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What Is The Best Digital Pool Water Tester

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Aquachek Trutest Digital Test Strip Reader For Pool And Spa Water Testing Tests For Free Chlorine

Is Digital Water Testing Accurate?
  • BENEFITS: TruTest provides digital results with the accuracy of AquaChek test strips ideal for customers who arent comfortable distinguishing color.
  • AQUACHEK ACCURACY: Using medical industry technology, our test strips offer comparable accuracy to liquid tests No measuring & counting drops of reagent, leaving less room for error.
  • FEATURES: Combines the ease & accuracy of AquaChek test strips & digital technology Easy-to-read LCD screen shows numerical results Includes 25 TruTest Strips.
  • EASY TO USE: No interpreting colors Just dip the test strip, remove it, & insert it on the test strip reader Accurate digital results in 15 seconds Test water at least twice a week.
  • DIGITAL RESULTS: Numerical test results show low, ok, or high indicators for each of the four test parameters Will only work with TruTest Digital Test Strips.

Are You Looking For A Pool Test Kit To Check The Chemical Levels & Health Of Your Swimming Pool Water

Youve come to the right place.

The right pool chemistry is essential for your health.

For example, if your waters pH is too low or too high it can affect your skin and eyes.

Too-low levels of chlorine let algae and microbes thrive in your pool, which increases the risk of infection.

Having the right chemical balance also protects your pool and pool equipment from damage. If your pool is too acidic or too alkaline, your pool walls, pump, and other pool components can be impacts.

Phin Digital Water Tester

The ultimate dream for most pool owners is a set and forget it system for cleaning and maintenance. We spend a lot of time testing, cleaning, and fixing our pool over the course of the year. So when tools come along that promise a hands-off solution we are going to take notice.

The pHin Digital Water Monitor and Tester is a big step in this direction. Drop the unit into your pool or hot tub and it pumps data in real-time to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. When things get funky with your pool chemistry the app will let you know, taking a lot of the guesswork out of balancing your pool water.

At least, thats the way its supposed to work.

Half of the people who buy it absolutely love it. They appreciate the graphs on the app showing pool chemistry, the notifications of when to take action, and even what products to use at what time.

The other 30% of reviews are on the opposite end of the spectrum, with frustrations about the need to purchase an annual subscription, a battery that cannot be changed , and some inaccurate readings.

Reviews are very hit or miss with this product, so while the premise is awesome and the technology is headed in the right direction, the pHin Digital Water Tester still has some work to do.

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Top Best Digital Pool Water Tester Review Guide For 2022

Top Best Digital Pool Water Tester Review Guide For 2022-2023 We need the best digital pool water tester to ensure that the chemicals in our swimming pool are within the ideal range. Digital testers or testing kits are the latest pool accessories that can help you test your facility with ease.

However, with many brands on the market today, choosing the right tester can be a tedious process. Hence, I have chosen the top seven digital pool water testers that you can get from the market today.

Below is their review to help you get an idea of what every tester offers and why you should consider buying it. The products in this review are of high-quality, affordable, and you can depend on them to provide accurate results. To find out more keep reading our Top Best Digital Pool Water Tester Review Guide For 2022-2023.

How Long Are Pool Test Kits Good For

Top Best Digital Pool Water Tester Review Guide For 2021 ...

Typically test strips have a 24-36 months shelf life. Pool test kits are good for as long as their reagents and pool test strips, which are vital components of the test kits, are good.

And since the test strips and reagents are often chemical-based, their lifespan is often about 1 to 2 years depending on the brand and manufacturer.

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Top 10 Wifi Pool Water Tester Of 2022

Are you in the look for buying Wifi Pool Water Tester? Then you are at the right place! We all know there are hundreds of Wifi Pool Water Tester that you can purchase right now, but another truth is, not all of them are good.

This article right here will show you all kinds of Wifi Pool Water Tester that are available on the market right now, and which one is the best, what stands out from the rest and its pros and cons so stick till the end to learn more.

Disclaimer:As An Amazon Associate, We Earn From Qualifying Purchases.

We have checked over 311 reviews of the Wifi Pool Water Tester listed below to make the best list.

What Is A Digital Pool Tester

A digital pool tester is an electronic device that can measure and display the concentration of different elements present in the pool water. It typically consists of a testing probe to evaluate water samples and a digital display to present results.

The most common parameters that a digital pool water tester can measure include pH level, water temperature, chlorine level, TDS count, salt content, and bromine.

We all mix some chemicals, like pool shock, chlorine, algaecides, etc., into our pool water to keep it clean and healthy. The best digital pool water testers help us keep an eye on their quantities so that their concentration does not exceed healthy limits.

