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How Much Does An Indoor Swimming Pool Cost

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How Much Does An Indoor Pool Cost

Indoor Swimming Pool vs. Outdoor Swimming Pool: How much does a swimming pool cost?

A full-size, in-ground indoor pool, including the room around it and all equipment, will cost an average of $187,500. Thats according River Pools, of Warsaw, VA, which breaks down the costs in this manner: The structure, at $100 per square foot, could cost $112,500. The dehumidification system will run between $20,000 and $30,000. And the rest of the pool parts add another $40,000 and $60,000.

Thats not cheapbut then again, keep in mind that you will get to use it year-round, so the price per use goes down substantially from there.

Beach Entry Pool Costs

Beach entry pools cost an average of $87 per square foot, with most pool buyers paying between $50 and $125 per square foot. Beach entries are also known as a walk-in pool or a zero-entry pool. A beach entry has a gradually sloped entry into the swimming pool identical to the way you would walk into the water on a beach. Normally the water at that shallow end is warmer than it is in the rest of the pool.

Health Benefits For The Whole Family

One of the greatest health benefits of swimming pools is that they offer a low-impact way to exercise. Compared to activities like running and tennis, swimming only puts a quarter of the strain on the body. This means way less pressure on muscles and joints. For this reason, swimming is an excellent option for all people and especially those with arthritis or sore joints. Since swimming is a low impact exercise, you can do everything from a few laps to a high energy sprint – and all with minimal strain on the body. This means you can go much harder during your pool workout sessions eliminating the risk of injury. A luxury that an equally challenging run wouldnt be able to provide. You build your cardiovascular endurance just as effectively, if not more than you would with running. When you are done, you hop out feeling refreshed, and most importantly, free of swollen feet and sore muscles.

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Indoor Pool Cost By Type

The type of indoor pool you chose may affect the price ranging from as little as $15,000 to $2000,000. Most people are probably picturing an in-ground one when reading this guide. This is a typical installation, but there are a number of options available for an indoor installation. Below, well look into installing types based on their intended use, such as lap, heated, saltwater, and more. These variables affect the price, and each type has its own pros and cons to consider. In the table below, youll see a list of average costs for indoor pools by type. The costs are based on installing a 12 x 24 pool, or equivalent, with all labor, materials, and finishing work included in an existing structure.

Pool type
$156,000 – $200,000

Shotcrete Gunite Or Concrete Pool Cost In 2021

How Much Does An Indoor Swimming Pool Cost?

A shotcrete pool costs between $29,000 and $60,000 with many pool buyers paying around $50,960 on average for a 14 by 28 pool. The long-term 10-year cost of ownership to service a concrete pool averages $27,500 which is the highest of any pool material discussed on this page.

  • You have many options and creative shapes to choose for your pool.
  • Typically gunite pools require more chemicals and electricity to keep them ready-to-swim.
  • It may need an acid wash every four or five years to remove any algae or mold.
  • The method used to remove the algae will also weaken the structural surface of the concrete. This will also speed up the need for it to be resurfaced.
  • Gunite pools normally need to be replastered every 10 to 15 years, which costs around $10,000.

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How Much Does A Swimming Pool Cost

Believe or not, people in Scotland do install outdoor swimming pools. Seems mad, I know! But around half the pools that we install in Scotland are outdoor swimming pools.

Weve got a blog post on how much a swimming pool costs. And in that we mention that indoor swimming pools are more expensive.

In this blog, we talk about how much more indoor swimming pools cost. And most importantly why indoor swimming pools are more expensive.

Cost is a big influencer when it comes to deciding on whether you want to install a swimming pool or not. Hopefully this blog will help you decide on what

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Swimming Pool

The cheapest solution is an above-ground outdoor pool, which costs from around £2,500 for a 24 x 12ft model. A competent DIYer could install one themselves, though it will do nothing for the value of the property. It is, however, easier to remove than an in-ground pool.

For DIY enthusiasts, self build in-ground kits start from around £5,000 , but you will require some building knowledge to install one.

If paying a professional to install, you’ll need to consider the costs of excavation, soil away, building materials such as concrete and blockwork, and any specialist labour such as screeding. Costs of the labour will depend where you are in the country.

Most professional installations on a typical 11m x 4m pool, that includes all groundworks and materials with a good selection of renewable energy options, a good warranty and safety cover start from £50,000 with the average being around £80,000.

At the lower end of the outdoor pool market, a customised in-ground liner kit installed by a professional starts at £25,000 and a mosaic tiled concrete pool costs from around £45,000.

This swimming pool is part of a Modernist style home on the coast of West Sussex

At the higher end of the market, a retailer such as Origin Pools will install a in ground outdoor pool from around £100,000 for a small pool up to £187,000 for a 15m x 6m pool. This includes installation and an air source heat pump for use between May and September.

