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How To Cool Pool Water In Summer

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Install A Water Fountain

My Swimming Pool Water is too Hot! …and How to Cool it Down

Another simple but effective way to cool water in your pool during the hot summer season is by installing a water fountain. A water fountain works by evaporating some of the water in the pool, a factor that helps to lower the pool water.

When water droplets hit the air, they mix with air which helps to cool them down. A water fountain uses the same techniques that your body uses to cool you down . Moving water is always cooler than still water.

A water fountain will ensure that water in your pool is always moving and, on the process, keep it cooler. To get even more desirable results from this pool cooling technique, you are advised to run a water fountain at night when the outside temperature is low. The effect that a water fountain will have on your pool will depend on its size.

The bigger the water fountain, the better it will cool your pool water. An average water fountain can drop water temperature in your pool by 4-5 degrees and are reliable and convenient. All that you need to do when you realize that your pool water is too warm is turn it on.

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan $29999

Whether you’re opting to stay cool inside this summer or are on the hunt for outdoor circulation, Dyson’s cooling tower has you covered. The state-of-the-art fan features 10 airflow settings, oscillation control that directs airflow around the room, and a sleep timer that automatically turns the device off after preset intervals .

It’s controlled via remote and, because it doesn’t feature a fan grille or blades, is incredibly easy to keep clean.

Install A Pool Cooler

A pool cooling system works in the same way as a heater, it draws the water out of the pool and cools it before pumping it back in.

It does this by using a large fan which blows cold air over the surface of the water when its inside the cooler.

This allows the water to transfer the heat to the air, cooling it down by ten degrees or more and therefore having a significant impact on the temperature of your pool.

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Portable Splash Pad From $1995

Think of splash pads as oversized lily pads designed to keep you cool and your family entertained on hot summer days. The pad comes features 68 inches of space to play on, has three different levels of how high the water can spray, and is easy to hook up to a nearby hose.

The pad itself is made of durable plastic that’s features a tear-resistant coating, and it’s easy to fold up and store when not in use. Although it’s designed to allow people to frolic through the spray like they would a sprinkler, the bottom can get a little slippery.

At a price point of around $23 , this splash pad provides an excellent solution for keeping cool when temperatures rise during the summer.

Keep Your Pool Cool This Summer With A Pool Aerator

Ways to Cool Down Your Pool Water

For many homeowners, swimming in their pool during the summer is a great way to keep cool. However, finding a way to keep your pool cool during the summer can be difficult if youre unsure of what to do. If you want to make sure that the water in your pool remains cool at all times of the year, its recommended that you have a pool aerator installed. Aeration systems are designed to add air to water. While aeration systems can be used for a variety of different purposes, they are commonly used for the stabilization of wastewater in wastewater treatment facilities.

A pool aerator is a simpler version of the aeration systems that can be used in wastewater treatment facilities. When you attach an aerator to the side of your pool, it will add oxygen to the water, which helps to lower the temperature of the pool water by a few degrees. Reducing the temperature of your pool water can be highly beneficial during those hot summer days when youre searching for a way to relax and get cool. While aerators are most commonly used in pools, they can also be outfitted in hot tubs and aquariums.

This article takes a closer look at pool aerators and how effective these systems can be at cooling the water in your pool.

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Install A Heat/cool Pool Heat Pump

Did you know heat pumps come with the option for heat/cool capability? Through reverse cycling, pool heat pumps can both heat up your water, and cool it down on command.

Theyre essentially pool heaters with a built-in pool chiller, whichs gives you limitless control over the temperature of your water. So whether you want to cool down your pool a few degrees on a hot summer day, or heat it back up for a refreshing night time swim, its easy.

Just set the temperature, and let the heat cool heat pump do the rest. Theres no better way to cool down a swimming pool, and extend your pool season all at the same time.

Tip : Run Your Swimming Pool Pump During Evening And Night Hours

It is possible to cool the temperature of your swimming pool, by circulating your pools water during the night. Even though it might just be a few degrees, it will make a difference during the day.

Does your swimming pool have any water features, such as fountains, waterfalls, etc.? If so, you can also run these at night to help accelerate the cooling process of your swimming pool.

Another option is to install specialized misting bars on your swimming pool wall returns. Misting bars can enhance evaporation, thus cooling your swimming pool. Its important to keep in mind that this process results in water loss from all of the evaporation. This in return requires you having to add new water on a regular basis to your swimming pool.

