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How Much Are Pool Sticks

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How Much Does A Decent Pool Cue Cost

How Handcrafted Pool Cues are Made – Shop Tour!

There are other pool cues out that are much cheaper than this range, but I wouldnt buy anything below $80. At that point, that trade off for overall quality isnt worth it.

An example is the tip on a cheap pool stick could be really bad and wear down quickly.

An exception is beginner pool cues for casual players. You can get by with a $50 pool cue.

If you are a beginner but plan on practicing a lot more and using more Side Spin or English, I suggest you investing in a more advanced pool cue. This way, you dont need to upgrade again in the next 6 months.

Advanced pool cues have shafts that are Low Deflection.

Whats Low Deflection?

When you use English or Side Spin, you are pushing the cue ball in another direction which causes Squirt. This veers the cue ball away from the natural line you are aiming at. Low deflection shafts help reduce that squirt.

Note: Low deflection shafts and cue may cost well over $500.

What Pool Cue Length To Get

The most common pool cue length is 58-inches. Most people between the height of 50 to 62 can use this length. Most pool sticks sold are at a 58-inches length. For most people, the length will already be 58-inches and will already fall in this category. No need to worry about it.

If you are outside the height of 50 and 62, consider getting a shorter cue or longer one. To summarize:

  • Longer Pool Cue Length 61 Inches
  • Standard Pool Cue Length 58 Inches
  • Shorter Pool Cue Length 52 Inches

All 1-piece pool cues you see and use at pool halls are 57-inches. If youve tried using that before, itll give you a good indicator. If it felt too long for you, I recommend getting a 58 pool cue.

If the house cue at 57-inches is too short for you, I recommend getting a 58-inch pool cue.

How We Chose Our Selection Of Pool Cues

Reviews When were selecting products for our Buyer Guides, we take reviews very seriously. They are a great source of information and opinions about products that we wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. It would be impossible for us to ask hundreds of customers their opinions about each product, but fortunately, websites like Amazon mean that we dont have to. We check for any problems that people have encountered and see if anything gets mentioned repeatedly. We also read expert pool cue reviews to see if they have found anything about the pool cue that we might have missed.

Brand Brand is important when youre buying any product. That doesnt mean that you should only buy from named brands, it just means that, with every brand, there are certain expectations. Pool cues have been around for hundreds of years, so there are a few names you need to know. Arguably, the best ever pool cue maker – known as the Stradivarius of cuemakers – was George Balabushka. His cues can cost thousands, so theyre probably not appropriate for a beginner. Don’t worry though, there are more accessible brands including Viking, Players, Viper, & Cuetec – all of whom feature in this list.

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Mcdermott Pool Cue M29b Bridgeport Mcdermott $187500

The McDermott M29B Pool cue is manufactured in America. This premium pool cue is made with a birdseye maple handle and brass rings. It features 6 cocobolo/white urethane points, 5 sets of turquoise and white urethane sleeve inlays, turquoise, cocobolo and white urethane web with a no wrap handle and an i-2 shaft. The cue plays with a firm and solid hit and weight changes can be adjusted in increments of ounces.

Cue Cases To Protect Your Pool Sticks

My antique vintage Brunswick Balke Collender billiard pool ...

Insurance is an absolute must for anything you value. When it comes to your love of pool, cue cases are your cues’ insurance against damage and excessive wear. Whether you seek simple and affordable pool stick cases like our Butterfly soft cases, more expensive custom leather Instroke cases or branded Predator cases, we’ve got pool cue cases for you.

As one of only a handful of North American importers of Instroke cases, we’re particularly proud of our Instroke pool stick cases. These cases feature an unbreakable PVC-tubing core, form-fitting foam padding, top-grain oil-tanned leathers, jump handle pouches, and many design options. Whatever the style or look, you just can’t pass up the convenience or neglect the protection quality pool cue cases offer.

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Features To Look For In Pool Cues

Ferrule The ferrule is the little white piece that sits just below the tip. It might not seem like an important part of the cue, but a good-quality ferrule is what makes the cue play well. It works like a shock absorber.

Tip The type of tip you choose depends on how good you are and how much feel you want in your shot. A softer tip gives you added feel in the shot, harder tips last a lot longer and retain their shape better. Most professional pool players use a harder tip and have multiple cues in case they break. The legal size for American Pool is 11-14mm, but if youre a beginner you want something in between 12 and 13mm.

Wrap The wrap is the material at the bottom of the cue that stops it from slipping out of your hand. Some cues dont have a grip at all, but it will probably help if youre a beginner. They are normally made from Irish linen or nylon. You can also find leather ones, which are great for people who sweat a lot.

