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How To Replace Above Ground Pool Liner

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Measure The Length And Width In Two Spots

How To Replace an Above Ground Pool Liner

The process begins with measuring the length and width of the pool in at least two places. When you measure, pick two parallel locations on the short and long sides, so you have accuracy. Do this rectangular, square, and ovals. If you have an odd shape, these steps do not apply.

When you measure the pool length and width, get in the pool and measure from the liner to liner. Do not measure from the concrete or the coping on the outside of the pool. The ends of the tape measure should touch the walls of the pool.

Some people find measuring easier with string. You can get these measurements with a string that you cut to size, then measure with the tape.

What Is The Best Time To Replace My Pools Liner

The best time to replace your pools liner is in the spring or fall, as you wont lose any of those precious summer months when youre looking to use your pool. Spring is also usually the busiest time of year, which is why its important to book early to ensure the process can be completed as efficiently as possible.

Quite often you might not have the luxury of being able to pre-plan when to replace your pools liner. Working with the right pool services provider can mean your pool will be shut down for as few as five to seven days, letting you make the most of your pool all summer long.

At Total Tech, we are pool liner experts. Our experienced staff have been providing pool services including liner repairs and replacements to customers in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, and surrounding areas for over 25 years. Contact us today to discuss your vision for your pool!

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Finishing Your Pool Liner Installationadjusting For Air Gaps

Expect that your liner will look smaller than the pool because you need to have a small air gap around the cove, measuring about 3-7. If there is too much liner inside of the pool, there will be no gap. To fix this, you will need to overlap more of the liner over the wall. If the air gap is too big, then there is too little liner inside of the pool, so you will need to bring some of the overlapped liner back into the pool.

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Why Hire A Pro

  • Liner Expense The vinyl liner alone is expensive and installing it incorrectly can lead to problems. Also, many warranties will be revoked if the liner is not professionally installed, so be sure to check with your manufacturer.
  • Liner Lifetime You’ll want your liner to last as long as possible. Getting the right professional to install it can make or break the life span of your liner.
  • Liner Installation Difficulties The installation process is challenging and offers its own set of challenges. An experienced technician will have the knowledge to deal with any problems that may occur during installation.

Get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted pool repair services:

Leaking Swimming Pool Liner

How To Replace an Above Ground Pool Liner

Finding and fixing a pool liner leak could cost upwards of $2,500, and your best efforts may not fix it permanently. One way to know if you have a leak is if there is a drastic change in your water level. The best advice is to call a professional who can pinpoint exactly where the leak is occurring. If the leak is small enough, then a patch should fix it. If it is too big for a patch kit, then call a professional immediately. If you wait too long, then the leak could lead to a complete liner replacement.

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Fill The Pool With Water

Fill the pool with water up to an inch high. Check if the water is level, if not it will run or accumulate to one side only. If so, pull off the liner and adjust the sand floor or commercial padding. Continue making adjustments until youre satisfied with the water levelness. Then you can fix the pool liner in place according to the manufacturers instructions.

How Do I Know When To Replace My Pool Liner

So many factors can impact your vinyl liners lifespan, lets talk about some of the most common signs its time to start shopping for an above ground pool liner replacement.

  • The liner is cracking or tearing.
  • The liner is leaking.
  • There are wrinkles in your liner.
  • Your liner has started to fade.
  • Your liner is stained or discolored.
  • Your liner slips out of the track.
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    How To Install An Above Ground Pool Liner

    How you attach your new liner will depend on which type it is. The rest of the installation will be the same, regardless of liner type.

    To prevent a wall collapse, only drain your pool when youre ready to install the new liner. Remove any remaining water with a pump or dig a small hole below the wall at the lowest edge of your pool, then cut open the liner at the hole, and allow the water to run out.

    Now youre ready to install the new liner!

    Youll Need:

    Beaded Pool Liner Problems

    How to install or replace an Above Ground Pool Liner step by step instructions

    The liner is held down around the pool by the bead. A new pool liner track or bead receiver costs $350, or a professional can tuck it back in for about $100. The bead could pop out of place if it’s too small or large for the pool. You can remedy this by using boiling water or a heat gun that allows you to stretch and lock your pool liner back into place. Prices for a new bead receiver will depend on its hook design and whether its made of aluminum or PVC.

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    Got A Leak Good Luck With That

    Dont get us wrong. Leaks in above ground pool liners are super easy to fix, and its always good to know how to patch a pool liner. Just Get a repair kit and youll be swimming again before you can say Marco Polo. The challenge is finding the leak.

