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Deep Hot Tub For Tall Person

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Best Deep Soaker Bathtub For Tall People

How Hot Tubs Are Professionally Cleaned | Deep Cleaned

This bathtub gets the muscles relaxing from the shear sight of it. Its very deep, extra long but isnt overly oversized that it takes up the whole bathroom.

This is the American Standard Drop In bathtub that measures 72 inches long. Which any tall person knows is 6 foot. Theres a few things that make this American Standard tub stand out for us. Besides being the longest drop in bathtub we could find.

Being a drop in tub like this, you also get the option for under mounting which is something I love. Just a little extra protection for water getting splashed onto the bathroom floor. As its a deep bathtub, you need to get a deep soak max drain, which is sold separately. Another great feature to keep water in the tub and not all over the floor.

How Big Is A Hot Tub

Before you buy a hot tub, its important to know just how big it is. The average hot tub size is between 7 feet square and 8 feet square. However, there are variations some are as big as 9 feet wide and 9 feet long. There are space-saving spas, which seat two to three people.

You will need a space that is larger than the hot tub dimensions. Why? You need to plan for access to the service panel, clearance for a cover lifter , and a space for the stairs.

In addition, contractors typically recommend adding one foot to the spa dimensions at minimum when pouring the concrete pad. The extra foot will give you six inches of room on each side.

Access to the location of your future hot tub is also important. If you have a fence, the gate should be wider than the height of your spa. Hot tubs are often delivered on their side, whether by dolly or forklift. In special circumstances, they can be delivered via crane.

Japanese Soaking Tubs & Baths

Searching for some Asian influence in your bathroom? Diamond Spas has what youve been looking for. A Japanese soaking tub is a small, deep bath that has become the new rave among bath fixtures. All Japanese soaking bathtubs are fabricated with a bench seat providing you the ultimate in bathing comfort. Diamond Spas offers five spectacular Japanese baths, all flaunting East meets West aesthetics. Japanese soaking tub options have luring effects on Zen enthusiasts, a sincere tribute to the Feng Shui spirit. Ready to discover your chi? Get a free quote.

The traditional Japanese tub is gaining popularity worldwide by those who take great care of their health and beauty. Ofuro, which means bath in Japanese has always had significant importance in the Japanese culture to cleanse the body and the soul. This cleansing ritual from its origination was to place as much of the body under the water as possible to completely cleanse the body. You will notice the depth of the Diamond Spas Japanese tub, it is very deep, to easily submerge the entire body up to the neck while sitting in an upright position as tradition would have it. These tubs are great for small bathrooms because they provide an extremely comfortable, deep soak while taking up little bathroom space.

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The Longest Bathtub In Our Price Range

During my research, I only came across one other bathtub longer than the MAYKKE Hialeah. Which is the 84 Malibu by Americh. But it costs well over $2000. So out of the question.

Fortunately the MAYKKE Hialeah costs much less and still has a very generous 79 inch length. But this is a unique style of a freestanding tub. One end is much higher than the other end. So its no that great for two people in the tub at the same time. The width I found it to be a few inches shorter than other long bath tubs. So this is a more narrow 31 almost 32 wide bathtub.

But the unique slipper style of this tub is certainly the biggest draw card. It just looks amazing and once my partner saw it, it was like love at first sight.

A Few Important Specs

  • The internal length of this bath tub is just over 50 inches long. So plenty long enough for me to stretch my longer legs out. While still maintaining back support from the curved slipper like back.
  • Water height comes to 13-3/4 with the side wall being 16 inches on the flat section. Theres a overflow trim in case you relax too much and fall asleep with the water running.
  • The bathtub holds 66 gallons of water.
  • Underneath side of the tub has leveling feet if you are setting up on a multiple level floor.
  • Installation seems to be pretty simple and being a 6-8mm thick acrylic bathtub it wont be too heavy to lift, yet still thicker than many other tubs out there. May actually save money on the plumber its that simple to assemble.

Its In Our Top 3 Extra Long Bathtubs

Extra Deep Hot Tub

This slipper design bathtub by MAYKKE Hialeah certainly has made an impression. It would fit nicely and suit our modern style bathroom. The only thing that concerns me is the width of the bathtub. Im not a thin tall person by any stretch of the imagination. Which is why we are putting this bathtub on hold for now. But if youre bot oversized like myself, you may love this extra long bath tub.

