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Where To Buy Swimming Pool Tiles

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Where To Buy Matching Pool Tile

How to buy pool tile from China?

Starting at the bottom of the materials list may be best. If you have just a few pieces that fell off, and you have the pieces, youre fine. But if you have more than a few inches of tile to replace, using sheet tile is easier and gives a better result.

Where can you find the original pool tile used by your pool builder? The first place to ask is your pool builder, if they are still around. Snap a photo and email it to them if they need more detail other than color, style and when the pool was built.

Second best place to look may be with local pool stores, which can order from a local pool supply distributor or from another source. Again, a picture or tile sample is most useful. You can also call ceramic tile stores in your area to see if they carry any frost-free swimming pool tiles.

Next, you can search online. There are some sites like that have lots of pool tile catalogs you can look through.

If you cant locate the tile, you could use a close match tile, especially for small repairs, maybe on areas you cant see from the house! Buy the same color, and close to the same size and shape, if its mosaic tile.

If you are desperate for a few small pieces, you could remove the tile from the horizontal skimmer shelf, replacing with a similar color, and using the removed pieces in another, more visible location.

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Glass Mosaic Tiles For Kitchen

Product Details:

  • Size : 60 * 60, 30 * 60, 20 * 80
  • Coverage Area : 100 -3600 sq cm
  • Application Area: Wall, Floor
  • Thickness: 0-5 mm, 5-10 mm
  • Number of Pieces per Case: 5, 20

Glass Mosaic Tiles For KitchenFeatures:Product Details:

  • Coverage Area : 100 Sq Feet
  • Application Area: Wall, Floor
  • Thickness: 5-10 mm, 10-15 mm, 0-5 mm
  • Number of Pieces per Case: 5, 10
  • Size : 30 * 60, 20 * 80

Glass Mosaic TileSpecification:

Determine How Much Space You Have For The Pool

First and foremost, you need to determine the amount of empty space you have for your pool.

Consider first whether youre clearing up an existing space to accommodate for your new pool or youre starting fresh with an empty backyard. It will be great if you have the houses layout plan on hand.

If youre planning to buy a new house and know you want to install a swimming pool, then it will be best to search for residential projects that already have the pool design built in for you.

In general, here are the standard pool size you can find in Malaysia :

  • 3m x 6m
  • Freeform shapes

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Swimming Pool Mosaic Tiles

This is one of the most, if not the most popular choice. Mosaic pool tiles perfectly combine aesthetics with practical needs.

Firstly, they are extremely beautiful and will definitely improve the look and feel of your pool. They will make it look more interesting and inviting while allowing a fair view of the bottom of the pool which makes it easier to clean up any debris.

Secondly, if we talk about ceramic mosaic tiles, they provide very good adherence to surfaces, assuring durability. This type of tile is usually rather small which can act as a non-slip effect. How so? This is because of the spaces and gaps between the tiles. Additionally, because of this small size, you can opt for intricate patterns and the designs can get more complicated the smaller the tiles are.

Tiles Are Dated Or Unattractive

Floor Tiles Philippines: Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

If you havent changed the pool tiles in a long time, it will probably be the right time to replace them. When the pool tiles become too old, they start to look dull, faded, unattractive, and unpleasing to the eyes. With so many striking and colorful tile options available, give the pool a makeover by replacing them.

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How Long Does A Pool Tile Last

In general, the lifespan of pool tiles can last longer than 10 years. However, this will still depend on the type of tiles you choose and how frequent maintenance works are being carried out.

At HOMA2u, we usually recommend homeowners toprioritize tiles that have lifetime guarantee to them. This is because it would be cost inefficient to keep on changing the tiles whenever there is damage.

Also, look out for tile color fading as well. Some tiles are more prone to decolorization which will ruin the look and feel of your pool.

So, always check back with your contractor on the type of tiles he/she is using. Ask about the tiles durability and future maintenance works involved.

Make Sure To Use Durable Tiles Inside The Pool

Area inside the pool is where we have the most foot traffic volume.

Therefore, consider using more durable tiles inside the pool area and make sure the tiles are slip resistant.

Protip: The finishing of the tiles should always have a glossy finish. This ensure the tiles offer less friction and will be easy to step on them through water.

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What Are The Other Pool Tiles You Can Consider

Besides porcelain tiles, here are some other tiles you can consider too:

  • Porcelain tile, a trendy tile that is being used in swimming pools nowadays. They are widely used when you want to showcase a specific pattern or design inside your pool.
  • Stone tile, a pool tile type that immediately gives off an old-schooled, antique impression. If you like your pool looking natural-like, then stone tile is a good choice.
  • Glass tile, a deserving pool tile that can add a touch of class to your swimming pool. If youre keen to go all out with a luxurious pool design, then glass tile is your best bet.
  • Fibreglass pool, a one piece swimming pool prebuilt from a mold in a factory. It is the most economical way of building a swimming pool. More about this later.

