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2 Person Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

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Arctic Spas Hot Tubs: Where Superior Quality Scaled

J-315 Comfort Hot Tub with Lounger for Small Spaces

Recharge your battery. Restore some much-needed relaxation into your busy schedule. And enjoy instant revitalization, whenever you need it.

Condensed size doesnt have to skip on the comfort factor. Enjoy the best of both worlds with an Arctic Spas 2 person hot tub. And remember, all the big-time features of our larger hot tubs come standard with our smallest sizes, too. Which means your small hot tub purchase includes our Forever Floor, Mylovac® cover, innovative insulation and much more. Plus, you can customize and optimize your hot tub experience with optional features like our web-based hot tub monitoring and Onzen Salt Water System.

All of our one person and two person hot tubs are proof that great things come in small packages. If youd like to size up one of our 2 person hot tubs for sale, or if you want to talk with one of our in-store experts, visit the nearest Arctic Spas outlet near you. With stores located across North America and the United Kingdom, were ready to leverage all of our expertise to help you find the one or two person hot tub thats just right for you.


Best Inflatable: Intex Purespa Plus Bubble Massage Set

  • Limited temperature options

  • Shell can puncture

The PureSpa Plus from Intex is a large inflatable hot tub with plenty of great features. It has a 6.4-foot diameter and 140 jets. It works with most budgets and is a great option for those who arent ready to invest the money or space in a permanently installed hot tub. It also has two included headrests and a built-in treatment system for hard water so you dont need to worry about anything beyond plugging it in, filling it up, and getting ready to relax.

Like most inflatable hot tubs, it is more fragile than its cabinet-based counterparts. You should be careful with sharp or metal objects to keep from puncturing the plastic shell. It also has temperature limitations and should only be used in temperatures above 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dimensions:77 x 77 x 28 inches | Shape:Round | Voltage:110 | Water Capacity:210 gallons | Number of Jets: 140

Inflatable Or Permanently Fixed

Would an inflatable and portable hot tub fulfill your needs, or are you looking for a permanently situated Jacuzzi? Inflatable hot tubs can be moved or stored away when empty, freeing up space if needed. Hardshell tubs offer a superior design quality and more features but are heavy, so they will need a dedicated space.

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Buyers Guide For Buying Best 2 Person Plug And Play Hot Tubs

If you are in the market for a two-person plugand play hot tub, here are some of the things you can keep in mind to help youin making an informed decision.

  • Space A two-person hot tub should have ample space for two people to sit comfortably . Make sure to check the dimensions of the hot tub and see if it suits your size in terms of height. A deeper hot tub will always offer additional space, so keep an eye on the depth as well.
  • Hydrotherapy Benefits If you are looking for a hot tub that offers hydrotherapy benefits, choose one with more jets. Extra jets mean you can get focused streams of water on different areas of the body. If you can customize the jets for flow and pressure, that is even better for hydrotherapy.
  • Ozonator An Ozonator is a must for any modern hot tub as it keeps the water clean by removing bacteria and germs from it. With an Ozonator, you dont need to add a lot of chemicals to the water to clean it. Look for a hot tub with a high-quality Ozonator.
  • Buying a two-person hot tub is easy when youknow what you want from a hot tub. Most of all, you need to focus on the spacethe hot tub provides. If the hot tub has enough space for you and your partner,it can be a great choice. Also, look for other features such as waterfall, LEDlights, Ozonator, number of jets, the quality of the hot tub, and more.

    Faqs About Two Person Hot Tub

    2 Person Hydrotherapy Computerized Massage Indoor Whirlpool Jetted ...

    Buyers often have questions or queries regarding hot tubs. Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about two-person hot tubs

    Q1): I want to keep my hot tub outdoors, but I feel it will impact the heating ability of the tub. How can I make sure the water gets heated up quickly

    You can cover up the tub with an insulated cover so that it keeps the heat inside. You can also see if your tub can be converted to 220v from 110v as a 220v power supply can heat up the water quickly. Another thing you can do is to keep the air jets or bubble jets switched off while the water is heating up as that can lower the temperature of the water.

    Q2): I am disabled and I dont want a tub that I have to clean too often. What are some of the low maintenance cleaning tips I can use?

    You can look for a tub that is compatible with an Ozone generator as it can clean up most of the impurities from the water and you will need to just add chemical to balance out the water for use. You can also buy tubs with high powered filters and antimicrobial tubing so that there is very little risk of contaminating the water. Also, keep the tub covered while it is not in use.

    Q3): What is the maximum temperature that the hot water tubs can reach?

    Most hot water tubs are rated to reach the temperature of 104 degrees f maximum as any higher and the water is not suitable for use because it can scald and burn the skin.

    Q6): Will it impact my power bill to heat up the water in my two-person hot tub?

