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Chlorinating Tablets For Small Pools

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Dohenys Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

How to Use Chlorine Tablets, Brought to You by HTH

Furthermore, these chlorine tablets are individually wrapped, and they arrive in a bucket that is easy to open. The tablets feature powerful stabilized chlorine, which will keep your pool sanitized and clean.

In addition to that, the ingredients have an active function in order to deter the growth of bacteria and algae. Another important function of the tablets is that they dont let the detrimental UV rays of the sun to lead to swimming pool chlorine burn-off.

That is to say, the chlorine remains locked in the water of the pool. Therefore, you dont have to use so many chemicals. Since each tablet is individually wrapped, this allows you to easily handle them before adding them in the water. They also dissolve at a slow pace.

Something we have appreciated is that the texture of these tablets is not overly crumbly. This means no excess of dust! You should still wear gloves, regardless of the texture of the tablet.

The price is also competitive, which can be an attractive point if youre shopping on a budget.


Pool Brand Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

Last, but not least, we have these chlorine tablets manufactured by Pool Brand. The tablets also arrive in an individual wrap, thus maintaining their original properties and functions. In other words, they arent exposed to moisture, which could impair their functionality. The bags are also easy to open.

The fact that they are approved by the EPA should give you peace of mind. In order to ensure the efficiency of the tablets, they have been UV stabilized. If this characteristic is important for you, these tablets might be down your alley.

As for the texture of the tablets, it is not overly crumbly, which can make them difficult to handle. This is why they leave a minimal amount of residue.

The pace at which they dissolve is consistent. This is critical in order to ensure that the chlorine is distributed evenly inside the water. Concurrently, this ensures that the level of chlorine remains consistent.


  • Since the tablets arrived individually wrapped, this makes it easy for you to handle them.
  • Good price for the quality
  • The tablets have been UV stabilized


  • Some customers reported that some of the tablets inside the bucket were crushed.

How Do Chlorine Tablets Work

Tablets are Considered a favorite sanitizer among private and residential pool owners due to their long life.

The tablet chlorine contains an active component trichloro-s-triazinetrione which makes the chlorine highly available and at a slow rate, for its efficiency. The rate of dissolution depends on the amount of time its in contact with pool water. The tablets should be as evenly dispersed as possible for your pool to be sufficiently chlorinated.

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How To Disperse Chlorine Tablets Into Your Pool

You can disperse chlorine tablets into your pool in two ways.

One is using a chlorine floater in a residential setting. You can also use an inline chlorinator in a commercial setting.

You should avoid putting your chlorine tablets directly into your pool, skimmer, or pump basket. This will damage your pool equipment.

Buying Guide For The Best Chlorine Tablets

Clorox Pool& Spa Small Pool 1"  Chlorinating Tablets 1.5 lb

Even though chlorine tablets are necessary for almost every pool, you cannot just get the first option you find on the market and expect good results after dissolving them in your pool. Before you buy a chlorine tablet or a set of chlorine tablets, you will have to understand many different parameters such as the type of the tablet, tablet size, dissolving speed, and much more. You also need to carefully examine these parameters and decide what options are suitable for you based on your observation. While it is not possible to thoroughly check each and every option physically, you can easily do that right here. We have offered all the necessary information about each of our picks for the best chlorine tablets so that you wont have to look anywhere else before making your choice. As for their important characteristics, you can refer to our buying guide that will help you while you are picking up the most compatible option for your pool.

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Clorox Pool& spa Xtrablue Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets

Clorox is a reputable brand when it comes to efficient household cleaning supplies. And these chlorinating tablets offer a good price to quality ratio if you want to maintain your pool clean and sanitized. They are versatile, in the sense that they are compatible with in-ground and above-ground pools.

Similar to our first recommendation, these are also individually wrapped. This means that their original properties are maintained until you use them. They do an excellent job at killing bacteria, deterring the growth of algae.

Still, this doesnt mean that you should no longer monitor the quality of the water: as its better to be safe than sorry.

A rather inconvenient characteristic is the unpleasant, dangerous chlorine dust youll find inside the packages. But this comes with the territory. You must be extra careful when handling the tablets: its best to wear adequate gloves. As an extra measure of precaution, you might also wear a mask over your mouth and nose.

A noteworthy disadvantage would be that the texture of the tablets is a tad crumbly. This is why, in comparison with other top picks, these tablets might produce more dust, which is inconvenient.


What Are The Drawbacks Of Chlorine Tablets

When it comes to drawbacks, we should point out some aspects. For one thing, when you add a tab in the skimmer, this will lead to an acid buildup. This is especially prone to happen when the pump is off. Over the course of time, the acid will damage o-rings and gaskets.

What is more, if the build-up occurs during the summer, this might prevent you from using your swimming pool. Not to mention that youll have to substitute all the affected parts.

Another aspect that could qualify as a drawback is that you cannot drop the tablets directly into your swimming pool. You need to get a floater. Without a floater, the tablets will inevitably stain the plaster. In addition to that, this might result in the fading of liners.