If your swimming pool has a solar heating system, it might be a good idea to run it at night to further the cooling. As the swimming pool water passes through the solar panels, heat radiates into the cool tempered sky, which in turn lowers your swimming pool temperature.

The advantages of running your swimming pool pump at night are simplicity and affordability. Some disadvantages are extended run times of the pool pump, minimal decrease in pool water temperature, and the inability to control or maintain the swimming pools water temperature. Plus, its a requirement to add new, regular water due to the evaporative water loss.

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Sweet And Tart Summer Inspired Popsicles

There are TONS of ideas for popsicles out there that just SCREAM summer! Give these a try the combination of tart lemonade and sweet berries is the perfect summer treat, and they look as refreshing as they taste!

Another option for a refreshing treat to help keep you cool this summer is to create these with yogurt instead of lemonade. And dont forget to get creative with your fruit choices!

Heat Tolerance By Breed

How Can I Cool my Swimming Pool Water Temperature? Heat Pumps and Chillers

All dogs are vulnerable to overheating, though some breeds have a higher tolerance for heat than others.

Breeds originating in hot climatessuch as Pharaoh Hounds and Basenjisas well as racing breeds with long noses and big lungssuch as Whippets, Greyhounds, and Salukisare more comfortable in the heat than other breeds.

Dogs with thin or short coatssuch as Dalmatians, Chihuahuas, and most Beaglesare also better able to withstand the heat.

Some breeds, however, are more likely to suffer the effects of heat these include giant breeds, breeds with thick or heavy coats, and brachycephalic, or short-nosed, breeds, such as Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs and Pugs.

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Is A Chiller Even Necessary

I’m always amazed when I speak to a customer that has received 2 or 3 quotes from other pool companies and no one has yet mentioned the potential need to cool the pool water as well.

Frankly, when I see such a lack of teaching from other pool guys, I want to slap my forehead and the first thought that comes to my head is:

Are you kidding me??

Here’s the deal: If your pool is 6′ or less in depth and receives good amounts of sunlight throughout the day, then you’ll likely have need for a chiller at some time or another .

If you follow that advice, I promise you that you’ll make the right decision as to whether to go chiller or not with your heat pump purchase.

As always, happy swimming to everyone in this blistering weather!

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Create Your Own Spritz An All

You can make your own all-natural mists by filling an empty spray bottle with water and your favorite essential oils or herbs. Just mist it on and feel refreshed in an instant! You will need about a tbsp of vodka or witch hazel, along with your favorite essential oils and some distilled water.


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Stay Cool This Summer

There are some of the best ways to cool down your pool. Youve got your pick of methods from small to large investments and short to long term solutions. If you really want a reliably cooler pool, some combination of methods is probably your best bet.

Have you heard of any other cool ways to keep your water nice and chilly? Share your favorites in the comments below.

For advice about how to get your pool cooler, or if you want to have a new pool remodeled or installed, give us a call today. Your friendly pool installation experts at Florida Pool and Patio will help you find the right fit for your pool.

Keep The Water Moving

Banzai Cannonball Splash Water Slide

For both a functional and beautiful feature, consider adding a decorative fountain or waterfall to your pool. There are endless options to fit your personal style and help transform your pool into the perfect backyard oasis. Try to keep the fountain turned off during the heat of the day and run it in the evening or at night to help circulate cool air throughout the water. If you run the fountain too much when it’s hot outside, it could make the water even warmer.

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Use Ice To Cool Down The Water In Your Swimming Pool

One of the ways to cool your water in your pool is by pouring ice. Pouring ice on your swimming pool will have almost an instant effect on cooling your pool water. However, although this method is highly effective in reducing the water temperature in the pool, it is largely impractical especially if you own a large pool.

An article posted on the Wall Street Journal revealed that it would take at least 8750 pounds of ice to effectively lower the temperature of a 20,000-gallon swimming pool by 10 degrees. Getting that amount of ice to cool your pool is not easy.

In addition to that, this method does not give a long term solution meaning that you will have to pour ice over and over to keep the temperature of your pool cool. This makes this pool cooling technique impractical for many pool owners. However, if you can access large quantities of ice, then this can be a perfect option to cool your pool.