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Essential Hot Tubs 14

The Newport Hot Tub from Essential Hot Tubs isa great hot tub for you if you are tall. The hot tub has a depth of 29.5 whichis perfect for anyone standing at 6 of height. You can sit down in this hottub without your shoulders sticking out of the water. The hot tub comes with alounger for a full body massage, and the seats are deep enough to sit inwithout feeling like you are out of the water.

There is ample floor space in the hot tub, andyou can comfortably sit in it and stretch your legs as long as there are 2-3other people in the hot tub. The jets are powerful and offer massage that isrelaxing and invigorating as well. If you are a tall person looking for aspacious hot tub, check this unit for sure.


  • Easy to convert to 240V


  • The setup instructions are not clear
  • The hot tub tends to develop leaks
  • LED light can be disorienting
  • Control panel is not user-friendly

Japanese Style Hot Tub Build From Jaz Creations

For keen amateur woodworkers who are interested in the carpentry side of building an ofuro, this video will be of interest. In it, this skilled YouTuber demonstrates how he made a Japanese-style hot tub from wood, and its a design we liked a lot. Were sure we wont be the only ones either, so give his video a watch and see what you think.

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Cedar Hot Tub From Nancy Quan Builds

Heres a plan that impressed us a lot. In this video, this YouTuber shows us how she built a high-quality soaking tub from cedarwood, and it looks so professional youd never guess it was a DIY job. Its not an authentic Japanese ofuro, but its quite a similar design and since she did such an impressive job of it, we thought it was worth a place in our list all the same.

What Is A Japanese Soaking Tub

Jacuzzi® Play Collection Echo Hot Tub
Modern incarnations of a millennia-old tradition, Japanese soaking tubs are tall and often incorporate a seat. They offer water depths of more than 22 inches deep to ensure the average adult can be submerged up to their shoulders when sitting upright. Japanese soaking tubs are available in a wide range of sizes, from single-person baths to larger sizes that accommodate multiple people.Traditional Japanese soaking tubs were built of fragrant cypress wood — Hinkoki — the same wood used to build temples. As the popularity of these tubs increased, many other materials have taken its place: cedar, stone, copper, steel, and acrylic tubs are now common.If you think that bathing while seated upright doesnt sound as relaxing as stretching out in a traditional tub, take another look at the Japanese soaking tubs on the market: they are designed to support the body, allowing you to lean back and let go.

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Committed To Our Customers

Our dedication to high-quality construction and unparalleled customer care means you can enjoy your Hot Spring spa for years to come. You can count on support from our network of experienced and professional retailers and our straightforward warranties to ensure your spa is always running at its best. We dont expect you to take our word for it though. We are proud to share the real experiences of our customers, right here on our website.

Read what Hot Spring owners have to say.

How We Chose Hot Tubs For Tall People

When it comes to choosing a hot tub for a tallperson, there are many things that you need to take into account. Heres a lookat some of the features that we looked at while choosing the hot tubs mentionedin this article.

  • Total Space We chose hot tubs that had maximum space in terms of length and width of the hot tub. As a tall person, you might want to stretch and sit comfortably while there are others in the hot tub. With a hot tub that is wide in all directions, it is easy to sit comfortably for a tall person.
  • Depth The depth of the hot tub is of the maximum importance for a tall person. While you might be able to stretch in the hot tub, if you are not deep enough, your shoulder might stick out of the water. This can ruin the whole experience of soaking in hot water. A deep enough hot tub can give you ample space for dipping in the water.
  • Lounger A lounger is an essential feature of high-end hot tubs that allows you to recline with your feet up and your neck and shoulders in a comfortable position. A lounger offers extensive hydrotherapy benefits by focusing the power of the jets on the areas that need maximum attention. For tall people, a lounger can be the final word in comfort.
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    Alcove Bathtub For 6 Foot Tall Person

    Alcove bathtubs generally touch three walls and allow you to access them through one side . They are the most popular tubs in the market because they are easy to fit in tight spaces.

    Moreover, they are easy to integrate with showerheads and are generally relaxing.

    Budget-wise, they are the most budget-friendly. Its just that they are not the most stylish, thus best for spaces with a minimalist finish.

    One amazing tall alcove bathtub is the Kingston Brass VTDE 603122L. This contemporary alcove tub comes in a white acrylic finish and is available in left-hand and right-hand orientation.

    It generally measures 60 by 30 by 22 inches, thus spacious, and comes in a simple design.

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    Average Height & Depth

    How Big Is A Hot Tub

    So, how deep is a hot tub? Well, that depends. There is no standard hot tub height, but generally hot tubs fall in a range of 34-42 inches tall, with the average being 36 high. The interior water depth is about 5 less than the walls. So, a 36 tall spa will have a water depth of 31.