Do You Need Special Tiles For A Pool

Tile Pool Floor – How To Renovate Your Swimming Pool – Roy Tiles

Yes, for the reasons mentioned above, special tiles are required for a pool, otherwise, any of the following will happen:

  • The glaze will not last long, will fall off, be corroded and eventually, the tile itself will fall off
  • The tile will be very difficult to clean and will get dirty easily. If any sort of debris or dirt penetrates into the glaze it will be very hard to get rid of and it will eventually lead to the degradation of the tile
  • Visible degradation will be observed after around half a year

So, if you want to buy a tile for your swimming pool, make sure the tile can be used in such an environment. Consult with your supplier for more information.

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Safety Always Comes First

Always prioritize safety first. Dont get too carried away with the design and have unrealistic expectations:

  • Do not overcomplicate the pool design. Make sure it is always compliance with the pool design guideline .
  • Make sure the pool tiles are slip-resistant.
  • Consider also if you have young children in the house. You might need to reduce the pool depth or have other safety measures in place just in case any unexpected emergencies happen.

Trending Colors For Swimming Pool Tiles

  • Blue Tiles for Swimming Pool
  • Green Swimming Pool Tiles
395mm x 395mm

Tile Visualizer – TriaLook and Quick Look

Orientbells TriaLook and Quick Look are two visualizer tools that can be used by customersto visualise their favourite tiles at their place digitally.

Here are some frequently asked questions about swimming pool tiles:

What kind of materials are used in swimming pool tiles at Orientbell?

Glazed mosaic tiles are the best for swimming pools as they dont get affected by sunlight and are good water absorbents. You can use Orientbells collection of swimming pool tiles as these are made up of glaze material with a ceramic or porcelain body. Also, they come with the finishing of matte to prevent any slippage in the water.

What are the different sizes available in swimming pool tiles at Orientbell?

Swimming pool tiles are mainly available in 300mm x 300mm, 395mm x 395mm, 295mm x 295mm and many more sizes. These are the ideal tile sizes to be used in swimming pools as smaller sized tiles look good. You can even use various laying patterns to lay down these tiles. Some of the popular laying patterns are straight pattern, brick pattern, random pattern and Versailles pattern.

What type of swimming pool tiles are available at Orientbell?

There is a wide range of swimming pool tiles available at Orientbell. All the tiles vary in their size, colour, material, texture and design. You just need to choose the right tile according to your preference.

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How To Choose Best Swimming Pool Tiles Manufacturer

To judge whether a swimming pool tile brand is mature, it should have the following characteristics:

  • Professional sales team, according to the size of the pool provided by customers, project budget, to create the most reasonable pool tile laying scheme for customers. Provide the cost budget of swimming pool tiles at the first time, send samples to the engineering department, share a large number of case pictures, so that customers can outline the general swimming pool effect after construction before construction, and have a plan in mind.
  • The product quality can be recognized by customers, and the products of big cargo swimming pool tiles are consistent with the samples sent, especially the swimming pool bricks at the bottom of the pool must be the same color number. The pool tile stock is sufficient, the pool accessory tile style is complete, and the matching pool anti-skid area tile, the bathroom changing room anti-skid tile solution, meets the different needs of customers. At the same time, it shall have the supply qualification of several large gymnasiums. Provide professional pool tile atlas, professional pool tile construction paving drawings.
  • Customers can also visit the brand’s warehouse and source of goods on the spot. Manufacturers with production strength will produce a large number of pool tiles in stock, which can not only inspect the product quality but also verify the strength of the manufacturer. This is also a good verification method.
  • Benefits Of A Fibreglass Pool

    Best Pool Tiles Option for Your Swimming Pool

    As mentioned earlier, fibreglass pool is a one piece swimming pool meaning that it comes altogether in one piece.

    With this, you do not need to bulk purchase pool tiles or worry about overbuying the tiles.

    Here are the benefits of using a fibreglass pool:

    • Very economical when compared to the traditional way of building a swimming pool
    • Very long lifespan. On average, fibreglass pool can last more than 30 years
    • Low maintenance
    • Requires the least electricity and chemicals

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    What Types Of Tiles Are Best For A Swimming Pool

    While there is no straightforward answer for this, it really depends on the pool design and tiles requirements youre going for.

    As shared earlier, the type of pool tiles you used will help shape the style of the swimming pool. At HOMA2u, we usually advice homeowners to look at 3 factors when choosing the most suitable swimming pool tiles:

    • Style of the pool design
    • Cost of building the swimming pool
    • Maintenance work of the pool

    We already discussed the various swimming pool tile types in Malaysia. Now lets look into the cost of building the pool and the maintenance work involved.

    Why Should You Choose Tiles For Your Swimming Pool

    In the past, pool tiles have been regarded as a premium feature for swimming pools. However, since they have become more accessible and affordable, the main reasons people purchase them is because of aesthetics and functionality.

