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How To Make An Above Ground Pool Heated

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Smartpool S240u Pool Solar Heaters

How to make a pool heater under $100

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This above-ground heater is just what you need to keep your pool warm. Its easy to install and uses your existing filtration system. Upon purchase, youll get end caps, elbows for flex hose connection, stainless steel hose clamps, a roll of Teflon tape, and rubber connector hoses. This particular heater comes with a unique design thatll allow it to capture as much sunlight as possible.

The heater is also durable and comes with two panels that are made of high-quality polypropylene. Those that have purchased this heater are impressed and mentioned that its excellent at heating their pool. Some have even said that its warmed up their pool by about 10 to 20 degrees and extended their swimming season by almost two months.


  • Youll have to purchase the additional install kit to help with your installation process

Best Diy Pool Heater For Above Ground Pool For Holiday With Family

The outlet of the solar panel will then run back to the pool passing over its side (fig. If you are the owner of a pool and would like to extend the summer hours back a little into the spring and forward a little into the fall without having to swim in freezing water, use this simple solar water warming solution. Diy pool heater for above ground pool

Diy Pool Heater For Above Ground Pool, Immersion water heater,gesail submersible water heater 304 stainless steel guard, pool heaters for above ground pools to heat 5 gallons water in minutes The cheapest and most effective solar pool heating system is a solar cover or blanket and it is recommended by most swimming pool builders. Electricity can, in turn, be used to either cool down the surroundings or make it warm. Learn how to build a solar pool heater in just a few hours.

Here im going to tell you about my experience building a diy solar pool heater black hose. Diy solar pool heater solar pool covers. Plus, customers enjoy free shipping and handling on every order of $99 or more! Easy to place on a nearby rooftop or other out of the way location, so the appearance is not an issue.

Homemade Solar Pool Heater Existing Pump

This website takes advantage of an existing pool pump and shows you how to build a solar pool heater using items from your local hardware store. If you do not want to invest in a new pool pump, this detailed guide will help you with the products and steps needed to make a working solar pool heater at home.

This process also advises adding a timer to the pool pump. This gives the water enough time to heat up before it is pumped back into the pool and avoids cold water being circulated.

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Above Ground Pool/spa Heater

The Raypak 156A is the perfect choice for larger above-ground pools, spas and inground pools. The 156 has up to 50% more BTU’s than the competitors’, and more BTU’s means quicker heat-up. Extend your swim season, open your pool earlier and close it later. Your pool is always ready when you have a Raypak on duty.

Hayward Natural Gas Pool And Spa Heater

How Do You Choose the Best Pool Heater
  • BEST FOR: In-ground pools and spas with a surface area up to 400 ft. where natural gas is available. Its low environmental impact makes it ideal for pools and spas located where low-NOx emissions are required.

For fast, efficient heat, you cant beat a gas pool heater. And Hayward is a name you can trust in the pool industry, so you definitely cant go wrong with this product.

This model comes in quite a few sizes so you can use it with any size pool. It will keep your water constantly heated while in use in any weather.

Hayward takes care to ensure their products are not harmful to the environment, and this heater has low NOx emissions that meet air quality standards everywhere.

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Diy Floating Solar Pool Heater

You can also make multiple floating solar pool heaters. These are made using PVC pipe , 6mm thick black plastic, some black pipe insulation and duct tape. By adding 4 or 5 of these to a pool, and as the sun warms up the plastic, you will notice your pool heating up as well. Watch the video to learn more about how this idea can also be improved upon.

Best Heaters For Above Ground Swimming Pools

Want to get more time and use from your backyard pool? Here are our hand-picked selections of the best heaters for above-ground swimming pools.

The backyard pool is one of the staples of summer.

Splashing around under the sun and in the crystal-clear waters of your above-ground swimming pool is a great way to spend the long summer days.

One of the ways to make the most of your pool is a heater.

Having a heater for your above ground pool is important for a few reasons:

  • You can use the pool earlier and later in the day. Whether its sitting around in the water under the stars or first thing in the morning for a quick workout, the heater opens up the cooler hours of the day for pool use.
  • Use the pool earlier and later in the year. Some spring days arent quite hot enough to swim, while some early fall days fall under the same category of maybe being a little chilly. A good pool heater makes the water just warm enough to use during these warm-but-not-warm-enough days.
  • Makes it comfortable on cooler days. Summer isnt always blazing sunshine and rays. There are days where the wind is blowing a little and the clouds are out. A pool heater allows you to comfortably use your pool these days too.

