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What Is The Best Brand Of Pool Cue

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The Intimidator Masterpiece Cue $15000000

Top 5 Best Pool Cues Review In 2021 | Are They Worth Buying?

What would you be willing to pay just to own the most expensive pool cue in the world? The price tag on this one is a whopping $150,000. The Intimidator Masterpiece Cue is a true work of art that is also usable to play the game, but why would you? This ornate piece is truly a one of a kind and you wont find another anywhere in the world just like it. This highly prestigious cue took a total of 1,992 man hours to craft. The artisans began with a piece of solid stainless steel that weighed 82 pounds. By the time that they were finished with the refinement of the metal and the artwork, and after a years time had passed, the total weight of the cue was nine and a half pounds. One of the features that sets the cue apart from all others is the Genuine Italian Obsidian gemstone sphere thats located at the base. The total length from the obsidian sphere to the leather tip is 63 inches. It is completely hand etched, hand machined and hand engraved and these processes took a total of 1,862 hours to complete. The artists were precise with their work to ensure that the finished product did not possess a single flaw. The wingspan of the large blade is nine inches with the smaller blades measuring thirteen inches and the larger blades being 48 inches.

Our Top Choices Of Best Pool Cue Of 2022

Its a fantastic choice for an intermediate player and one of the best pool cues available in the market. This Pool Cue is customizable, available in seven weights from 18 to 21 ounces with options at every half ounce!

The design on the cue butt is diamond and pincher-style graphic points and stainless steel collar. It just looks beautiful and creates a great connection with your cue ball.

And it is easy to use! With a Kamui Black Soft Tip for superior grip, spin, and durability, and HXT High-tech low deflection Fiber ferrule with a unique lightweight polymer core, this piece is like owning an expensive car!

The slightest change of touch will change the whole course of the cue balls! To keep it basic: This two-piece pool cue is what you need if you want to perfect your game as well as create a more challenging game with your friends!

The performance of this is pool cue stick is great and features a lot of benefits from the high-end cue. This is a perfect pool accessory if you are on a budget and need something worth your money.

The price is great and the playing pool will be a lot easier and you will be able to understand the quality. This is one of the best high-end pool cues we have tested and it provided us great shot feedback and we consider it as one of the perfect pool cues you can find in the market today. There is also a leather wrap version of this cue if you are interested.


  • Shots can create more challenging games if you are not a regular pool player.

How To Buy A Pool Stick Without Seeing It Touching It And Without Being Able To Play It Before

These days, there are thousands of pool cues available to the buyer through the Internet. If you are a beginner, it is tough to buy a good cue, but this article will cover you for that.

The first thing you should consider is the reputation of the distributor. How long have they been in the business, what is their return policy, what kind of guarantees do the cues have?

Next, how well do the arrows present? Are the photos clear and significant so that you can see the details?

Keep in mind that the arrow shown is probably not the arrow you will get unless it is a small custom manufacturer. But people who take the time and care to show you high-resolution detail information have nothing to hide and are trying to let you see the quality of the cue as best they can over the Internet.

People who use small, low-resolution images should avoid it. On the Internet, the general premise is that the customer can get tons of information and, if the seller is not willing to take the time to provide precise descriptions and large images, then it is better to look for another vendor.

As I said before, its hard to buy a bad cue, but you should limit your online purchases to the retailers that back their products with 100% satisfaction guarantees. I ensure that when you get your cue if its just not a good option, you can return it and try again.

The modern billiard cues have become well-designed tools to award you maximum control over the cue ball.

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Imperial Premier Cyclone 2

This Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Hard Rock Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue, also called the Sneaky Pete, is one of the most affordable two-piece pool cues on the market. Designed for home use, this stick comes in a 42-inch long size as well as 48-inch and 52-inch lengths. You can unscrew the stick to save space when storing it in your game room.

Made from real wood, the Sneaky Pete uses a combination of darker and lighter woods in its finish that includes the Cyclone logo in the center. The hard tip on the stick lets you use more power when hitting the cue ball and allows you to feel the hit all the way through the stick and into your hands. It also has a rubber bumper on the opposite end and a screwing system made from metal.

How Did I Pick These Products

Buying Guide: The Best Pool Cue Brands To Order Online in ...

Brand: As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of brands that make them because of the games popularity. Do not panic if your best choice is from an emerging brand most of them are specialists in rolling out the best products. It is good to rely on prominent brands for your pool game accessories, but most people cant afford some of their prices.

Reliability: The best cue is one that can be relied on any time you want to pocket balls. One of the characteristics of a reliable stick is balance if this is a missing trait, it is not the right cue. Every model on this list below has been scrutinized and tested to deliver to you when you need them.

