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Are Above Ground Pools Cheaper

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Cheapest Inground Pool Vinyl Liner Pool

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Setup | Intex Sand Filter mod | cheap above ground pools

Vinyl liner pools are generally the cheapest inground pools you can find today. Their installation costs are much lower than those of fiberglass and concrete pools. They cost approximately $25,000$65,000. Also, vinyl pools offer great functionality and aesthetics. However, they are not as versatile as concrete pools.

Additionally, vinyl pools are not as cheap as many people think. They incorporate high lifetime costs due to liner replacement. The liner tends to wear out from time to time. So, youll always find yourself replacing the liner after every 4 to 7 years. Also, note that some vinyl liners can cost more than the price mentioned above. It all depends on the size and shape of the vinyl pool.

What Is The Cost Of Above Ground Pool Deck

Above ground pool deck cost averages $20 per square foot installed, or about $5,000 for a 250 square foot deck. Depending on the patio deck material you choose, cost will vary from $10.00 to more than $35.00 per square foot.


Remember, above ground pool decks cost 25% to 40% more than inground pool decks because above ground pool decks are elevated and require stairs and railings.

Labor Cost To Install An Above Ground Pool

On average, youll pay from $1,000 to $3,000 in labor costs for this project. Installing a pool takes from one to three days in most cases. Its most expensive to install a pool in the summer, when the weather is hot and pool installations are popular. Its a good idea to plan this project for the off-season to save a bit of cash.

If your area requires a permit or if you need to make adjustments to your existing landscape, you should expect to pay more.

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Can You Put An Above Ground Pool In The Ground

There are semi-above ground pools designed to be installed up to halfway into the ground giving the pool a more appealing low profile look. However, when you purchase the pool check to make sure it’s compatible with being buried in the ground. If you are unsure, ask the manufacturer or ask a professionally-trained representative at your local pool business.

Pool Accessories: What Do You Need For An Above

The 6 Best Cheap Above Ground Pools in 2020 Reviews

The cost of the swimming pool itself isnt the only factor to consider when determining your budget for a backyard pool. There are several basic accessories that youll most likely need to complete the setup.

A pump and filter system are imperative for all but the simplest of blow-up kiddie pools . Many cheap backyard pools come with a replaceable cartridge filter system that should be changed as often as weekly make sure to read the instructions. In reviews of most of these pools, however, there are owners who gripe about the undersized pumps and filters included in kits, citing pumps that fail within days of purchase or filters that clog quickly and dont circulate water sufficiently. Several consumers say hosing down the filter every few hours or even daily helps ensure clean water and can extend the filter’s useful life.

Many pool owners insist that buying a heftier pump and better filter is a worthwhile investment, although it can represent a significant chunk of the original purchase price. But you can also step up to a different type of filter system. Sand filter pumps, starting in the neighborhood of $150, are costlier than the standard filtration systems on cheap pools, but a sand filter will not require as much maintenance as regular cartridge filters Intex says the sand in its pumps needs to be replaced every five years.

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Enjoy Your Above Ground Pool Safely

Dont stop at merely installing your above ground pool. Safety is an issue with pools regardless if it is an inground pool or an above ground pool. You will enjoy the same swim experience with your above ground pool as with any inground pool, but this also comes with the same safety concerns.

Here are some essential safety products to consider:

  • Fencing There are unique fences available explicitly designed for above ground pools. Although much safer than inground pools, children can still climb up and tip over into the pool even if there is no ladder. There are many inexpensive options available if you have children in the house you want to protect.
  • Ladders To use your pool, a ladder is essential. You can choose from one of the top above ground pool ladders weve collected for the buying guide weve put together. You must ensure that the ladder is securely attached to the pool and features handrails for added stability.
  • Pool Alarm This is especially important if you have children or pets, although some counties actually require an alarm by law. These alarms will notify you if something large enough to make a splash has irritated the water.

Maintenance Costs Are Lower

The maintenance costs of any pool are linked to the space that needs to be maintained. With that in mind, the smaller a pool is the cheaper it is to maintain.

As such, the average above ground pool will require less chlorine treatment, less time cleaning, and less water to refill it. Therefore the costs of maintaining it are considerably lower than those of an in-ground one.

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Above Ground Pool Maintenance Cost

Purchasing an above ground pool is not a one-time cost. Above ground pool owners will continue to pay for maintenance throughout the pools life. If you decide to do all of your pool maintenance yourself, you can expect to pay $5 to $15 per month. If you hire a professional pool service to do the work for you, that cost is between $80 and $150 per month.

Maintaining your above ground pool consists of skimming it regularly, cleaning its interior, testing the waters chemical balance and adding chemicals as needed.

