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Why Are Pools So Expensive

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Built To Last Outdoors

How Much Does a Pool Liner Cost in 2020?

Imagine setting up a pool slide and watching it tear through the middle due to a bit of wind!

This happens with mediocre pool slides and those are not the ones you want to invest in. As a result, you are going to be left wondering why the price is so high on your pool slide. Well, it likely has to do with the materials used to protect the same slide youre investing in!

A slide that is well-built is going to use multiple layers of material that are waterproof and can handle inclement weather easily.

This is what you are going to be paying for at the end of the day.

If you are asking Why are pool slides so expensive? then it might be time to consider this factor. Do you really want something that breaks down?

Skimmer Sticks Why So Expensive

OK OK so I really should be using bleach and I will be. But I do need to chlorinate slowly through the skimmer since I will be going through an iron stain removal process and yow!!! are these darned things expensive! $40~50 for 10#s.Can I just use tri-chlor pucks in the skimmer so long as Im running the pump/filter continuously?

26,000 Vynil Liner L IngroundHayward 1HP Superpump + Hayward Pro Grid 4800 DE FilterPoolvergnuegen thepoolcleaner Pressure Side CleanerLoop-Loc Mesh cover


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Is Alabama Expensive To Live In

Living in Alabama is less expensive than it is on average across the U.S. as a whole. According to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, goods and services in the state cost 13.6% less than they do on average nationwide. Compared with all other states, Alabama has the third lowest overall cost of living.

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Why Are Standard So Poodles Expensive

Where you get your standard poodle from matters. Purebred poodle breeders will be the most expensive because they are shooting for show dogs. These are the dogs who are competing in competitions for athleticism or how well they represent the breed. They are under a lot more scrutiny than a poodle from a local shelter or backyard breeder.

Standard poodles need to have a good gene pool. Most buyers want a purebred poodle, so mutts or mixes will not cut it for these owners. So, breeders will have to find compatible parent dogs, coordinate the breeding, and guarantee the pups are born healthy. This can be hard unless higher-end breeders are working together. The cost to orchestrate this can be around $2000 alone.

Poodles may only have puppies twice a year. This limits the amount of reputably bred poodles on the market. Thus, they will cost more to own. Not to mention if buyers are looking for a specific color or build. Especially those looking for show dogs that need to have all the best qualities of the breed. A puppy can have great genes, but not show well.

Owning a standard poodle is actually cheaper than a toy poodle. This fact is due to multiple factors. Standard poodles are larger, so usually, they can produce more pups at one time than a toy poodle. Plus, they have fewer health risks that smaller breeds face. Thus, they can be slightly cheaper to breed and then sell. High-end ones will cost more.

Selecting The Right Material

How Often Should You Replaster a Pool?

You can choose a variety of materials for an inground pool, and each one has its own price range.

Consider the different construction options available to you, as well as the long-term plan for your backyard. An experienced pool installation company will work with you to select the material and design that best suits your needs. You should also consider maintenance costs for your pool since each material requires a different type of regular care to keep it in optimum condition.

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Your Preferred Operating System

Not all pools are created equal. In fact, we believe that the way you choose to look after your water is one of the most important decisions youll make throughout the process of buying your pool. You see, pools have traditionally been circulated using the industry-standard eyeball and skimmer system. This system is known to consume more power, require more chemicals, and demand more upkeep from pool owners. To help reduce ongoing running costs, we have introduced two amazing pool operating systems to the market. The Vantage self-cleaning and circulation system takes away all of the hard work involved with looking after your pool. Not only does Vantage remove the need for manual cleaning , it also dramatically boosts circulation which prevents algae and bacteria growth. Another alternative to traditional circulation is our exclusive Logic system which is designed to slash power consumption and maximise circulation at the same time. Both of these systems may require an initial investment in the beginning, but they also have the ability to save you money and time for the rest of your time as a pool owner.

How To Lower The Cost Of In

There is nothing like an in-ground pool. So, if you have the budget and space, you should have one.

And there are some ways to keep the cost lower. Here are some of those cost-saving ideas:

  • Forgo Optional Upgrades

Having an in-ground pool is like having a new car. The optional upgrades can almost double the cost of your car.

If you can avoid the optional extras presented to you by the pool contractor, you can lower the total cost by half almost!

You certainly dont need an ozone generator, AOP system, pool ionizer, or UV system. They are less effective but will break your bank account.

Keep it basic. Go for a rectangle pool with an entry-level pump, filter, and a concrete deck at the corner. You can always have the optional extras later when you have money for that!

  • Say No To Pool Slides And Diving Boards

Diving boards are expensive and their installation charge is insane. Most of the residential in-ground pools are not deep enough for those dangerous diving boards.