    Unless its a huge, obvious gash pouring water into your yard, finding a leak in an above ground pool is notoriously difficult. If you want to take a shot at finding the pool leak, you can try the bucket test. But finding a tiny leak in an above ground pool is so challenging, it may take you less time to get a new liner and install it.

    Top Reasons An Above Ground Pool Needs Replacing

    Above ground swimming pools dont last forever. A good-quality above ground made in North America should last between 10 and 20 years. Though, dont think that if your pool is newer than that, it should still be OK. It may not be. Conversely, if your pool is more than 10 years old, it may not yet need replacing. I have often taken down and replaced pools that didnt have to be and also just installed new liners in pools that were quite done.

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    Pool Liner Repair Costs

    Professional pool liner repair costs between $100 to $350 on average, with extreme repairs costing upwards of $1,700. DIY repairs and patch kits cost as little as $20 to $50 for minor repairs.

    At one time or another, every pool owner will be faced with inground pool liner problems that need repair. Repairing minor issues as they appear will help avoid having to replace the entire liner because the lack of pool maintenance.

    Pool Liner Repair

    $100 per 150 sqft.

    Above Ground Pool Liners: Hard Side Or Soft Side

    How To Assemble an Above Ground Pool

    First things first. Soft-sided pools, such as Intex pools, are made of a single piece of material that serves as both liner and pool walls. Thats not what were talking about here.

    Hard-sided above ground pools use liners. They offer some support to the liner, so the vinyl doesnt need to be quite as heavy duty as it is for a soft-sided pool. Unfortunately, the reduced durability can make the vinyl more vulnerable to damage, which eventually leads to the need to replace the liner.

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    Remove The Old Pool Liner

    After draining the pool, use a utility knife to cut up the old pool liner. Cutting them up in sections will also make it much easier for you to roll and dispose of it later on.

    For overlap pool liners, youre going to need to remove the top rails to release the pool liner from the walls. When doing so, be sure to take note of all pool hardware that you removed. Place screws and bolts and in a small Ziploc bag, label them, and store them in a safe place to avoid losing them. Check the coping strips as well since they tend to become brittle with age. More often than not, youre going to need to replace the coping strips whenever you change your pool liner.

    Liners Dont Last As Long As The Pool Does

    As I have said earlier, above grounds last between 10 and 20 years on average. Liners last about half that time so you can count on replacing the liner in your pool at least once, but probably more during the life of the pool. The thicker, fully printed liners will last on average between five and eight years. The thinner, standard solid blue liners usually last between two and five years. So, its much better to spend more for the nicer one. Reality check: Above ground pool liners will come with 15-year and 25-year warranties. These liners wont last even close to that long. The warranties are prorated so dont think youre going to get much of a discount when it needs replacing after only three years.

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    How Much Do Pool Liners Cost

    Pool liners can range anywhere from $100-900, and if you install it yourself, that should be your total cost other than supplies you might need to get the job done.

    The overlap liners are the least expensive, but there isnt a lot of cost difference between the other types. The price is usually based primarily on the size.

    Installing A New Pool Liner

    How to: Replace an Above Ground Pool Liner
  • 1Drain the pool to remove any water. First, disconnect your pool from any plumping. Using a submersible pump, drain all the water from the pool. While its generally not recommended to completely drain your inground or above-ground pool, youll need to get all of the water out in order to change the liner.XResearch source
  • If the pump cant remove the last bits of water from your above-ground pool, you can use a utility knife to cut a small slit into the side of the liner just above the floor. Then, lift the liner so the water drains out the slit.
  • You can also use a siphon hose to remove the water from either an inground or above-ground pool.
  • 2Take off all the pools hardware. With a large screwdriver, remove the screws on the faceplates and gaskets from the skimmer, lights, and main drain. Then, remove any pool accessories that are attached, such as ladders or steps.XResearch source
  • Set these off to the side, keeping all the screws in a safe place so youll be able to easily reinstall these later.
  • 3Remove the existing liner from the pool. If you have an inground pool or an above-ground pool with a beaded or unibead liner on a track, pull the liner down and away from the track to get it out. If you have an above-ground pool with an overlap liner, pull the liner up and away from the pool structure to remove it.XResearch source
  • If the liner is large and heavy, you can use a utility knife to cut it into smaller, more manageable pieces to remove it.
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    Fiberglass Vs Vinyl Pool

    When comparing inground pool costs, an inground fiberglass pool costs about $46,000. Compare this to a vinyl liner pool which costs $36,000 on average. The liner is around $4,500 to $6,000 and labor costs an additional $10,000. Labor, excavating, and additional parts can add another $11,000.

    Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Pool

    How To Replace The Swimming Pool Liner

    The liner you purchase will come with installation instructions. Different types of pools have various necessities. For example, some pool liners need adhesives to hold it in place, while others are floating and use the weight of the water to keep the liner in place. If you are worried about proper installation, you can hire professionals to do the job.

    You will need to drain your pool before you begin installing a new liner. Since pools have tens of thousands of gallons of water, you should check with your municipality, so you dispose of the pool water the proper way.

    As your pool drains, you should gather the necessary tools including:

    • Screwdriver
    • Special items like wall foam and adhesives if recommended by the liner manufacturer

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    Installing An Above Ground Pool Liner

    A pool liner is one of the most defining pieces of a pool and serves as a reflection of your style and the yard space you are creating. A new replacement pool liner can be one of the easiest and least expensive ways to breathe new life into your pool both visually and structurally, especially if you take some time to learn how to install it yourself. If you read through this and it seems like too much for you to do yourself, you can always have your local pool store install a liner for you. Just keep in mind that an above ground liner will be anywhere from $350 to $1,500 for the full project, and an in-ground liner will be upwards of $4,000, so there is a lot of money to be saved with a little DIY.

    Proven just got in a huge shipment of above ground liners that are in stock and available for immediate delivery! So now seems like as good a time as ever to give you some helpful advice on how to install a new above ground pool liner. While installing a new above ground liner may seem like a huge undertaking, you should be able to do it in a day with a partner.

    Cracking And Tearing Of Your Pool Liner

    Replace Pool Liner

    These issues are usually the most obvious out of all of the issues that could occur as your pool liner ages. Cracks and tears will usually continue to grow, causing water loss or even damage to the pool base. This will lead to an even larger problem and more money in the long run if the issue is ignored.

    Pay attention to even the smallest cracks and tears, and understand that they will likely get bigger. Taking action on these issues now will help to save you from a headache in the future.

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    *all Liner Replacements Include New Coping And New Skimmer And Return Gaskets*

    Choosing the Correct Liner

    This first step in replacing your vinyl liner is choosing a new liner that will match with your exsisting pool. We recommend that you stay with the style liner that you previously had in the pool.

  • What size pool do you have? If you are not absolutely sure, then take a tape measure and measure the diameter of the pool for round pools or the length and width for oval pools. You will want to measure from the inside wall to the opposite inside wall. Liner measurements are always taken by measuring the actual swimming area, not the outer framework.
  • What type of liner do you currently have? Liners come in 3 different models: overlap, U-bead, and J-bead. Though this may seem confusing, it is very easy to determine which of these liners you have.
  • Overlap: If you have an overlap liner, then you will see liner hanging over the outside of the pool wall. Sometimes you will have to bend down and look under the pools toprail on the outside of the pool, because the overlap may be rolled up to hide the excess liner.
  • U-Bead: If you look underneath the pools toprail on the inside of the pool and see the liner stuffed into either a metal or plastic tracking system, then you have a U-Bead.
  • J-Bead: A J-Bead liner has its own track attached to the liner to hook directly over the wall. If you do not find that you have an overlap or a U-Bead, then you have a J-Bead.
  • Draining the Pool Before We Arrive

    What to Expect from the Replacement

    Atlanta Area Contact Info

    The Best Time Of Year To Replace Your Pool Liner

    With summer approaching, you may be starting to inspect the state of your pool, wondering how winter treated it. Hopefully, you covered it properly in the fall and no debris fell into the pool, causing rips. Rips and tears lead to leaks, which necessitate in many cases a new liner. So, when is the best time of year to replace your pool liner? Its not when you may think.

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    How To Choose The Best Inground Pool Liner

    For years, the only option for pool owners was to go to the pool store and purchase an inground liner. But now, with so many choices available online, its hard to choose what is best for your pool. To help you decide which type of liner is best for you, the following are just a few of the terms that will help you make an educated decision when replacing your pool liner.

    Do I Need A New Liner

    Replacing a Round Above Ground Liner Part 1

    There are a few reasons you may decide that you want/need a new liner. Is it old? As time goes on, liners may lose elasticity and wear down due to the sun, weather, or chemical use. As this process progresses, eventually the liner will no longer be able to support the weight of the water. A typical vinyl liner will last between 10 and 15 years, but there are other factors that could reduce the life of your liner.

    Were there errors in the first installation? If it is not installed correctly, it will not touch the ground and walls of the pool which can cause liner damage and tearing.

    Has the liner been torn/cut/ripped? Small scratches and cuts can usually be patched up easily with a vinyl repair patch, but some cuts are impossible to repair, which means the whole liner needs to be replaced.

    Was there improper chemical balance? If your water chemistry is always out of control, it may cause the liner to degrade faster, causing you to have to repair the liner sooner rather than later.

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