Price: As a non-professional player, you dont need an expensive cue to get the right shot. You can splash your money on one if you have enough, but you wont be needing it at this stage of your practice.

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Valhalla By Viking 2 Piece Pool Cue For Women

If you click on Buy Now on Amazon and make a purchase, we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Every lady will most likely fall in love with this pool cue, more because of the style. The 2 piece beauty will make you like the game more I bet, even when youre not eager, the feel and comfort of holding a lightweight and attractive pool as this is next to none. You can choose between a variety of beautiful sets of Valhalla by Viking 2 piece cue.

Made from maple wood, the stainless steel joint can be bent into reinforcing easy carriage, and is suitable for semi-professional women players. Theres every reason for you to like the 13mm leather tip because your shots with one of these cue will exert the needed power and balance needed. According to reviews, this pool cue will last up to 7 if you can be very careful with the handling.

Additionally, it comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning that it is guaranteed to last even more. It wont warp soon, neither will the attractive colors fade away.

Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Best Pool Cue

Choosing a Pool cue can be quite a problem. There are plenty of options, and its easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when you see all the fancy colors and designs. There is also a lot of jargon/ terms to learn when it comes to Pool cues as well.

  • The Build-Quality

The build quality is essential when it comes to buying the best Pool table. But equally as important when it comes to purchasing a cue. A Pool cue can be made from a wide range of different materials, it will almost always be wood, but there are many different types of wood.

The good news is even a budget Pool cue can be very well built. But it might not last as long as a more expensive cue made from a hardier material. However, one important thing to remember when buying a Pool cue is ensuring it is cared for.

If you want your Pool cue to last a long time and ensure a powerful hit every time, you will need to look after it. This means regular cleaning, using Pool/ Billiard chalk, and finally ensuring it is properly stored away.

  • The Cue Size and Weight

Another essential part of buying a Pool cue is ensuring you get the right size. Cues can be sorted into three main sizes. The standard and most common size are 57/58 inches this is considered to be the standard size.

  • McDermott Cue Brands

McDermott, like many cue manufacturers as its own selection of different brands under its name. There are three main brands: Lucky Cues, Star Pool Cues, and the titular McDermott Cues.

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Best Pool Cues: Top 13 Picks Of 2022

All products recommended on Billiard Guides are independently selected by our editorial team. If you make a purchase through any of these links, we may receive a commission. Learn more about our product selection process here.

For those of you who are looking for high-quality pool cues, then this article is for you. There are many different types and brands to choose from but I am going to tell you about the best ones in my opinion.

There are so many great options out there that it can be hard to know whats best for your needs without some guidance. Luckily, after reading this post, youll have a good idea of what will suit your needs the most!

Whats the best pool cue for you?

Best Pool Cues

Players Technology Series HXT15 Cue

  • Low deflection shaft

There are different pool cue manufacturers and a lot of pool cue brands on the market and thats why its a tough question, but Ill try to make you understand which pool cue is good for you.

A lot of people ask me that all the time how to play pool and which pool cue they need to buy? One thing I always tell them is that it doesnt really matter what kind of pool cue they use as long as they have fun with it.

But when someone asks me if there is a specific type of cue I recommend, then my answer changes depending on their style and skill level.

What Advantages And Benefits Do Pool Cues Offer

Pool Cue Tips Comparison

The main advantages and benefits offered by these pool clubs are the comfort to hold them at the time of hitting the ball and offer the precise blow that can make a winner.

Another of the advantages offered by these products is that since they are part of the instruments to use in the game, they will grant you manual and visual coordination as well as helping you in direct concentration in the game, improving your attention and motor skills of your body.

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Players Technology Series Hxt15 Two

Editors choice #2: This cue proves that you dont need to pay a fortune to get a well-made, low deflection pool cue that feels great to play with. It may not be as high-spec as the Lucasi Hybrid, but it is still one of the best pool cues out there durable, lightweight and stylish at an amazing price point.

What Is The Best Pool Cue Dimensions Our Complete Guide

Many of you are getting confused when you cant sort out the best pool cue dimensions out of many choices. Thankfully, we have sorted them out. We know many features and spices will give you a hard time while buying them.

An ideal pool cue dimensions comes not only with boasting features but also, would sound more specific and ideal for your purpose. Keeping this in mind, we will tell you and also show you how different types of pool cue dimensions will serve differently. Here is how you can benefit from our pool cue dimensions review, all you need to do is to read between the lines of our article. So, lets get started!

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Best Pool Cue For A Beginner Intermediate And Advanced Player

Here are recommendations for different players skills.