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What To Measure & How Often To Test

For balanced pool water levels, heres what you need to measure and often you should do the tests:

Free Chlorine

  • Helps prevent the growth of bacteria and algae.
  • Test 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Ideal range: 1 to 4 parts per million .
  • Helps prevent swimmer discomfort, improves chlorine effectiveness and protects equipment.
  • Test 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Ideal range: 7.2 to 7.6.
  • When a pool’s pH falls outside the acceptable range, you may need to use pH adjuster.

Total Alkalinity

  • Helps prevent pH from swinging in and out of range.
  • Test weekly.
  • Ideal range: 80 to 150 ppm.

Calcium Hardness

  • Helps prevent surface damage such as scale and corrosion.
  • Test monthly.
  • Ideal range: 175 to 275 ppm.


  • Stablizer extends the life of chlorine by preventing chlorine burn-off due to sunlight.
  • Test 2 to 3 times per season.
  • Ideal Range: 30 to150 ppm.

How To Test A Pool With A Pool Water Test Kit

Pool Lab 1.0 Photometer Pool & Spa Digital Water Tester (Tests 11 Parameters)

The testing should depend on exactly what you are planning to test. Chlorine and pH levels require a daily test, temperature and alkalinity need a weekly test, and calcium hardness needs a monthly test.

To test the water, you will first have to get the correct vials and strips for your pool. Sure, you may dip that strip into the pool but its much easier to simply collect it in the vial and do the testing in a safe environment. This will ensure that the readings you get are actually constant. You either dip the strip in the vial or you add a few drops from the reagent necessary to conduct the test the result being a change in color that will tell you what is wrong.

Make sure that the water you test is taken from an elbow-deep level. You dont want to take it straight from the surface, as the results might end up being inaccurate. With a strip test, in about 15 seconds, you should have your results.

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Colorqlamotte 2056 Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit

Looking for a complete pool water test kit that delivers digital result and is priced reasonably? This Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test kit by ColorQ is a great choice.

This test kit allows you to do 7 types of pool water test to ensure that the chemicals present in the water are well-balanced.

Users of this pool water test kit vouch for the products convenience, as well as its accuracy.


  • You can test your pool waters pH level, alkalinity, calcium hardness, bromine, cyanuric acid, free chlorine level, and total chlorine.
  • This includes a carrying case that is water-resistant and durable.
  • There is also one photometer, which helps you test the intensity of light when doing water tests.
  • Using the kit is simple. Its a straightforward process, which many users appreciate.
  • Gives accurate results hence, many are confident using this kit.


  • You can find much cheaper alternatives, but ColorQ pool water test kits performance and accuracy are unmatched.
  • The chemicals come in small bottles, which means that the kit only lasts for a few uses.

How Do I Test The Quality Of My Pool Water

If you are using your pool and spa frequently, it is recommended that you test the water quality up to twice per week. When it comes to testing chemical levels in your pool and spa water, there are a few different methods that can be used. Different methods provide various benefits including easy use, accuracy, and affordability.

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Solaxx Safedip Digital Pool Water

Designed to measure salt levels, pH, free chlorine, water temperature, and more, the Solaxx SafeDip is a handheld digital pool water tester that has an extra-large LCD readout and a rugged design case.

One of the reasons you should spring for a digital reader is that it gives you a more specific reading than you would get with a test strip.

With the Solaxx SafeDip Tester you dont get a precise reading but a low,good or high result when testing. Which, to be honest, doesnt make them that much better than the strips .

About a third of reviewers do love it, however, but compared to the LaMotte Color Q Pro 7 its outclassed as a digital pool tester.

What Water Tests Are Needed


In order for us to have a sparkling clean and well-balanced pool, we have to ensure that the levels of pool chemicals stay within the ideal range of:

  • pH: 7.2 7.6
  • Bromine: 3-5 ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid: 30 50 ppm

Testing your pool water and maintaining perfect chemical harmony is not rocket science but it definitely involves regularity and consistency on your part.

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Our #1 Pick: Poolmaster Chemistry Case

  • Total alkalinity
  • pH

Rather than needing to fuss around with separate testing kits for all of these components, get everything you need in one nifty and comprehensive kit. Youll even get a polyethylene case thrown in so you dont misplace anything.

Accuracy is uppermost with this kit. Rather than finding the color chips printed on the block, instead they are baked right into the block.

Testing your water is as simple as adding some to the container, popping in some drops of the solution provided, and swirling. To keep accuracy as it should be, the manufacturer recommends using fresh solution at the start of every swimming season.

The indicator panel is extremely easy to read, and you should have no problem following the instructions for this testing kit even if youre a complete newcomer to swimming pools.

Although overall build is impressive and most users are remarkably happy with this kit, there are a handful of complaints about quality control, so wed advise checking the contents of your package closely upon arrival.

