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How Long Do Pool Filter Cartridges Last

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Caring For Your Pool Filters When Out Of Use

Tips on when to replace cartridges & filters on your 3M reusable respirator

Another thing to consider is what happens to your filters when the pool isnt in use. If you use your small swimming pool seasonally, ensure your cartridge filters are being stored correctly when out of season. Also, check them before the next season begins, as they can sometimes lose their quality over time even when not in use.

Pump filter systems should still run during the off-season every so often to keep the chemicals in the water ticking over. Therefore, you need to monitor your filters during the off-season. As with your pool as a whole, investing in a cover and properly closing your pool will also help keep your filters working efficiently.

How Long Do Pool Filters Last

Your swimming pool pump system can expect to pump 60-70,000 gallons of water every 8 hours. Thats a lot of work!

Like all things, swimming pool filters become less effective with age! When the filter has passed its prime, it will get clogged, dirty, and become ineffective.

How long your pool filter will last ultimately comes down to how much dirt it needs to clean. Assuming you properly maintain your swimming pool, you should expect the below timescales on average:

  • – Filter Cartridge approximately 2,000 working hours, usually around 2-4 years.
  • – Sand Filter Media around 3-7 years
  • – Glass Filter Media about 7-15 years

What Is A Pool Sand Filter Cost Maintenance Benefits

Did you know that the ancient Greeks used sand filters to clean their bathhouse pools?That’s how old the sand filter technology is, but don’t let that be a drawback. Some of the greatest inventions thought up centuries ago continue to be used to this day. If you’re a new pool owner or if you’re looking to switch up your filtration system, you may have questions like:”What is a sand filter? How does a sand filter work? Is a sand filter better than a cartridge system? How much does a sand filter cost?”If you’ve got one or more of these questions on your mind, we’ve got your back.

At River Pools, we manufacture fiberglass swimming pools and run one of the world’s most trafficked swimming pool websites. Because our focus is on educating pool owners and pool shoppers, we try to cover the essential maintenance topics and pool products that they work with every day. In this article, we’ll explore sand filters in detail to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your pool before you invest in one. By the end, you should have a better idea about whether a sand filter is a good option, how much it might cost, how to maintain it, how it compares to other types of filters, and more.

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How Often Should You Clean The Pool Filters

Each type of filter has different needs and requires more or less maintenance.

If youre using sand filters, put weekly backwashing on your to-do list. Apply a special filter cleaner every season this will ensure proper water circulation and filtration.

DE filters should be cleaned with special products at least once every season. Perform a complete cleaning and inspection yearly.

Check the pressure gauge to figure out when its time to backwash the more debris is in your filter, the higher the pressure will be.

If you have a cartridge filter, clean it weekly, monthly, or less frequently depending on its size and how often youre using the pool. These types of filters dont require backwashing, but you need to disassemble them every time they need cleaning.

High Filter Psi Even After Cleaning

Unicel Sta

If your pool filters pressure gauge has a high PSI reading even after giving the pool cartridge filter a good cleaning, this means that the fibers have already permanently been clogged up. This is another sure sign that you will need to replace the filter. Not only is having a high PSI reading an indicator that your filter is no longer filtering the water properly, but it also means that your pump is operating under more stress to keep your pool water circulating. Replace the cartridge to ensure that that the water gets filtered properly and also to prevent damaging your pool pump.

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How Often Should You Change Your Pool Filter Cartridges

Do you think your pool is clean? According to CDC data, its probably full of poop . During a routine inspection in 2013, nearly 80 percent of 48,632 public water venues were found to have at least one safety violation.Whats more, a similar study found that 58 percent of tested pool filter samples were positive for E. coli, and 59 percent contained Pseudomonas aeruginosa. E. coli are bacteria found in the human intestines, and you guessed it, poop.Unless you enjoy swimming in excrement, changing your pool filter is essential to enjoying a clean swimming experience. But do you know how often to change your filter and what your filter does besides filter?

To help keep your pool clean, were breaking down the whys, whens, and hows of changing your pool filter cartridges. Lets get started.

Extend The Life Of Your Pool Filter Cartridge

Use water clarifiers such as diatomaceous earth to minimize the risk of clogging and extend the life of your pool filter. For hot tub owners, run your hot tub at least one hour every day to help promote adequate water flow. Lastly, add an oil-absorbing sponge to your pool so that your filter is spared from body oils and other chemicals.

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How Often Should You Clean A Cartridge Pool Filter

Typically, cartridge filters need to be cleaned every two to six weeks. One of the most important factors that affect a cartridge filter operating effectively is that there not be too much flow through the filter. Too much flow significantly decreases the cartridge life and lowers the efficiency of the filter.

Herein, how do you clean a Hayward cartridge filter?