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    Hot Spot Gets Right To The Point

    To create the ultimate spa pool experience, Hot Spot® spas offer just the right number of jets, configured to relieve the tension in your back, neck, shoulders, calves and feet and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

    The small directional Precision jets pinpoint specific muscles to provide relief precisely where you need it, while bigger jets offer broad massage great for larger muscles. You can adjust the strength of these jets to create a truly customised massage.


    Achieve Optimum Health And Wellbeing

    Although you cant claim the cost of a hot tub on your health insurance, you might save yourself a few visits to the doctor with a spa session each day? The warm water and hydro massage from a Sapphire HotTub may help with common health issues faced by many of us. You may even melt away a few kilos to help you lose any unwanted weight.

    Most of us build up tension through our postural muscles and the muscles of our back, neck and shoulders. These muscles will often feel worse with rest they actually respond much better to massage and movement to alleviate stiffness and support the healing process. Our swim spas provide a supportive environment for gentle remedial stretches and exercise, protecting muscles with the warm water of your spa.

    Spa jets can also be powered up, creating resistance to target muscles and joints that need work to regain strength. The fully adjustable resistance from the bank of swim jets creates instability, to engage core muscles. Core strength will help correct your posture, realign your frame and provide a healthy body to support you throughout your daily life.

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    Best Saltwater: Calderaspas Martinique 5

    Caldera Spas

    • Foot ridge has great design

    • Cover included

    • Not very many jets

    • Salt water system adds to cost

    If you are specifically looking for a saltwater option, look no further than The Martinique 5-Person hot tub from CalderaSpas. It comes with the FreshWater Salt System that keeps the water clean and clear up to a full year without additional treatment. This system also monitors the water of your hot tub and provides details and instructions on the attached screen.

    The jets in the hot tub are also great, although there arent as many of them as in other hot tub options. The jets that are part of the foot ridge are notable as they can provide comfort to your calves and feet. The hot tub also comes with a cover that is custom-built for each hot tub and has a child lock.

    Dimensions:89 x 76 x 34 inches | Shape: Square | Voltage: 230 | Water Capacity: 285 gallons | Number of Jets: 34

    Our top pick is the Aquarest Spas 5-Person 29-Jet Plug and Play Spa it offers an excellent water filtration system, comfortable seating options, and is easy to set up. If youre looking for a more roomy option, the Jacuzzi Large Comfort Open Seating Hot Tub is a great value for its size and can seat 6-7 people. It also offers entertainment, smart home, and cold weather packages at an extra cost.

    Best Splurge: Thermospas Manhattan Ii 6

    Cancun by Bestway 2-4 Person Inflatable Heated Hot Tub on QVC


    If you want the ultimate customizable experience, ThermoSpas Manhattan II is the best you can find. Customizable options include five different shell colors, five different cabinet colors, different jet configurations, a touch screen panel, and Smart features. No matter which custom options you choose, you’ll get a spacious hot tub that is roomy for six adults but can seat up to eight comfortablyit even includes an extra-wide lounger, pillow headrests, and a wrap-around corner seat. The jets work to target the lumbar area and it even comes with a mobility railing to ensure that no one slips.

    Because it is a custom order, it can take longer to deliver and will require professional installation. If youre willing to pay top dollar and wait for the hot tub of your dreams to be assembled, shipped, and installed, you wont be disappointed.

    Dimensions:93 x 93 x 28 inches | Shape:Square | Voltage:240 | Water Capacity:430 gallons | Number of Jets: 45-125

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    The Winner Is The Aquajets 5

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    The Spruce / Sabrina Jiang

    The right hot tub offers year-round outdoor relaxation right in your own backyard. We researched dozens of models, evaluating them on durability, installation, value, and range of features.

    Our best overall pick is the Aquajets 5-Person 29-Jet Plug and Play Spa, which has plenty of seating, is easy to set up, and offers a top-notch filtration system.

    Here are the best hot tubs.

    Essential Features To Look For In A Modern 2

    The main purpose of buying a hot tub is to add fun and comfort to your life. That’s why you should consider a two-person hot tub that meets most of your comfort needs. All that depends on how much you concentrate on the hot tub’s features when buying.

    Here are some of the essential features you should consider when choosing your 2-person spa.

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    How We Selected Two Person Hot Tubs For This Article

    Finding a select number of two person hot tubs from the range available is not an easy task. Here are some of the things we kept in mind while choosing the hot tubs discussed in this article.

    • User Reviews We read through countless user reviews of two person hot tubs to zero in on the ones that had the maximum positive feedback from customers in real world situations. These reviews also helped us in determining the positive and negatives experiences of the users.
    • User Ratings Users often leave ratings for products even if they dont write the reviews. We checked the ratings left by the users of these hot tubs and chose the hot tubs that received the best ratings from users.
    • FeaturesUnique features can make the hot tub a joy to use. We took into account hot tubs that offered features that were new and highly useful.
    • Warranty Warranty of the hot tub is another important factor as you can get it repaired or replaced easily in case something goes wrong with the hot tub. We gave a higher rating to hot tubs that offered a higher warranty.