Above Ground Pool Vs Inground Pool Cost

pool pump upgrade

The average cost to install an inground pool is $35,000 with most homeowners spending between $28,000 and $55,000. The additional cost of pool ownership for essential maintenance, increased utilities, and repairs adds $2,500 to $5,000 every year.

Above Ground Pool Vs. Inground Pool Cost

Pool Type

As you consider installing an above-ground pool, also factor in these considerations:

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It’s Not Exactly ‘green’

If you’re concerned about living an eco-friendly life, getting a pool probably isn’t the best move. Increased electricity and water use not only affect a utility bill, but the environment, too. Researchers have found that environmental impacts are much greater in warmer, more arid climates where pools are likely to get greater use.

Repairs Are More Costly

In comparison with above ground pool, in-ground pools are more costly to repair. One key indicator for this disparity is the fact that there is a range of DIY repair kits available for above ground pools.

These are repairs that most adults would be able to carry out on their one. In contrast, most repairs on an in-ground pool will require a professional to carry them out.

The nature of the material that needs to be repaired is what makes this so complex. You are talking about steel and concrete in some cases. These are not things that can just be patched up.

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G How Much Do Inground Vs Semi

A semi inground pool costs from $6,800 to $20,000 on average. The price varies based on the size, shape, materials and prep work required to install it. This option is partially above ground and partially below. Its often cheaper than an inground model and is ideal for those who live on a slope or hill.

Hire an Above Ground Pool Installer Near You

Above Ground Pool Or Inground Pool: Which One Should You Buy

Heritage 18

Part of deciding what type of pool to install involves thinking about how you plan to use it. Do you want to swim laps as a form of exercise in the evening? Is the pool a fun way to entertain the kids and help them get out some energy?

The answers to these questions will have a big impact on the design and depth of your pool. If you arent sure how you want to use your pool just yet, here are a few pros and cons of both styles to help you decide.

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Summer Waves Elite 15′ X 48 Metal

Good Cheap Above-Ground Pool

Price: $522 at time of publishing

If youre just looking for a little summer fun for your family and dont want to invest a lot of money in a lot of pool, this metal-frame Summer Waves pool is a more-than-decent choice. Its smaller and a little less well-made than our top pick for an above-ground pool, but the Summer Waves brand is the most popular name in cheap pools next to Intex. For a decidedly low price, buyers get a package that includes an A-frame ladder with safety barrier, pool cover, and maintenance kit complete with vacuum hose and head. The unique cartridge filtration system with integrated surface skimmer also helps keep the pool clean and debris-free.

Although some owners complain of flimsy construction and underpowered filtration, and there are reports of faulty pumps and failing liners, overall user feedback indicates that those who opt for the Summer Waves NB2030 are generally pleased. The short 90-day warranty doesnt provide much coverage, but reviewers say if you follow the instructions and make sure the pool is set up on level, firm ground, things should go swimmingly.

Takes Less Time To Get Going

The installation process of the above ground pool can take under an hour. You can have your brand new pool delivered and set up in that little time. This is not even remotely possible with an in-ground pool.

The average in-ground pool requires between 6 and 10 weeks to build. In contrast, you can have your above ground pool ready on the same day that you purchase it.

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What About Above Ground Pool Deck Style

Often times, this type of structure will take up a significant amount of the space in a backyard, especially if it connects to the home or patio.

Its a good idea to ensure it meshes well with any existing structure and looks good from any angle.

For this to happen, youll want to consider multiple levels, the railings and the overall size and shape.

When you work with a professional, you can get the details down to exactly what you want and see all of the options that may be available to you.

The bottom line is that above ground pool decks are a great way to invest in your home and your outdoor entertainment needs.

However, to pull it off, have a professional help you every step of the way in creating the perfect look for your space that is both functional and a beneficial architectural detail of your home.

Take the time to customize every detail from the railings to the steps.

Choose A Durable Pool Kit That Will Last

Cheap Above Ground Pool After 1 Year – Summer Waves Elite Swimming Pools Review

Sure, it may be more expensive up front to invest in a high-quality above ground pool kit. The cost of your above ground pool, however, doesn’t just include the immediate expense. It also includes the amount you’ll spend maintaining it over time. If you plan to enjoy your pool for more than one or two summers, we strongly suggest going with a higher-quality pool kit than what you might find at your local big-box store.

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Summer Waves Elite Pool

If you are planning to enjoy this summer with full comfort and privacy in your backyard, then the summer Waves swimming pool is all you need. This pool from the summer waves comes with a water capacity of 5, 246 gallons making it ideal for a family and the pool gets ready in as little as 45 minutes.