Rings These are decorative rings that are normally towards the bottom of the cue. In more expensive cues, they are intricate and make the cue really special. You probably wont find them on the cheaper cues.

Weight Typically, pool cues are between 18 and 21 ounces. Of course, there are some exceptions, but the majority of pool players will play with this size. There is no hard and fast rule for what size you should use. If youre relatively new to pool, go with a 19-ounce cue or something similar.

Buying Guide: Choosing A Pool Cue

So how much do these pool cues cost?game of billiardsprofessional sticksThe basic components of the pool cue:butt capcue tipWhere will you be using the pool cue?two piece cueone piece cueIs wood the best material for a cue stick?woodgraphite/fiberglassWhats the deal with the varying weights?lighter stickslonger cueAny tips for deciding on a tip? Slip-on tipsSlip-on tips Inspecting a prospective cue stickbuying a cueBrand new pool cuescue sticksbrand new pool sticktipferruleshaft buttStraightnessstraightness of a pool cueThree-piece slate pool tablesstraight cuejoint of the cueTry it out for yourself! pool cueperfect cuecue onlinePool Cue Accessories 1. Cue Rackscue stickCue rackspool cues2. Carrying Casesgood quality pool cue stick case3. Cue Wraps4. Joint ProtectorsJoint protectors5. Extra TipsCue tipsextra tipsCue Stick Parts and Repairs

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Eastpoint Sports Deluxe Pool Cue

This cue is 57 inches in length and has a Nylon grip which is something you should need in your collection of pool cue! This 20 oz piece is perfect for competitive as well as casual players! Its the right starter if you want to be a professional pool player.

The nylon grip on this baby is designed for your comfort and your control. Its efficient not just for professional shots, but for professional parties! And it makes for an excellent accessory for your pool gear! The aesthetically pleasing design is carved on Canadian hard rock Maple wood, and its not just for showing off to your friends.

Still, the material is specially made to resist warping as it gets overused by awesome parties or hard and intense pool-learning sessions!


  • The plastic cap on the bottom isnt that great

Best Break And/or Jump Cue Of 2020


If you are an advanced player, you know how important a break and jump cue are. You need a smooth and reliable tool to perform those very very difficult jump shots. Here are the best Break and/or Jump cues that are fresh in 2020:

My personal favorite is the Lucasi Big Beulah 2. Its rare to see a white break cue and Lucasi has been a player in the game for a while. This whale comes hitting hard with a huge 13.75mm hardrock maple shaft. It comes with an Extra Hard Bakelite tip to bring maximum energy transfer to your breaks.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed this sweet list of all the best pool cues out in 2019! I cant wait to see what else they reveal in 2021. Its been a great year for low-deflection shaft technology already.

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Our Top Choices Of Best Pool Cue Of 2021

Its a fantastic choice for an intermediate player and one of the best pool cues available in the market. This Pool Cue is customizable, available in seven weights from 18 to 21 ounces with options at every half ounce! The design on the cue butt is diamond and pincher-style graphic points and stainless steel joint collar. It just looks beautiful and creates a great connection with your cue ball.

And it is easy to use! With a Kamui Black Soft Tip for superior grip, spin, and durability, and HXT High-tech low deflection Fiber ferrule with a unique lightweight polymer core, this piece is like owning an expensive car! The slightest change of touch will change the whole course of the cue balls! To keep it basic: This two-piece pool cue is what you need if you want to perfect your game as well as create a more challenging game with your friends!

The performance of this is pool cue stick is great and features a lot of benefits from the high-end cue. This is a perfect pool accessory if you are on a budget and need something worth your money. The price is great and the playing pool will be a lot easier and you will be able to understand the quality. This is one of the best high-end pool cues we have tested and it provided us great shot feedback and we consider it as one of the perfect pool cues you can find in the market today. There is also a leather wrap version of this cue if you are interested.


  • Shots can create more challenging games if you are not a regular pool player.

Standard Or Low Deflection Shaft

To my research, more persons are switching to LD shafts because it gives a better playing ability with English shots and squits the cue ball at a lower rate than the standard shaft. Standard shafts are good as well and are more common to see o cues however the Ld shafts are taking off to what I am seeing in our detailed researches. Low deflection shafts are more expensive than standard shafts as well but it is worth it for sure.

The two different shafts will give totally different gameplays if you are used to using a standard shaft it is going to get some getting used to when switching to an LD shaft and its going to be the same when switching from low deflecting cue toa standard as well. It will take some time before getting used to so dont judge any of them by just using once or twice the switching up is not as easy as you mak thing.