Lets assume that you are properly using a cover for your above-ground swimming pool. A solar pool cover is crucial because it helps retain heatwhether the sun or your heater is doing the heatingwhen the pool is not in use, whether during the day or overnight.

But where to start?

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Typical Pool Sizes And Volumes

Above ground pools can vary in size and volume. Like any equipment you purchase, you have to buy the correct heater output to guarantee it is adequate. If you purchase a swimming pool heater that does not have a high enough BTU for the pool size you have, you will never achieve appropriate heating of your pool. This can result in a high utility bill.But theres more than just BTU to consider when it comes to heating your pool. You also need to consider the total surface area and depth of your pool. A deeper pool is harder to heat naturally from the sun, potentially requiring a higher BTU heater. A pool with a large surface area may not require a high BTU heater, yet it still needs constant heating. This type of pool would benefit from solar rings to assure the heated water temperature does not escape.Additionally, a shaded pool that does not have access to constant sun may require a higher BTU heater, as the heater will need a high output to raise the water temperature quicker.Regardless of your pools shape and volume, you will need to choose a gas, electric, or solar-powered heater to achieve your target temperature. You’ll have to keep it away from the pool ladders for safe entry into the pool.

What Is An Above Ground Pool Heater

Make a Pool Heater – $25 Solar Pool Heater

Above ground, pool heaters are the swimming pool heaters that are exclusively used for heating the pool water. They are available in various types and they use different heating principles to ensure the pool is warm. This allows people to have incredible swimming experience irrespective of weather conditions.

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Solar Blankets Or Rings

Much like the solar covers, solar blankets or rings are plastic rings or rectangles that will float on the top of the pool. These products will trap the heat from the sun and use it to keep the pool warm throughout the day or the night.

Unlike the solar covers, these rings or blankets do not cover the entire surface of the pool. This causes heat to escape. This is a heating method best used in the summer months when the nights are still warm.

You can also combine this method with a Solar cover or additional blankets or rings to cover the surface of your pool.

Below is a video that has additional options to heat your pool.

Gather All The Materials

First of all, gather all the materials that you need to make the DIY solar pool heater. A garden hose is necessary to pass the pool water through the heater. All you need to do is coil up the tube and hold it in the correct position. Then connect it to the pool filter.

Suppose you dont have any pool filter. What will you do to bring back the water to the pool? The solution is to use a water pump.

It will push the warm water through the garden tube. The best option is to use a black-colored tube. Its because the black color absorbs the heat faster than others.

Even if you dont have a pump, you can use your faucet and connect it directly to the pool, and it will do the job perfectly. Always use more tubing than necessary cause it will last longer.

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The Pros And Cons Of Going Solar

As with any sizable home upgrade, there are definite pros and cons of heating your pool with solar panels. But at the end of the day, its all about what is most important to you. So think about how these relate to your home, family, and pool usage. Then decide for yourself! Heres a breakdown of both sides:

Quick And Cheap Ways On How To Heat A Pool

iPool D

Enjoying your swimming pool to release the heat of your body always sounds exhilarating. But sometimes, you also want to experience a different sensation by using the pool in a warmer temperature, yet you are not willing enough to spend your budget to invest in a pool heater which can be quite expensive to buy.

For sure, swimming in warmer water can be as enjoyable as in cold water, especially when the season is not really that hot. You may still want to swim around or simply chill your body in the pool when the day gets a bit colder.

There are some ways that you can try to have a swimming pool with warmer water without installing the pricey heater. Well, maybe not as easy and as plush as using actual heater but its still worth considering when you want to use the pool in a more enjoyable way.

The tutorial on how to heat a pool below will show you the cheap and quick ways to raise the temperature of your pool water on a budget!

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Relaxation And Stress Relief

Owning a warm pool allows you to destress and relax, which can, in turn, soothe any aching muscles.

We hope this blog has helped answer some questions you had about heating options for your swimming pool. If you have any more queries, don’t hesitate to give our experienced team a call we are always on hand to help!

Installing The Copper Tubing

You will need to first place your coil on the inside of the lid to check for size. The tubing is flexible, so you can adjust to fit. **be careful when bending copper tubing as it kinks easily** Drill two holes through the lid for the ends of the pipe. I would recommend feeding at least 2 feet of tube through one hole for the intake and 10 feet for the outtake. Drill small holes for the u-shaped wire pipe hangers and install, bending to fit the bulk of the coil. The coil cost about $75. A little costly, but it is much more efficient and easy to install than using a series of elbows and straight pipe, as in my original design.

