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Who Has The Best Prices On Above Ground Pools

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Summer Waves Pool Set

Swimming Pool: Best Above Ground Pool (Buying Guide)

This lovely pool makes our list because users were delighted with the way it looks in their yard and is made very durable. Though more expensive than the others on our list, the Summer Waves Pool Set is worth every penny. It is a 12 foot round pool at 33 inches in depth and has 1,900 gallons capacity, suitable for both children and adults.

This pool set includes a SFX600 filter pump that combines the functions of a skimmer and filter for better results. It directly attaches to the sidewalls of the pool that allows for easier maintenance and to prevent tripping. The pool is constructed with a galvanized steel frame that is durable and rust-resistant.

What sets this pool apart from the rest is its attractive dark herringbone wicker pattern exterior. It is also available in a lighter wicker design. The unit isnt only beautiful but durable as well. A triple-layer heavy gauge PVC and polyester mesh are used to build this pool to withstand weather and human activity.


Best Above Ground Pools

This article contains affiliate links. If you click on these and make a purchase, we may receive a small percentage of the sale. to find out more.

Above ground pools are an excellent choice for smaller yards and cost a fraction of the price of significant inground pool installation, but there are so many options out there its impossible to choose. Our team has put together a detailed above ground pool review and buying guide to help out. You dont have to read a bunch of guides to find the best above ground pool to fit your budget, needs, and yard.

With so many types, shapes, sizes, and manufacturers out there, its easy to be suckered into buying a low-quality pool. Even though they are less expensive than inground pools, above ground pools are nonetheless an investment, and you want them to last as long as possible. Weve put together a selection of the highest-rated pools by real customers and tips to make the pool last years on end.

Especially with above ground pools, its not just about turning to a trusted manufacturer. The best way to get the most up-to-date feedback on a product is to ask the customers that are already using it. Weve gathered this information to pool together a fantastic list of pool options that customers have deemed to be the most durable, cost-effective, and easy to install.

How Will The Pool Be Used

There are many uses of pools. Whether its just to relax or to throw pool parties or perhaps some would like to install an above ground pool for sport. Round pools are most common but are usually more appropriate for fewer people and ideal for relaxing. Oval and rectangle pools are sturdier and are more suitable for swimming laps and fitting a lot more people for pool parties.

With this, we come back to who will use it. If it will be used to entertain children during the summer, safety is critical. Consider the various uses of above ground pools, and decide on a swimming pool that will cover all of your needs.

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Chad Valley 85 Foot Family Swim Centre Paddling Pool

Inflatable more your speed? This paddling pool from U.K. company Argos is a fan-favorite with nearly 4,000 reviews on its website. Not only is it family size, it’s also rectangular with extrawide walls, so everyone can enjoy splashing around on a hot day. This pool takes 13 minutes to inflate, 23 minutes to fill and at capacity, can hold about 250 gallons of water. It’s also really simple to deflate and store once the colder weather rolls around. One happy customer wrote, “Having a strange and challenging shape to my garden, I decided to go for a rectangular pool. It’s perfect as it sits away in the corner, unlike a round one which comprises your space. This is loved by my daughters…. Not too deep and not to shallow.”

Benefits Of Pool Shock

Top 9 Best Above Ground Pools for 2021 [Reviews]

It goes without saying that the biggest benefit of pool shock is its ability to clear your pool of all the bacteria and algae in one, clean move. If the regular treatment was seen as the oral pill, then the shock is practically the intravenous injection. You will not have to worry about catching anything while you are swimming.

Since it kills off the algae and bacteria in your pool, it wont only be healthier to swim in but also more pleasant. When your pool starts to look a little less clear than it used to, you dont really feel that comfortable stepping into the water. Its yucky, and not at all hygienic. However, by giving it a shock, the pool will be able to get that nice, clean color.

Last but not least, while it is not recommended to make this your pool-cleaning go-to, its a quick fix to an emergency. Lets say that you went on a holiday for quite a long time and now your pool looks all yucky and full of muck. Its not very convenient to empty the entire pool which is why pool shock is such a convenient quick fix.

However, if you got enough time to take care of your pool water daily, we recommend also looking at our reviews on chlorine tablets for pools. They will not shock the water but it will instead generate a steady low level of chlorine. Check our guide now!

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Build A Seasonal Hay Bale And Plastic Pool

This idea is also very appealing if you have kids, as they can reinvent a different one each year. The clever concept is that you put a rectangular tarp on a flat piece of land. You then put hay bales all around the sides to act as walls. Then you put down a thick tarp, spreading it out until it is the shape of the pool you want.