If you are not too familiar with what deflecting gameplays are I will add a small clip below and am sure it will provide you with all you need to know about deflecting plays in pool.

These are also things you need to know about deflection plays and am sure this will increase your skills in the game as well. The faster you learn how to make these shots the more time you will have to practice and master these play at a professional level.

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Best Pool Cues 2021 For The Money

Our goal at Pool Cue Guide is the help you pick the best pool cue for your style of play or the type of Billiards you play. Also Why having the Best Pool Cue can help your game ?Who Makes the best Pool Cues? We answer theses questions by having real pool players have reviewed the pool cues and as a result we have come up with the top cues required to improve your game. Our players enjoy all types of pool from snooker, eight ball, and nine ball, we love the game so rest assured we will help you find the best pool cue.

Lucasi Hybrid LHT88 Billiard Cue 4.0/5

Pool or Billiards is an amazing and popular game which people enjoy while they got some off time in the pool hall of course on pool tables . According to some people, the pool is a game of rich, but that is not true at all. Many people around the world regularly play pool. For some people, this is a game to pass their off time with lots of entertainment and for some people, it is their passion. nowadays it is hard to find best cuestick. Checkout our partner site for more great pool cue advice website on stick pool cue.

Billiard requires some equipment and accessories to play the game which is unlikely to other games. The best pool cues is the most important equipment to play this game we have options for you! .

Will A Expensive Pool Cue Make Me Play Better

Billiard Cue

Let me just get this out the way again, if you are a noobie to the game or beginner you are going to need lots of practices there are no short cuts to playing at a professional level of the game. So at that low level of the game, I would recommend buying an expensive pool cue stick.

Am not saying you cannot buy an expensive pool cue straight from the get-go am just indicating that it wont exceed your noobie skills to an intermediate overnight. Buying an expensive pool cue has it pros as well even though its not going to provide magically playing skills but it will be durable and give accurate plays so if you can afford to buy one I am not stopping you however its not a big deal really at that stage.

Now on the other hand if you are at an intermediate level of the sport and upwards having an expensive pool cue can however contribute to making to you Better. I know you are wondering how is this but it can and also will this may sound funny to some of you however I know a few of you already know what am talking about.

At that stage in the game, you will know exactly the type of game you play and what your looking for on buying your pool cue stick. You are going to have the knowledge of the game to know if its a powerful hitting cue you wish on buying or a skilled cue till for all your trick plays in the game.

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Buyers Guide: How To Choose A Pool Cue

Before buying best pool cues for the money, it is necessary that you educate yourself about the various factors which play a pivotal role in understanding on how to choose a pool cue and categorizing an ordinary and special cue within a budget range. Its important to get acquainted with below points and know how to choose a pool cue. Below points may apply differently to best pool cues under 200 or 150 or under 100 dollar budget.


This is one of the most important parts of the cue and there is no definite answer to what are the best pool cue tips. They come in different degrees of texture. They go from super soft to super hard tips.You need a softer tip for more control of the cue ball. Because soft tips have higher friction and have more time for impact with the cue ball, this allows more spin to be transferred into the cue ball.

Harder tips, have a low point of contact time and are meant for transferring maximum power onto the ball. This also indicates lower cue ball control.Ideally, you need something in between, called the medium material. This will give you not only the control but also speed the ball.





The point where the joint is, you will observe that there is a collar around that point. There are a number of materials this part can be made up of. For example, it can be made up of simplex or stainless steel.







Best Pool Cue Brands Buying Checklist

In present days there are many out there and now it becomes so much hard to get the right one. There are many industries out there, manufacturing lots of pool cue stick every day, this is the reason behind getting confused while you are going to get a good quality one.

So if you dont want to get deceived by purchasing a bad poolcue with the high cost then you can see all the facts that you need to check before buying snooker pool cue stick. Below I have listed all the facts that will help you with your purchase.

Ferrule and Width of Tip

These two things are the most important thing that you need to check at the time of purchasing the best one. The ferrule and Tip Width are the things that will regularly be in use during playing your billiard game. Best pool sticks are consisting of three parts Ferrule, Shaft, and Tip. First 12-inches of a poolstick is called the shaft. The tip needs to be nearly attached to the shaft and the ferrule has to be close to the shaft as well.

All these parts are attached to the stick with glue and if glue can be seen any part of the poolcue when the cue is not good. In pool cue stick glue cant be seen and thats what makes an ordinary cue into an excellent one. You also check the shape of the tip, the tip of a perfect matchmust be in a dome shape.


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