam cove.

    Step 4

    After installing the pool wall foam, attach the pool cove by removing the adhesive backing and sticking it to the metal pool wall directly on top of the liner floor pad .

    Step 5

    This is the completed above ground pool liner installation. The vinyl pool liner should be completely supported by the pool base to avoid any stress or damage to it or the metal pool wall.

    In conclusion, there are several ways that one can prepare their pool base prior to installing your above ground pool liner. If these steps are followed correctly they can help prevent issues with your above ground pool liner post installation and in years to come!

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    Can I Put My Intex Pool On The Driveway Or Concrete Patio

    YES. As long as your driveway or patio is level, this is a great place for an Intex Pool. If you do choose to put your Intex Pool on your driveway or patio, then we highly recommend the We Sell Mats interlocking foam floor tiles mentioned above as a way to provide cushioning for the bottom of the pool.

    Why Do You Need To Put Anything Under Your Pool

    Intex soft side pool. Landscaped by wrapping black soft ...

    Temporary above-ground pools like Intex, Summer Waves, Bestway, or Coleman all have one thing in common. They have a thin vinyl liner that is susceptible to punctures if installed incorrectly. Roots, stones, pebbles, and anything else on the ground below the pool are potential sources of leak-causing punctures.

    For this reason, it is important to not put your temporary pool directly on the grass, dirt, or concrete.

    No matter what style of Intex Pool you are installing, this decision can make a big difference in how long your pool will last.

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