There is also the possibility for the tablet to get sucked in the drain this is where it is likely to dissolve at a faster pace. Not only that this would mean that the tablet is wasted, but it might also create an imbalance of chemicals in the water.

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How Much Chlorine Tablets To Add To Your Swimming Pool

How much tablets you need to add to your pool depends on many different factors,

Assuming your poolâs pH, alkalinity, and cyanuric acid are at an optimal level, factors such as your poolâs size, the environmentâs temperature, and how many people are frequently using the pool will all affect the chlorine requirement.

Benefits Of Adding Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine Tablet Shortage Impacting Pools

There are several major benefits to adding chlorine tablets to your pool. These include:

  • Good For Maintenance: High-quality chlorine tablets are good for maintaining the chlorine levels in a pool, which act as a sanitizer for your pool water. This is very different from shocking a pool or adjusting it from a very low or high starting point.
  • Low Effort: Tablets require less active use and maintenance when compared to other ways of managing chlorine. Most tablets last at least a week, and replacing them takes seconds. Some people prefer tablets that last at least two weeks, but either way, these help minimize the effort needed to maintain your pool.
  • High Effectiveness: Chlorine tablets are generally effective for destroying germs, preventing algae growth, and generally keeping pool areas cleaner. People use them in both residential and commercial areas because they work.

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How To Add Chlorine Tablets To Your Pool

Here are the best ways to add chlorine tablets to your home pool. You can use the chlorine calculator I built to figure out how much to add.

  • Floating Chlorine Dispensers: Floating dispensers, as the name implies, float around a pool to deposit the chlorine. Theyre largely passive and move with the currents. However, these can dispense too much chlorine in one location if they get stuck, so make sure to get a dispenser thats guaranteed to keep moving.
  • Automatic Chlorinator: This is generally the best method. Automatic chlorinators let you set a specific rate of dispensing based on the needs of your pool, and its easy to refill it with new tablets.
  • Direct Sprinkling: This only works with granules, but you can sprinkle chlorine directly into your pool. This is more localized than other methods, though, so make sure to walk around your pool and ensure you sprinkle some into different areas.
  • Pool Skimmer: Some pool skimmers support chlorine tablets. These ensure a consistent flow of water over the tablets. However, the tablets will dissolve regardless of whether or not the filter is running, which can create highly corrosive water and damage equipment.

Always follow the instructions on any chlorine tablet products you buy. These products are safe when used as directed, but failure to follow the manufacturers instructions could result in serious harm or permanent damage to your pool.

How To Safely Use Chlorine In Your Pool

  • When storing chlorine, make sure you keep the lids tightly closed.
  • Store them in a dry place away from other chemicals.
  • Be careful when you open up your chlorine bucket since fumes can build up inside. Open your chlorine bucket where thereâs some form of ventilation.
  • When pouring powder form of chlorine into the water, keep them close to the water as you pour, so the wind doesnât carry them away and end up on things that we donât want them to be on.
  • If your pool has a sensitive surface, such as a vinyl liner, you can pre-dilute your chlorine before pouring to prevent possible damage.
  • Donât combine chlorine with other forms of gas, as it can be hazardous.

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Happy Hot Tubs Small Chlorine Tablets 20g

  • Happy Hot Tubs Small 20g Trichlor Chlorine Tablets
  • Suitable for Hot Tubs and Small Swimming Pools
  • Simply place in your dispenser, in-line system or skimmer.
  • Happy Chlorine Tablets are slow dissolving and will dissolve over a period of 3-10 days depending on flow, usage and water condition.
  • Available in packs of 10, 20, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg sizes – all with child-safe containers.

Use Happy Hot Tubs mini 20g chlorine tablets to control bacteria and algae in your swimming pool or hot tub. These high performance chlorine tablets can be placed in your skimmer or a floating dispenser. You can purchase a suitable dispenser by . Never place directly into your spa or pool as severe bleaching/staining may occur. Private pools will require approximately 1 tablet per 50m3 per week.


How many tablets do I put in my dispenser? Our floating dispenser has a full capacity of about 7 small 20g tablets however we recommend keeping the dispenser topped up with with 3 or 4 tablets for pools and 1 or 2 for hot tubs.

Are these better than granules? This all comes down to preference. Granules arguably give you a bit more control as you can add more/boost easily but tablets slowly dissolve over a period of time so give you an option that can require a bit less attention, however it is worth noting that hot tubs and swimming pools that run on tablets may still need a shock from time to time.

How Does Chlorine Work

Clorox Pool& Spa 3

When chlorine reacts with water, it forms a few different compounds, such as hypochlorous acid, hydrochloric acid, and hypochlorite ions.

The pH of your pool water determines how much of these compounds are present. If your pool has a higher pH, you will see more hypochlorite ions in the water.

These compounds alone donât do much for keeping your pool contaminant-free.

If the pH of your pool dips below, there will be more hypochlorous acid, which acts as a disinfectant for bacteria and viruses in your water.