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Finding The Right Pool For You

If youre in the market for a new swimming pool, asking How much does it cost to build a pool? should be your first step. Once you know more about the size, materials, and other factors, you can start designing the pool of your dreams. The company you choose to build your pool will be instrumental in working with you to set a realistic budget.

At California Pools, were committed to helping you navigate all the decisions and options that come with building your own custom pool and backyard oasis. Weve built over 70,000 pools, and we proudly finish 98% of our projects on time and on budget. Contact us today to get your questions answered and discover the best in the business.

Building Your Pool Enclosure

Indoor Swimming Pools 101: Cost, Construction, Advantages and More!

Now we need to address the elephant in the room. Youve got your pool cost all factored out, but now we have to talk about how youll turn your pool into an indoor pool. Some of you might already have the necessary space, and youre simply trying to figure out how youll get a pool in there.

If you dont have that luxury, youll need to build the pool and then enclose it. There are plenty of pre-fabricated enclosures that you can build onto the back or side of your home, and you mount them to the deck. This is the most affordable way to go, and these cost around $35 $75 per square foot with labor and maintenance costs included.

You can expect to pay around $100,000 or more for the enclosure itself. This only includes the bones and not electrical, plumbing, masonry, or ventilation that you might want to build into the space. Youre unlikely to build an empty room without including a bathroom and other living spaces to enhance the pool area.

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What Is The Cost Of Transport In The Philippines

This is a general statement about what to look for swimming pool construction costs in the Philippines .all SwimmingPool The construction is taken up. Average estimated cost on the base swimmingpool It is 8 meters long and 4 meters wide, the construction cost of the Philippines is about 600,000 pesos, and the construction of the square meter is about 18,750 Philippine pesos.

Inground Pool With Hot Tub Prices

The average cost of an inground pool and hot tub is $30,000 to $70,000, depending on the size. Adding an in-ground hot tub costs$6,000 to $15,000 more when building simultaneously with a pool, or $8,000 to $25,000 when adding to an existing pool.

Prices depend on the style of hot tub and how integrated it is with the rest of the pool. Pool companies typically offer to include the hot tub with the inground pool in their quote, with discounts for getting both done as one project. Hot tubs vary in price depending on the number of jets, quality of materials, and the number of people the hot tub can accommodate.

  • Entry Level $2,000 to $4,000
  • Medium Quality $5,000 to $8,000
  • High End $9,000 to $12,000
  • Premium $13,000 to $20,000

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How Do You Calculate The Cost Of The Building

Easy construction process. In order to estimate construction cost calculate the size of your house in square metres with multiply by the estimate provided by your local council The cost also depends on the selection criteria. A project of 1,000 square meters of brickwork can be established, with a high-standard brick shell house estimated to be 2,250 square meters.

What’s The Price Of An Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

How much does an indoor swimming pool cost?

If you choose heated pool You’ll find only extra annoyance to Considered heating and related electrical work to install the equipment. A heater usually increases about $4,500 to average value cost do it Approximately 40,000 USD 70,000 USD to install an indoor warming pool . Indoor underground Pool Cost

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Indoor Vs Outdoor Swimming Pools

Need more advice or inspiration for your project? Get two free tickets to the Homebuilding & Renovating Show.

While there is little doubt that an indoor pool is viewed as an asset to a house that can comfortably accommodate it, in our temperate British climate an outdoor pool is often considered something of a nuisance a blight to an otherwise attractive garden, as opposed to a selling point.

Future buyers may well take into account the cost of removing it potentially devaluing the property. However, this depends greatly on the pool in question as modern construction methods can eliminate a lot of the risks.

Origin Pools turnkey indoor swimming pools are priced from £250,000.

How To Save Money On An Indoor Pool

As with inground pools in general, there are too many factors to definitively answer the question of how much an indoor pool is going to cost. Nor is there a simple cost calculator. What we can say is that there are a handful of ways to lower the price you have to pay .

One alternative is to get an indoor swim spa. These watery treadmills feature powerful jets that allow you to swim in place. Swim spas can be installed inground, but most often rest on the floor. That, plus their limited space requirements and lower maintenance costs make them a much more affordable option than a typical indoor pool .

Another option is to use a partial or temporary enclosure. This could include anything from a roof that shelters the pool from rain, to a greenhouse-style structure that can keep the pool warm even in bitter weather. Again, these setups arent easy or cheap to build that is, unless youre comparing them to getting a full-blown indoor pool.

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Indoor Swimming Pool Costs: Heating And Ventilation

The second thing that is responsible for the massive price variance is the heating and ventilation required for and indoor swimming pool.

Outdoor swimming pools need to be heated . But its futile to try and control the air temperature or humidity for an outdoor swimming pool. To heat an outdoor swimming pool you need a heat pump, which is about £1500-£8000, depending on how big the pool is, how hot you want the water to be and how many months of the year you want to run the swimming pool for.