Just like the diving boards, pool slides are also dangerous and responsible for most pool injuries.

You can easily save thousands of dollars skipping those optional pool slides and diving boards.

  • Avoid The Fancy Patio

A fancy patio with a gorgeous mosaic will cost you a lot. You should start with a basic concrete deck. You can always get your fancy patio later.

  • No Automation System Is A Must

Dont get me wrong. The pool automation system is great but it is not mandatory for your in-ground pool to run.

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Why Do Pools Go Green After Rain

With heavy rainfall, the chemicals in your pool can become unbalanced your pH levels altered and your chlorine, salt and mineral content diluted. Combined with sunlight, these conditions are perfect for algae and other contaminants to grow and affect the health of your pool, turning it green overnight.

Cost To Install An Inground Pool

Why Was Titanics First Class So Expensive? | 5 Reasons | So Expensive.

Inground pool costs vary depending on how complex design choices are, says Tom Casey, vice president of sales at Anthony & Sylvan Pools, based in the Philadelphia area. But other factors have an impact as well, such as:

Location. The cost of living in your city affects labor and material prices. Building an inground pool in a dense, high-cost metropolitan area is typically more expensive than doing so in a suburban or rural area.

Pool site. Does your yard have room for excavating equipment? Is the area flat or will it have to be leveled? Is the soil sandy or rocky? Soil issues and limited access can easily increase the cost of a pool, Bart Jacobs, owner of La Jolla Pools in San Diego, said via email.

Soil issues and limited access can easily increase the cost of a pool.

Size. Large pools require more labor and materials than small inground pools. The same goes for deep vs. shallow pools.

Pool Type. Vinyl-lined, fiberglass, concrete and gunite a type of concrete pools often have different installation and maintenance costs.

Shape and features. Custom shapes, and special features like a hot tub or diving board, can add thousands of dollars to the pools price tag and installation cost, depending on the type.

Permits. Like other permanent home additions, inground pools require a permit from the local building authority. You may also have to pay an inspector to locate potential sewer or utility lines before digging.

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Is There A Chlorine Shortage 2021

It not only brought the threat of high winds, fallen power lines and deadly waters, but also the potential for hazardous air conditions caused by chemical breaches in the nearby chemical plant. The loss of this plant will result in a nationwide chlorine shortage that will be felt through the 2021 season.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Salt Water Pool

For this reason, you can expect that your electric bill will be a bit higher each year when you choose saltwater over chlorine. A 20,000-gallon saltwater pool will generally use about 500 watts of power to run the generator. This will translate to about $36 to $48 in additional electric costs each year.

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Then Mother Nature Adds Another Blow

As if COVID wasnt enough to stress the supply chain, in August 2020 Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana hard. A fire from Hurricane Laura at the Biolab Chlorine plant knocked out 40% of the Tri-chlor and Dichlor chlorine production in the United States. Learn more about the fire here.

While this hit at the tail end of the 2020 pool season, its effects will be felt for years to come, starting this year. Distributors have capped our buying of certain products like chlorine tabs and Sodium dichlor chlorine. We will only be allowed to purchase the amount we purchased last season.

These compounding supply and demand issues have caused prices of all pool and spa products to rise significantly. The biggest and most impactful price increase is on 3 chlorine tablets. Prices on tablets were increased to us by over 50%! Same for granular sodium dichlor commonly used in hot tubs. Needless to say, there is no way pool and spa companies can absorb those increases.

Dont Overestimate Your Pools Return On Investment

Why Are Pool Tables So Expensive? â Retro Only

Lastly, its important to be realistic about expectations on the financial return of a pool. As Borges cautions: A house value does not increase with a pool, especially not to the cost of the pool.

However, most pool owners agree the work and expense are usually worth the summers of outdoor enjoyment and exercise in your own backyard.

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Chlorine Tablets: Limited Quantities Almost Double The Price

Customers of Leslies Pool Supplies, which has 72 locations in central Arizona and more than 900 across the U.S., are greeted with this message at the top of the companys website: We are limiting chlorine tab purchases to one bucket per customer to manage the supply and demand in an effort to meet our customers needs throughout the season.

The number of tablets required for a pool per week can vary, according to Tracy Dick, vice president of brand marketing at Leslies.

Most pools around 10,000 gallons in size will require one to two 3-inch tablets per week, based on variables including water temperature, air temperature, environment and usage, Dick said in a statement to The Arizona Republic. However, there are no standard guidelines. Every pool is different, so we cannot stress enough how important it is to test your water regularly.

Taylor Stithem, a manager at Sun Devil Pool Supply and Service in Chandler, said customers are limited to two buckets of tablets for now. The price of chlorine tablets has gone up significantly since last year, he said.