Try not to go too high with the hay as it might topple over, and then you put a bunch of 5 to 10-liter plastic containers filled with water all around the sides on top of the tarp edges, tightly against the hay, and voila, you have a pool.

It is by far the cheapest above-ground pool idea I could find. Depending on the area, the cost will be $40 for two tarps and $30-$300 for hay. Also dont forget to collect all the old plastic containers you can find! Fill them up with water, and use them as weights.

You can also do a more permanent version of this with a wooden pallet above-ground pool. Instead of hay bales, you use wooden pallets, rounded wooden sheets, and a tarp. These look much more stylish than the hay version. You can go to Amazon to find good deals on pallets and rounded wooden sheets.

Enjoy Summer In An Above Ground Pool

When the temperatures rise, it can be refreshing to jump in your pool to cool off. Above-ground pools for sale on eBay are much more affordable than their counterparts, and buying a used eBay above ground pool is a smart idea to save money.

What size pool do I need?

Above ground pools for sale come in various sizes, with most of them being circular or oval. In general, used round pools can be affordable, and installation is fairly straightforward. Oval pools, with their extended length, can accommodate people who want to swim laps or set up a basketball hoop or volleyball net in the water. Small, cheap above ground pools can fit a few people comfortably, and they could measure 12 feet by 20 feet or 15 feet in diameter. Medium pools for sale can be 16 feet by 32 feet or 20 to 24 feet in diameter. At the high end, you’ll see pools up to 20 feet by 40 feet or 28 feet in diameter. See the manufacturer site for details. Measure your yard to see what size pool would be comfortable given your space. Allow room for any type of deck that you may be planning, and decide whether you want to landscape around the pool as well.

What type of material is used in these pools?

In terms of the liner, your choices include:

Inflatable eBay above ground pools

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Can You Put An Above Ground Pool In The Ground

There are semi-above ground pools designed to be installed up to halfway into the ground giving the pool a more appealing low profile look. However, when you purchase the pool check to make sure it’s compatible with being buried in the ground. If you are unsure, ask the manufacturer or ask a professionally-trained representative at your local pool business.

Splash Pools Above Ground Pool Package

Swimming Pool: Best Above Ground Pool 2022 (Buying Guide)

The durability of the Splash Pools pool is pretty impressive, especially the durability of its ladder. First of all, the pool itself is made out of very strong steel that is hot dipped 7 inches and galvanized, making it immune to harsh weather conditions.

The ladder is made out of sturdy resin material which also makes it pretty resistant to external conditions. Youâll also be happy to know that the ladder comes with a lift-off feature to prevent just anyone from going in. The pool also comes with a 1 horsepower pump with motor.

  • Best Features:
  • Step by step instruction video for set up

Currently unavailable.

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Types Of Above Ground Pools

Obviously, there is quite a variety of options available. The critical thing to look for is a corrosive resistant steel frame and durable sidewalls for durability. From there, you can further personalize the pool depending on your yard size, use, and shape.

Swimming Pools come in several shapes, including round, oval, square, and rectangle. Sizes range from very small and shallow suitable for families with small children, to large enough to host a pool party. It depends entirely on your needs and how you plan on using the pool.

Cornelius Phoenix Above Ground Pool

We consider this one of the products with the highest value for money. Itâs also a very easy DIY project that doesnât really require professional help. This product is also a complete package with all the things youâll need for a pool.

It comes with a sand pump, filter replacement, 15-foot pool liner, ladder, and even a chemical kit. Once you install it , you can easily maintain it and use it with all the things included.

  • Best Features:

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Best With Steel Frame: Intex Ultra Xtr Pool Set With Sand Filter Pump

Courtesy of Walmart

  • Frame blends into pool look

  • Easy to connect and take down

  • Higher price

  • Requires several people to set up

Similar to our top pick, this round pool from Intex has a durable steel frame and puncture-resistant three-ply pool wall. The powder-coated steel support beams, which connect via sturdy, durable T-joints, resist rust and blend into the pools contemporary gray outer color. When its time to disconnect the pool at seasons end , simply press a button at the joint to remove the frame pieces.

The pool includes extras you would expect at this price point sand filter pump, ground cloth, removable ladder, and pool cover. The ladder is particularly important, helping keep kids from accessing the pool without supervision.

Price at time of publish: $1,480

Dimensions: 216 x 52 inchesShape: RoundWater Capacity: 6,981 gallonsFrame: SteelSet-Up Time: 1 hour

How Do You Install An Above Ground Pool

Top 7 Best Oval Above Ground Pool for 2020 Reviews

Before setting up your above ground pool, youll first need to level out the area where the pool will rest by putting down a layer of sand for cushioning or laying down a ground cover . From there, follow the manufacturers directions for assembling the frame and attaching the liner. Be sure to read your pools warranty, advises Lindbeck, as installing your pool improperly can void your manufacturers warranty. Once your pool is fully assembled, go ahead and fill it up with water.