If you are a beginner pool player who doesnt take the game seriously, but youre just tired

Beginner Pool Player: You dont play that much, maybe once every week or two. You are tired of using the awful house cues on the walls that arent straight. You dont use English/Side Spin/Backspin/Draw/etc. You just want something that shoots straight and is reliable. Check out this Action Val24.

Intermediate Pool Player: You shoot pool 1-2x a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. You are in 1 or 2 pool leagues too but you arent the best player on the team. You use backspin and topspin in your game but you cant really control it yet. You watch practice videos and do drills sometimes. A great pool cue would be the Griffin GR47.

Advanced Pool Player: You can run a rack out. Youve been playing pool for years and are one of the top players on your pool teams/league. You have good cue ball control, excellent english/side spin, and an overall advanced player. In APA you are a Skill Level 6 or 7 and have been for a while. The perfect pool cue for you would be something like a Predator Roadline Purple Heart 4that has a 314-3 Low Deflection shaft to handle all that spin you use.

Best Pool Cue For Intermediate Players

Top 10 Pool Cue Brands in The World

Viper Elite 58 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue

High-Quality 2-Piece Billiard Cue

Another one of the best pool cues for sale we think is worth mentioning is by the brand Viper. It is the Elite 58 two-piece Viper pool stick that is made out of the high-quality hard Canadian Maple wood. It is finished with 9 coats of varnish to prevent it from getting scratched. Since it is a two-piece stick, you can easily store it or take it with you wherever you need to.

Materials And Design

This is one of the Viper pool cues that come with several stainless steel rings along the forearm and sleeve. That adds more uniqueness to the overall design. It also features lightweight ABS joints which help to provide you with consistent feedback when playing.

Weight And Other Characteristics

This pool cue stick is available in different weights between 18 and 21 ounces. It also comes with the 13mm Le Pro leather tip, an Irish linen wrap, and a traditional rubber bumper. You will also get the 90-day warranty by the manufacturer.


McDermott Cues

Mcdermott GS Series

The McDermott pool cues are the next pool cues we are going to review in this article. They are from the GS series form the brand McDermott and they feature Michigan maple forearm/sleeve, traditional hard rock maple shaft, as well as the genuine Irish linen wrap. When you buy this or any of the McDermott pool sticks you get a lifetime warranty and maintenance agreement.


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The Five Most Expensive Pool Cues On The Market Today

Whether youre a professional pool player or an intermediate/amateur, you probably realize the value of a high-quality cue in upping your game. Not just any cue will do. It must be the ideal weight, properly balanced and made of premium materials that will help to absorb the shock when the tip comes into contact with the balls. We took a look a the most expensive pool cues available on the market right now and we were able to identify the five highest priced that you could own today.

Best Pool Cue Sticks For The Money

Best Pool Cue Sticks for the Money

Here we have reviewed several of the best-selling and most popular cue sticks on the market today, and highlighted the pros and cons associated with each cue. We have also included a Pool Cue Buying Guide, in which we will discuss the many factors and characteristics you should look for when shopping for your next pool cue.

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What Cue Tips Do Pros Use

Most professionals use either soft, medium, or hard tips, avoiding the other sizes such as medium-soft or extra soft. They tend to lean towards 12mm, 13mm, and 14mm sized tips as well, so try not to go much larger or smaller than that if you can. 13 mm tips are the most common of all these sizes.

As far as brand goes, every cue manufacturer makes pool cue tips, so going with the brands mentioned above will probably not go wrong. Cue tips are all about feel, so buy a few different sizes and hardnesses and see which is the most comfortable for you! After all, the pros use many different types of cues in a range of hardnesses and sizes, so you should too.

Choosing The Right Pool Cue For You

2021 Pool Cue Review: JFlowers JF 10-11 – $300 inc a carbon fiber shaft!

All pool cues look about the same: they are long and slender and taper from a thicker handle to a narrow, blunt tip which is used to drive the cue ball toward its intended target. A pool cue consists of three primary sections: the tip , the shaft, which is the longer, narrower part of the cue, and the butt, which consists of about 40 perfect of the cue’s overall length.

If you frequently play in pool halls, competitions, or simply in friends’ homes, then choosing a stick which can be broken down into sections makes sense.

Unlike one might find with tennis racquets or golf clubs, there are few ways to alter or refine the design of a pool cue. Rather the quest for the best cue for a given player comes down primarily to the matter of weight and length. An average pool cue — also occasionally called a cue stick — is 58 inches in length and weighs anywhere from 16 to 21 ounces. Most experienced players choose a cue with a midrange weight of 19 ounces.

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