A bucket of tablets that cost $109 a year ago is now $199, Stithem said. He estimates the price is increasing in $10 increments every couple of weeks. The price plateaued for a couple months this year before starting to go up again, he added.

Stithem said he was not sure how long this would last.

Does A More Expensive Cue Make You A Better Player

Many players wonder if a high-end cue helps improve their game.

Better craftsmanship and higher-quality material can help a player. However, a highly-skilled player will typically beat you with a stock cue even if youre playing with a mid-range custom cue.

Make your final decision based on how the cue feels in your hands.

You can play well and improve your skills while playing with a $90 pool cue.

Is the $400 or $600 pool cue better than that $90 cue? Yes, of course.

Its made from better wood, a well-constructed tip, helps achieve better balance and control, and improves overall playability.

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Public Pools Closing Early This Season

More and more financially strapped communities around the country have decided to close their pools early or close parts of their pools for the season. With many facilities stating they simply cant afford the chlorine.

The majority of city-run pools in Los Angeles have had to close less than a month after being allowed to reopen by the Department of Public Health, which disproportionately affects minority children who dont have other access to swimming lessons.

This chlorine issue is just exacerbating what is already an existing disparity, Jeff Wiltse, author of Contested Waters: A Social History of Swimming Pools in America, told the LA Times. Theres been a significant growth in private swimming pools , whereas public swimming pools have been generally stagnant, and in many cities theres been a significant decline.


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It Eats Up Valuable Yard Space

Why You Pay the Price on a Cheap Fiberglass Pool Part II

Do you need grass for pets or kids to romp? Consider whether you’ll have enough yard space for anything else once a pool is installed. In-ground pools begin around 10 by 20 feet, while the smallest above-ground pools are about 12 feet round. You’ll also need to account for patio space or local rules requiring pools be a certain distance from homes and property lines.

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How Long Do Inground Pools Last

If you replace your liner every 6 to 12 years you will be able to keep the pool swimming for more than 20 years. You need to resurface the concrete every 10 years or so if you want your concrete pool to last as long as possible. The longest lifespan of any in-ground pool can be easily surpassed by fiberglass.

What Is More Expensive Gold Platinum Or Titanium

Titanium Value. The price difference between these two metals is considerable. Platinum jewelry is the most expensive of the precious metals due to its rarity, high levels of purity and the expertise and tools required to craft it into jewelry. While both look very similar, the price difference is over $800!

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Why Are Toy Poodles Expensive

Toy poodles have fewer pups. Due to their small size, most toy poodles can only have 1-3 puppies per litter. This means fewer toy poodles in circulation. Which means less breeding options and puppies up for adoption or purchase. So, not only do the toy poodles have fewer puppies, but they also have a harder time meeting potential mates.

Toy poodles are at higher risk of health problems. Since toy poodles are so small, they often suffer from the same health benefits other small breeds do. This means the breeders have to take even more precautions when breeding to guarantee the parents are healthy. Which means they will end up spending more money to breed them.

Healthier toy poodles will sell for more. A breeder has to guarantee that the toy poodle not only bears healthy puppies, but they have to make sure that those puppies stay healthy. This means vet check-ups, quality food, exercise, and overall good mental health. A stressed dog will not show as well as a happy one.

I feed my dog high-quality food from Pet Plate. Pet Plate is a premium dog food subscription service that provides freshly cooked and pre-portioned meals, and snacks, completely customized for your dog. I really love the fact that Pet Plate delivers the highest quality meals to my door without me ever having to think about it! Check out Pet Plate here to find more information and see if Pet Plate is right for you and your pet.

Leverage Elastic Pool Databases

Why Get an Above Ground Pool?

The pricing for SQL databases in Azure can get very high. WithAzure SQL, each database has a reserved amount of resources, which is charged for even if the database is idle. This is fine for multiple databases with consistent use however if you have a large number of databases with an on-off usage pattern the prices are too high. For this reason, there are two options: Using a bigger more expensive database or using a lower tier database to save costs, at the expense of peak time performance hours.

Azure offers a new tier of SQL database services called Managed instances, which are virtual machines that host a SQL Server. Managed instances dont have all of the features that are built into Azure SQL single-database services, but it doesnt require managing the operating system or SQL Server installation. Its a virtual machine whose configuration and maintenance is already handled.

Another option in Azure is called the SQL elastic pools. Instead of reserving certain resources for a single database, SQL elastic pools reserve some resources and share them across other databases. This has the benefits of Azure SQL and allows handling of spiky usage across multiple databases. Elastic pools are very popular and are an ideal option for multi-faceted applications.

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