In comparison, an indoor swimming pool requires a little more control. Not only do you need to control the temperature of the water. But you also need to control the air temperature and humidity in the pool hall. This is sometimes done using a dehumidifier. But is often done using an air handling unity , which heats the water, heats the air and controls the humidity. This is a very efficient way of heating a pool, and stops moisture build up from ruining the finishings in the pool hall.

An air handling unit is expensive to install, usually anywhere between £8000 and £30,000 depending on what size and model you require. This doesnt include the parts and labour to install the ventilation system, which need to be factored in.

The heating and ventilation is really what is responsible for the average £25,000 difference between an outdoor and an indoor swimming pool in Scotland.

Indoor Swimming Pool Installation Costs

Cost to build new swimming pool

When we are asked about costs, the extent of installation is always a key point.

At Starpool we prefer to carry out the entire swimming pool installation process for all our customers we are highly experienced in offering complete turn-key solutions.

However, in certain situations where a pool is being constructed as part of a new house build, it may be beneficial for the main contractor to construct the pool shell alongside the walls and floors.

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Indoor Pool Cost And Construction

The best time to plan for an indoor pool is during the design and construction of a new house. With the right architectural help, however, it may be possible to seamlessly add an indoor pool to an existing home. Either way, it is important to work with an architect who has a lot of experience designing indoor pool rooms, says Kevin Ruddy, owner of Omega Pool Structures, Inc., Toms River, NJ. To do it right, you need a complete HVAC system, and that takes someone who knows what they are doing.

Whether a pool is destined for indoors or outdoors, most builders will construct it the same way with one major exception: an outdoor pool deck slopes away from the pool to keep debris and runoff from entering the pool, whereas an indoor pool deck slopes toward the pool to keep water away from walls. Because an indoor pool does not have to deal with the freezing and thawing cycles that an outdoor pool might have to, builders can use a wider variety of materials, such as glass and ceramic waterline tiles smaller than 6 x 6 inches, says James Atlas, principal of Platinum Poolcare, Ltd., Wheeling, IL.

How Much Maintenance Does A Swimming Pool Require

Because heat breaks down chlorine, the key job is really one of topping up and checking pH and chlorine levels. The good news is that the maintenance jobs are fairly routine there are even apps that will help you monitor pH and temperature levels and you can buy automatic dosing systems.

If you hate the thought of using chlorine, then you can install a pool salt system or look to modern treatment alternatives such as Ionisation, ultra violet and active oxygen.

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Trust Alpine Credits For Swimming Pool Financing In Canada

We hope youve found this article helpful for figuring out the typical cost of swimming pools in Canada. If youre ready to look into financing for your swimming pool installation, contact us here.

At Alpine Credits, weve been helping Canadian homeowners finance major renovations for more than 50 years! Youre in good hands.

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Cost To Build A Shipping Container Pool

How Much Does an Indoor Pool Cost?

The cost of a shipping container pool starts at around $17,000. This does not include the water or deck you may want to include. Shipping containers can come in many sizes and have a modern sleek style, which many find attractive. They can be sunk into the ground or used as an above-ground pool with proper ladders. Depending on the shipping containers age and type, you may need to line the container to safely hold water long term. Things like chlorine or saltwater may harm the container if not lined.

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How Much Does It Cost To Open Or Close A Pool

The average costs to open a pool is around $400, and for pool closing expect to spend $300. These services include taking the cover off, cleaning the water of any debris, checking for leaks, and getting the chemicals to the right balance. At the end of the season, they can also take the water level down, drain pumps and the filter system, and place the cover to protect the pool for the winter.

Other Indoor Swimming Pool Costs

If you have to build a room or covering for your indoor pool, it will be another expense to consider. Glass extensions are a popular way to create a cover for an indoor pool. Glass Extensions: Glass Extension Ideas covers several ways you can use glass for a home extension. The average cost of a home extension is around $1350 per square metre or up to $2100m2 depending on materials, but glass extensions can cost less depending on the materials used and the plan. While glass can be expensive, it can easily be installed and you may not need as much brick or other materials. You may also want to install bifold or sliding doors to make the indoor pool an indoor-outdoor pool.

Other possible expenses may include a change room, showers and a toilet. If a bathroom is nearby, these may not be necessary, but you don’t want to walk dripping wet to a bathroom to have a shower after a swim.

Any pool will need pavers around it. The cost of pavers will vary depending on the type of pavers you choose, but expect to pay $40 to $50m2 for concrete pavers and up to $100m2 for granite pavers. How Much Does Outdoor Paving Cost? covers the costs of all types of outdoor paving.

You will also need to install a pool heater and choose between several types of heaters which may include:

  • Electric heater
  • Solar heater
  • Inverter heat pump

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