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There Are Many Options Available For Extending Your Swimming Season

Cooler weather outside doesn’t mean you have to shut down your swimming pool. With the help of Leslie’s heating products, your swimming season can be extended by several weeks or even months. Solar covers, gas heaters, heat pumps, and solar heaters all help to increase the amount of time you and your family can comfortably enjoy the pool. No matter which option works best for you, there’s something available for every pool and budget.

What Is The Fastest Way To Heat An Above

How to make a valve that heats your above ground pool with solar heat and original pump

Gas heaters are generally the fastest regarding the rate at which they can warm up a swimming pool. Most pool heaters will take a day to increase a pools water temperature by three degrees. However, a gas heater will only take an hour.

Although it’s worth noting the rate that a gas heater will warm up the pool, it will come at a cost. You will need to way up which you prefer: convenience or expense.

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Build An Inexpensive Above

  • 9:55 pm

How would you like to have a great looking above-ground swimming pool in your own yard this summer? As with all things, the quality of swimming pool that you can have depends on your budget. If you simply want to escape the summer heat, you can make this DIY cheap pallet swimming pool.

But if you want to make it as the main feature in your yard, that would require a fortune. Contemplating on having the standard, in-ground swimming pool in your yard? You can read this article to help you decide if its worth your time and money!

Now if youre looking for a swimming pool that offers the best of both worlds, this idea is for for you build yourself an above-ground pool with a deck using the cheapest materials available!

Above-ground swimming pools require less time, effort and money than an in-ground type. You also have the option to remove the pool anytime you want or need to. There are lots of ways and materials you can use for an above-ground swimming pool such as shipping containers or hay bales. But for this project, getting a frame pool set is your best option.

Now you would need a deck to make it a beautiful feature in your property and the best way to keep your expenses low is to use pallets or reclaimed timber. Sure, it would require a lot of work, but its still definitely easier than building a standard pool!

Need some inspiration? Check our gallery of swimming pools with decks below!


  • Shovel
  • Spirit Level

Diy Solar Pool Heater For Above Ground Pool

This person explains how his above ground pools location doesnt get sun in the evenings because of his house blocking it. He and his wife always wanted to enjoy the pool after work and found it got too cool, so he decided to put together a DIY Solar Pool Heater using plywood painted black and vinyl irrigation hose.

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If Using A Pool Heater Also Use A Solar Cover To Help Retain Heat In The Pool

When using a pool heater, it’s important to supplement its heating power with a solar cover. Running a pool heater without a solar cover is like running your furnace with the windows open the heat and your money will escape quickly! Installing a solar cover with any pool heater retains the heat inside your pool for longer periods of time. This allows for a more efficient heating experience that saves you money, helping you enjoy your pool even more.

Pros And Cons For Above Ground Heaters

Solar Water Heater for Above Ground Pool. Success ...


  • Cost-friendly. Since you wont have to pay for electricity or natural gas expenditure, youll be minimizing cost on your overall electricity bill.
  • Eco-friendly. Since an above ground heater relies on solar power, youre doing your part for the environment and reducing the impact of electrical or natural gas sources.
  • Doesnt require much maintenance. You might take a little bit of time to install your above ground heater, but you wont have to worry about maintenance. While above ground heaters that run on traditional electrical sources might need periodic maintenance, you wont run into that issue with solar above ground heaters.
  • Easy installation. Upon your purchase, youll receive detailed instructions on how to go about installing your above ground heater. You wont have to hire a specialist and can even view it as a DIY project for an afternoon.
  • Youll have the perfect water temperature at all times. Most above ground heaters come with controllers where you can adjust the water to your desired temperature.


  • Mounting is required. With solar above ground heaters, youd need to mount the solar collectors, and theyre quite bulky as they need to be at least half the size of your swimming pool.

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Use Liquid Solar Cover

As the name suggests, you will deal with the liquid chemical that works to create a barrier that prevents heat loss. Its specifically designed for the swimming pool which makes it safe for us and the environment. Though its not effective as visible solar cover, its still worth considering.

  • Just follow the manufacturers instructions to find out the amount of liquid solar cover that you can add to your swimming pool.

So those are some ways that you can keep in mind when you want to heat up the pool without the heater. Of course, you dont have to bother paying the monthly bill, you just have to spend the money for the initial purchase.

Basically, you are going to rely on natural heat from sunlight when you use the options above to warm up your pool. It needs more effort but suits really well for you who have a limited budget.

Well, lets add this tutorial on how to heat a pool to your DIY projects list now!

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