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Above Ground Pools At Big Lots

Above ground pools provide an easy summer getaway right in your own backyard. Splash and relax in one of our durable, sturdy pools that come in multiple sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your family and yard space. Find the best above ground pool selection right here at Big Lots at an incredible value! Above ground swimming pools let you, family and friends have an adventure each day when the sun’s out. Our selection of above ground pools are a necessity for when you are looking to cool off in the summertime. Offering metal frame pools and quick set pools, these durable retreats are the best above ground pools you can find. We also have a great selection of kiddie pools for the younger children and even pets. It’s easy to find above ground swimming pools that match your backyard and budget with our outstanding selection! Perfect for pool parties or just relaxing, your summer will be filled with fun in the sun.

Building A Concrete Pool

Getting contractors to build a concrete pool can be very costly. It can cost up to $50,000 if you hire someone to construct it. There is a better way to achieve a stunning concrete above-ground pool.

The best way to get more bang for your buck is to roll up your sleeves and take on a DIY project. I have found the best above-ground pool idea with instructions, and the man built the entire pool at a sloped backyard angle for $3,000. He even does a breakdown of the cost.

He built the pool on a slope, so he only needed extra support on the side that did not get connected to the ground slope. He constructed a massive swimming pool. Check out the links I put below to see how he did it.

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Now Please Bare With Me A Moment Longer As I Compare The Lamark To Their Most Expensive Pool

Their pool cost over $3700.00 for the package and guess what? My pool package is still better. My lowest priced model still has the thickest best wall on the planet. Still has the thickest best pool liner. My accessory kit is better as well, and they want $1200.00 more??? They are still offering the same shitty overlap liner in this package for $3700.00!!! C MON MAN!!!!!

They do have a pool that cost more, but it is in a different class like my Aquasport 52 pool with slat wall panels.

I hope you can see now that my above ground pools are not only the cheapest, but they are the best value too. Assemble your package and see, and the more accessories you add, the more value you will get, as I said, all accessories are at or very near my cost.

Intex Metal Frame Pool With Pump

Best Above Ground Pools 2022 | Complete Buying Guide

Here well discuss the Intex Metal Frame Pool. This is a 12 foot round pool and is 30 inches deep, but there are other sizes if you need something more significant. It is a considerably smaller pool, making it very suitable for families with young children.

With this above ground pool, you get the Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pump that works with A or C filters. The filter features hydro aeration technology that uses the power of oxygen for circulation and filtration, offering better clarity. It is equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter for added security if the current is exposed to water. The pump has a 530 GPH and works at 110 120V.

The pool features a convenient drain plug that can be connected to a garden hose to lead the water away from the swimming pool. The sidewalls are super durable laminated 3-ply PVC material that is puncture-resistant to ensure durability. There are dual suction outlet fittings where the filter pump can be installed. The pool capacity is 1,718 gallons and can fit a family comfortably.


  • Set up in less than 30 minutes
  • Includes Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump
  • Shallow and safe for children


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Picking The Right Pool Size

Above-ground pool sizes are the first thing to look at when shopping for the best pool. Small, inflatable above-ground pools that hold less than 1,000 gallons of water are the easiest to use. Just inflate it when its time to swim and drain it when the partys over. You dont have to worry about any filters or chemicals. Its basically a backyard bathtub, which is ideal for small kids.

Large above-ground pools that hold more than 1,000 gallons of water will require more maintenance. These pools remain filled with water all season, so a filter and chemicals are needed to keep the water crystal clear and algae-free. There is more upkeep involved with the larger models than the inflatable swimming pools. However, with that said, the daily and weekly maintenance of these large above-ground models is very easy. And compared with the upkeep of a costly in-ground pool, above-ground pool maintenance is a breeze. Large above-ground pools can hold anywhere from 8,000 to 15,000 gallons of water, and they may stretch over 30 feet long.

Reminder: Dont forget to check the depth. While above-ground models are typically shallower than in-ground pools, they can still be too deep for small children or unsure swimmers. The larger swimming pools can reach depths of about 4.5 feet. Smaller pools can be a mere three inches deep.

Above Ground Pool Installation Cost

The cost to install an above ground pool, in addition to the price of the pool kit itself, ranges from $750 to $3,000. Factors affecting the pool installation cost include the size and the shape of the pool and the grade of the soil at your designated site for the pool. Oval pools are more expensive to install than round pools rectangular pools cost even more because they require additional structural support.

Above Ground Pool Installation Cost


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