    In an aesthetic sense, they are much more beautiful than simple concrete and can vastly improve the overall looks of your backyard. On the other hand, they are extremely easy to clean, much more so than cement-based surfaces and they require less maintenance.

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    Have No Fear The Guide To Installing Mosaic Pool Tiles Is Here:

    1. What is your First Choice?

    Luckily, in 2018 technology has advanced in a way that makes things easier for most installation processes. You no longer have to set each individual tile in your pool. Now you can buy sheets of glass mosaic tile that are bonded to individual tiles with a paper facing.

    This, of course, will be removed before you grout. If you are looking to cover a very large area with tiles, then you should definitely consider the sheeting option. If youve traveled abroad and found small, unique tiles that you want to incorporate, then go with a pattern that is loose and spread out.

    Otherwise, use the sheets with an open-weave mesh that will hold the tiles together as one while letting the adhesive stick to the backs of the glass mosaic tile. Just because it will be easy to install, doesnt mean there arent complications that come with sheet tiles.

    The water-based glue that is on the mesh backing could possibly re-emulsify once the tiles are under water. If that happens, the tiles will definitely detach and sink to the bottom of your beloved body of water. Have no fear, theres a way to avoid it!

    All you need to do is make sure you have a conversation with the manufacturer of your chosen tiles. The can inform you that your chosen glass mosaic tile sheets and the method by which they are mounted are totally waterproof and ready to be submerged.

    2. How to Cut your Glass Mosaic Tile Out?

    3. How to set up your pool tile install?

    4. Cover It

    How To Repair Interior Tiles Inside Inground Pools

    How to lay swimming pool tiles | Thethreetouch Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd.

    As an in-ground swimming pool ages, the ground around it begins to settle. This may cause minor cracks and shifts in the pools walls and beam, no matter how well constructed the pool is. As the pool settles, the mortar holding the swimming pool tiles may loosen as well, causing the tiles to pop off or crack. When this happens, you can repair pool tiles with simple tools you probably already have on hand. Finding matching swimming pool tiles may be the most difficult part of the project.


    Lower the water level enough to expose the swimming pool tiles that you need to repair. Allow the area to air-dry.


    Pry off any old grout that remains on the area of the pool tile installation using a hammer and small chisel. Use the hammer and chisel to remove any mortar that remains on the substrate behind the tiles.


    Measure the depth of the substrate behind the tiles. If it is more than 1/8 inch below the depth of the neighboring substrate, you need to build it up with plaster. If it is less than 1/8 inch below this depth, you may omit the plaster.


    Mix a small amount of swimming pool plaster with the additive that comes with the product in a small container. Add enough water to make the plaster the consistency of applesauce.



    Mix enough swimming pool thinset mortar with its additive and enough water to make it the consistency of mashed potatoes.


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    Natural Stone Ledgers And Interlocking Stone Tile For Pools And Spas

    In addition to pool tile, Tile Outlets of America also offers a variety of natural stone ledger that can be used around a pool and patio application. These pieces will create a stone wall look to border a spa or a deck wall in any outdoor space.

    Here is just a small piece of the ledgers that are available at Tile Outlets.

    Be sure to explore the ledger stone displays available in all Tile Outlets stores you’ll notice several color options to use in your backyard design.

    Water feature done in natural ledger stone

    You can also find at Tile Outlets of America split face Travertine Ledgers:

    The Silver Travertine splitface ledger is featured in the image below:

    We like the ledgerstone look so much that we created an outdoor grill area using ledger stone in the Inspiration Area of the Fort Myers Tile Outlets location .

    Fort Myers Inspiration Grill Area with Golden White Ledger Panel

    How To Replace Cracked Swimming Pool Tiles

    An in-ground swimming pool forms the center point of a backyard, and its a sound investment in your property. To keep your pool looking its best, you need to replace cracked pool tiles as soon as they appear. Because northern California is prone to minor earthquakes and tremors that may necessitate swimming pool repair, this may be an ongoing project. Fortunately, its a simple matter to replace pool tiles. The hard part may be finding colored tiles to match the originals.


    Lower the water level of the pool below the damaged tiles. Allow the tiles to dry.


    Remove the grout around cracked pool tiles, using a grout saw. This device looks like a screwdriver with a saw blade on the end. Set the saw tip into the joint and press down as you move the saw blade back and forth to cut away grout.


    Insert the flat edge of a chisel in the joint of a cracked tile. Tap the chisel with a hammer to break the tiles bond with its mortar. Continue tapping with the hammer and chisel until you remove the entire damaged tile. Repeat this process for any remaining cracked pool tiles.


    Mix swimming pool thinset repair mortar according to package directions. Some thinset has a bonding agent that helps the adhesive quality of the thinset. Mix equal parts dry thinset and bonding agent. Add enough water to make a mixture that looks like mashed potatoes. Stir the thinset well to remove any lumps.


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