    Construction And Types Of 2 Person Jacuzzi Tubs

    The Best 2 Person Hot Tub of 2021 â Reviews &  Buyer Guide

    Two person jacuzzi tubs come in three salient types categorized based on portability, sophistication and heat source. These are portable inflatable tubs, hi-tech jacuzzi tubs, and outdoor wood-fired spa tubs. An inflatable 2 person spa bath is a portable jacuzzi tub made from plastic polymers with plug and play functionality for running the jets and the heating.

    Hi-tech 2 person jacuzzi tubs are fitted with state of the art technology that includes a control panel, Bluetooth, hydromassage jets, digital stereo sounds, and in-built heaters. The control panel is touch-sensitive and allows the user to efficiently operate the jacuzzi while the inbuilt heaters have a thermostat for temperature control. When it comes to luxury 2 person whirlpool tubs, EAGO is one of the leaders in the industry. Our best-selling 2 person jacuzzi bathtubs are AM196ETL, AM124ETL-R, AM124ETL-L. The latest 2 person corner jetted tubfrom EAGO is AM125ETL. Our personal favorite 2 person corner jacuzzi tub is AM197ETL.

    For outdoor 2 person Jacuzzi tubs, you might want to have a walkway leading up to the tub made of cabro, tile or rock paving as opposed to dirt or grass. This helps prevent any debris, dirt or other foreign objects from getting into the tub and clogging it up.

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    Qca Spas Model 0 Gemini Hot Tub Best Small Hot Tub

    This mid-range priced hot tub from QCA, is very easy to set-up, thanks to its plug n play design. Simply find a suitable outlet and fill it with a garden hose, and youll be using it in no time.

    The two phase heating system works very well, heating water quickly, efficiently, and to a high temperature. The heat recycling technology employed will also save you a lot on utility bills over its lifetime.

    Comfort is high on the list of design priorities

    With molded bucket seats and armrests, you and your partner can unwind for longer. And eight well placed water jets provide a soothing massage to aching bodies. Relatively compact, its on the intimate side of the size divide, definitely more suited to romantic occasions with your partner than use with a friend.

    The lightweight but durable materials used in construction, make this a relatively lightweight unit, making it possible to move around the house with some help. Its dimensions also make it more versatile in where it can be placed than bigger, more permanent tubs.

    Stylish design

    A well-priced option for those who want a tub thats easy to install and maintain, whilst providing good therapeutic features and a stylish design.

    Our rating:

    • Digital temperature gauge not easy to read.

    Sv Smartlink Wifi Module

    If you do not choose the optional Fisher WiFi and Audio Kit but still want to control and monitor your spa remotely from anywhere in the world, you can choose the optional SpaNet SmartLINK WiFi/bluetooth control unit. Simply download the SmartLINK phone app and you can control all your spa functions simply and remotely.

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    Why Trust The Spruce

    This article was researched and written by Katie Begley, a freelance writer specializing in home and family products. Katie has been writing for The Spruce since 2019. For this list, Katie considered top recommended products that had popular features like jets and lounge seating as well as those with customizable setups. She also consulted with St. Louis-based hot tub salespeople to find out which hot tubs their customers like and which they use themselves.

  • BEST HOT TUBS. BestReviews.

  • Indulge in One of These Top-Rated Hot Tubs to Transform Your Outdoor Space. Popular Mechanics.

  • Hot Tubs By Sapphire Spas

    J-215 Classic 3-Person Hot Tub with Lounge Seat

    Some of you will call us asking for a hot tub this conjures up images in your mind of a big round wooden tub sunk into the snow, filled with people. A spa pool is basically just the Aussie version of a hot tub but, for those who like to be traditional, weve created a round spa to replicate the look and feel of a true timber hot tub. myHotTub is a 6 person spa with open bench seating around the side and a few jets to provide a gentle massage and water movement. As a slight upgrade from a traditional hot tub, Sapphire Spas have added 2 dedicated back massage seats for the perfect hot tub experience.

    Traditionally a hot tub is simply a hot soak, without powerful jets and bubbles. With a Sapphire myHotTub, the choice is yours enjoy a quiet hot soak or sometimes you may want to turn on the hydrojets for a therapeutic massage.

    You may think of a hot tub as a winter activity heres some information about how one of our hot tubs may liven up your Winter. When your swimming pool is too cool… enjoy some healthy outdoor exercise in your spa pool to help burn off excess energy. Sapphire Spas energy efficient equipment heats your spa at the cheapest daily operating cost. Enticing all family members to spend quality time together, aqua play is the perfect way to develop a strong bond with your children whilst playing at their level. After a day on the snowfields, at the footy or competing in a triathalon, jump in your hot tub.

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