Moreover, the exterior frame is made of triple-layer polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material with a rust-resistant, galvanized steel frame that stands up to heavy use and the elements. Overall, it has a diameter of 16-foot and 48 inches wall making it adequate for a family.

Other features include a 110/120V filter pump, pool cover, ladder, ground cloth, and deluxe maintenance kit. Additionally, the unit features a grey wicker herringbone print that makes it more aesthetic and stylish.


Pools Are A Critter Haven

If you’re not a wildlife lover, be forewarned: Animals love pools. Some of the most common visitors include frogs, snakes, ducks, and geese you may even find alligators if you live down south. The CDC warns pool owners to keep a close watch for raccoons, which can harbor a parasite that can cause a serious neurological illness in humans.

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Bestway Steel Pro Pool

If you want to make your summers of fun and enjoy the real benefits of an in-ground pool, then it is possible with the Bestway above-ground round frame pool. Ideal for your backyards, this is made of light PVC material that provides structural integrity and durability to the pool. Its teat-resistant quality allows you to use it for long. It doesnt fade over time because of the sun exposure.

Thus both kids and adults can enjoy their summers now with this swimming pool. Especially, this unit comes with greater stability when compared to inflatable pool options. With its superior frame design, the pool frames come with rust and corrosion-resistant coating which enabling it easily avoid UV rays. Likewise, a 3-ply PVC support band surrounds the pool for additional stability to the pool wall.

Overall, it is easy to assemble the pool. The flow-controlled drain valve is good for emptying the extra water. In short, it works great for you and is fairly easy to put together. You would find it perfect for people from all age groups as it is about 3.5 ft. deep and comes with a ladder & tarp pool cover.


Faq Frequently Asked Questions

Top 7 Best Oval Above Ground Pool for 2020 Reviews

Q: What is the cheapest way to build a pool deck?

A: Wood and fiberglass are the two best choice when looking for a cheap material to use for your own pool deck installation. Both are suitable for outdoor pool.

Q: What is the cost of above pool ground deck?

A: Above ground pool deck cost averages $20 per square foot installed, or about $5,000 for a 250 square foot deck. Depending on the patio deck material you choose, cost will vary from $10.00 to more than $35.00 per square foot.

Q: Can we build our own above ground pool deck without contractor?

A: Yes, you can definetly try DIY above ground pool deck ideas to build your own pool deck and you can save money in that.

Q: What is the main purpose of above ground pool deck?

A: The purpose of an above ground pool deck is to allow you the time to relax and spend with family, not taking up more of your time caring for the area instead.

Q: Is fencing mandatory for pool deck?

A: Some cities require fences, especially of a certain height, locking gates, railings, and other structures and accessories to ensure the safety of those around the area, including your own children and those in the neighborhood.

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Above Ground Is Much More Affordable

Obviously, the cost will be the main factor in your decision. However, there is much more to the cost than the pool itself. Decking, plumbing, accessories, and landscaping all need to be included in the price.

An in-ground pool is, by far, the most expensive option. The national average is around $30,000, which pays for a 12- by 24-foot concrete pool with a vinyl cover and privacy fence. If you add bonuses like a slide or other amenities, the price can easily jump up thousands of dollars. The reason for the high cost is mainly labor since professionals are required to install an in-ground pool the digging can take several weeks by itself. An above-ground pool will cost much less for a 19-foot diameter pool kit, expect to spend between $3,500 and $4,000. Privacy fencing and a vinyl cover will add roughly $1,500 to the cost. Also, installing an above-ground pool is considered a DIY project, saving on labor and time most kits can be put together in a couple days.

If you want a simple pool for the summer, you cant get more affordable than above-ground.

Intex Metal Frame Pool With Pump

Here well discuss the Intex Metal Frame Pool. This is a 12 foot round pool and is 30 inches deep, but there are other sizes if you need something more significant. It is a considerably smaller pool, making it very suitable for families with young children.

With this above ground pool, you get the Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pump that works with A or C filters. The filter features hydro aeration technology that uses the power of oxygen for circulation and filtration, offering better clarity. It is equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter for added security if the current is exposed to water. The pump has a 530 GPH and works at 110 120V.

The pool features a convenient drain plug that can be connected to a garden hose to lead the water away from the swimming pool. The sidewalls are super durable laminated 3-ply PVC material that is puncture-resistant to ensure durability. There are dual suction outlet fittings where the filter pump can be installed. The pool capacity is 1,718 gallons and can fit a family comfortably.


  • Set up in less than 30 minutes
  • Includes Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump
  • Shallow and safe for children


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