Choose from a black or blue case to suit. In both cases, they contain absolutely everything you need to ensure the water in your pool is at the levels it should be in all the areas that count.

Things We Like
  • 5oz
  • 4 x 4 x 1.1 inches

Taylor Technologies produces some cost-effective and precise pool-testing kits that give you the confidence of knowing your water levels are as recommended.

Things We Like
  • Cyanuric acrid
  • Calcium hardness
Things We Like


How To Use A Pool Test Kit To Get The Most Accurate Results

Here are some tips on how to use a pool test kit to get the most accurate results.

  • Read the instructions before you do anything. Focus especially on how to use the reagents. Adding the wrong reagent or using more than the recommended drops will give you the wrong readings.
  • When taking a water sample from the pool, dip your hand up to the elbow. Do not scoop water from the surface, near the skimmer or the return line.
  • If you are using a liquid digital test kit, wash the tube between tests or use a new tube to avoid contaminating the water.
  • Use the white placard included in your liquid test kit to better see the watercolor and match it to the chart. If your kit does not have the card, use anything else you have on hand like a white sheet of paper to create a white background.
  • If you are color blind or are not sure about the color, get a second opinion. If you are color blind, we highly recommend buying a digital liquid test kit or an electronic test kit.
  • Do not use fingers to cover the tubes when mixing water with the reagent. Oils from your skin can affect the readings. Either jiggle the comparator to get a good mix or, if you are using a digital tester, use the included caps to seal the tube then mix.

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Kinds Of Pool Test Kits

The demand for pool testing kits has consistently increased in the past years, and various types and brands fill the market.

The pool test kits that you will find as you shop around will fall under any of these basic types.

Wet chemistry kit this kit is considered as the most advanced method of pool testing. It comes in two forms OTO and DPD . With this kit you get the exact outcomes using the color comparing block to filter the water from a plastic vial.

OTO kit compared to the DPD, this kit is less expensive for the reason that it can only test the amount of total chlorine in the pool, and does not distinguish between the amount of free chlorine and combined chlorine. This can pose an issue in figuring out the amount of sanitizer to be used.

DPD kit this kit is used to measure the amount of free and total chlorine in the swimming pool by extracting a water sample from the pool and adding more than a few drops of reagent into it. Theres a little waiting involved before the results show. This method is more reliable than other testing strips, with more enhanced details and higher accuracy.

Best Digital Pool Water Testers Reviewed

LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit – Review & Overview


1. La Motte 2056

  • Comes with 7 test features
  • Uses liquid reagents

2. HM Digital TDS-EZ

  • Most inexpensive

3. pHin PHRTL19FL

  • Fully innovative & app supported
  • Suitable for all water types
  • Comes with lifetime warranty

4. Apera Instruments A1209

  • Comes with ± 0.1 pH accuracy
  • Auto calibration with buffer recognition
  • Up to 2000 hours continuous operation
  • Comes in a rugged storage case

5. eSeasonGear SALT-3050

  • Dedicated for salinity check

6. Hone Forest HFTDS-M7

  • Comes with 90-day moneyback guarantee
  • Premium quality titanium alloy probe
  • Highly affordable

7. AquaChek NP207

  • Has most convenient usage
  • Suitable for pools, spa, ponds, aquariums
  • 1-point quick calibration
  • Comes with LED indicator light

9. HM Digital TDS-4

  • Comes with advanced microprocessor technology
  • Sleek design

10. VivoSun pH and TDS Meter Combo

  • pH and TDS tester combo
  • 4 display modes

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Easy To Use: Aquachek Np207

  • Power Source: 2 x AA

If you are tired of using complex water testers and matching colors to determine the pool waters quality, try the AquaChek NP207, as it is the easiest pool tester on the market.

The product uses test strips to determine chlorine, bromine, pH, and alkalinity components in the water. You just have to dip the strip in pool water and then place it inside the device to see results in 15-seconds.

The large LCD screen gives all the clarity about pool water quality. This lightweight and water-resistant machine is very responsive and gives accurate results.

The device needs 2 x AA batteries to operate. The shortcoming of this model is that there is no hold/lock feature. Also, it only works with the TruTest Digital test strips. This means that you will only have to buy these particular strips in order to use the device.


  • Power Source: 2 x AAA

The Solaxx MET01A is a multipurpose pool water tester, compatible with pools, spas, ponds, aquariums, etc. You can check the pH, chlorine level, TDS, salt, ORP, and temperature of the water.

This highly functional and easy to use model is equipped with a large LCD screen to display the results. There is a rugged, water-resistant body that will last for the longest time. You just have to change the batteries for this model to serve you for years.

Something that you may not like about this product is the high cost. Also, there is no auto shut-off function that could have helped to save the batteries.


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