    Unless youre ordering a custom hot tub, its unlikely youll find one higher than 42 tall. Anything taller is difficult for the average person to get into. Plus, it could be too deep for them to soak in comfortably. That said, custom hot tubs are always an option! If youre very tall, a custom hot tub taller than 42 could provide a more enjoyable soak.

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    Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug And Play 4 Person Hot Tub

    This hot tub from Lifesmart Spas is ideal forup to four people, and if you are looking for a hot tub that will be ideal fora tall person, this one fits the bill. The hot tubs depth is 32, and a personat 62 of height can easily sit in the hot tub with shoulders below thewaters surface. The deep bucket seats add to the comfort of sitting in the hottub if you are a tall person.

    The hot tub has 13 jets that you can customizeas per your preference with the mix of air and water. Whether you are lookingfor a full body massage or focus the water pressure on a particular body partlike the neck or the back, you can do it all in this hot tub. The spa light hasa mood lens that can change the color of light, and you can set the light up tocreate the perfect ambiance for soaking in the hot tub.


    • The pump can develop rust
    • The hot tub does not get hot till 104 degrees
    • It is difficult to locate leaks in this hot tub
    • The jets are not durable for long term use

    How Much Space Do Tubs For Tall People Take Up

    Home»Bathroom»How Much Space Do Tubs For Tall People Take Up?

    Getting a hot tub for tall people requires a bit of extra planning. Youll want to make sure that the tub you choose is deep enough, but not too deep. Luckily, there are a variety of models with multiple levels of seating, so youll never have to worry about getting stuck.

    Alternatively, you can opt for a wooden tub that is up to five feet deep. Fortunately, these models come with benches that allow people to sit upright. But a disadvantage of a wooden tub is that its seating options are limited.

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    Oversized Bathtubs For Tall People

    I hope you love the products I’ve recommended below, just a heads up that as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This means I may earn commissions on products bought via links on this page.

    I havent had a bath since I was a child. It always seemed like the tubs were getting smaller and smaller the older I got. But coming from a relatively poor household, I never knew oversized bathtubs for tall people even existed. From an early age I was of the opinion that adults didnt take baths.

    Now that Im much older, wiser and certainly much taller, the one regret I have is never installing a bathtub into our en suite. Fortunately for me and my Wife, theres enough room for us to install a bathtub anyway.

    Which leads me to the question of which bathtub is best for tall persons like myself and my partner. Not having a clue what we were getting ourselves into, we began the search for the best oversized bathtub with a budget of no more than $1800.

    Which leaves us enough money for installation by a plumber. Ideally we want to spend less than that and aim for around the $1000 mark.

    Quick Links To Info On This Page

    What Makes A Hot Tub Good For Tall People

    Jacuzzi® J-475 Large Designer Hot Tub with Lounge Seat

    As a tall person, you have to be a little more selective when picking out a spa. The difference between a comfortable soak and a cramped experience is going to determined by depth, but also the specific design of the seats, and how well the tub fits your frame overall.

    You cannot always go by brand name to know the best hot tubs for tall folks specifically, but several top-tier manufacturers do have hot tubs that will work well for tall people. You just have to know a few important details to look out for.

    Before buying a spa, always try to wet test it. Ask the dealer if they can fill the tub with water so you can soak for a little while. You’ll want to stretch out your legs, try all the different seats, and see how you like it. This is the only true way to know if you’re onto a winner.

    Let’s take a look at some of the key features that determine whether a hot tub is going to work for tall people or not.

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    Which Best Hot Tub For Tall Person Is Right For You

    Start with the most common questions asked by consumers. Are you selling a product or service? Are you selling a solution for an existing problem? Are you selling how to do something? What is your product line, what is general? What are your opponents doing?

    This section is written in a way that helps consumers choose which products or services are suitable. This section can also include some tips on how to do something better than others, such as tips on how to choose the best hot tub for tall person

    The Best Hot Tubs For Tall People

    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    If you’re tall, then you know it can be difficult to find furniture or clothing that fits. Sadly, this problem also applies to hot tubs.

    You need a spa that’s deep enough to submerge your neck and shouldersand has plenty of space for you to stretch out and relax without feeling cramped. The good news is there are several models out there that will work for you.

    In this article, we’ll discuss what features and specifications you should look for when shopping for a new hot tub, and explore some of the best options for tall people on the market today.

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