There are six common types of chlorine that are used for water chlorination:

  • Gas chlorine â Expensive and dangerous with a low pH, so itâs rarely used in modern days
  • Cal-hypo â The oldest form of chlorine. It has a high pH and often comes in granular or tab forms. Itâs volatile and highly reactive with other compounds. Too much of it can cloud your pool water
  • Sodium hypochlorite â It is also commonly known as bleach. Itâs a fast-acting compound with a high pH. It works well for shocking and increasing chlorine levels rapidly.
  • Trichlor â It usually comes in 1-inch or 3-inch tablet form. It can also be found in granular form. This form of chlorine contains quite a bit of cyanuric acid and has a low pH. Trichlor is especially useful in a hot environment because it endures hot weather relatively well compared to other chlorine types.
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    In The Swim Chlorine Tablets

    In The Swim is also bringing a popular option for chlorine tablets on our list today. This brand also focuses on apparatus and accessories designed for pool owners such as pool chemicals, and cleaners.

    In 2nd place, we are putting the In The Swim Stabilized Chlorine Tablets. As the name suggests, these are stabilized chlorine tablets to avoid any future problems caused by UV rays that are observed with non-stabilized methods. Plus, this option is more suited for large pools since you will get a 50 lbs in quantity of 3 inches chlorine tablets with this pack. To make it an even better option for large pools, In The Swim has managed to make the available chlorine with these tablets about 90%.

    These are slow-dissolving chlorine tablets that might take a long time to take effect but will offer long-lasting results compared to smaller tablets. Plus, the effective increase in chlorine content of the pool water is quite noticeable. Each of these 3 inches tablets offer the Trichlor chlorine addition method and are individually wrapped to avoid damage in transit. And these tablets are designed in such a way that they can be used with any automatic feeder or floater with ease.

    Best Features

    Swim Best 3 Swimming Pool Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

    Runner Up

    Swim Bests tablets arent quite as good as the ones from In The Swim, but theyre still a high-quality product and worth considering if you can get them at a competitive price. Like my Best Overall pick, this product comes in different sizes, though most stores only focus on the 50-lb buckets. 5-lbs are a little too small for most people.

    On average, each of these tablets lasts a week to a week and a half, with more required for larger pools. Thats true of any chlorine additives, of course, but its worth keeping in mind when selecting a floater or chemical dispenser system to use in your pool.

    While I like most of this product, a few things stand out as negatives. First, not all of the tablets are sealed particularly well. This means you can get a lot of chlorine dust inside the bucket when you open it, and thats not too healthy to breathe. Be careful when storing this anywhere that chlorine vapors could harm things.

    This isnt usually enough to cause chlorine poisoning, but as a pool owner, study up on that anyway so you can recognize its signs.

    Second, these tablets dont last quite as long as those from competitors. The actual duration varies based on many factors, including the flow of water through your system and the presence of any other chemicals that could hasten their dissolving, but in general, these wont last quite as long.


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    Size Of Chlorine Tablet

    When it comes to size, you will come across 2 options for chlorine tablets. One is 1 inches whereas the other is 3 inches tablets. Even though the basic working principle is pretty much the same for both tablets, the overall effectiveness and results will certainly vary depending upon your pool. 1 inch tablets are designed to be used with small pools, hot tubs, spas, and other water bodies with smaller water volumes. The main advantage of a 1 inch chlorine tablet is that they quickly dissolve in the water, offering a fast and observable result in the short term. And with the faster-dissolving speed, you can also observe the chlorine level rapidly increase in your pool. However, these tablets are quite ineffective when it comes to large water bodies having 5000 gallons or more water volume. In such a case, a 3 inch tablet should be preferred instead. These tablets might be a little slower in terms of dissolving speed, but they can manage to increase the chlorine level of large water bodies effectively.

    Best Chlorine Tablets For Your Pool 2022 Reviews

    Chlorine tablets for pools in short supply in Las Vegas

    All pool owners can agree on how important it is to keep their pools clean and maintained throughout the year. While it may be a tedious task, it is definitely a crucial one as the status of the pool directly affects the health of those who are using it. Apart from cleaning the pool, it is also important to keep the pool hygienic at all times.

    For that, a lot of pool owners go with chlorine tablets. As you may already know, chlorine is a pretty common chemical that is added to the pool in order to keep the water safe and hygienic. Chlorine is also used in mineral water filters to maintain the purity level of water. Adding chlorine to any water body kills the bacteria, algae, spores, and other small insects that may be present in the water. If you are also looking for chlorine tablets to add in your pool, make sure you consider the following factors before you buy one.

    Apart from the factors mentioned above, there is a lot more to know before you can decide whether a certain chlorine tablet is feasible for your pool or not. For that, you will have to inspect all the information available for a certain package of chlorine tablets before you place your order. To make it easier for you, we are bringing the best chlorine tablets available in the market right here so that you can make a decision easily. We will also guide you on how to pick up the best chlorine tablet container for your pool in our Buying Guidefor the best chlorine tablets so make sure you check that out.

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