  • Step 1 Open up the pool filter housing.
  • Step 2 Flush the cartridge pool filters with water.
  • Step 3 Submerge the pool filters in a TSP cleaner solution.
  • Step 4 Rinse and clean the Hayward pool filter housing.
  • Step 5 Submerge the pool filters in TSP solution for a second time.
  • Furthermore, how often should you filter your pool? Most pool filtration systems are sized to circulate and filter the water twice in 8 hours. We recommend that you run your pool pump 6-8 hours in the winter and 10-12 hours in the summer.

    Thereof, how do you clean algae pool filter cartridges?

    If your filter element has a coating of algae, calcium carbonate , iron or other minerals, we suggest you soak the cartridge in a solution of 1 part muriatic acid to 20 parts water, until all bubbling stops. Then, rinse the cartridge clean& reassemble the housing.

    How long do cartridge pool filters last?

    one to two years

    How To Clean A Pool Filter Cartridge

    How To Change The Pool Filter Sand

    To properly clean a cartridge youll want to first remove any large dirt and debris particles and then soak it in a pool filter cartridge cleaning solution to remove built up oils and scum.

    Use a garden hose to remove the larger debris, cleaning between the pleats from top to bottom. The more deeply you clean your pool filter cartridge, the longer it will last. Quickly hosing off it off and putting it back in the tank is not recommended. When you clean your cartridges, give it the full treatment each time.

    The pool Filter Wand is a brush that you connect to you garden hose to increase water pressure. This allows you to easily brush the cartridge and have water flow through at the same time.

    The Filter Flosser is a high pressure cleaning head that you attach to a garden hose to blast dirt and debris out of the pleats in your filter cartridge.

    Once youve removed all of the loose debris, soaking the filter in a filter cleaning solution to remove oils and minerals is the next step. Natural Chemistrys Filter Perfect or In The Swims granular filter cleaner are great options.

    Natural Chemistrys Filter Perfect is a highly concentrated, natural enzyme cleaning solution. Add 1 liter of Filter Perfect to a bucket of 5 to 10 gallons of water and soak the cartridge for a minimum of 6 hours, or let it soak overnight. Remove the cartridge from the solution and rinse thoroughly.

    For best results, allow your cartridge to dry fully after soaking before placing it back in the filter tank.

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    The Best Way To Clean Your Cartridge

    If you have recently purchased a filter cartridge that has begun to slow down its cleaning potential, you may consider cleaning it. You need to clean your filter whenever its PSI, or pounds per square inch reading, goes up anywhere from around eight PSI to ten PSI.

    Alternatively, pool owners who prefer to operate on a precise yearly schedule can choose to clean their filter cartridges every four to six months to avoid clogging.

    How Often Do You Clean It

    Another way to easily tell when the spa filter has reached its half-life is when the time interval between cleanings decreases. If you were formerly able to maintain water clarity or proper filter pressure with a monthly cleaning, but now it has to be done every two weeks, you can assume that your filter cartridge is clogged with minerals or oils.

    Spa filter cleaners can help remove this gunk, or it may be time to just replace the hot tub filter.

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    The Importance Of Your Filter Cartridge

    Cartridge pool filters are one of the most popular filter options and are an essential part of pool maintenance and cleaning because they keep your pool free of hazardous dirt and grime build-up.

    Made of man-made materials like polyester, these filter cartridges are located in your pools tank system. As water passes through the tank filter cartridges, it becomes clear of unwanted particles and bacteria, therefore effectively becoming clean enough to enjoy.

    Without a properly working filter cartridge, your pool is susceptible to the build-up of unwanted materials and even dangerous germs.

    Normal Pool Filter Wear And Tear

    Unicel 75 Square Feet Jacuzzi Sharp Pleat Replacement ...

    If your pool filter doesnt suffer from any of the above symptoms, you can wait and change your filter on a set schedule. Most pool filter cartridges are suitable for around 2,000 hours, which is usually around one to two years.Though filters do wear quicker when exposed to sunscreen, deodorant, hair products, and other chemicals introduced into your pools filtration system, your filter replacement schedule also depends on the size of your pool and, therefore, pool pump. The larger your pool, the more water running through your filter, and the quicker itll wear and start letting debris into your pool.Whats more, even small pools can burn out filters fairly quickly if enough people consistently swim. Natural body oils alone can build up and clog your filter cartridge.

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    Which Cartridges Should Be Replaced And How Often

    Commonly a reverse osmosis system actually has more than one filter and process. For instance, our 5-stage reverse osmosis water filter system has the following filters:

  • Sediment pre-filter
  • Prolonged contact time filter
  • Carbon polishing post filter
  • Each one has a specified purpose. The sediment pre-filter takes care of the dust and debris . The GAC filter removes the chlorine. The third filter is where most contaminants are removed. The PCT filter removes fine dust. Finally, the carbon polishing post filter ensures that the resulting water has a fresh taste.

    Every 12 months all the filters except the RO membrane might need to be replaced. Take note that filters dont allow contaminants to pass through. These objects and substances may eventually accumulate and make the filters far from effective.