Ways To Lower Pool Temperature

There are some steps you can take to lower the water temperature. Some examples are:

For more information on how to cool your pool water this summer, contact us at Goodall Pool & Spas. We have more than 50 years of experience in the pool installation and maintenance business and can work with you to be sure your water is at a temperature you and your guests will enjoy.

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Attempt To Reduce The Direct Sunlight

A more serious tactic that could help temporarily would be to reduce the amount of direct sunlight that the surface of the water gets. You can do this by covering the pool with a plastic cover which doesnt transfer much heat or growing trees around the side of the pool to prevent direct sunlight in the morning and evening.

Again, this method might be somewhat effective in the someway that a waterfall or fountain could be but its not cheap, and were talking about one or two degrees realistically.

If you want a serious improvement, you really need a swimming pool chiller.

How To Cool Your Pool Duringthe Hot Arizona Summer


Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing in your swimming pool during a hot Arizona summer day. However, the hot summer is going to warm up the pool water and is going to make it feel more like taking a bath than anything else. Because of this, you need to know how to cool your pool in the summertime and how to make it feel more comfortable. This way, you are able to enjoy the pool and it is going to allow you to hop in whenever you need to feel refreshed.

The biggest issue behind your pool not having a comfortable temperature is because the water is just sitting there all day and absorbing the heat. The last thing you want is for the water to sit still and not circulate with something cooler. The only way you are going to cool down the temperature in your pool is to circulate it with something cooler. This can be done with the help of a fountain.

During the day, the fountain is going to circulate water through its system, although since the temperature is higher, it is only going to make the water warmer. However, if you keep the fountains off during the day and power on the fountain during the nights, the water is going to circulate in the cool air. This is going to allow you to drastically reduce the temperature of the pool overnight as the temperature drops during the evening and night hours when the sun is not out. This way, over the course of the evening the temperature of the pool should drop significantly.

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Is Your Pool Water Too Hot Here Are A Couple Tricks To Cool It Off

Heres a common email I receive during heat waves: Mike, my pool is too hot. How do I cool it down?

It is very frustrating when we work so hard to get the water up into the mid 80s by diligently running our solar systems, covering our pool with the solar blanket, taking the solar blanket off, repeat, repeat and now all of a sudden in a heat wave many of us find our pool water in the upper 80s, grossly warm and unrefreshing.

Here are a couple cool little tricks to lower the temperature of your pool water:

1) Run the waterfall at night. Exposing water to cold air cools the water. Sooooo expose more water surface area to the lower temp night air to cool the water.

2) If you have a pool solar system- run it at night.

You have a 300SF radiator on your roof. Its meant to absorb the heat from the sun to warm the water but it will work in reverse if you run water through it during the coolest hours of morning to absorb the night air and COOL your water off. The Folsom weather forecasts a low of 70° at 5am. Its not much but it will lower water temps a couple degrees. Midnight -6am is our target range.

Heres how to set it up:1) make sure your pump runs from midnight to 6am2) if you have a solar controller, set it to ON and force water up to the roof.b- if you dont have a solar controller just make sure your valves are set to send water to the roof.

The night air will be absorbed by the panels and will cool the water off.

Transforming From Hot To Cold

One of the many benefits of owning a hot tub is its versatility. Customizable settings allow you to pick a comfortable temperature for enjoyment. Although its a hot tub, you can still enjoy it year-round, no matter what the outside temperature may be. Theyre great for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying water massages, but so are cooling tubs. With a few tweaks, there are a few things you can do to transform your hot tub into a cooling tub this summer and totally maximize your investment.

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Uncover Pool & Turn Off Heater

This one may seem obvious, but if youre used to running your pool heater on a schedule and keeping your pool covered, then it may seem counter intuitive.

After all, under normal circumstances, you want to contain the heat in your pool, and keep your water warm and comfortable. So, it makes perfect sense to keep the heater running often, and the cover on to lock in that heat. Its more efficient, and saves you money.

But if you want to cool down a hot swimming pool, then do the opposite: keep the pool cover off, and turn off the pool heater

Like running your filter at night, this exposes your water to cold atmospheric temperatures, and allows heat to evaporate from the surface more easily.

That said, you wont get consistent results with this method, as youre at the mercy of the weather. And it doesnt afford you much control over the temperature of your pool, just an easy way to cool it off.

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