    Minerals may accumulate and clog the pores of the filters. The activated carbon filter might also eventually lose its ability to adsorb chlorine and other particles. To maintain the effectiveness of a filtration system, its ideal to replace the filters regularly.

    When To Clean A Pool Filter Cartridge

    Filter cartridges should be cleaned whenever the filter pressure gauge increases by about 8 PSI or more above the normal operating pressure, or at least every 6 months assuming your filter is properly sized and you havent had any unusually large burden placed on the filter .

    If you notice a change in your water quality, inspect the filter for damage/tears, and a cleaning may be needed.

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    How Much Is The Cartridge Replacement

    Youll pay for the filter cartridges and the labour. Its a quick job so expect minimal fees for the labour costs. Filter cartridges on the other hand are different. As discussed earlier, you might need to replace 5 filters at one time. Each of them will add to the total cost.

    Actually this is a small investment compared to the assurance of clean and safe water. After all, you have the RO filters to help protect you and your family. Thats why its good to make sure that the filters are working perfectly and at top condition at all times.

    Signs That You Need A New Spa Filter Cartridge

    I-team uncovers risk of pool filter explosions causing devastating injuries

    This content was previously featured on the Hot Tub Works website. Leslie’s is proud to partner with Hot Tub Works to bring you this helpful content on lesliespool.com.

    At Hot Tub Works, we spend a lot of time thinking about spa filter cartridges – maybe too much time! They are one of our largest selling product lines, and a topic that our customers bring up quite a bit.

    The question is “How do you know when to replace the spa filter?” Aside from indications of total failure, such as rips in the fabric or a cracked end cap, how can you determine when its filtering ability has diminished?

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    Your Pool’s Filter Cartridge: When To Clean And When To Replace

    A well kept cartridge filter lays at the heart of beautiful swimming pools all across Miami and the world. While this might be the most exciting part of yourpool maintenance routine, having a properly kept cartridge filter not only keeps your pool sparkling clean, but it also extends the lifespan of your pool pump, and pool equipment. As pool owners it is important to know how often you should clean your cartridge filter and when its time to switch it out for a new one.

    The golden rule for single cartridge filter cleaning is once a month. Remember to keep in mind that this rule does not apply to every swimming pool. EVERY POOL IS DIFFERENT. Your frequency of cleaning should depend on the size of your pool, the size of your cartridge filter, pool chemistry, your bather load and the amount of dirt on debris that falls in your pool. Many pools that have undersized filters may need to be cleaned more often, while pools with oversized filter might be able to wait 2-3 months between cleanings.

    When you take your cartridge out many times you will be able to visually see the accumulation of dirt and oils on your filter media. This change in color is a good indication that it is time to wash down your cartridge. Another way to monitor your filter cartridge is by checking the pressure gauge. If the filter pressure increases by about 8-10 PSI or more above the normal operating pressure

    Here Are Some Tips To Know When Its Time To Change Your Pool Cartridge Filter:

    Most pool owners replace their filter cartridges about every 2-3 years. But, remember the time frame of your filter may be longer or shorter depending on the demand.

    • PSI is high

    High-pressure reading is a sign of increasing tension or the pressure within the filter. A common cause of a high PSI reading is a dirty cartridge. Always make sure to keep in clean so it can last longer.

    • End caps cracked

    Once the end cap begins to crack it is better to replace the cartridge filter right away. Using a cartridge with a broken cap can cause the filter system damage. Because the broken piece might circulate through the filter system and can cause damage.

    • Cloudy water

    Another way to check if your filter needs a replacement is when you notice that the pool water stays cloudy. Despite the proper chemical balance, it stays cloudy or green. And that is the time you need to change your cartridge filter.

    You can also try to clean the cartridge first, but if the problem does not clear up in a few days then its better to replace it. It means that the cartridge is unable to filter the water as effectively as before. It is time to buy a new cartridge filter.

    • Wear fabric

    Made from porous materials, the pool cartridge filter allows the water through while blocking debris to your pool water. But wear and tear from the water pressure and debris can cause the material to unravel.


    And for all your pool needs call My Pool Guy for your pool guy!

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    Sand Filter Pros And Cons


    • Sand can last 5-7 years without needing to be replaced, but it will most likely last 3.
    • Replacement sand is relatively cheap.
    • Sand filters are easy to maintain.
    • Sand filters are commonly used and easily serviced.


    • The pressure from a sand filter can be dangerous. For safety reasons, always follow your pool’s filter instruction manual.
    • The water clarity is poorer as sand filters can’t remove particles as small as cartridge and D.E. filters can.
    • The laterals in the sand filter can break, causing sand to make its way into the pool.

    We hope that this has helped you decide if a sand filter is a good option for your swimming pool. Before you go, we want to leave you with a few words of wisdom that apply to every pool owner: Don’t fall behind on your pool maintenance chores. The better you maintain your pool and sand filter, the better they will look and function in the long-run.

    The Greek philosopher Aristotle said it best:”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

    Questions or comments? Leave them for us below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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